Bank Runs Begin In Ukraine As Russia's Largest Bank Halts Lending

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Six months ago a "glitch" halted all ATM withdrawals, and Credit and Debit card transactions for Russia's largest bank but today, the CEO of the huge bank has no such "glitch" to blame:


We suspect that whether an agreement is in place or not, this will continue.



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22winmag's picture

In America we chain unresponsive ATM's to F350s and hit the gas.

camaro68ss's picture

If you haven't gotten your money out by now, you might as well find a nice quite sheeple meadow, lay down and die

johnQpublic's picture

its a shame that there isnt a shiny currency available

something thats been respected as money for thousands of years

something with intrinsic value you can hold in your hands

something anyone would accept as a medium of exchange

like bitcoin

TeamDepends's picture

Black Friday for Ukraine, the inevitable outcome when a populace knows that every public servant, from the lowliest cop on up, is deeply corrupted.  The trend for 2014?

giggler321's picture

Yes but that ignores the primary driver - bad weather we've had recently...

MeMongo's picture

Yea,who needs all that fiat paper? New Jersey's on top of shit, their hoarding the treasure....Pickle brine! :-)

Save_America1st's picture

but gee, if they all would just use Bitcoin all their problems would be solved...


LMAOLORI's picture



From that picture you would sure never guess there was a revolution going on it really just looks like an atm terminal in a busy area on a Friday when people are getting cash for the weekend.

forwardho's picture


For a 1% rate of return, you are risking the loss of 100% of principal.

Who the hell would take that trade?

Forget the quite meadow, if you still have money in the bank, you are already brain dead.

Renewable Life's picture

Where in the hell are getting a clean 1% return these days???
Canadian Banks??

In CA, try .06%, with a minimum of $5000 to open! The concept of "intetest income" has been fucking destroyed by Helicopter Ben and his band of banker dipshits!!! They think they successfully conditioned the masses to spin the wheel forever, I have my opinion on how that premise syncs up with human nature in the long run, but so far so good, right Benny......or Janet, or whoever is wearing the clown suit next!

Son of Captain Nemo's picture

If you haven't gotten your money out by now, you might as well find a nice quite sheeple meadow, lay down and die

And that's exactly what they want you to believe is your only alternative.

Just in case it wasn't /sarc

greatbeard's picture

>> F350s and hit the gas.

If you've got a gas F350 you better have an atm riding shotgun.



RaceToTheBottom's picture

Guns don't kill ATMs, People kill ATMs.

People don't kill ATMs, Central Banksters kill ATMs.

If you want your ATM, you can have your ATM, it just won't have any paper....

StacksOnStacks's picture

We have to open the ATM to see what's in it.

eddiebe's picture

22, a little bullshit goes a long way, but when push comes to shove I wonder if I will see you on the front-line. 

22winmag's picture

I'll be in the second wave.

rubiconsolutions's picture

Can't those people just access their Bitcoin wallets and buy what they need?


Renewable Life's picture

Waiting in line at the ATM of a Russian bank in the Ukraine, dreaming of pressing the buttons and having Euros come out!!! Now that's a fucking revolution 21st century style!!! Half the people or more were probably updating their fucking Facebook while they waited and watching the Olympics live on their smartphones!!!

God damn, shits gonna get wicked when the clean water and food runs out, but until then, where can I download the latest hookup app???

Billy Sol Estes's picture

Please Please Please let this happen in the USA

GrinandBearit's picture

It's not something you or I should wish for, but it will happen in the US... someday.

fonzannoon's picture

There is not much time left to get all your money into facefart.


El Tuco's picture

Lets hope not....

But not to worry 99 % of America lives pay check to pay check. So there won't be any reason to run to the bank....

zuuma's picture

Paycheck to paycheck...  with mandetory direct deposit--> and ATM access.

Everybody plays!!!

This just in (and out):

Mentaliusanything's picture

If you were pumping twat in Alaska you would probably need to get your pasty white Buns undercover before the your swingers turned to blue and fell off. So yes their quick on the mound in Alaska. Mexico is warmer, so a little airing in the breeze would be just dandy for the swingers ...  

GrinandBearit's picture

And the US market is totally unfazed.


RSloane's picture

Don't be silly. Futures are advancing ahead of awesome housing data. I know this because I read it on three financial websites dedicated to bringing us totally non-propagandized economic news that's completely factual.

Sinnedi's picture

Thar she blows

El Tuco's picture

5 people standing in front fo an ATM smiling is considered a Bank Run? LOL...

The bank run is Yanukovych and his cronies trying to get there money out before the trials begin

johnQpublic's picture

the ATM is around the corner

thats the vodka machine you see in the picture

Urban Redneck's picture

A picture of an actual bank run -

- is about as sexy and click generating as a picture of the People of Walmart

And the crowd at the airport isn't indicative of bank run either, since banks only offer funny money, whereas the planes are being used to facilitate real capital/money and human flight

disabledvet's picture

yep. "Ukraine. The Final Looting." What's the point of a full scale retaliatory act then you morons?

dogbreath's picture

Parts of nine people to be seen in the picture and not a single land whale

magpie's picture

Enjoy the revolution

jubber's picture

The Austrian Banks are exposed to this bigtime reaction so far

magpie's picture

They are safe, for now.

Tinky's picture

So the cascading crises continue to mount, their intensities are largely increasing, yet some still believe that TPTB will be able to control the markets and prevent a major, worldwide crisis for years to come?

youngman's picture

They get paid twice a on payday they are all waiting in lines for their one has a huge balance

robertocarlos's picture

They will never get paid the last time though. The last deposit will disappear.

youngman's picture

"We suspect that whether" ...see its the weather again....spelled wrong though

eddiebe's picture

Another flash-point in the fight over assets where east meets west. We can be sure of one thing as far as the out-come of this: The banksters will win and the people,both cops and protesters will lose.

zjxn06's picture

Cash in a machine or Krugs behind the wallboard?


zjxn06's picture

Zeroes and ones on a hard drive or a stack of Eagles in the back of my freezer? Power goes out, food starts to rot who wants to go there? On the other hand, what happens to my ones and zeroes?


johnQpublic's picture

everyone has seen enuf movies to know the drugs are stashed in the freezer

you need a new hiding spot

robertocarlos's picture

I cannot think of a hiding place where they won't find the stash. I hoard and the place is a mess so they would need time but that's about it.

disabledvet's picture

Citigroup allowed withdrawals for Japan throughout all of WWII.

This seems rather oddly punitive. What if the don't like your Bank anymore as a consequence? Playing Ye olde "we're the only game in town" card when it comes to banking? In this day and age?

Dead Canary's picture

These people are just NOW getting their money out. Dumb fucks deserve to loose everything.