Is Yellen The Most Worthless Central Banker?

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Most people in the world believe you get what you pay for. Furthermore, the dream of a meritocratic society remains alive and well in the corporate world. As the following chart shows, however, the US (and perhaps even the world) better hope that they don't get what they are paying for...



As Bloomberg's Niraj Shah notes, Mario Draghi was paid $518,264 last year, according to the ECB’s annual accounts released yesterday. That is more than twice as much as the $201,700 Janet Yellen is set to receive and the $235,400 earned by Haruhiko Kuroda. Mark Carney is paid the most of the major central bankers – earning a total of $1.46 million.


Of course, such comaprisons are absolutely idiotic when one considers the cost of living in various countries, something "1st tier" economists are completely unable to grasp when they compare wages (and minimum salaries) across nations.

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Divided States of America's picture

Yeah but the perks and benefits all these motherfuckers get are through the roof

kliguy38's picture

somewhat redundant headline there tyler

BoNeSxxx's picture

That is only what she is 'officially' paid...

These ass clowns leave the building every day with suitcases full of Benny-Bucks off the books.

NoDebt's picture

You're forgetting about her endorsement deal with JP Morgan and her merchandising deal with Google.  

lordylord's picture

Is Zero really asking if the Fed can determine the worth or value of anything?  Ha!

Jumbotron's picture

Right you are...Divided States......a Central Bankster's greatest perk is options.

Stuck on Zero's picture

It wasstated that Greenspam earned nearly $38 million since leaving his position.  He collected $5 million the day he left office. 

Dr. Engali's picture

Oh boy, that's not going to go over well. Jami needs to pay his underlings better, but I guess that's why he is richer than her.

Groundhog Day's picture

How do we know we are at the end of the line for this empire?

Cocaine sniffing C grade president

followed by a black community organizer

followed by a clueless female/male,shemale central banker

followed by a crooked female president in 2016.

In the end the powers that truely control everything will let anyone sit in the emperor's chair to divert the blame

unplugged's picture

USA executive mgmt chart



                                                 Jamie D  / Supreme Ruler
|                        |                           |                      |                      |
Barack O / VP      Lloyd B / VP            Janet Y / VP      Keith A / VP       John B / VP
                                                                               (NSA)                (CIA)

eclectic syncretist's picture

How appropriate that a carny makes the most, emphasizing what a circus these clowns have made of the global economy.

HyBrasilian's picture

Worth 'LESS' [as in your bux]

unrulian's picture

any number divided by 0 is 0 how can one CBanker be more worthless than the rest?

RaceToTheBottom's picture

Her bosses want to keep her salary low so that she has to work for her second career as WS Shuckster after her FED stint.

Think of her FED career as a brownosing interview for the real gig.

unrulian's picture

She is but a fluffer in place to keep the markets aroused

JailBanksters's picture

A retorical question, just like asking what is the worst coffee at starbucks. The answer to both of questions is the same, their all bad, there is not a good one anywhere.

Anglo Hondo's picture

Quote: "Mark Carney is paid the most of the major central bankers – earning a total of $1.46 million."


Earning?  Really?  He may be paid that much, but the decision on whether he earns it is yet to be seen.  Right now he is just another overpaid GS lackey.

RaiZH's picture

But look at how much wealth he has created for home owners!



stant's picture

the other fed members told her they are starting a new band called alice cooper. and by the way your alice

LawsofPhysics's picture

She isn't in "The Club".  Now can people see the real puppet masters yet?  Don't shine a light in the dark if you don't want to see what's there folks...

Sufiy's picture

Peter Schiff: Gold Even More Bullish Under Yellen Than Bernanke or Greenspan!

Peter Schiff continues his battle with the bubble media and discusses the solid values of Gold. Economic data is getting softer day by day now and Taper for The Taper is on the agenda again. Meanwhile gold stocks are leading this rally. Barrick Gold is breaking to the upside on the analyst upgrade yesterday, Royal Gold is going up anticipating  the Gold price action and McEwen Mining has printed The Golden Cross.

highwaytoserfdom's picture

the TBTF and discount window  welfare guys should be limited  to Blunder Woman's pay..  Sad to think that this low paying job is taken by  someone well aware that their policies have not helped one bit..   Volker says shaowstats.   Propaganda comes cheap thies days.  

Dead Man Walking's picture

Sure the salary is low for Yellen but dont tell her, she's not good with numbers.

Bryan's picture

I blame the weather.  And society.

adr's picture

To say Yellen is the most worthless in to imply that the rest of the banksters have some worth.

It's like saying you can have your arms cut off and then your legs, or your legs cut off then your arms.

By the way anyone else see that the Tesla Model X has been pushed back another year? That is like Apple saying they aren't releasing the iPhone 6 this year. The stock should be crashing, but it's probably still soaring.

yogibear's picture

Life is great in the cemtral bankster cabal if your follow their policy. Those aspiring people that fall out of favor or whistle-blow end up falling off a building or being killed with whatever is around (nail-gun) and deemed as an accident or suicide.

andrewp111's picture

The only government employee who makes much more than 200K is the Preznit. Nothing to see here, move along.

NoIdea's picture

Britain is such a generous country! We've been trying for years to get our CEO pay to catch up with the top US companies. Looks like we outdid ourselves on the central banking front. Top of the league! :D

alfred b.'s picture


    All banksters and their gov't & corporate cronies are the "most worthless" people... PERIOD!


Duude's picture

That's their official salary. American Fed banksters probably get to take home samples.

Debt Slave's picture

It doesn't surprise me that Carney is getting the most. The BoE-Rothschild syndicate has been swindling people for a lot longer.

Steve in Greensboro's picture

Most worthless central banker?   Central bankers range from worthless to massively destructive.  Yellen-Bernanke-Greenspan are on the massively destructive end of the spectrum.

Dr. Bonzo's picture

Surprised you guys didn't have the Hong Kong Monetary Authority up there. As I understand that bozo gets paid in the low 7-figures US to be a pitch man for the dollar-peg.

Rising Sun's picture

Who gives a fuck what this bitch gets paid?? 

It probably has so many side deals, that it's pay is just some extra "folding money" that she spends for fun.

fzrkid's picture

I figured she could just print fresh loot whenver she needed.


Finally though I see someone else write this. "Of course, such comaprisons are absolutely idiotic when one considers the cost of living in various countries, something "1st tier" economists are completely unable to grasp when they compare wages (and minimum salaries) across nations."

Randoom Thought's picture

No, Yellen is simply the least overpayed. Carney is obviously massively overpaid for what he does and Draghi is a waste of protoplasm.

Lemme guess. Yellen never rose through the ranks of Golden Slacks?!?

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She was appointed by Obama so she cant be worth much...

Elliptico's picture

She is a multi-millionaire. How much does a bankrupt UC Berkeley pay these dogma defenders?

Ghostdog's picture

Well she would defnitely lose the swimsuit competition to Bernanke and a Volker of yore

giggler321's picture

Perfect example of Women, under paid in the work place.  Mark isn't worth 0.2 given he just belly flopped on his 7% unemployment linked inflation rise showing truely his motives.  Previously the BoE had not linked their monetary policy to employment, wonder why he did?  Obviously he thought it could not have been met.

I Write Code's picture

That's just base salary, surely she gets at least a 1% commission on any money she prints, plus all the paperclips she can fit in her bag - no metal detectors on the way out!