The Eastern Ukrainians Are Revolting

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It is hardly surprising, given the drastically divided nation, that when Vitali Klitschko's pro-European political party ventured to Kerch - a city of the eastern edge of Ukraine in the Crimea region - things did not go entirely according to plan... This is the region that Russia has stated it is willing to go to war over and is deep in the pro-Russia territory... headlines galore are coming out of Ukraine but all that matters now is the Russian response...


Especially after Tymoshenko's earlier comments:




A EuroMaidan meeting does not go quite as planned in the east/west of Ukraine...


As is clear from this map - the nation is desparately divided (Kerch is on the eastern corner of the Crimea peninsula at the bottom on the map)...


As Russia warned before...

"If Ukraine breaks apart, it will trigger a war,” the official said. “They will lose Crimea first [because] we will go in and protect [it], just as we did in Georgia.” In August 2008, Russian troops invaded Georgia after the Georgian military launched a surprise attack on the separatist region of South Ossetia in an effort to establish its dominance over the republic.




The brief conflict with Georgia pitted Russia indirectly against the US and Nato, which had earlier tried to put Georgia on a path to Nato membership. The Kremlin regards the Georgian conflict as the biggest stand-off between Russia and the west since the end of the Cold War and it has fed determination in Moscow to push back against what it believes to be western attempts to contain Russia.




The warning of a similar scenario comes because Ukraine’s civil conflict has fanned tension in Crimea. On the peninsula, located on the northern coast of the Black Sea where Russia’s Black Sea Fleet is stationed, ethnic Russians make up almost 60 per cent of the population, with Ukrainians and Crimean Tatars accounting for the rest.




Volodymyr Konstantinov, speaker of Crimea’s parliament, said on Thursday that the region might try to secede from Ukraine if the country split. “It is possible, if the country breaks apart,” he told the Russian news agency Interfax. “And everything is moving towards that.” Russian media also quoted him as saying Crimeans might turn to Russia for protection.

Some humor might help...


But it's pretty clear who they blame...

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Jugoslavija 2.0 only this time, the West gets fucked. 

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If Russia steps in hard, Russia will get what it wants.

The USA should sit this one out.  Not our business.

goldhedge's picture

Timing is everything.  The Olympics now ending.



Cult_of_Reason's picture

What a pathetic Zero Hedge (Russian propagandist) attempt!

Hey "Tyler Durden," you should get more Kremlin training as your colleague propagandist "Stefana Karinskaya."

Kremlin is really desperate.

magpie's picture

Let's see if there are any state institutions left outside of Kiev at the end of the week.

Cult_of_Reason's picture

I agree it is funny.

“Tyler Durden” is as desperate as "Stefana Karinskaya."

I wonder how much Kremlin has paid to these pathetic Kremlin propagandists: “Tyler Durden,” "Stefana Karinskaya," Martin Armstrong, etc.

Cult_of_Reason's picture

The scariest word for Putin: #EuroRedSquare

semperfidelis's picture

Was the war in Georgia right before the financial crisis in 08? Interesting coincidence.
Ukraine is a soverign nation, if Russia invades it is an act of war. Not possible. Civil war in Ukraine goes against Russian interest, would destabilize Russia itself. Shutting down the gas is rather usless, spring is coming, Gazprom needs the revenue. Russia is between a rock and a hard place here, no easy exit. War in the Ukraine, or a invasion of a 44 million people nation is not a option for Russia.
State Dep. holds upper hand in all possible scenarios on Ukraine.
Best option for Russia is to open new front, maybe in Moldova.
Time will tell.

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I guess it's time to throw in the towel, Cult_of_Reason. You have been completely destroyed by weekend-Tyler. Russia is getting ready to invade...

Oh, wait... this just in:

Halyna Hryn translates Donetskie novosti. 


President of Ukraine Yanukovych at this point has not left the territory of Ukraine

At the present moment the head of state is outside of Kharkiv at the country home of one of the influential local officials. Donetskie vesti received this information from a reliable source.

According to the source, the president’s flight to the United Arab Emirates last night was a ruse to divert attention from the fact that Yanukovych travelled to Kharkiv to take part in the congress national and local deputies.

The original plan envisioned Victor Yanukovych’s appearance at the congress, the announcement of a new southeastern Ukrainian republic, and its separation from Ukraine. The guarantor of the security of the republic was to be Russian president Vladimir Putin, who was to officially support the new government and introduce a limited military contingent to protect the republic.

However, contrary to expectations, Vladimir Putin declined, in no uncertain terms, not only to provide military support but also to recognize the new state. After that demarche the enthusiasts of that project abandoned it and decided to declare their commitment to the integrity of Ukraine’s territorial boundaries. Yanukovych decided not to attend the congress.

At present the acting president’s team is looking for ways to leave the country. Thus far their main problem is the refusal of several states to grant they asylym.


Never mind...

Cult_of_Reason's picture

"Tyler Durden" posted a video of maybe 30 to 50 paid thugs (in Ukraine they call them "titushki") burning an American flag in Kerch, and he/she has generated a misleading headline "The Eastern Ukrainians Are Revolting."

(Kerch population is only 148K. Crimea population is ~2 million. Ukraine population is 46 million.)

Do you really think I "have been completely destroyed" by this act of desperation or you're as desperate as this pathetic pro-Kremlin propagandist "Tyler Durden?"

Here is the video from Kharkiv (Eastern Ukraine) of at least 2-3 thousand people yelling "Revolution" and "Down with the criminal (Yanukovich)." This is what you call revolting, not 30-50 paid thugs burning an American flag.

P.S. Info about Titushky (or Titushki -- criminal groups of Yanukovich goverment)

TheFourthStooge-ing's picture

Neocon sockpuppetry has totally ruined any attempt to think. The obsession of neocon shills to turn tables so they are always shown in the good lights makes it impossible for them to admit facts and leads to disastrous thought processes.

This guy is simply trying to pull the covers over to himself. He is right, the others are wrong and he'll show why, cherrypicking data to support his propaganda.

TheFourthStooge-ing's picture

It's funny, you sound so much like a whiny, butthurt pansy.

Made me laugh.

Cult_of_Reason's picture

And you sound like Kremlin Bot "Stefana Karinskaya."

ThirdWorldDude's picture

Cunt_Of_Treason, you might want to try your luck on yahoo messageboards, it's pretty obvious fight club is a pretty tough environment for your Zio-trolling.

Cult_of_Reason's picture

Russians Must Stop Believing 3 ‘Stupid’ Myths

Efforts like those Moscow tried in 1994-95 collapsed in Crimea despite the presence of pro-Russian politicians. They will collapse again.

Rock On Roger's picture

For fuck sakes. There is no them or us. We're all fucking human. Your shit smells as bad as mine.

Give your head a shake and wake up.


Stack On

Johnny Cocknballs's picture

apart from just blatant lying, and crying "they hit us {back} again", it has become a hallmark of hasbara trolls everywhere to accuse others of precisely what they are doing.

The Israelification of the US government has led it down the same Orwellian path - accusing others of supporting terror and breaking the law while funding and arming terrorists and violating treaties such as the NPT to placate the wealthy Israel Firster lobby groups, which have multiplied like flies since Bush.


Rock On Roger's picture

It's all about gold and gods and things like that.


At least that is what I told my daughter as I tucked her in for the night. She was curious why her pen-pal's brother had to serve in the militia for at least two years. He is very HOT and she has his photo on the wall, along with a sticker that is a red shield with a white cross.

Sonofagun, sixteen year old ladies ask the toughest questions....


Stack On

Agstacker's picture

And my dad could beat up your dad.

Tradehard's picture

Paveway you are fricken clueless. You are either a Kremlin bitch or an ignorant American on welfare who is pissed at the west for whatever reason. Russia is in no shape to go to war. Russia is a paper tiger. It's amazing how the west falls for Russian propaganda so easily. If you had the experience of the former Soviet victims, you would know it's all bullshit. Russia is rotten and has always been rotten to the core.

Uncle Remus's picture

."Civil war in Ukraine goes against Russian interest, would destabilize Russia itself"

WTF are you talking about?

semperfidelis's picture

Without saying fuck 10 times In one sentence try to think, in case of war millions become displaced, move to Russia as refuges. Also it becomes a war between slavic people, very ugly, unthinkable for Russia.
I say they open a new front, Moldova has the keg to be a good candidate, good ethnic mix, separatist republics, between Ukraine and the EU.
NOT THAT I WUSH FOR WAR IN MOLDOVA, I am just saying it looks logical if you look at the map.

Anusocracy's picture

I have a solution for this.

Putin issues a statement declaring that all Russian nuclear missiles will targeted and ready to launch if there are further instabilities on their border and that foreign interference in Ukraine must end immediately.

That is targeting the US specifically - the cause of this shit.

If the US goal is destroy Russia one way or another, Russia should make it a clear goal to destroy the US.

Flakmeister's picture

You ain't see nothing....

Ask him how the climate works...

ThirdWorldDude's picture

Don't you dare bring Al Gore into this! 

Balanced Integer's picture

As if you have any idea how climate works.

Flakmeister's picture

You first...

My credentials on the subject are already well established here...

For example: here or here or here

Uncle Remus's picture

If history is any indication, the killing of millions of people is a viable option in Russia.

Dewey Cheatum Howe's picture

Ukraine is a soverign nation, if Russia invades it is an act of war. Not possible.

Yes it possible if it is a coup and Russian intervention is legal at the same time and based upon prior agreements if legality still is honored the US and UK must ensure the original government is reinstated... Most likely scenario this route is Russia jawbones, threatens or actually sends in the tanks, if tanks sent in EU/NATO counters with tanks and if neither side wants a hot war it kicks up to the UN and the monitors are sent in to ensure the process until elections are held. Bad outcome for EU/NATO because it becomes harder to backdoor control the results, Russia has the advantage fixing the politicians and elections in an undivided Ukraine.


Civil war in Ukraine goes against Russian interest, would destabilize Russia itself.

Agree on not in Russian interest but disagree on destabilizing. If Russia gets backed into a corner the nukes come out that is whole different ballgame and level of destablization for all parties. More likely is proxy war if the pro EU side starts to lose Moldova is sucked in as far as troops and tanks goes since it is neither in the EU or NATO and wants to become a 'made' member of both organizations. Russia on the other hand doesn't really have a proxy though it can open up a secondary proxy front on Moldova through Transnistria.



Shutting down the gas is rather usless, spring is coming, Gazprom needs the revenue.

No it doesn't, all gas flowing through the Ukraine can be diverted around the Ukraine except for the ones that transit through the city of Izmail in the Odessa Oblast. Slovakia and Hungary take the brunt of the diversion but the gas still flows to Western Europe. Here is a good overview to see why on a map.

It all comes back to the Nabucco and why the Crimea the Russians will fight for besides the naval base there for the Russian Black Sea fleet. The Odessa Oblast is also important but not crucial for the gas and why if it does split and Russia keeps the Crimea Moldova is probably up next in the Nabucco game. Moldova isn't in the EU or NATO and they have skin in the game concerning the Odessa Oblast.

Dewey Cheatum Howe's picture

My personal feeling is only thing that keeps this from turning into a full out civil war is the issue of where is Waldo aka Yanukovych. I think that question gets answered as soon as the Olympics end. If he shows up suicided err dead with clear evidence to blame one of the predominately pro EU anti Yanukoych government groups it is good bet the other side did it because sometimes an assasination is an assassination and sometimes it is a coup attempt... I can't help but get the feeling that Ukrainian mob is holding Yanukovych since he 'disappeared' and the negotiations are on right now for his head dead or alive to the highest bidder.

new game's picture

why is there no uprisisng here? we are being fucked over by the same type of psycopaths and oligarchs> maybe vasoline helps(fiat checks for 50 percent). ah, follow the lead of S Arabia and send moar to the plebs. keep them pacified.  wake up you dumb fucks > give the plebs some moar crumbs...

Andre's picture

If Russia invades and people get upset, Russia points to Iraq, Afghanistan, Kosovo, Libya, Mali, and the tapes of Nuland supportng the destabilzation of the elected Ukrainian government..

acetinker's picture

No, shit-for-brains.  Russia cozies up to China.  They use the sea lanes instead of the pipelines.  All the while, starving the pipelines which feed northern europe.  Ukraine is a chokepoint, but only for northern europe.

It's a game, semperfidelis.  Learn it.

I didn't down vote you, though.

acetinker's picture

It's cool.  You just wanna give me red arrows?  Europe goes after western Ukraine- they lose those gas lines.  Not that the politicians care, except for their hides.

Putin may in fact, be evil, but he has amply demonstrated that he is not stupid.

It's a Mexican standoff, assuming all sides have some amount of intelligence.

FredFlintstone's picture

Invading a sovereign nation has been done by the so-called super powers for decades with impunity. "Not possible"?

Tradehard's picture

Yeah well there's a ''small'' difference between U.S.invading a sandmonkey shithole vs Russia (also a shithole) invading Ukraine!

acetinker's picture

1) Russia ain't no shithole.

2) The 'sandmonkeys' are people, too.

3) You are an idiot, of the highest order.

This is the most obvious conclusion, using Occam's Razor.

yatikto's picture

No one REALLY wants Ukraine.  Not EU, nor Russia.  EU does not need another welfare state and was never entusiastic, hence F EU by Nuland.  Russia was willing to pay more to keep its influence, and won that diplomatic round. In fact Russia or EU would prefer status quo.

US on the other hand would love to disrupt the transit of gas, to make their exports more attractive.  But that's one of the benefits, another one is a source of instability that weakens everyone around and keeps US as the cleanest shirt in the laundry basket.

It should be apparent to everyone that US doesn't have any soft power left, but more and more relies on covert and overt operations to create instability, thereby maintain its supremacy. 

Best option for Russia is take what they can quickly and let the West own the rest and hold them accountable for that area.

Johnny Cocknballs's picture

Gazprom needs the revenue.


Europe needs the gas.

Moldova?  WTF are you smoking over there?

Russia is not going to "invade" - at best, if/when the country fractures, it will treat the Crimea as a protectorate - at their invitation.

If they think that NATO is making a play for Crimea and/or the Black Sea Fleet, not only will they go hot, they will ready nukes.

Are you aware that during Georgia's ill-conceive attack on South Ossetia, the defense minister was a Jew who had returned from years of living in Israel.   Not a lot of Jews in Georgia, so it's curious.

Where the US State department is meddling, so are the Israelis, largely because State has so many dually loyal sayanim Jews in it, and largely because Israel loves to sow chaos.  All part of the plan. 



Rafferty's picture

The defense minister wasn't the only Jew in government.  A friend who worked for an NGO there at the time said that whenever she met somone of importance there was an Israeli dual citizen handler present.  She was blown away by this at the time.