Smoking Cigars By A Mountain Of Napalm

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Submitted by Simon Black of Sovereign Man blog,

I need to caveat this missive and highlight that I am not a pessimistic person. I’ve traveled to so many places over the years– well over 100 countries. And I typically visit 30-40 each year.

So I’ve seen first hand the tremendous opportunity that exists in the world, and the incredible way that human beings innovate to overcome challenges.

But the reality is that the world is on fire right now. In some places, like Ukraine or Thailand, quite literally.

In many others (like Japan, China, and much of southern Europe), there are heaps of smoldering embers beneath a continent-wide funeral pyre.

And in the Land of the Free, it’s as if politicians and central bankers are smoking their back-room cigars at the foot of a mountain of napalm and thermite that grows ever-higher by the day.

If you step back and look at the big picture, there is cause for concern.

For one, the tiniest elite has achieved record wealth thanks to the endless money printing of central bankers. The richest 300 people in the world alone addded $524 billion to their fortunes in 2013, while billions of other people across the planet pay higher prices for food and fuel.

This gap between rich and poor has grown to its widest since the Great Depression… and I would argue in many ways since the feudal system.

Obviously this isn’t a tirade against wealth, but rather the massively disproportionate benefits realized by a tiny elite at the expense of everyone else. And it exists because there is no separation between Bank and State. As Henry Ford said,

“It is well enough that the people of the nation do not understand our banking and monetary system, for if they did, I believe there would be a revolution before tomorrow morning.”

Well, it’s happening. People might not fully understand how central banking works. But they know there is something very rotten in the system.

And they’re starting to realize that it doesn’t have anything to do with a single party, or an individual. Even in the Land of the Free, more voters than ever are disgusted by both parties and identify with neither.

This is fundamentally what’s happening in Ukraine. People understand the system is rotten to its core– that a band of criminals has taken control, and that ‘elections’ will only serve to put a new band of criminals in control.

It is precisely what will likely play out in southern Europe, where unemployment among the youth (i.e. those of revolutionary age) is astoundingly high. And potentially even in the Land of the Free.

It’s an uncomfortable and contentious notion, I know. But this rotten system is fundamentally the same in the developed west. The only difference is there is even more debt underpinning it.

Every living creature has a breaking point. It is in our instincts to rise up when threatened.

And rather than watching these kinds of events unfold on TV thinking, “That could never happen here,” I would suggest looking at the situation rationally, and historically. Many great civilizations before arrogantly assumed the same thing.

So the question to ask is, “Am I prepared if this kind of turmoil ever comes to my doorstep?”

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relax and light up biatch

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I love the smell of napalmed debt-Ponzi in the morning.


Some day this war's gonna end...

johnQpublic's picture

lets all examine reality briefly

has it ever truly been different?

and lets not quibble degrees of different

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Hey Obozo, Twinkie Pie,

Do You Hear the People Sing???


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Thqnks for not saying ...Gold bitches or Keep stacking....LOL

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I truly can not wait for this shit to kick off, truly.  Though I may not survie it, humanity will and we are in such a need for a "Reset" it is breathtaking, but then again that is how we learn from Consequense, and NO other way.  So lets Get 'r Done and see what is left............

Lordflin's picture

No... I won't argue the necessity part, but you are really not looking forward to it...

NemoDeNovo's picture

That is where you are wrong spent the 90's running around the ME in Spec-Ops, living the shit in real time, I am well aware of what's coming, well aware - Nobody lives Forever

AGuy's picture

"running around the ME in Spec-Ops, living the shit in real time, I am well aware of what's coming"

Nope. Odds favor a third World World, which not a soul that ever lived on this planet has experienced. The last Time the world experienced a rest was WW1 with the rise of communism and facism and a World War. This time will not be any different. The only difference between the early world wars is that human will go extinct as the worlds 440 nuclear power plants and the megatons of spent fuel rods all melt down and unleash the the greatest extinction event in the planets history.

Its not just you will perish, everyone you know, everyone you ever seen or heard. Every single human will be dead as every drop of water and ounce of soil is contaminated.

We can already hear the beating of the war drums, as the US continues on a reckless path to destabilize the world for no real political or economic gain. The US has nearly completely destabilized the Middle East. What regions we have not manpulated, others have done or are in the process of doing. We have China Ready to pick a fight with Japan and the Philipines. Every where you look you can see people and nations getting argry at each other. Sooner or later some is going to push the wrong button which starts the third and final conflagation then ends it all. Too many people trying to consume a decline amount of resources spells extinction.


balanced's picture

EDIT: My original post was mean. I'll just say that I don't see any value in comments of hopelessness like that.

AGuy's picture

"Guy, give me a fuckin break. "Odds favor"? To what odds are you referring? What data did you use to arrive at your conclusion? How does the fact that the human race has survived 100% of the catastrophies which have occurred since we've been around factor into your calculations?"

1. When has the world not plunged into a major war when economic crisises, or resource constraints occured? There is not a single period in civilization that humans avoid self-destruction when faced with really tough crisises. In the past 100 years we had two major World wars that easily killed over 100 Million people, and that was before the invension of nuclear weapons. This time will not be different! If you can't see that the world is beating the drums of war, then I don't think you see the big picture.

2. The Human Race is very young. The most recent global diaster, the Toba Eruption of 70K years ago nearly wiped humans out. And that disaster would become considerable less than the man-made event of 440 reactors & spent fuel pools melting down. If you recall in 2011 we had a single plant meltdown in Japan that has already contaminated 1/3 of the Pacific. The only reason why Japan is still populated today is because they managed to prevent SFP of reactor #4 from melting down. Had that single spent Fuel Pool collapsed, it would render all of Japan inhabitable. So Please explain you think Humans can survive 440+ meltdowns.

The only way another global war can be adverted is that the masses of the world unite in hanging the majority of the corrupt politicians and the people accept a significantly low living standard to offset resource depletion.  In your opinion, what do you believe the odds that will happen,and happen soon?


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That's the real question JohnQ.

Are things really different this time or are we, ZH readers (amongst others), simply part of the new generation that only knows a bit more, while thinking that we have finally uncovered the truth or the bigger picture?

I never stop questioning things but I remain humble enough to consider that each generation must have had its own more-enlightened bunch of people, each believing that they are the first to see, or at least sense, that the full picture is different from the one that's being portrayed in the general media.

The reason I say this is because, according to our new-found knowledge, the system as we now understand it, should have already imploded upon itself. A few months after I 'joined' ZH 4 years ago, I felt that I had uncovered enough to argue that the current system was like a dying horse that needed putting out of its misery. Yet, TPTB certainly don't seem like they have run out of magic tricks to dig themselves out of any new hole that might appear and the general ignorance around me seems as prevalent now as it was then.

Hopefully, to use another copyrighted ZH saying, this time it IS different and the number of people who have begun peeling "the onion of truth" is slowly approaching critical-mass around the world, but sadly, I still need convincing on that point.

Whiner's picture

Unless you lived the Great Depression and fought in WW1 & 2, you don't know jack s--t.. Protected by two oceans w friendly neighbor countries and the greenback being the reserve currency,I it wil take the oligarchs quite some time to see the fires of Kiev burning their butts. But it's coming.

Dr. Destructo's picture

Wait for it -eventually we'll all be saying "Unless you lived through the Greater Depression, and fought in WWIII, you don't know jack shit".

Back then during 19 dickety-two there were a whole lot more farmers and people with an independent spirit, but today we've got legions of people suckling off of Uncle Sugar's teat, and the likes of Monsanto controlling more of our food with each passing day. Take away either .gov assistance or Hot Pockets away and you'll see the mother of all shitstorms.

The best has yet to come.

Vlad Tepid's picture

We had to say dickety because the Kaiser had stolen our word for Twenty.

casfoto's picture

I do believe that there is something that is changing without a doubt. The system is rotten and the mass of people are very unhappy with what is going on. This follows as most people do not identify with either party in the US as there seems to make no difference. Look at the candidates that are lining up. They are like dynasties...the Bush or the Clinton dynasty..pick your poison.

There is a book called "The Fourth Turning". It refers to where we are now..the Unraveling and the Crisis that will be coming upon us all soon. WW3 could be in the cards. We have exported our way of life to the world and have been using our corporations to take over globablly. In the book it emphasises that it is not different but we are entering a time that has occured several times before. The wars are the markers.

Just think about it. For the first time we have the ability to completely destroy the world. If a nuclear bomb hits China and kills 150,000,000 people it is just a rounding number. They have another 1.2 billion to keep producing. The population in the world is now reaching critical mass. Food problems are starting and this due to weather is reaching critical mass; the oceans have been fished out and it is reaching critical mass; the environment is screwed totally and reaching the same; poverty is going up; skirmishes are everywhere you look; and don't forget the skirmishes here in the states....Occupy...Kent State...people are mobilized to start rioting and now they are armed to the teeth....and the gov't knows it and are arming themselves to the teeth. Look at our "Homeland Security". They are buying special vehicles with 50cals and distributing them to the police deptartments througout the US. They are making our police look like the Army...full autos, sniper weapons, blackout Suburbans with solid rubber tires. They look military. They are preparing for the problems that they obviously think will be coming down the road.

You are a part of a new generation but not any more enlightened than any other that has come and gone. Do yourself a favor and read "The Fouth Turning". It's a great book to give you answers to these questions.

Abi Normal's picture

Some of what you say is true, but the ocean is fished out? wrong.  Americans have always been armed, matter of fact more people had guns 50 years ago, although there are now more guns out there...just less people have them. Kent State was 45 years ago...but the rest I would say you are spot on! 

I was thinking 2013 was going to be the year of the great splat, but timing is everything, and so I was wrong there.  Many people think they know everything, especially quite a few commenters here (not lumping you in that bunch).  You know the type, the Jew haters (all Jews are zionists) and the anarchists, who think there should be no government at all.  They will get their jungle soon enough!

AGuy's picture

"The system is rotten and the mass of people are very unhappy with what is going on. This follows as most people do not identify with either party in the US as there seems to make no difference. Look at the candidates that are lining up."

Except they can't seem to see the source of their problems. The majority continue to put in power those that are the most distructive while shunning those that offer another path. Your wrong that people no longer identify themselve with a party. In fact, the majority have aligned themselves with the candidates that offer them the most free stuff or a ridiculous ideological view (religion, economics, etc) that is self-destructive. People have  lost their ability to think for themselves and have lost all their critical thinking abilities. The problems were created by the people who choose to elect or promote unsustainable policies because it suited there near term needs.

"You are a part of a new generation but not any more enlightened than any other that has come and gone."

I think you mean "a part of the last generation" as we will use the power of "complete destruction". Never in history has any nation avoided using its most powerful weapons to secure resources need for its survival. As the resources (especially food and water) become insufficent, nations will go to war since the only other option is to sit down and die. Few people are willing to die without a fight. We all have a survialist instinct. If your only means to survive is the distruction or death of someone else, People will always choose murder.

Politicans will force war on the masses in order to hide thier lies and distract the masses from the problems or lies they can no longer hide. At this time Peace can only be maintained as long as the lies are not exposed to the masses. Sooner or later the Masses will realize they've been swindled, robbed and lied to. They will seek the heads of the politicians to be hung on poles. Before this happens, The politicans will use more lies to send the masses to war so they can keep there heads for a wee-bit longer.


dizzyfingers's picture


So human history is a round-robin of this happening again and again -- not just the French Rev, but forever. It's obvious that talking gets us nowhere; only one solution really works until it perverts itself too. For those who don't likethis story and want to add the endlessly-repeating-through-history  details of how perversion happens, be my guest. I'm simply giving the broadest outline of what always has happened. The "OUTs" get mad at the "INs" who worked or finagled and landed on top until the "OUTs" became the "INs" and the wheel turns until it all happens again. Endless.

What is it we're supposed to "learn" that will make us all want to be at the same level so that it will stop? Can't happen. That's why I leave out all the "greed", "unfair", "illegal", "democracy", "vote", etc. They're just details NOT the "causes". 

Lordflin's picture

Major world events are years in the making, and retrospectively the beginning is often impossible to figure. In time you become comfortable with what might have appeared imminent once upon a time... the proverbial elephant in the room, but in this case it's not hesitance but rather boredom, or acquiescence that leads us to become comfortable with the beast. So much so that after awhile we may even begin to believe it is not really there. This elephant is spring to life, and I assure you that when it does everyone will see it. Maybe we have six months, maybe we have a year, perhaps even two... But three? I really don't think so.

DoChenRollingBearing's picture

There are so many bad things happening around the world it is hard to keep up.  Anyone here at ZH should consider having a minimum of 5% of their net worth in gold.  And I see nothing wrong with up to 25% or so.

I would not be at the All Inn however.

Seasmoke's picture

too late for me to go back .... im all in

DoChenRollingBearing's picture

You are braver than I am.  If gold tops $55k, my hat's off to you, sir!

agent default's picture

Gold is not enough.  You need a way to protect your gold and everything else.  Invest in a couple of firearms and learn how to use them for real.  The average "survivalist" who has bought himself an AR15, loaded it with 3lbs Picantiny rails, laser pointers and another bunch of crap is not going to make it.  Similarly the guy who has shot a couple of magazines in a firing range and thinks he is ready, he is in fact  a joke.  Get some canned food.  Don't pay attention to expiry dates, that's bullshit.  If the can is intact and doesn't have signs of expansion, it's ok to eat even if it dates back to 1970. 

Also, very important and always left out from the "prepers" manuals.  Learn a practical marketable trade.  Learn woodworking or blacksmithing or something like that.  Nobody and I mean nobody will give a fuck about your PhD in engineering or your eLeeT derivative trading skilz when things go to shit.  You will still need to be a able to do something useful in order to engage with anyone or belong any community though. Learn a real trade.  You pottery class may in the end prove to be the most valuable thing you ever learned in your life.  Don't make the mistake of thinking that running away in some isolated location next to a river somewhere in the middle of nowhere is a good idea.  If you are totally isolated from everyone, you are much more likely to die of a cold or the kind of accident/injury  you would normally laugh at than anything else. 

However do get out of large cities, find a small town or village NOW, that things are still relatively calm, move there and try to integrate yourself into the community as much as you can.  When SHTF it will be too late for that you will be viewed as an outsider and the chances are you will be ousted.

Also, many people mention gold exclusively as a means of exchange, especially on ZH.  In  a state of total collapse, alcohol and tobacco may also be valuable trading items.  If fact at a particular moment they may be even more valuable.  Keep some handy, not for you, keep them next to you gold. 

Yes I am that paranoid.

css1971's picture

And Learn How to Paramotor!

The the value of the ability to fly from any 100 yard open space cannot be overstated. The kit is cheap and you do not need a license (UK/USA)... but obviously good training can reduce the chances of you killing yourself.

Headbanger's picture

Yeah right...  And make yourself a red-neck-with-toys dream come true buzzing over head.

You can "fly from any 100 yard open space" but the landings are gonna be a real bitch with a few rifle rounds in your butt!

duo's picture

learn how to culture yeast, ferment and distill alcohol.  "if you can find me 6 cups of sugar, I can make you a liter of 80 proof", will save your life.

agent default's picture

You are probably joking but it's true.  It is a good thing to know how to do.  But sugar can be bartered as sugar.  It is a high value commodity.  Learn how to make alcohol from grain or potatoes or anything else that can be fermented, and here is the catch.  Learn how to distill properly unless you want to go blind.  I am serious. Be careful how you distill, what you throw away and what you drink.

lasvegaspersona's picture


what are you saying?

Yeast make CO2 and EtoH...period. They don't make methyl alcohol or isopropyl unless you feed them wood. If you stick to grains, sugar, potatos or rice I don't think you can hurt yourself (a hangover maybe but you won't go blind). Trouble is when you distill with a lead container (like a car radiator) or use something other than the usual must or wort as a source.

andrewp111's picture

There is always a methyl fraction.  It may be small, but it is there. Small commercial distilleries always use the first cut for cleaning and degreasing.

klockwerks's picture

You sir would be correct in all the above. Just refreshed all my gas supplies, 250 Gal water tank so I have been there and doing that. Certain amount of empowerment knowing you are as pepared as possible. Not many like minded folks around other than my tribe.

dizzyfingers's picture

agent default

Common sense is welcome. PMs generally hard to break down easily to useable units of US currency... 

TBT or not TBT's picture

I'm predicting we are all gonna die! But then it says that on the ZH masthead too.

stant's picture

Never get off the boat unless your going all the way

Bearwagon's picture

"Never get out of the boat! Absolutely goddamn right."

debtor of last resort's picture

It's not uncomfortable Simon. It's just history rhyming. And it's about time.

hugovanderbubble's picture

Charles Hugh Smith and Simon Black Rock da house¡

NoWayJose's picture

Is that mountain of napalm stamped 'Department of Homeland Security'?

cossack55's picture

No, that would be the mountain of hollow-points on the other side of the room.

Urban Redneck's picture

How nice of DHS to conveniently stockpile them for me. I value my time and the Sam's Club super-size truckload drive-by pickup option saves me the trouble of spending several days going to every Wallyword within a 200 mile radius for a couple overpriced boxes of 50 rounds at each store.

zuuma's picture

damm straight!

just think of the useless, worthless, affirmative action refuse of "workers" at DHS.

now imagine the brilliant security protocols protecting that mountain of ammo.

all you need to do is own firearms in their favorite calibers. like 40s&w, for example.

happy shopping wtshtf.

victor82's picture

Legend has it that the "Technicals" hired by the Regime to staff DHS and serve as Regime Police buried all the stuff under parking lots at DHS facilities so if the facilities were overrun, the ammunition would be hard to get to.

ramacers's picture

..think Mad Max would say only concern is that it won't be ignited.

mr.n3utr0n's picture

Empires do not begin or end on a certain date, but they do end....