US And Israel Quietly Provide Military Support And Parts To Iran, Which In Turn Is Arming Syria

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Before the Ukraine, there was Syria. Before Syria, there was Iran. For over 30 years, Iran was the perpetual strawman of every attempt to escalate hostilities in the middle east. One only needs to recall that the original "red line" was not Obama's but that of Israel's PM Netanyahu referring to Iran's nuclear program (which most likely was under the control of Stuxnet, and thus the NSA, more than it was Iran's to begin with).

What is surprising in recent months, is how quickly in the aftermath of the Syrian failed escalation script from last summer, Iran quickly dropped off the axis of America's worst enemies, and from the biggest bogeyman, has rapidly become a nation with which the US is eager to resume diplomatic and trade relations. Sure, Israel pretended to be angry about Iran's ascent in the ranks of US foreign allies-to-be, and issued a few angry press releases, but that's all it was - posturing, fit only for the front page of tabloids. It is what was happening behind the scenes that is noteworthy.

And what is happening behind the scenes is the same thing that happens every time the US (or Israel, or any other western nations) finds a surprising new ally: said ally proceeds to purchase military equipment from the US (or other western nations), using loans from the US (or other western nation banks).

Enter bizarre twist #1 - US companies selling military parts to none other than the formerly country non grata (at least until mid-2013): Iran. Reuters reports:

U.S. aerospace companies are seeking permission to sell airliner parts to Iran for the first time in three decades, in a key test of the temporary relief on sanctions given under talks to curtail Iran's nuclear activities.


At least two leading manufacturers, Boeing and engine maker General Electric, have applied for export licenses in a six-month window agreed by Iran and six world powers in November, industry officials and other sources familiar with the matter said.


If approved, the sales would be the first acknowledged dealings between U.S. aerospace companies and Iran since the 1979 U.S. hostage crisis led to sanctions that were later broadened during the dispute over Iran's nuclear activities.


A source familiar with the matter said that Boeing, the world's biggest manufacturer of passenger jets, had also filed a request for permission to export parts to Iran.


Boeing declined to comment, referring questions to the U.S. State Department, which in turn referred queries to the U.S. Treasury. A spokeswoman for the Treasury Department, which enforces international sanctions, declined to comment on specific license requests or applications.

Enter bizarre twist # 2 - "GE is doing it for the kids."

A GE spokesman said his company had been asking since 2004 for permission to provide parts and maintenance for engines for safety reasons, without profiting from the scheme. GE, the world's largest maker of jet engines by sales, refiled its request after the sanctions relief came into force, he added.


"We don't want to make a penny on it. It's entirely for flight safety," Rick Kennedy said, adding that GE would donate any proceeds to charity.

But of course, because when one thinks suing the US to get tax refunds corporate generosity (if not bailouts), one thinks GE.

Enter bizarre twist # 3 - it is not only the US that is seeking to promptly capitalize on this "temporary" elimination of Iran sanctions. It is Iran's perpetual nemesis, Israel, that is not only planning to supply weapons to Iran, but is already doing so. However, unlike the US which at least has clumsily stumbled upon a detente whose only purpose is logically to get Iran to buy Made in America weapons, with Israel the hypocrisy takes on a whole new meaning. Quote the Telegraph:

Benjamin Netanyahu, the Israeli prime minister, called for increased pressure on Iran to force it to abandon a programme that Israel regards as a front for building an atomic bomb and a threat to its existence.


Visiting the Golan Heights on Tuesday, he accused Iran of “arming those who are carrying out the slaughter” in neighbouring Syria.  "I would like to tell the world, today, as the talks between the major powers and Iran are being resumed, that Iran has changed neither its aggressive policy nor its brutal character. Iran is continuing to support the Assad regime, which is slaughtering its own people,” Mr Netanyahu said.

And this is where it gets embarrassing for Bibi: it was Israel that was arming Iran.

[A] court in Athens has told The Telegraph that parts appearing on an American list of forbidden military-grade materials had been shipped from Israel on two occasions, apparently destined for Iran.


The seized items comprised spare parts for military aircraft: a constant speed drive designed for the F-4 Phantom jet, and a voltage output sensor used in the F-14 Tomcat. The parts were confiscated by Greece’s financial crimes squad and were being sent to the US for investigation, court officials said.




Israeli arms dealers twice tried to send spare parts for fighter planes to Iran, The Telegraph has established, flouting an international arms embargo and openly contradicting the bitter enmity between the Jewish state and the Islamic regime.


The illegal shipments are now being investigated by the US Homeland Security Department after they were intercepted by authorities in Greece.



The shipments - one in Dec 2012 and the other last April - were sent by courier from the Israeli town of Binyamina-Givat Ada, near Haifa, via a company in Greece, the newspaper reported. The firm was later established to be a ghost company. Its contact number was said to belong to a British national in the Greek city of Thessaloniki, who could not be traced.

Was Mossad involved? But of course.

A blogger, Richard Silverstein pointed the finger at two possible culprits who he said were well-known arms dealers living in Binyamina-Givat Ada. The pair had come to the attention of Israeli and US authorities on suspicion of violating the arms embargo on Iran in the past, Silverstein wrote, but had never been charged or prosecuted. “There can be no doubt that they are colluding with Israeli intelligence,” he added.

For those who are not convinced, "The defence and foreign ministries in Israel declined to comment on the seizures, which were first revealed by Kathimerini, a Greek newspaper. "

Finally, tying it all together, is another report from Reuters. in which we learn that "as Syria's war nears the start of its fourth year, Iran has stepped up support on the ground for President Bashar al-Assad, providing elite teams to gather intelligence and train troops, sources with knowledge of military movements say."

This further backing from Tehran, along with deliveries of munitions and equipment from Moscow, is helping to keep Assad in power at a time when neither his own forces nor opposition fighters have a decisive edge on the battlefield.

Assad's forces have failed to capitalize fully on advances they made last summer with the help of Iran, his major backer in the region, and the Hezbollah fighters that Tehran backs and which have provided important battlefield support for Assad.


But the Syrian leader has drawn comfort from the withdrawal of the threat of U.S. bombing raids following a deal under which he has agreed to give up his chemical weapons.


Shi'te Iran has already spent billions of dollars propping up Assad in what has turned into a sectarian proxy war with Sunni Arab states. And while the presence of Iranian military personnel in Syria is not new, military experts believe Tehran has in recent months sent in more specialists to enable Assad to outlast his enemies at home and abroad.


Assad's forces have failed to capitalize fully on advances they made last summer with the help of Iran, his major backer in the region, and the Hezbollah fighters that Tehran backs and which have provided important battlefield support for Assad.


But the Syrian leader has drawn comfort from the withdrawal of the threat of U.S. bombing raids following a deal under which he has agreed to give up his chemical weapons.


Shi'te Iran has already spent billions of dollars propping up Assad in what has turned into a sectarian proxy war with Sunni Arab states. And while the presence of Iranian military personnel in Syria is not new, military experts believe Tehran has in recent months sent in more specialists to enable Assad to outlast his enemies at home and abroad.

To summarize: in an act of complete disregard for the official diplomatic song and dance, both Israel and the US are now providing military support to Iran, which in turn is providing military support to Syria, which is also getting military support from Russia. And now, just to make things more interesting, the same labyrinth of "military support" is about to be unleashed in the Ukraine, whose western half is just as likely getting arms and military equipment (not to mention funding)from the West under the table, while Russia, whose main Black Sea port is in the Ukraine's Crimean peninsula, is arming the Eastern part of the Ukraine.

What can possibly go wrong?

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ebworthen's picture


I'm rooting for Russia and I'm a U.S. native.

The grass is always greener but I am so sick of Wall Street and Washington.

p.s. - GE sucks.  Their appliances suck ass, and as a corporation they suck tapeworm style.  Fuck GE.

buzzsaw99's picture

you and a bunch of others on here. the usa is totally corrupt but jesus h christ putin ain't the answer. pull your heads out people.

greatbeard's picture

>> putin ain't the answer.

True Dat!! It's a fuckin' shame the chances of straightening out our system are slim to none as the other alternatives are dreadful indeed.


DoChenRollingBearing's picture

buzz and bearded one, yes, Putin is a thug and has no love for those here at ZH who love him.  Unfortunately, what we have is not much better.

john39's picture

almost as if the satanic leadership of the world shadow government wants a WWIII/nuclear holocost....

LetThemEatRand's picture

After a weekend of ZH Red Team red meat, can someone remind me which political party in the U.S. is against this shit?  Red or Blue?

Keyser's picture

Fuck the MIC, the alphabet soup agencies and both the red and blue teams. 


Manthong's picture

My money says that you will not want to be an opposition person in Kiev when Vlad and company executes the plan that is likely completed by now and visits the city in a week or two.

Muddy1's picture

Didn't Col. Ollie North get hauled in before Congress and investigated for making illegal arms sales to Iran, and then the money was funnel to Nicaraugua to support the Contra's who were fihting the Sandanistas?  Who'll get hauled before Congress this time?  Obama?

Manthong's picture

Not likely at all... the Reagan wrecking crew was not beloved by the MSM like the Magic Negro Messiah and his holy host of angelic functionaries.

GetZeeGold's picture



Word up there......worship and destruction is a dangerous cocktail.

RSloane's picture

Holder's supplying dug cartels in Mexico with guns, money, and support was met with weak reporting and barely a wrist slap. Its truly disgusting how the MSM panders to this administration.

infinity8's picture

A lot of us wish but, no. O/T but not - anyone else watched N-fuck's "House of Cards"? I gave up on the Tee-Vee a long time ago but had a sick urge to watch the new political drama just to take a pulse. Lots of money getting thrown at this bitch. Paints D.C. and Big Corp as the rabid sociopaths that they are but the prez is mostly a naive, medicated, semi-good guy that's got the rest of D.C. undermining him most of the time. 

On a positive note - They use a fair amount of multi-syllabic words and don't speak slowly and a lot of people are watching it so, maybe, USA isn't as dumb as I thought.

DavidPierre's picture

Just think of  House Whip, Frank Underwood as Senate Majority Leader, LBJ.

Substitute all the back stabbing and bullshit political intrigue with the "Magic Bullet" that got JFK.

Get out of the Hollywood NetFucks TV shit box and spend a few hours learning some actual history. 

This is a 9 part study into the events surrounding the murder of America's last legitimate President.

The Men Who Killed Kennedy: Part 1 The Coup d'Etat

And yes! ... LBJ gets to be president.




BigJim's picture

This article is Dumb. The US is selling airliner parts. Israel is selling old military parts with one hand but informing the Greek customs officials with the other. Result? Israel gets money, Iran gets nada.

giggler321's picture

Most clearest explanation yet - ignore the article, read your comment is enough.

zerozulu's picture

When money is your  god, corruption is your religion.

infinity8's picture

That's obvious, Double Penetration. I was talking about current semiotics.

lewietheparrot's picture


I believe that Ollie was put on the stand to tell the american people,

"Fuck you---we are running things!"

And then the american people put their heads down and said,

"That's OK, but, PLEASE, don't forget to call us for dinner."

And that is when I decided to live elsewhere----the best decision of my life.

Good luck to you, PATRIOTS

But I'll wait until you are in the streets before I have any hope for the USA

StychoKiller's picture

For maximum lulz, I nominate NuttyYahoo!

skwid vacuous's picture

"War is a racket" - Gen. Smedley Butler

balolalo's picture

Follow the money, follow the bombs.

ebworthen's picture


They threw in the towel and joined the Red's with a Zionist twist and some good 'ole American ingenuity (snake oil salesman style).

The U.S. Citizen has been SOLD OUT by their own nation.


LetThemEatRand's picture

"He was a man like father in whom a boy could believe in the simple knowing that what was beyond comprehension was still clean and solid and right." -- Shane

scrappy's picture

The great game.

Always layers of intrigue.

Like a cabbage, or perhaps an onion.

MiltonFriedmansNightmare's picture

All world leaders are, without exception, reptiles simply carrying out the orders of the reptilian overlord elite. Their days are numbered though, as world consciousness is about to explode. 2014 is about to get interesting.

kurt's picture

Mr. LizArd is down at the yard. "Can you tell him Mr. RaBit is here with the shit."

Drifter's picture

"It's a fuckin' shame the chances of straightening out our system are slim to none as the other alternatives are dreadful indeed."

Yes, a shame that none of those 400 million guns in private hands will be used for their 2nd amendment purpose of stopping govt tyranny, leaving that job to China and Russia mostly.

As the US govt gets more blatantly corrupt and tyrannical, those 400 million guns and their gutless coward owners are becoming the laughing stock of the world now.  It's getting real embarrassing.

RaceToTheBottom's picture

With actions like these, I am very surprised that gold is not through the roof

KickIce's picture

At least in Russia you know you're under a dictatorship.  The scary part of the US is a large part of our population still thinks it lives in a free nation.

Johnny Cocknballs's picture

I think you miss the point.  Putin took affirmative actions to resist and expunge the influence of the oligarchs who had robbed Russia of much, even most of its wealth, under Yeltsin. This doesn't mean he is corruption free, or purely in it for altruistic reasons, but he was the leader the Russian people needed.

What the US has is politicians who have sold them out to the international banks, led them into needless wars based on outright fabricated lies, and, oh yeah, has sucked the cock of the Israel lobby at every turn - to the extent of cutting veterans benefits the same week as they approved new loans and other goodies to that shitty little country.

If the ball-washing and fanboyism get a little over the top, bear in mind that the overwhelming majority of the coverage in the mainstream media has been Putin and Russia-bashing for years, and with the Olympics, I'd argue it has gotten shrill and over the top.  Pussy Riot didn't deserve the attention it got, and the coverage was so massive and coordinated the whole thing smells like a State Department stunt.

While you're telling people to "pull their heads out" - you might do the same, you vacuous cunt - Putin is far from perfect but has been significantly better for the Russian people than American leaders have been for Americans.

And the negative press really accelerated only after Putin went after the oligarchs.  And if Putin is a thug, sometimes it takes a thug to deal with thugs, and the oligarchs were thugs, many deeply in bed with the "Russian" mafia which is "Russian" in the same way the majority of the oligarchs were.

In fact, while you're going to school, read up on the Russian mob - still very powerful in Russia.  And in New York City.  And Israel.




Joenobody12's picture

Young people I talked to on my last trip to Russia love Putin. It is the older folks who hated him for their Russia is no long communist and they lost out. 

Uncle Remus's picture

In relative terms, yes, he could be.

Ignatius's picture

GE - We bring good things to life

They say they'll donate the proceeds to charity.  It's about safety, they say.

No word yet on the US taxes they don't pay.

What a whorehouse.

Harrison's picture

What exactly is wrong with what they're doing??

Do you overpay on your taxes? Why not?

Do you think GE shouldn't try to pay as little as is legally possible in taxes?

Do you think Iran should have been denied parts for civilian airliners?

Do you think that the U.S. should shoot down some more Iranian civilian airliners, as the USS Vincennes did in 1988?

Ignatius's picture

"Do you overpay on your taxes? Why not?  Do you think GE shouldn't try to pay as little as is legally possible in taxes?"

Unlike GE I don't have lobbyists writing the corp/tax law, much less my own.  If memory serves they didn't pay shit.

"Do you think Iran should have been denied parts for civilian airliners?"

No.  I have no problem at all with Iran, only hypocrisy.

"Do you think that the U.S. should shoot down some more Iranian civilian airliners, as the USS Vincennes did in 1988?"

I think that was one of many US crimes against humanity.


Johnny Cocknballs's picture

wow. junkapalooza. 

fair questions, Mr. Harrison...  which are often the least popular.

Uncle Remus's picture

No, they're the comment-section equivalent of an MSM opinion poll.

ebworthen's picture


Fuck the U.S. corporate hegemony to Hell.

Those two-faced .gov bribing fucks make Stalin look like a Saint.

kurt's picture

I think GE should be liquidated to pay for Fukushima cleanup. But don't stop there, use the off shore and shell company assets, as well as the shareholders and executives personal money and property, to decommission all the plutonium nuke plants they designed.

jerry_theking_lawler's picture

Some 'arch duke' (aka president, prime minister, etc) gets assasinated and bam...the rest will be in the history books.

ZH Snob's picture

iran has had the bomb for years now.  it was never about that.  it's always been about oil and the petro dollar.  the saudi arabia thing was good while it lasted, but their wells are in decline while iran is in their prime.  they have a much brighter future, and the US wants and needs to be a part of it. 

look for the demonizing of saudia arabia and the fence-mending that happens with iran in the near future.  the only question is: what have we left to offer the evil iranians?

HyBrasilian's picture

Miley Cyrus twerking on a pole...

Rakshas's picture

I'd fuck a pile of rocks if I thought there was a snake in it but miley......... ....... notsomuch

Johnny Cocknballs's picture

No - they haven't.  The nuclear issue is a ruse.  Netanyahu has been claiming Iran was months away from the bomb for literally 20 years.  The US government is largely captured by the pro-Israel lobby, as well as dual citizens.  You may think this is over-stated, ut only if you haven't looked into it.  Rahm Emanuel?   Chertoff?  Look at Obama's appointments [irs, treasury, state, the fed, omb, fdic, cftc...and on and on and on}.  Read up on the neocons and the Oded Yinon line of plans - the "new pearl harbor" grew out of that kind of extreme right wing Zionist thinking.

Did you not notice how the neocons were cheerleading us into an Iraq war even though bin Laden was still on the run in Afghanistan and we didn't commit nearly enough troops or hardware to chase him? Did you not notice how most of the neocons were Jewish - and a near total lack of discussion of that fact, and, when it was rarely broached, it was smeared as "anti-semitics"?

Meaning the truth can be antisemitic?????  Clearly, not - that doesn't makes any logical sense.  It means smply that 'antisemitism' is mostly used a shock label used to get you to stop noticing wildly disproportionate Jewish influence, and dual, even primarily loyalty to Israel.

And relax your anus - while most neocons were, without any doubt, Jewish, most Jews are not neocons.  Which makes it worse - a minority, of a minority, had an enormous pulpit in US media, and think tanks, and the government, including the Pentagon - where they worked with Israel to fabricate evidence to lie us into a war on Iraq - for Israel, not for wmds.

Strategically, the US should be trading with Iran in exchange for Iran pricing its oil in dollars. It should be selling Iran weapons.  It should even, as required by the NPT, be helping Iran with its civilian nuclear energy program {also a great way to make sure its on the up and up}

But it hasn't done that - why do you think the US has made foreign policy decisions that are not in its strategic interest?

Jewish influence in the government and donations and lobby groups really have very largely warped US foreign policy to align it with the perceived interests of Israel.  The evidence for this is absolutely overwhelming, and attested to, in private, by many in Washington.  If you haven't read "The Israel Lobby" start there.  Then read "Goliath". 

Some people without thinking turn off discussion of Jewish, or Zionist, or pro-Israel influence.  Don't do that. It's not a consiracy theory, it's not "hate" - it enjoys tremendous, even frightening amounts of influence.  And it's imporant to speak candidly about both from a pro-American and anti-war perspective.

This is all apart from the fact the MIC and international banks would love a war, would love to be able to install a private central bank and to give the Iranians conditioned loans.  The question is to what extent Europe's largely Jewish banking dynasties are cooperating with the Jewish state. I don't know, but I can't imagine there is no coordination.  And if and to the extent true, they would be allied with arms manufacturers.

Frankly, Obama might actually deserve much more credit than the public is aware for pushing back against Netanyahu and his sayanim and the assorted Israel Firsters in the government and media.

Iran does not have nukes.  Netanyahu lied about Iraq.  He lied for 20 years about Iran being close to the bomb.

Israel and its 5th column in the US wants to eliminate a regional rival to Israel using American blood and treasure, so that Israel can bomb and invade and ethnically cleanse its neighbors without any resistance.  Lebanon to the Litani, the West Bank, and possibly the Sinai and more of sw Syria in the future. 

Wake the fuck up.

Freddie's picture

Some good news from Israel for a change:

The kid who murdered his goyim friend, chopped him up and then fled to Israel is finally dead.

A Maryland man serving a prison sentence in Israel for a horrific murder he committed as a teen in Aspen Hill was gunned down Sunday by police special forces after he stole a gun and shot three guards.

Samuel Sheinbein, 34, who killed and dismembered a friend in 1997 before fleeing to Israel with the aid of his father, was fatally shot after counter-terrorism units stormed the prison area in which he had barricaded himself after the attack, according to published reports.

His death closes a chapter that began nearly 17 years ago in Montgomery County with a gruesome killing.

Sheinbein and a friend, Aaron Benjamin Needle, in September 1997 choked 19-year-old Alfredo Enrique Tello Jr. with a rope, set his body on fire and then sawed off his arms and legs in what then-Montgomery County State’s Attorney Douglas F. Gansler called a “thrill kill.”

Rakshas's picture

Freddie surely you will appreciate this one......

OBOMBA honored by the Islamic Human Rights Commission........


Well Cock-a-doodle-fuck


buzzsaw99's picture

it wouldn't surprise me to find that israel sold nuclear technology, support, or materials to iran. anything for a buck. those bastards would pimp their own mother then condemn mother pimping in the msm. big brass ballz. iran is six months from having the bomb. how do we know so precisely? none yo bidness.