Russia Fires First Retaliatory Salvo, May Limit Ukraine Food Imports

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Russia represents over 25% of Ukraine's exports and is the divided nation's largest trade partner. As Ukraine remains deep in its self-described "pre-default" state, the economy languishes vainly in the hopes of a trade deal with 'someone' and a bailout from 'someone' else. However, the IMF's first move to bail the nation out has now been met by a subtle punch to the country's kidneys as Interfax reports that Russia threatens to limit food imports on the basis of "veterinary and phytosanitary risks."


Via Interfax,

Russia and the Customs Union could temporarily limit increased-risk food imports from Ukraine, given fears of loose safety control, said Sergei Dankvert, head of the Russian veterinary and phytosanitary oversight service Rosselkhoznadzor.


"My Belarusian colleague and I are extremely concerned about the situation in Ukraine. We do not rule out that curbs could be introduced on the imports of products of high veterinary and phytosanitary risks from Ukraine," Dankvert told Interfax after talks with his Belarusian counterpart Yury Pivovarchik in Bryansk, and telephone talks with Ukraine's Deputy Agrarian Policy Minister Ivan Bisyuk.


Restrictions could also be imposed on transit shipments, he said.


The conditions in which Ukrainian experts are working arouse queries and doubts that their work is being done properly, especially amid reports of African swine fever infections, he said.


Cooperation between veterinary and phytosanitary experts is largely based on trust, Dankvert said. If the conditions in which the Ukrainian service is working do not improve, moreover, if its leadership is replaced, the business contacts, built over the past few years, may be affected," he said. "They were not always cloudless, but our Ukrainian colleagues were trying to work for expanding trade between our counties," he said.

It might seem like an odd reason to suddenly do this but of course the timing is perfect - especally as the anti-Russian provinces tend to be the most agricultural and farming based - as opposed to the eastern (more industrial) regions that are wealthier and more pro-Russia.


But as a reminder, a great deal of the nation's wealth resides in non-pro-Europe eastern Ukraine...

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Time for a symbolic air lift again.

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Whew!...good thing he didn't decide to implement Obamacare on the Ukraine, then it would be an economic gun-to-the-head !

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Please "Tyler Durden" tell me you were joking and Putin is not planning Stalin-like Holodomor in Russia by banning/limiting food supply from Ukraine to Russian citizens.

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The Holodomor was caused by a lack of food within Ukraine, not a lack of a purchasers of Ukrainian food outside of Ukraine.

Edit: I re-read your statement, my bad.

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Damn. Thought they actually fired a salvo. Springs coming

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Just wondering... What OUR reaction would be if some other country would be interfering in our neck of the woods, say Mexico or, even better TEXAS?  ;-)


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Putin consulted Bernanke and was recommended a parabolic spike in food prices inflation as a "stimulus" for Russian economy.

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Three countries where the Criminal central Banksters do not have a central bank. Russia, China & Iran. Hate to be right but I predicated last week that to wait for a Putin response at the close of the Olympic Ceremonies. Let the fireworks commence.

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Spot on.   Putin has rolled his sleeves back up.  

I think the chess game is about to speed up.


(edit)  Except for the central bank comment, as Russia and China's fall under the BIS.   Iran?  Has a central bank and is listed as part of the BIS commumnity but, it is an outlier in the way it operates:

After the Islamic Revolution, the Central Bank was mandated to establish an Islamic banking law. In 1983 the Islamic Banking law of Iran was passed by the Majlis.[20] According to this law, Iranian banks can only engage in interest-free Islamic transactions (interest is considered as usury or riba and is forbidden by Islam and the holy book of Qur’an). These are commercial transactions that involve exchange of goods and services in return for a share of the assumed "profit".

Iran has some very restrictive laws that tie the hands of the Iran central bank, thereby relegating it to a basic utility.  Now you understand why the NWO is pressing so hard to hit Iran.   Can you imagine if the whole world ran like this?   At the vey least I think compount interest should be outlawed (interest charged on the interest itself).  

Food for thought.


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Ummm, China and Russia both have central banks...

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Yes. Independent from the Criminal IMF, World Bank & Fed.

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True, the central banks might as well be under one banner (BIS).


But there is still a chess game being played by various world leaders.  Or perhaps it's all just for show.....


Does anyone really know anything for sure at this point, given all of the lies and manipulation?



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Not the same....

Head of Russian Central Bank is Elvira Nabiallina, of Tatar heritage. Before the appointment to head Russia Central Bank she was trusted Aide to President Putin..


Present Ukrainian Central Bank Head  from Donetsk (Russian side) is removed and replaced by new appointee  from Lviv (EU pole territory)

Anyone suprised?

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You slay me with your command of the facts...Putin is a zionist you fool, but I think you already knew that...

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A Zionist is someone that wants the Jews to have Israel back and build another Temple, Jewish or otherwise. That's it. Are you saying Putin wants to see the Jews build another Temple?

Semitic is a group of people that speak certain Middle Eastern languages, a subfamily of the Afro-Asiatic language family that includes Hebrew, Aramaic, Arabic, and Amhari. Anti-Semitic means you are against people that speak these languages. It covers a lot of people, so it would help to be specific.

Or are you referring to the Jews who share the desire of others to rule the world? They don't live in Israel.

Sean7k's picture

A zionist is a modern day talmudist, whom seek to enslave all of humanity. Have you not studied the Talmud or the secret teachings? Putin works for his masters, just as Obama, Cameron and all the rest.

Where is the semitic language lesson coming from. I never mentioned semitic or anti-semitic, though that would be high praise, indeed. 

As for what the jews in Israel want, how can we know? Your own teachings allow and encourage you to lie to gentiles, that this is pleasing to yahweh. Or are you ignorant of this teaching as well?

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For some reason every time I read one of the (many) Ukraine stories, the phrase "ping pong ball in a hurricane" comes to mind.

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Please, Cult of Reason, tell me you are not going to continue your Brussels' sponsored trolling on ZH . . .


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Mother drop you on head as infant?

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I think it's great news for the Ukraine people cause they have more food for themselves now.

And I bet they can sell more food to other nations.  So what's so bad about this news?

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Indeed, given that we have a drought in CA we may want that food.


Ukraine should tell Russia that given the corruption of the pro-Russian regime they ousted they can nolonger guarantee Nat Gas will make it through their pipelines.

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I doubt all the EU farmers are going to be happy with a deluge of cheap Ukrainian commodities flooding the market.  The last thing they want is more competition.

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The problem with that scenario is that the EU will not allow Ukrainian agri products to undercut French farmers. 


The EU wants to sell the Ukraine debt, not buy their wheat.

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The man-made famine, Holodomor, was used by the Soviet Stalin leadership in 1932-33 to crush Ukrainian nationalism, and fall under the legal definition of genocide.

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Yes, but in this scenario, Ukraine will have a surplus of food.

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Stalin was a peasant Georgian.  Most Russians cannot stand Georgians.

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Ah, by the way, the guilt through association scheme, overused by neocon shills.

Won't get any answer from the commentator as this guy is your typical neocon shill, that is a propagandist.

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Actually was done to Russian farmers also, Grain sold to pay for industrialization for planned wars.

silvermail's picture

Only WH Trolls, or representatives of western Ukraine, or a fool, or a graduate of Yale University can claim that: Holodomor, was used by the Soviet Stalin leadership in 1932-33 to crush Ukrainian nationalism, and fall under the legal definition of genocide.

Today, the propaganda lies to us about the events of those years, in every letter.

1. Stalin never struggled with the Ukrainians, it is not necessary to repeat the nonsense for morons on Faux News propaganda. Stalin fought with the class of prosperous peasants, independed of any nationality of them.
Think about this: Stalin fought with the class of wealthy peasants, regardless of their ethnicity. Therefore famine in 30 years was not only in Ukraine, but in Russia, too.
2. Famine in Ukraine in the 30s was in areas inhabited predominantly Russian people. It is south and south-east of Ukraine. Most people died of starvation, were Russian, not Ukrainian.
More than any other, today scream and whine about the hunger, only WH Trolls (as you) and representatives of western Ukraine. But on the western Ukraine famine was not. This is called political prostitution.
Because WH Trolls today are very eager to sow discord between the Russian and Ukrainians. So they constantly repeat as a mantra, their lies about the alleged genocide of Ukrainians. So, they every year grow up numbers of Ukrainians died of starvation. LOL.

3. Note the toll trolls such as for example Cult_of_Reason. This paid WH Trolls are constantly trying to raise the issue of famine 30s.
Therefore, they very much want to sow discord between Ukrainians and Russian. This is their main goal - to push two Slavic people into mutual enmity and hatred. They want to divide this Slavic peoples and after rule over both of them.
Therefore, in any discussion Cult_of_Reason as classic WH troll, always says about "golodomor" and claiming, that it was "genocide of Ukrainians."

Dear WH troll Cult_of_Reason:

I myself have given birth there, where was this events about which you know nothing.
My ancestors lived there, where was this events about which you know nothing and about the which and you so unsuccessfully trying to lie.

Therefore, I in each topic where you will attempt to lie about hunger 30s, I will write the truth.

Fraud, Famine and Fascism - The Ukrainian Genocide Myth from Hitler to Harvard

walküre's picture

Maidan coming to Red Square. Putin is going the way of Yanu!

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Jesus you are a fucking idiot troll.

Putin isn't a Jewish Bolshevik, is he, Cunt.

disabledvet's picture

Welcome to the Skinner Box, Johnny.

Johnny Cocknballs's picture

I may be one of the few here that actually has used one.


My research proved rats like food pellets.


Cult should call in to Mike Rivero


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'Veterinary and phytosanitary risk'

Add that to the growing list of reasons that will be given to you as you are rounded up into a chain-link fenced reeducation camp.


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"Add that to the growing list of reasons that will be given to you as you are rounded up into a chain-link fenced reeducation camp."...

Like Gaza?...

 B.B. and Tzipi wrote the book on how to starve and build chain-link fences for the largest open air Ghetto since Nazi Germany!

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Perhaps you noticed the article is about Russia and Ukraine? 

ThirdWorldDude's picture

Do tell more, does Bibi get angry if his named is mentioned in public?

Frostfan1's picture

Anytime you want to include a link of a Gazan starving to death because there's no food in Gaza, go right ahead.  So much for the truth....

Son of Captain Nemo's picture

Like digging in a fricken boneyard...

When the Telegraph reports it you know it's bad considering the source who owns it.

Not to worry though FF.  Like Nazi Germany before you and the United States Government with Trail of Tears and Wounded Knee your among friends!

Frostfan1's picture

Did you really include a link of Palestinians in Syria????    Congratulations, you're a typical ZH anti-zionist commenter!!!!!!

Son of Captain Nemo's picture

Any why wouldn't I include Syria?

You've pushed that one to the edge just like Iraq with the united States military doing "all your heavy lifting".  I forgot Jordan and it's enormous steady influx of refugees because of the shrinking territory that they once occupied gets continually smaller.  Shall I pick any date in your history as a "starting point"?  Perhaps  the Sabra and Shatila massacres under Sharon would be a good reference point even if it only goes back to 1982?!

Sorry friend. As good as you try in your efforts to conceal the lies and deceit they catch up with all of us eventually no matter how hard you try. Just like the U.S.S. Liberty and 9/11 those are your albatross' that have turned on you too many times to count.

You won't win and you can't.  And neither will your partners in crime here in the U.S., EU and England.

Frostfan1's picture

  You started this conversation with Gaza and you keep moving the goalposts since your argument is weak.   You use the typical anti-Israel tactic of changing the subject each time since the original arguments are all weak to begin with.  Liberty, 9/11, whatever.  Arguing with you would end up being like playing whack a mole.  You can't stick to the starting argument because the facts for each individual piece are always weak.  Even when you mention Jordan above, same thing, nothing to do with Gaza, your starting argument.  Changing the argument with another distortion is all you got.  You're not the first, you won't be the last.   All you need to understand is Israel is getting more popular and more powerful day by day month by month year by year and now that they have energy that Turkey and Greece want, wow.  Even Abbas in the West Bank just made a deal for natural gas with Israel and the P's got a good price. 

What you call lies and deceit in the real world is the exact opposite.  Israel keeps their word with Egypt and almost every time with Jordan (that Mossad thing was a doozy).  That's why Israel has more and more relations with countries around the world.  That's why Merkel shows up today.  More companies keep investing in Israel.  More tourists keep coming.  Calling every deal made someones makes with Israel as a partner in crime isn't how the real world works.


Son of Captain Nemo's picture

"All you need to understand is Israel is getting more popular and more powerful day by day month by month year by year and now that they have energy that Turkey and Greece want"...

Cyprus joining the EU so that it could be looted?

Such a Deal!

Frostfan1's picture

This is from the first link you sent.  Thanks for proving my point!!!  Israel haters are lazy morons LOL.  You don't even read what you link to.  People like you make it easy to understand Zionists like me to get hired quickly :).  Now you know why everyone believes and listens to Jews LOL.

The existence of restaurants like Roots has therefore become central to a narrative that Gazan life, in the words of one Israeli official last week, "is good and stable".

Step into Hasan Hasuna's grocery shop in Gaza City, the territory's main city, and you could be forgiven for thinking that Israel has a point.

Mr Hasuna's shelves boast a surprising variety of goods, many of them banned from entering Gaza by Israel, from pasta to chocolate. There was even a box of Cadbury Creme Eggs, hard to come by in the Middle East, placed strategically at the check-out counter.


Son of Captain Nemo's picture

Of course those slimy theaving Arabs that live on "your turf" are finding ways around "your" boycott!

You and your's are all Nazis.  The only ones who I have any admiriation and respect for are the ultra-Orthodox Jews who tell the World like it is what you truly are.

Common "Khazar thieves" who stole a land and a religion and are at war with anyone else you can't control!

Frostfan1's picture

My family bought land in Israel (British Palestine) from a businessman in Beirut.  Nothing was stolen.  No one cares about your technicalities and Khazar crap.  You're just showing your Aryan side when making that argument.

Son of Captain Nemo's picture

And the friends in your neighborhood?  Of course?...

They made deals the Palestinian couldn't refuse!