Russian Ships Carrying Soldiers Said To Be En Route To Sevastopol

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Those tracking the developments in the Ukraine, and specifically the Russian response to this weekend's coup, will be interested to note that according to the Russian website, the large landing ship Nikolai Filchenkov, previously known for its participation in the Syrian naval arms build up, is expected to arrive in the Crimean port of Sevastopol carrying 200 armed soldiers, sent from the nearby Black Sea town of Temryuk. 


Today at 12:00 from the Russian port of Temryuk should arrive in Sevastopol, the large landing ship "Nikolai Fil'chenkov" with 200 soldiers on board. This was reported today by the chairman of the Ukraine "Freedom" faction Oleg Tyagnibok citing sources in the Crimean.


"I can show you the text message" - said Tyahnibok and read: "Today at 12:00 is expected the arrival from the port of Temryuk in the Russian Federation in the city of Sevastopol large landing ship Nikolai Fil'chenkov from the Black Sea Fleet of the Russian Federation. It will bring about 200 armed soldiers from the 328th Marine battalion, who are based in Temryuk and 10 BTR-80."


He also noted that "on February 22-23, ... IL-76 flights airlifted from Kubinka (Moscow region) to Anapa, personnel from the 45th Airborne Special Forces unit and additional divisions were relocated via four Il-76 flights from Pskov to Anapa. And from Sochi to Anapa were transported six Mi-8 helicopsters"- said Tyahnibok.

This appears to not be an isolated move as the naval build up seems to be escalating. In a concurrent release, Izvestia Kiev reported that out of Kubinka, four ships carrying special forces, are being relocated to Anapa. From there, in four hours, they will depart fo Sevastopol at a speed of 10-15 knots, citing "Izvestia in Ukraine" as a source.  According to the source, the redeployment is "qualitative, not quantitative" and that the Ukraine is following these developments.

It remains to be seen if the Ukraine, or its brand new NATO BFFs, will respond in kind.

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somecallmetimmah's picture

Heaven forfend!  200 whole troops?!?  In one ship?????

Run for the hills of Sochi!  Lock up your daughters!  And for God's sake, HIDE THE VODKA!!!!

Headbanger's picture

It's probably more like 2000 troops plus armored vehicles and fuel for them.


Cult_of_Reason's picture

Hey "Tyler Durden," do yourself a favor, check latest Russian polls, and stop embarrassing yourself.

According to the latest polls in Russia, 73% of Russians feel that Russia should not interfere in Ukraine.

nuclearsquid's picture

shhhh be vewy qwiet.  we are hunting black swan.

swass's picture

..  and so begins the proxy wars.

Soul Glow's picture

Just don't forget that the financial wars have been ongong since (at least) '08 when markets crash, Paulson panicked, and the Fed began a policy unprecidented in recent times.

In days of old there have been empires who debased their coins (Rome) and used paper to patch up debts (China).  Apparently Bernanke et al decided to do both.

SWRichmond's picture

Cue necktie-chewing politician in Tblisi.

Soul Glow's picture

Unfortunately the revolutions come when the masses are hungry.  It is hard to be truely intellectual and live a passive lifestyle.  With no great war the recent generations have bastardized pop culture - a culture made to bastardize - and let their elders use the 20th century wisdom of "economics" to debase the system.

Now the elders will retire and leave the shit hole for everyone else to clean up.  The problem is there is not enough people, let alone energy (ie growth) to take care of the elders' needs and lifestyle.  The system will change no matter what policy dictates, as words are hollow in the face of reality.

Winter is coming.  For thiose of us ready we can dream of spring, but most people have forgotten how a season feels on the back of the neck, as they are used to a/c.  When the cold of winter blows a chill across the backs of those who are in need of a paper charade to continue, they will bite more than their neckties to stave it off.

strannick's picture

Russian marines will hold off on the invasion til Ukraine secures its IMF loan...

Soul Glow's picture

The financial world is currently a clusterfuck of proxy war, debt manipulation through currency printing by the non-governmental central banks, and overtures by politicians quick to sell out the people who voted them in to represent them.

The reigning paradigm of economics is used as a textbook to sell the actions taken by the policy makers while the militaries of the psuedo governments make moves like the world is a grand chessboard.  A financial imploslosion here, a false flag there, all while the first world races to and from their jobs just to recline in the face of a soap opera and a microwaved dinner.

One reason for the scramble is that no one is currently a super power.  Russia gave the title of heavyweight over to the US, but the US gave up the title when they started using steriods - an easy monetary policy to keep rates near zero - in '08.  Now it is a scramble to the top of the trash heap while the people of the world fall to the bottom, and more and more do everyday.


semperfidelis's picture

Maybe they want to assist the 300.000+ Tatars during prayers. Make them all Russian citizens after Stalin deported 80% of them. Even Turkey filled its request for Crimea ergo

This is becoming targi-comic. Ukraine, a country of 45.000.000 people is not Georgia and Crimea is not South Osetia. I don`t think Russia will invade anyone, but I do admit they are in a very bad fix. I`m a ZeroHedge reader since 2009, since its inception. Tyler you can do better. Don`t waste credibility on this idea. If war brakes out in Crimea the situation will go south rather fast, with full blown civil war in eastern Ukraine that will spill into Belarus and Russia. This means millions of displaced and economic hardship. The Russian oligarchs don`t want that so it will not happen.

I do admit this is very difficult for Russia and they must retaliate, but I don`t think it will be in Crimea. 


And a even bigger problem for Russia. This just out (not verified):

The snipers on Instytutska Street were soldiers of the special operations unit of the Ministry of Internal Affairs (MIA) and special operations unit “Omega.” Assisting with the preparation of the special operations was a former first deputy of the Russian Military Intelligence Service (GRU).This information was announced by MP Hennadiy Moskal, who referred to documents obtained with help of Ukrainian Security Service (SBU) and MIA employees.

If true Russia has a very big problem on the world stage.

HardAssets's picture

Its not about 'retaliation', its about strategic positioning.

They won't let the base for their fleet be threatened.

disabledvet's picture

bwhahahahaha. "puny Russian dick wants a body count."

It ain't like the road ain't clear!
"next stop Berlin"?
what a wacko.
"Czar Puny" wants his painted pony now?


FEDbuster's picture

Military Industrial Complex controlled, RINO John McCain is flying in a C-130 loaded with 500 TSA agents to intercept the Russian troops before they leave the ship.  How do you say, "please take your boots and belts off" in Russian?

TruthInSunshine's picture

It was rumored that President Obama became sexually aroused when he heard that "a long, hard vessel full of seamen" was on its way.

semperfidelis's picture

That will be negociated with the US. Its about levrage, they don`t have much to put on the table right now. That`s what this is about, creating at least some leverage. The Russians are not stupid. Don`t get me wrong, this is the biggest US geostrategic victory in 25 years. Putin has to retaliate ergo

Syria for Sevastopol? Comex default vs Crimeea? Ask Putin!

and see this

Josh Randall's picture

You seem to be taking this $h!t personally - the Tyler's just report the news in their own light - get a hold of yourself man

old naughty's picture

200 soliders...

limited kill (eh, involvement).

weburke's picture

tanks, I dont think so, remember what they did to the polish government? remember the fake volcano/hey you cant fly at the same time? Talk about brazen. 

weburke's picture

my favorite brazen is when diana was put to rest in the tunnel in france, and as a distraction, --mother theresa-- dies (quietly retired?). I mean really, the theater owners are having performance after performance, and if you are just complaining, you are not watching the show. Taking over a planet is sloppy as hell, these guys are doing it, I can find no forum or website where folks cheer the insanity along. Forget about getting your chance to direct !             Celebrate the almighty insane who have all the power !  Whatever are their dinner parties like?             

Chuck Walla's picture

@ Josh Randall

Big points on the Bounty Hunter reference! '50s Westerns at their best.



(I mean it this time)

Flakmeister's picture

I wouldn't carry it that far, sometimes things are much much simpler than they appear but the consequences on the other hand...

BTW, nice exchange between the two of you...

My take is that if Putin is offered an easy way out that allows him to save face he will.

Say, Western Ukraine secedes, Eastern Ukr. merges with Russia via some sham plebiscite. The Crimea obviously stays in Russian hands...

And Vladimir Sese  Seko Putin goes home makes some more money...


As for Syria, the smart people are more than willing to watch that fester for years to come as it occupies Al Queda et al.... Keep it simple with no chemical weapons and you guys are free to kill each other to your hearts content... It is a Shia-Sunni cage death match. Why would anyone sane want to stick their head into that... 

And as for the South Pars Field, call that a strategic long term reserve...

semperfidelis's picture

Estern Ukraine does not hold a Russian majority. Only Crimea is 61% Russian, in Kahrkiv and the Donbas Ukrainians are over 50%. There lies the rub, if civil war brakes out you will have millions displaced just 400 kms from Moscow. Russia knows this better than me. I just studied the area a lot and actually live just around the corner :). I don`t think it will happen. I also don`t think they will lose the base in Sevastopol, the US has no interest there, but they will negotiate (maybe Snowden extradited). The contract for the base was actually extended in 2008 when Timoshenko was PM, so its a false argument.

But this is a major major blow to Russia. I don`t think the US expected such success in this operation. I have been to Ukraine many times and corruption and abuse of power was rampant, the population was trampled on. I guess it just blew up. 

Flakmeister's picture

Putin is Snowden's jailer by design. the US yanked his passport on purpose when they knew he was in Moscow....

And Putin only wishes that he could implement what Edward has let on to be the NSA capabilities...

semperfidelis's picture

These guys?

Nope. I`m just a person that has the views he mentioned. I think we should use our intellect (that is why we come here) to discuss more plausible scenarios and don`t waste time with false arguments.

I`m not trying to convince anyone that my views are correct. I might be 100% wrong and I accept that. I just find the argument `Putin sent in the marines` and `Russia will intervene in Crimea` rather fullish because it will not happen. Russia can`t afford full blown war 400 kms from Moscow. They are trying to get some leverage on the US. And I guess its very difficult if they already started with the tanks.

Manthong's picture

Reports indicate that western leaders are on way with money to talk to the radicals.

I sincerely hope they will be there to welcome Vlad when he shows up to party.

TheFourthStooge-ing's picture


Russian marines will hold off on the invasion til Ukraine secures its IMF loan...

"Do you see what happens, Barry?"

DoChenRollingBearing's picture

@ Soul Glowing Guy

Bernanke also took up borrowing big time.*



*Required because we elected sucj sleazy politicians.

Levadiakos's picture

WAIT!! There are still some Olympic events underway

Meat Hammer's picture

This on the same day that Chuck Hagel announces plans to cut the US Army down to 455,000 because we're just not warmongers anymore.  Then, bam, Russia has to fuck it all up and make us warmongers again.

Shit, we tried.


wharfdaddy's picture

Back to World War 2 levels..


Flakmeister's picture

Umm... Make that Pre-WWII levels....

zerozulu's picture

It was, I think pre WWIII

superflex's picture


What Would Vlad Do

Jack Burton's picture

Meat Hammer, Yes I read of these cuts today. The real cuts all come in costs of personel. Their health care, their subsidies of all sorts, benefits for families, housing allowance, pay and pensions. All the huge costs associtated with volunteer forces. In my day we got 250 dollars a month and a few bucks for the wife, after 4-6 years we left and never claimed any benefits. Today, most military members are in for life, the DOD will be funding them till they pass. I always said, that the real cost of the volunteer force would only become apparent 25 years on. Well, now we have to pay for millions of career people into their retirements. They say that benefits, pay and pensions will eat up the whole DOD budget at present growth rates. If America is worth defending, then we need the old system back. I give 6 years,, I get paid enough to drink and whore on liberty, my 6 is up, I go home and get a job and support myself. DOD got 6 years of service, and I haven't cost them a dime in 30 years!

11b40's picture

Regular enlistment term for Army is 3 years.  When we had a draft, draftees were in for 2 years.  Navy & Air Force term is 4 years.

It was quite a dilema for a young man.  Volunteer for 3, and get to sign up for special training to enhance your chances for a "safe" MOS, or take your chances with the draft and assure yourself of a quick trip to a combat zone, then get out in a year...hopefully in one piece.

There was still a 6 year obligation if they wanted you in the Gaurd or Reserves.

But you are absolutely correct.  This volunteer (mercenary) Army we have now is waaaay too expensive, as is all the outsourcing to private contractors.  Bring back the draft, and watch all this foreign entanglement evaporate.  It was the Viet Nam anti-war movement that showed the country how to stop wars, and no coincidence that the draft was eliminated right after that war ws over.  The MIC realized they had to build a mercenary army if they were to stealthily go to war at will in the future.....and here we are.

Jack Burton's picture

My Naval Rate required a 6 year enlistment. That was because traing took 2 years, They wanted 4 years in the fleet, so all of us had to enlist for 6.

11b40's picture

My infantry training took 9 weeks, + 2 more for "Advanced Infanty School", then 2 more for Leader School.....then, adios & good luck.

Of course, I speak from the Enlisted Ranks.  Not very familiar with requiremenst for Officers.

What did they train you to do that took 2 years?  I bet you had some great duty & enjoyed you service, especially in retrospect.

HardAssets's picture

Jack Burton :  "My Naval Rate required a 6 year enlistment. That was because traing took 2 years, They wanted 4 years in the fleet, so all of us had to enlist for 6."


Since enlisted, I'm guessing nuke or advanced electronics ?



11b40's picture

My guess, too, if enlisted.

HardAssets's picture

"My guess, too, if enlisted."

The term 'rate' is used for USN enlisted.

HardAssets's picture

With the crazies running loose in D.C. it almost wouldn't be surprising if they proposed 'fast tracking' Ukraine membership in NATO next. (A future McCain proposal ?)


Hmmm . . . how many 'useless eaters' can they eliminate in thermo-nuclear WW3 ? (Perhaps not imminent, but taken one dangerous step toward it at a time).

But didn't some general say (perhaps in a movie spoof)  - "If there's just one of us left in the world, and none of them . . . . we win ! "

11b40's picture

Be careful about nuclear war.  The useless eater you eliminate may be yourself.

ThroxxOfVron's picture

"This on the same day that Chuck Hagel announces plans to cut the US Army down to 455,000 because we're just not warmongers anymore."

Stop being fucking obtuse.  You have been around here long enough to know how this shit works.

You heard Chuck Hagel's words -and now You see his actions.



post turtle saver's picture

the US does that shit on purpose...

"when you're strong, appear weak..."

lakecity55's picture

Meat, he wants the funding to go from the Army to the DhS.

They need moar ammo.

post turtle saver's picture

you ever notice that, whenever we come out with these defense cut lies and bullshit, they always say they're going to get rid of the A-10 Warthog? seriously, every fuckin' time... you know why?

because the Russians are _scared to death_ of the damn things... their nickname for it is "The Devil's Cross" because in profile it looks like a Greek Orthodox cross when viewed from the ground...

I swear to God we mention that plane in passing every so often just to remind Russia that we can turn tank forces into confetti at will...