Ukraine's President-In-Hiding Yanukovich Located In Russian Base In Sevastopol, Preparing To Depart For Russia

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Ever since the weekend's coup d'etat (as he called it: remember, it isn't officially a coup until John Kerry deems it so - see Egypt), Ukraine's overthrown president Victor Yanukovych (despite signing an agreement with the opposition and blessed by Europe which foresaw new legitimate presidential elections sometime after September) has been in hiding, following an aborted attempt to depart the country by plane. This is understandable: after all a warrant has been issued for his arrest. Which perhaps explains why as, citing, reports his latest location is the Russian military base in Sevastopol, the one place where the Ukraine government, legitimate or not, will never dare to tread. UNIAN adds that Yanukovich will "board a landing ship of the Black Sea Fleet of the Russian Federation, which the deposed president will use to go to Russia, according to TV channel ATR."

What happens To Yanukovich once he arrives in Russia, and more importantly, how Russia will respond to Ukraine, and EU, and US, demands for his deportation, is unknown.

What is known is that as Interfax Ukraine reported, "At the entrance to Sevastopol near restaurant "Puck" at the Yalta highway appeared antitank hedgehogs - crew patrol says it measure against frequent carjackings in Sebastopol, said "Sevastopol newspaper."

For those confused, "antitank hedgehogs" are these things:

What is also concerning is the following unverified video released yesterday, which shows military vehicles on the road outside of Sevatsopol.

Legitimate military preparations or not, all eyes remain on Russia.

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The cover of Polish magazine Newsweek "Ukraine had its own Olympics where people have won"

A mass protest will start in 30 minutes in Moscow, as a reaction to those arrested at pro-Ukraine rally in Moscow earlier today.

Next thing you know Putin is next to be hunted by Russian people, as Ukrainians now hunting for Yanukovich.

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In the meantime, the chinese say, "let them destroy each other".

When the folks in China start revolting, then I might believe in some "worldy awakinging".

Until then, same as it ever was (people still accepting paper promises in exchange for their labor).

Divided States of America's picture

Cult, I was wrong for saying you were a good guy last week. My mistake, thought you were somebody else. I mean to say annoying guy.

Cult_of_Reason's picture

New documents discovered: Moscow assisted with plan to violently suppress Kiev protests

P.S. Do you really think I care what you or a bunch of Kremlin bots/trolls think about me?

Is Vladimir Putin Behind An Army Of Internet Trolls?

Elder reports that the emails are between Vasily Yakemenko, the first leader of the youth group Nashi (who now, of course, works for the Kremlin), Kristina Potupchik, and other activists — and show that Nashi was paying bloggers as much as 600,000 roubles ($20,000) to leave hundreds of negative comments on anti-Kremlin online stories. Other leaked emails show that the group appeared to be "buying" pro-government articles in Russian newspapers.

It makes me wonder how much pro-Kremlin propagandists "Tyler Durden" and Martin Armstrong were paid for posting constant pro-Kremling propaganda lies about Ukraine...

Jreb's picture

Dude - the world is a corrupt place. Putin and Russia are no exception. But your spam would be more believable if you didn't continuously cut and paste from former posts -over and over and over again.

I know I shouldn't feed the troll but come on. I come here so I don't have to read about how your sister's best friend made $8000 a day just sitting in front of her web cam.


TheReplacement's picture

8 Gs a day!?  How'd she do that?

Jreb's picture

I dunno. With the NSA watching everything we do these days I'm afraid to click the link for fear of where I may end up. :-o


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"Is Vladimir Putin Behind An Army Of Internet Trolls?" 


No, people who are fed up being fed stories like 'WMDs in Iraq' or about soldiers throwing babies out of incubators, mad Arabs who live in caves but are still able to turn towers into dust etc. etc. etc.

You are the imbecile here thinking it is still 1992 and that the End of History has arrived.

How is the weather in Tel Aviv by the way?

disabledvet's picture

take a look at this site.

"KGB" indeed.

I do agree Putin needs to fire Lavrov. Should be interesting to see what the first "poll of the Generals" looks like. Friggin baseball bats and shields?

Give me a break.
Now they're gonna bring this guy back "the long way"?
He couldn't even cross his own border..."as the still elected President guy."

The State has taken over all his assets...what other assets are next?
My guess is everyone sits around and waits to see what the Americans do.

These would be the guys with the twelve years under their belt in Afhganistan plus another ten in Iraq...both of which are ongoing.

Incredibly that's been an Army only operation.
"Just like Vietnam...only it cover 1/4th the known earth's surface."
Oh, and "congratulations...your budget has been cut."

Cult_of_Reason's picture

There are multiple "Tyler Durdens" posting for Zero Hedge and not all of them are biased and on "Kremlin's payroll."

Actually, I think there is just one pro-Kremlin biased "Tyler Durden" (Martin Armstrong "twin") who gives bad reputation (questionable credibility) to Zero Hedge.

disabledvet's picture

None of these clowns no what war in fact is.

That includes this dipshit Putin and the ignorant cunt Merkel.
"There is a dichotomy to the enterprise."
On the one hand you hate it...on the other you're addicted to it and there's no going back.

These "Ukrainians" get it in my book.
Seal the border...seize all private assets.
Ask for MOAR.

The Russians did a spectacular job with the Olympics.
They showed the world what a truly unique and varied "cultures" they in fact are.

But they killed all their oligarchs to get it done.
If I were Brazil I would cancel their "games" right now.
The whole thing is a fraud.

This site has great lacks the God awful reality of it all.
But "Europa" and the USA won't have any trouble coming up with the 45 billion. Is Russia really prepared to get in a shooting war with Americans on the ground face to face?

In any case "great news for Citigroup."
Of course the market rallies.

Cult_of_Reason's picture

Putin and Medvedev are irrelevant.

EU recognizes Turchynov's (new interim Ukraine president) legitimacy, doesn't care about Russia's whining and complaints.

TheFourthStooge-ing's picture

Neocon shills are tiring as they can not provide better propaganda which has been debunked over and over again.

Cult_of_Reason's picture

It's funny, you sound do much like this confirmed Kremlin Twitter Bot (followed by Zero Hedge contributor williambanzai7)

LeisureSmith's picture

Hypocrisy, double standards and selective reasoning. Do you realise that you are the pot calling the kettle black or are you on crack? Dirty tricks have no country of origin and this is the ultimate heavyweight showdown in mixed clandestine arts. Anything goes, and both sides are doing it.

I want to call you a tool, but tools are usefull so i wont.

Johnny Cocknballs's picture

Told you.  One issue troll. Dumbern shit.

Just a real, honest to goodness douchebag.

y3maxx's picture

...Ukraine should annex the Russian military base in sits on official Ukraine land.

LawsofPhysics's picture

Yes, they should, but they won't, hence, you know it's all bullshit.

Mine Is Bigger's picture

By your logic, Germany should annex U.S. military bases within its borders, I guess.  You probably have never been to Sevastopol.  The place is far more Russian than Ukrainian.

superflex's picture

As soon as they tried, they would feel to full force of the Russian Army.  

Are you really niave enough to think Russia is going to give up it's warm water port at Sevastopol?

Boomberg's picture

and Afghanistan, Bahrain, Brazil, Cuba, Greece, Israel, Italy, Japan, South Korea, UAE, Bulgaria, Germany, Greenland, Kuwait, Kyrgyzstan, Netherlands, Oman, Pakistan, Portugal, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Spain, Turkey, and the United Kingdom should annex US military bases since they officially sit on their land. 

disabledvet's picture

all yours. you can have 'em.

What's scary is "bases are probably unnecessary now" anyways.

Winston of Oceania's picture

Please do those things cost a fortune and quite frankly we yanks are FLAT BROKE. I suggest you continentals cozy up to one another however hard that might be going forward. Of course I am speaking to the great unwashed masses because the oligarchs on both sides are looking to cull the herd.

Urban Redneck's picture

Actually what the ineptocracy in the Ukraine should do is find and secure all the members of both its Constitutional Court and Supreme Court, as they appear to have skipped those steps (and a bunch of others) even if they were pretending to be operating under 2004 Constitution.

TheMeatTrapper's picture

The Nuland call was FAKE!



Buck Johnson's picture

Putin isn't stupid, he knows what is going on and eventually he's going to make a move.

RaceToTheBottom's picture

Just Russia protecting their southern port.  The west is not expecting anything otherwise.

Minimum, Russia gets the eastern half of the country, just by sitting still.  Maybe gets the whole country....

disabledvet's picture

Amen to that.

Putin knows we want OUT not in.
Still...he and Merkel blabber on and on about "the good old days."

They all deserve what they got in WWII. "the Crazy Georgian."
A friggin million Russians died defending Moscow.
"Stalin orders attack."

1stepcloser's picture

Say hello to Edward for us!  

Boomberg's picture

Maybe Yanukovich and Snowden can share a flat. With Snowden being granted asylum it's laughable that Yanukovich would be deported, especially after arriving on a Russian warship. 

StychoKiller's picture

Yeah, and WHO do ya tip?  The Captain, the "purser?"  :>D

Flakmeister's picture

What is the Russian term for Chickenshit coward?

Ban KKiller's picture

I will piss on his grave someday. Fucking war profiteer and all around traitor to America. Die you asshole!

falak pema's picture

sad coward, or bad oligarch or mad sacred cow of "mother" russia. Take your pikkk..

"Sitting on the dock of the bay watching the tide roll in, wastin time... sitting in the morning sun watching the ships roll in ....

I left my house in Kievia....headed for the Sevasto Bay ! 

Azannoth's picture

You should only pick fights you are sure to win .. otherwise you might as well tryi bluffing strength against a Grizzly Bear

Sufiy's picture

Ukraine, Syria And Global De-Dollarization: USD To Go Down And Gold Up

What is connecting so different countries as Ukraine and Syria? The big chess game played by the U.S. and Russia. Syria needs to be "liberalised" in order to build pipelines for the natural Gas to be supplied from Qatar  to Europe. Russia and China have blocked that game and they have Ukraine revolution 2.0 now. Putin's dream is to rebuild USSR as the Eurasian Union and Ukraine is the key to his success. He will not back out of it easily. One thing is an insult in the ice hockey defeat by the U.S. in Sochi and another thing is to lose "Small Russia". On the map below you can see why Ukraine is so important geopolitically, it is all about Energy again. Key supply natural Gas routes from Russia to Europe are crossing this country. 

We do hope that Ukraine will not ignite the real war, but you can be assured about the asymmetrical moves with the heavy weaponry of  The Financial War. Here where we are coming to the ongoing flight of physical Gold from the West to the East and the coming De-Dollarisation. Democracy - so well presented by Netflex with its "House of Cards" production - meets countries with the special destiny, where elites are not hiring actors to read teleprompters, but making all the dirty work by themselves.    Ukraine will be the very bad example for these leaders: that you can come, make a few phone calls and even f**k the EU deciding who will lead the sovereign country next. The least they can do is to accelerate the De-Dollarization and call the bluff called the "food stamp recovery and Taper". US Dollar is levitating just above crucial 80.00 level, with all Taper hype and currency distractions in the emerging markets. Gold is breaking to the upside and any additional strain on the U.S. "recovery" can ignite the next leg down in US Dollar. China will be playing its own game getting ready to the global reset: accumulating record amount of Gold and encouraging its citizens to do the same.

TheReplacement's picture

Agree with some but not all.  We don't have a democracy so stop spreading those filthy lies.  This is a republic.  There is a huge difference.  That is why the red Dems and mainstream Reps keep talking about democracy and trying to inflict it upon us.

marcusfenix's picture

as far as the vid goes, Russia already has a military presence in Sevatsopol due to the naval base which does include tanks, IFVs, APCs and the like. although most likely Russian base security, what you see in the video could also be local Ukrainian military that has sided with Moscow and their fellow countrymen. I don't see the military not fracturing much the same way the rest of the country has, it only makes sense that they would.

Crimea appears to be ready to petition for admittance into the Russian Federation as they have already declared their independence from Kiev so that would be the next logical step. and of course it goes without saying Russia will never allow an area as strategically vital to the motherland to fall to a western friendly government. they simply can not afford to let that happen.

I think what we are seeing now is Russia attempting to work a two state solution and I believe they are still hoping to achieve this peacefully, but I have no doubt they will go to war if the US and the EU refuse to accept this plan.

and all indications are that the western powers have zero interest in a two state solution as it would not serve their ends in this anyways. Russia will go to war because they will be left with no other choice...     

disabledvet's picture

dude...those bases cost money.

this ain't no "Games."

novictim's picture

Is this ZH or is the site where the Russian Diaspora makes BS statements in support of Russian Chauvinism?


Ukraine, well done!  

You are inspiring our own revolution against our own oligarchs in the west!  Thank you Ukraine!

TheFourthStooge-ing's picture


Is this ZH or is the site where the Russian Diaspora makes BS statements in support of Russian Chauvinism?

Shill alert:

Member for
24 weeks 6 days

You are inspiring our own revolution against our own oligarchs in the west!

By bowing down in submission to the western oligarchs? Hardly inspiring.

Thank you Ukraine!

...said the IMF.

Flakmeister's picture

He does have a valid observation...

This place is so apoplectic about Obama that they are completely blind to what Putin really is...

novictim's picture

My observation is that the conflict in Ukraine is at it's core a class struggle.  It is the struggle between the self-entitled Oligarchs vs the average disempowered worker.  Viktor F. Yanukovych took the presidency down a road that would enrich himself and his friends and family...and the friends of Vladimir Putin.  Meanwhile, oligarchs from the west are jockeying for their own peice of the pie.  The people for now have turned their backs on both elites.


The confusion arises as the oligarchs are not entirely unified and their self interests sometimes clash with those of their fellow elites around the world.  But the "Club" is cutting deals as we speak and they are working to shape the news about the Ukraine.  

Some are using the appeal to Russian Nationalism to divide Ukraine as though this were as legitimate as movements of sharing wealth in society and building middleclass democratic institutions.  Yet there is a peoples movement underway too.  That is where I stand.

I'm saying this is a world problem.  It is a class problem.  


novictim's picture

Hey Stooge, don't forget to mention that the protesters are all Homosexual Nazi IDF agents working for the IMF.

(You just can't get good propagandists these days.)

novictim's picture

BTW Stooge...It is true I am only recently a member.  But be aware that I tried to sign on to Zero Hedge on more than one occasion starting several years back.  I'm not in control of the membership here.


But I have a track record, none the less.  You can find my old postings on the peice of shit site Huffington Post.  I stopped my postings there when it went full-retard on censorship and banned anonymity. Type in "novictim".

You can also find me on Common Dreams though I find those folks so phony and PC it often make me gag.  Again, type "novictim".

In total, I have tens of thousands of postings readily available for critique.  You might like my old Huffpo posts reaming that moron Christine LaGarde BTW...she is the IMF "talking head with a handbag".

StychoKiller's picture

Wilkommen!  I don't know how to say it in Russian or Ukrainian.