World Governments Agree To Automatic Information Sharing

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Submitted by Simon Black via Sovereign Man blog,

It’s like 34 drunken sailors holding each other up. That’s the best way I can think of to describe the latest product from the good idea factory that is the OECD.

Over the weekend in yet another cushy five-star hotel, representatives from this unelected supranational bureaucracy announced plans for world governments to exchange all their citizens’ tax and financial data with one another.

The 34 members states of the OECD are enthusiastically supporting this measure. And it constitutes the end of whatever remains of financial privacy.

The premise behind the OECD’s destructive pipedream is, as usual, to stamp out ‘tax evasion’. But this is a misnomer to being with.

Just about every multinational company out there employs strategies to reduce their current tax liabilities that are perfectly legitimate based on existing tax laws.

This is why companies like Google and Apple famously earn billions in profits but pay almost no tax. They’re vilified. But it’s legal.

These companies have shareholders from all over the world. And their solemn responsibility is to maximize shareholder value… not maximize the amount of funds that politicians in a single jurisdiction get to blow on wars and welfare.

There are also isolated individuals who are sitting on undeclared income stashed away in an overseas bank somewhere. But the aggregate amount is tiny compared to the $60+ billion that Microsoft alone has stashed away overseas, untaxed.

You’d think they’d get at the root cause of the problem and try becoming more competitive… lowering tax rates and streamlining government operations (shocker!)

But no. Instead they resort to even more Draconian tactics to lord over private citizens’ financial records and unilaterally set aside long-standing international treaties.

It’s a pathetic display of exactly the sort of tactics that governments embrace when they go broke. And most of these OECD countries ARE broke– Italy, Japan, the US, Spain, Greece, etc.

So what we have now are a bunch of bankrupt member states who think that they are helping the other bankrupt member states raise revenue by terrorizing citizens (rather than actually fixing the problem).

It’s genius. But what else can one expect from the OECD?

This is the same organization which said, in the same meeting over the weekend, that Germany should accept higher inflation so that the rest of Europe wouldn’t suffer from deflation.

The arrogance is astounding.

This is the same logic as borrowing your way out of debt and spending your way out of recession… brought to you by the same guys who completely missed all the warning signs of the Global Financial Crisis. Along with the IMF. The Federal Reserve (and every other central bank in the world). And every government out there.

Yet these are the rocket scientists who pull the levers that control the system.

It behooves anyone who can see the big picture to distance yourself as much as possible from this system.

This means, for example, keeping a portion of your savings in real assets that they cannot control, as opposed to paper assets that they conjure and manipulate.

Most importantly, it means not having all of your eggs in one basket. Bankrupt governments will resort to any measure they feel is necessary to maintain the status quo.

And if you live, work, invest, bank, run a business, own real estate, etc. all in one of these bankrupt countries, you are really taking on tremendous risk.

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Cue NWO outrage....


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I am seriously worried about you, man.

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It's okay if they agree to global information sharing.  Citizens of the world have global P2P and Bitcoin.


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Holy shit.

To make sure of an oft-repeated phrase - "NEVER go Full Retard!". Either someone else is using the fonestar account, you've suffered some severe mental or physical trauma, or you've just decided to go absolutely crazy and start ranting like a lunatic.

No, this ISN'T a slight against BitCoin, Satoshi, P2P or whatever - this is an observation of the content of your posts.

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In an act of supreme faith fonestar sold everything he owned over a year ago (minus one IBM laptop) and went full retard into Bitcoin.  So far it has been working great for him.  Everything fonestar does, he only does in the name of Satoshi Nakamoto.


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Lunatic. Check. ;)

At least you're good for a laugh.

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"Everything fonestar does, he only does in the name of Satoshi Nakamoto."

Slaves are made in such ways..... 

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We are slaves of freedom.  We are slaves of passion.  We are shackled to the blockchain gang.


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No, but you can always fone for takeout and delivery.

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But if your code is good, you can be well paid for it.

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If your Bitcoin is worth 500 bucks, if i finish my sudoku can i get enough for a pizza?

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Honestly, it's just a little humor at foney's expense. I sincerely wish the BitCoiners all of the luck in the's another middle-finger to the cartel and I hope it succeeds.  

Personally, it's not for me. 

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Dear world governments:

My name is General Keith Alexander, current director of the NSA.

     As you know, my administration (and the government of the United States, Incorporated) has come under fire recently for our ability and implementation of OUR ability to compile all types of information from all sectors of everyone's personal, medical, communication, and financial data around the world. I know you think we were 'invading your privacy' here, but let me explain. I'm sure you'll understand, and, in fact, thank us for taking these first bold new steps in to a better tomorrow.

     As I see, you are now seeing the benefits of inclusion of every human on the earth in this new paradigm of command and control (we only did what we did to demonstrate our power to do so). Our new facility in Utah, USA, is being equipped with the finest state-of-the-art computers, in order that you may avail yourselves of this ability to track those pesky humans (oops, I mean, so-called 'scofflaws') in your individual countries' borders, and render whatever it is that you render. Im MY nation, we like to call this 'rendition' and 'waterboarding' (of course, again, these are simply examples).

     As to the pesky insect called 'BitCoin' (which seeks to replace the fedscrips worldwide), well, we already have a plan in order to deal with this threat, as well. You see, these fools actually think that we will LET THEM USE OUR INTERNET AND POWER GRIDS, but it is a given that WE also control access to these things, as well.

    AGAIN, thank you for listening. If you need further information, please avail yourselves of the ability to contact one of many of our public/private corporate sponsors.



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Geezus and all you people out there used to bitch and moan about Trav hijacking every thread. Instead now we get this shit all the time...

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If this is the communication style that works best for u then fine... Just try to throw in some freaking CONTENT once in a while, a stale joke.. There's no reward for being the Donald trump of space around here... You can begin this exercise by occasionally using DIFFERENT words.

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The media is the massage.

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I like it. And efficient to boot. + 1 trillion.

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phone shit, stop ruining the articles I want to use .. you,re done ,, just to stupid to know ..

I had something to say about offshore accounts, but you fucking ruined it, you almost make me puke every morning you tard.

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Take anything out of context lately?

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"It's difficult to free fools from the (block)chains they revere" ~ Voltaire 

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We will see who the lunatics are when Bitcoin goes into five, six and seven figures!  Satoshi is invincible!  Bitcoin is the deflationary tiger who stalks the Earth!

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For that to happen, bitcoin would actually have to be adopted and used by a significant number of the world population.  I don't see a reality where that happens.  I think it's silly for you to tell people to buy and hold bitcoin becuase it is going to 7 figures.  It's better to tell people to buy bitcoin and actually buy goods/services with it.  However, it really doesn't matter because people who accept bitcoin transfer it right back to fiat.  Bitcoin is a service to be used with extreme caution.

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fonestar will tell all the people that he sees!

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Dear fonestar,

Yes, of course, we all know about it.

But tell us please, what room number in the hospital, where undergoing treatment your boss and also who is his doctor?

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So, the only way to be safe is to be a roadside bum without any family or money. LoL. The great western civilization... I hereby renounce all my plans to be of value. Because if there is something valuable here, the thugs will come for me. But if I am  bum, I will be safe. 

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Not even then because after all those measures of disinvestment, you appear as a "black hole" on the screen of existance, identified not by what you have, but what you don't have. Indeed, this is alarming to those whose job it is to look at the screen.

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The man who has everything has everything to lose!

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la concha de tu Hermana , puto de mierda.
Me tenes la bolas llenas con tu shitcoin.

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So, the only way to be safe is to be a roadside bum without any family or money who reliably votes democrat.

There fixed it for you.

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that approach is not working out that well for the homeless in Japan who are now temporarily skimming Plutonium for slave wages in the Fuk

LawsofPhysics's picture

well, at least until the grid goes down.

TheReplacement's picture

We can only hope...

that the grid goes down.

fonestar's picture

....all around the world.  All at once.

Oh, and hope that everyone doesn't see a point in fixing that.

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The entire electrical or telecommunications grid doesn't need to go down. Localised outages work just as well. Consider a list of the typical pieces of hardware that your request passes through just to present you with the ZeroHedge page:

1. You -> PC Device -> Network Interface -> [Router/Firewall] -> Modem -> Cell Tower/Telephony Exchange -> Telephony Exchange -> ISP
2. ISP -> DNS Servers -> Router -> Router -> Router -> Router -> Router -> Network Interface -> Destination
    2.1. [Network Interface -> Router/Firewall -> ISP -> DNS Server -> Router -> Router -> Router -> Network Interface -> Destination
    2.1.1 [Network Interface -> Router/Firewall -> ISP -> DNS Server -> Router -> Router -> Router -> Network Interface -> Destination]]
3. Network Interface -> Router -> Router -> Router -> Router -> Router -> DNS Server -> ISP
4. ISP -> Telephony Exchange -> Cell Tower/Telephony Exchange -> Modem -> [Router/Firewall] -> Network Interface -> PC Device -> You

(Step 2 could have hundreds of sub steps thanks to one site connecting to multiple distributed services)

Thanks to the proliferation of Software as a Service products running within a virtual machine as one of perhaps one hundred virtual machines on a single server, the number of points of failure increases exponentially as people become more dependant on being connected to the Internet and demand more services become available via the Internet.

Than, factor in traffic disruptions caused by 400Gbps DDoS attacks that are starting to occur, and will increase in regularity, and you're going to find that there's going to be more outages in the future. One DDoS attack could, in theory, bring down entire data centres (and thousands of sites affecting millions of users) if they are directed well enough.

To understand the physical links, go here: - these are only the major international links, and there's a lot of points of failure just there. It's just like a fractal image - the more you zoom in, the more and more links that are available for tampering with.

fiftybagger's picture

Hmmmm.  I wonder who is behind those DDOS attacks?

ForTheWorld's picture

Kids. No, seriously - kids. Brian Krebs at has a detailed article about it, and he gave a presentation about it recently which is available via Youtube.

If there's someone else telling the kids to do it, that's another matter.

Here's the specific article with links to other articles within it:

TheFourthStooge-ing's picture


We can only hope...

that the grid goes down.

Seriously, it's a literal miracle that the US grid hasn't gone down already. Something as small as a five-year-old's bedtime prayer that the grid go down might be all it takes to tip the balance.

quasimodo's picture

Message to self......make this part of 6 yr old's bedtime prayer. Oh, and that I have the sense to keep a cool head if it happens.

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Tell your six year old Satoshi has come!

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LoP, note that Nazi Germany, the GDR's Statis and Stalin's KGB did just fine w/o the Grid.

We may "have guns", but their populace did not buy into the Propaganda of their Media -- the way ours does.  And so a "freedom fighter" or "libertarian" can simply be relabeled as a DT (Domestic 'Terrarist').  Our populace would not bat an eye with reports of "another DT captured". 

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MaxCoin if you like to eat crypto try some of that sucker.

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Well then, how much do you make Flak? ;-)

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If I close my eyes, put my hands over my ears, and say " there is no NWO agenda" three times it makes all this NWO stuff go away..