Bernanke Is Writing A Book: What Should It Be Titled?

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That didn't take long: merely weeks since he walked out of the Marriner Eccles building and into the sunset, Ben Bernanke is writing his memoirs. AP reports: "Ben Bernanke, who stepped down last month after eight years as chairman of the Federal Reserve, is planning a memoir. Bernanke told The Associated Press on Monday that he will focus not just on the defining moment of his time at the Fed, the 2008 financial crisis, but on the "Great Recession" that followed. "I want people to understand what we knew, when we knew it, how we made decisions and how we dealt with the enormous economic uncertainty," said Bernanke, who expects to begin meeting with publishers within the next several weeks. Bernanke, 60, says he will cover his entire career at the Fed, starting in 2002, when he joined the Board of Governors."

So our question to you, dear readers, is what should the title of Bernanke's book be? Twitter already has some suggestions as can be seen below:

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Dollars from the ASS

AlaricBalth's picture

A Tale of Two Economys

It was the best of times for the plutocracy. It was the worst of times for everyone else.

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Stock Market Manipulation for Dummies

Divided States of America's picture

A pop-up book for ages 12 and under so the future generations can understand easier via big nice pictures how they were fucked in the ass by da bernank.

Title: Robin Hood, Prints of Fiats: How I took from the poor and gave to the rich

with pop-ups of j-bitch Yellen, Larry Fuckin Fink, Alan Greedspan, Warren Buffoon and Timmay.

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The Pride of Bernankenstein  

Much Ado About Printing

The Printing of The Screw

The Prints and the Paper

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Confessions of an Oligarch puppet: how I did my part to destroy the world so my masters could rule it.

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"The Bernanke Bubble"

fuu's picture

"I Made it Rain"

"How I Learned to Stop Quivering and Love the Beard"

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slave trading, drugs, prostitution, gambling, child trafficking, printing money: we do god's work and the devil's

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"You didn't write that"

Oh, wait...

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"Fuck you Bernanke: A ZH Memoir."

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Ben Bernanke's 101 Home Beard Grooming Tips

Memoirs of a TBTF Geisha

Fuck Me?! Fuck You!  The Ben Bernanke Story

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The adventures of Bernacchio...

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"The Autobiography of a Bankster Bitch" 

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"Tryin' to Save My Reputation" by Bennie B.

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"Eat it And Smile : How to Multiply the Money Supply Yet Keep Them Debating the Outcome"

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"Art of creating money rain while flying a chopper in the nude"

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Judging by his posture... how about "Torah! Torah! Torah!"

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Money for nothing and your chicks for free

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Economic Excrement: How a Dipshit Despoils his Depends™

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Off the top of my head I'll say title it:

Fuck you I've got mine


Let them eat shit, er cake, er wat dat bitch say

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"Barbarous Relic": My Life as a Central Banker

FuzzyDunlop21's picture

Close. "Barbaric Relic at the Gate"

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Print Server Protocol: Setup Guide for Global Printing

bonderøven-farm ass's picture

The book was written in 1913.  What could Bennie possibly contribute to it?


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How to print an economy to prosperity and run before the idiots realize it's a trap

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"The Creature From Jekyll Islands Spawns Bernanke"

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'Engineering Reflation of Asset Bubbles As a Palliative Treatment For A Terminally Ill & Structurally Collapsing Real Economy That I Helped to Further Break - Rome Wasn't Destroyed In A Day or Even a Decade; By Dr. Ben Shalom B52 Diocletian Bernanke, PhD'


'The Tribal Loyalties Of A Lieutenant of The Money Masters; Setting Up The Next Great Fractional Fiat Induced Bubble Bath Massacre - by Ben BOHICA Bernanke'


'The Greatest Heist In History & Letting The Debt Serf Bodies Hit the Floor; My Time As Chief Transfuser of What Remained of America's Middle Class Assets to My Criminal Bank Masters. By Ben 'Bubbles & Banana Republic' Bernanke, PhD. Shabot Slalom Press.'

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A little long for the cover there TIS...

I was thinking "Green Shoots and SPAM'

bonderøven-farm ass's picture

'The little helocopter that could'

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'The Unicorn Who Just Kept Giving'.

Or maybe '... Shitting' ?

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When Money Dies 2.0

From Havensteins dilemma to a free world of Havenots

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"The Expendables" QE and the middle class

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This was already suggested:

Dr. Bernanke or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Printer

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How to Bulletproof your Retirement Fund with Tungsten

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The Sheep Love The Shaft