Pope Opens Vatican Bank Kimono

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In a desperate attempt to distance itself from the widening corruption scandal linking the Vatican's bank accounts to fund (and allegedly bribe) a 2007 acquisition by Monte dei Paschi of Antonventa, the Pope has taken an unprecedented step in open the Vatican's finances to public view.

As Reuters reports, Pope Francis on Monday revolutionized the Vatican's scandal-plagued finances by appointing an auditor-general stating that the Church must see its possessions and financial assets in the "light of its mission to evangelize, with particular concern for the most needy.

The auditor-general will have wide oversight powers "to conduct audits of any agency of the Holy See and Vatican City State at any time," a statement said. Francis decreed that the changes have "immediate, full and stable effect," abrogating any existing rules not compatible with them.


Via Reuters,

Pope Francis on Monday revolutionised the Vatican's scandal-plagued finances, inviting outside experts into a world often seen as murky and secretive and saying the church must use its wealth to help the poor.




The auditor-general will have wide oversight powers "to conduct audits of any agency of the Holy See and Vatican City State at any time," a statement said.




A Vatican statement said the changes "will enable more formal involvement of senior and experienced experts in financial administration, planning and reporting and will ensure better use of resources, improving the support available for various programmes, particularly our works with the poor and marginalised".




Francis decreed that the changes have "immediate, full and stable effect," abrogating any existing rules not compatible with them.




The role and structure of the separate Vatican bank, formally known as the Institute for Works of Religion (IOR), will not change for the time being, a spokesman said.


There was no mention of the IOR in Monday's statements. Francis has not ruled out closing the bank, which primarily handles funds for religious orders and Vatican employees.


Both the IOR and APSA have been at the centre of scandals. Italian magistrates are investigating the IOR on allegations of money laundering. The Vatican dismisses the charges.

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logicalman's picture

In this world of games within games, I really hope this is for real.

I'm an atheist, by the way.

Kevlar undies, PLEASE, and don't drink the tea.


gmrpeabody's picture

I'm not Catholic..., not much of a church going man at all...,

but I like this guy.

(and good luck cleaning this mess up)

johnQpublic's picture

bankers doing gods work

my favorite

DoChenRollingBearing's picture

Nothing that anybody does in the Catholic hierarchy does will impress me until they root-out the pedophiles.

NoDebt's picture

Can we maybe try to eek out ONE win before we have delusions of going to the Super Bowl?

If this action is as-advertised, it could help track the money side of the whole pedophile thing.  And you KNOW there had to be a lot of money sloshing around to cover up something that rampant inside the Catholic church.

strannick's picture

I am Catholic, but the Catholic Church isn't exactly "catholic". In its corporeal aspect, its a billion person institution, with some factions doing this and some that. Napoleon said to the ArchBishop "we will destroy your Church in 10 years and the Arch Bishop replied "good luck, weve been trying to for 1700". Anyway, this guy so far looks like one of the good ones.  

Chupacabra-322's picture

He's a Jesuit, not to be trusted & part of The Global Criminal Oligarch Cabal Bankster Intelligence Crime Syndicate.

Freddie's picture

I think I agree.  Only twice in the history of the church has a living Pope been retired.  Why was the German Pope (Benedict?) retired for this guy?  The old German guy seemed like a kindly old gent.  Was it Clestine V who stpped down in 1294 AD then was thrown in jail and died there in 1296 AD.

Why did it happen a second time now? 

bunnyswanson's picture

Karen Hudes 24 min

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WCoOTEHq2Fo explains the situation.

(World Bank whistle blower) 

Buckaroo Banzai's picture

This pope is a fucking dumpster fire. He is a Marxist-Homosexualist, so anybody who thinks he will actually do anything to turn back the tide of homosexual pederasts who have infiltrated the church in the last sixty years is clinically delusional.

As far as opening up the Vatican finances to scrutiny, that's a fucking joke. What he will do, is squander and dissipate the church's wealth and render it utterly ineffectual going forward.

NoDebt's picture

So, you SUPPORT this action, then?

Buckaroo Banzai's picture

This guy is a complete fraud. The Vatican bank has real problems, but I guarantee that this is a complete smokescreen.

This guy is to the Catholic Church, what Obama is to the USA. Says one thing, does another.

logicalman's picture

in the last 60 years???

I hope you are joking.

They've been doing what they are doing for centuries. 60 years? Give me a break.

You will notice I said 'hope' but I thought the rest of my comment made it clear that I am far from convinced.

I'll try to be more obvious in future


Buckaroo Banzai's picture

You are an ignorant tool, brainwashed by Hollywood. If you knew the first fucking thing about the church, you'd know that the pederasty problem really got under way in the 1950s.

Are you catholic? Are you even Christian? You sound like someone who learned everything they know about the Catholic Church from the NYT, the Boston Globe, or Time magazine.

EverythingEviL's picture

Ever read the scripture about Babylon the Great? Get out of her or share in her sins. Catholic Church is doomed along with all false religion. Best run from that institution like it's burning down because it is...won't be long till it's gone

Buckaroo Banzai's picture

Well, you don't know what you are talking about. If you believe that, then you deny the very words of Christ himself.

And I say also unto thee, That thou art Peter, and upon this rock I will build my church; and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.
Matthew 16:18

EverythingEviL's picture

Since when did Jesus declare the Catholic Church as his church? Guess you missed the one about a tree being identified by the type of fruit it produces eh? What kind of fruit they have produced has revealed the church for what it really is. In bed with governments, mixed up in politics? What are they doing getting mixed up in world affairs, wasn't it Jesus himself who said his kingdom was no part of this world? Pedophile priests who are moved from one place to another, declaring bankruptcy in diocese to avoid paying restitution to victims of the churches crimes. Teaching a myriad of false doctrines that to directly against what the bible says. Yes their fruit is quite evident...this is only the tip of the iceberg. These governments will pick them clean until there is nothing left. And how about all those billions and billions of dollars the church has amassed...I bet that's looking mighty fine to all these broke governments right now. Mmm

asdasmos's picture

Church of the flying spaghetti monster :D

Squiddly Diddly's picture

I take the rock to be Peter's confession of Jesus as the Christ of God, not the Catholic Church.

Uber Vandal's picture

Well, one might find this a bit interesting.......



We are galloping toward a one-world melding of religions, and the ramifications are staggering. Pope Francis has now sent a video message to Word of Faith father Kenneth Copeland, urging a reconciliation between Catholics and Charismatics

logicalman's picture

I know when I'm wasting my time.

Given I have no time to waste, I will just ignore your inane ramblings.

If brains were dynamite, you couldn't even blow your hat off.

Enjoy your delusions.

I'm an atheist, by the way.


Spumoni's picture

Spoken like a true chauvinist. May I suggest that you take a look at Irish Catholic and English orphanages from basically day one? Or perhaps you would like to study the 'holy work' of the Inquisition in what is now southern France between 1200-1750? Or the reports, numbering in the thousands, of sexual predation by missionaries from 1800 forward. For that, you can visit any part of the globe. 

While the Jesuit Order ran the Inquisition. Pope Francis is just turning the tables. 

Bangin7GramRocks's picture

Gay does not equal pedophile you smelly turd! Don't worry! This pope won't make you stop loving angels, miracles and other churchey bullshit!

Buckaroo Banzai's picture

Actually, considering that 99% of the pedophilia cases in the church are perpetrated by gay men against boys, then gay==pedophilia.

Bangin7GramRocks's picture

They are pedophiles. They don't get off on grown men, only boys. Not gay. Consult your catholic book of bigotry for handy tips.

Buckaroo Banzai's picture

Get yourself informed, asshole. Fully fifty percent of ALL child abuse is committed by homosexuals. That is a FACT. When you consider that about 2% of the population is gay, and yet they commit 50% of the child abuse cases, well-- do the fucking math. Gays are 25 times more likely to abuse children than straights.

gallistic's picture

Judging by your intensity, I take it you were an altar boy.

Spumoni's picture

Don't facts generally come with source info?

atomicwasted's picture

Getting yourself informed, asshole, is a great idea!  I note you don't source your "fact."  Virtually all child sex abuse has a girl as a victim and virtually all of that is perpetrated by a family member - father, uncle, brother, cousin.  The "look over there at teh gays" bullshit is a convenient way to cover that up.


And I at least have a link.  Checkmate, bitch!  https://www.rainn.org/get-information/statistics/sexual-assault-victims

Freddie's picture

I am no expert, thank God, but I thought pedophiles seek out children before puberty of either gender. 

There is a name for it, but essentiaaly gay rapists, seek boys who have reached puberty or are older.  This is the case in the vast majority of church cases.   There have been a few books written about this. 

Lumping this all under pedophiles is totally incorrect. 

Miffed Microbiologist's picture


I am no expert, but to me any man or woman seeking out a sexually immature child for sexual gratification is a perverse evil individual. I frankly do not care if they are categorized as hetero or homosexual. In my world they should be shot on sight. I would not waste my time debating proper definitions. Of course, I see things a little on the black and white side. Many would suffer if I were to attain dictatorship and are surely happy I will remain forever powerless.


Pseudo Anonym's picture

why would you worry about "homosexual pederasts" in catholic church when male babies in n.y. (and everywhere else) are dying from orthodox jews with poor oral hygiene who suck and fondle little boys' penises with their tongues?



Spumoni's picture

Wait, wait-tell us how you really feel. Gee. Somebody in leadership takes Christ's teachings seriously and you label it Marxist. If this is Marxism, we could use more of it. If the Pope wants to expend church resources helping the poor, just who are you to disagree? Did your accidental birth leave you rich? That doesn't happen to the vast majority of people. All that wealth came from centuries of pillage and tithes. Why should it not go back whence it came?

Changing the pedophile sanctuary isn't going to happen overnight either. The first step in healing a problem is admitting (forced or no) that it exists. Howzabout you let slip a little of that ole benefit of the doubt for awhile, there Buckaroo? The church has been a sanctuary for sexual predators from time immemorial - and it ain't just a Catholic problem. Pope Francis is making a bold attempt to make an enormous institution relevant - more than I can say for any other standing government on this planet.

TruthHunter's picture

He might convince me if he started a new order.  That is the Order of the Millstone

Luke 17:2 It were better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck,

and he cast into the sea, than that he should offend one of these little ones.

NotApplicable's picture

My guess is real. But only because ALL institutions have to be destroyed for the true arrival of the NWO.

HyBrasilian's picture

POPE ['Francis' ]?...  I'm still not sure... . I'd REALLY be skeptical about this... 'Jesuit'? [color me unimpressed so far ~ more than the EXPECTED money changing]...

FredFlintstone's picture

Never had a chance to ask francis what a cheesepope was. Tried googling it and never got very far.

tony wilson's picture

I'm not Catholic..., not much of a church going man at all...,

but I do not trust this jesuit pope.



Kevin Annett: Argentine official to testify against Pope Bergoglio's child trafficking http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h38BpcpthCM&feature=c4-overview&list=UUCd...  
Buckaroo Banzai's picture

I love a good conspiracy theory...and there is a metric crap-ton of conspiracy theories surrounding the Jesuits.

But even setting those aside--this pope stinks, just based on his track record in Argentina.

tony wilson's picture

turd did you watch the clip conspiracy theory?

how about being a little less active on this topic kind of looks a little like you are being paid yes no.

watch the clip and shut the fuck up

Buckaroo Banzai's picture

Why don't you go ahead and eat the peanuts out of my shit. You sound like a douchebag of the first water.

Spumoni's picture

Are you and Tony twins? Or are you just trolls? Your posts are trollish.

Cognitive Dissonance's picture

So.....the last bastion of the corrupt and scandal-plagued is.....disclosure and honesty?

<Too freaking funny. They really must be desperate.>

NoDebt's picture

It does seem tough to swallow.  But I find it hard to argue with his actions so far.  Maybe I'm not cynical enough, but I can't find many cynical ways to look at this action.  Maybe this one we can take at (something close to) face value.  

Let's see if those records and accounts are ACTUALLY opened up for review.  If they are, let's see what's in 'em and go from there.  

Now, if Janet Yellen proposes doing the same thing with the Fed's finances, we'll all know this is just the "new  scam" and we can go about our business, secure in the knowlege we're just being lied to and misled in some new and inventive way.

Buckaroo Banzai's picture

Are you a serious, thinking Catholic? If you were, you'd know that this pope is a fukcing train wreck. Ann Barnhardt has been all over his case since day one.