Stocks Flip-Flop As Bonds And The USD Pop

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This morning's US equity "market" behavior is 'volatile' to say the least and of course all human-driven??! A JPY-pump-driven surge into day-session open suckered just enough in to leave vaccuum and when someone pulled the rug from under the JPY shorts right at the open (bashing USDJPY back down to the all critical 102.00 level) stocks tanked... AUDJPy stabilized and stocks surged back to it and are now treading water around VWAP. While all this was occurring bond yields went only one way - down; and the USD Index jumped notably. Given the all-time-highs, conviction in stocks seems anything but strong.

JPY-carry in charge (more AUDJPY than USDJPY again)


leaving S&P futures hovering at VWAP after quite a volatile start to the day...


Especially when bonds and the USD have been a one way street...

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Wtf is going on here. 

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Look at the repo market, another search for high quality collateral.

Just like 2008, only now I don't think anyone has anyway to really price anything.

Should get interesting quick(er).

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Paper jam....dont worry, the printer technician Kevin Henry has been called at 1-800-PUMP-SPX, should arrive right at 10:59:59

WayBehind's picture

Just call Bernanke Printing Services Inc. and everything will be OK

LawsofPhysics's picture

The Fed's hand is being forced...

"Strong dollar", for those that can find them...

for now.

Interesting times...

Anyone know what happened to Francis Sawyer? 

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Tyler banned him for making fun of the cheesepopes, thx to VD though I think VD thinks highly of himself that FS got banned because of him.....funny, I am still around though...i would gladly give him my account so our 'brother' can come back and enlighten most of us.

Its nonsensical times like these that we need more people who make us open our minds, not just our eyes.

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just crash already

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Almost looks like can only manipulate one thing at a time

Dollar value or stawks.

They are losing control.

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Yep.  Their bullshit mandate/bluff on employment has already been called.

Their focus is switching to who controls/owns the high quality collateral (debt and debt flows).

They will let all other balls drop.  Get physical and focus on keeping the tribe happy, could get bumpy going forward.

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flow flow
don't ya know
down Exeter's Pyramid
here we go

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looks like someone noticed Shanghai

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Gold doing well; mining stocks, not so much. 

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have the central planners moved on to smashing mining stocks now as a way to deter anything gold related

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I don't know what the price of anything is anymore.... physical Gold = Priceless

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true.  it's so much easier resting at night with the shiny yellow stuff sleeping quietly too, and with absolutely no counter-party risk.

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Gold up = gold stocks down

Natural Gas down = UNG up

No there is no manipulation of the markets.

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I'm loving how gold stocks are down today. I got paid on friday, and the money I want to invest just showed up in my trading account today. I get to buy the gold mining etf at a discount!

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"You Maniacs! You blew it up! Ah, damn you! God damn you all to hell"