Ukraine Bonds Re-Collapse As Russia Warns Of "High Chance Of Default"

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Russian bonds had rallied for 2 days on the heels of the ouster of Yanukovych and a hope-fueled strategy (supported by Goldman's buy-buy-buy recommendation) that Europe or the IMF would save the day and fund them back to solvency. However, Russian deputy finance minister Storchak has a different perspective...


And that has sent 3-month Ukraine bond prices tumbling once again...


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Putin is clearly trying to win over the Ukrainian's hearts and minds with is existing strategy.

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They got their coup, and the paid protestors went home. Now the Ukranians are looking around with that feeling like waking up with a shemale after an all night bender.

"What the fuck have I done?"


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waking up with a shemale after an all night bender.

Rulers in this part of the world are a shemale like. They are use to it.

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Reeeeeeeecooooooolapse the new ukrainean yodel

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Anyone have a chart of Ukrainian bond holders and quantity?  I'd think you could garner a view into the future from this graph.

i.e. if Russian majority, then no IMF bailout?  if European majority, then play like no bailout, buy up all bonds, then bailout.

Most likely, a combination of both.  Russia sales all bonds, central bankers tell everyone no bailout while secretly buying up all bonds, then bailout.  Yes, that seems par.

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Is that like waking up next to Obama?

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I love shemales, can't get enough of them.  But your right, it's exactly what happened to them.  The formented this paid for revolution but most of the country didn't want it.  Now they have the western part of the country and had their revolution and they finally see that the people that helped it along had alterior motives and won't back them up with money.  Because in the end all the US and EU (mostly the US) wanted to get a country right on the borders of Russia to be friendly to them and eventually surround Russia and finally go in for the kill of making her weak and posssibly a vasal of the US and EU.



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Seems like no war - boring! I had a better opinion of the Ruskkies. Apparently they are a bunch of bitches that are going to take whatever Washington has to give them and not even protest about it. Suckers!

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These are not the bonds you are looking for.  These bonds are going to default.  Move along.

(Vladimir Kenobi)

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Hmm Ukraine defaults, Russia repossesses East Ukraine in payment.   I could see that happening.


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call me crazy but is it really a good idea to buy (any) bonds, especially in a country embroiled in a civil war, one that might not exist in a week?

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And when you are done answering that one ponder the US and MyRA and extrapolate out a few years.

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As I posted above - quite a few of the sheeple are about to find out that they own Ukranian bonds in their retirement funds

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this is crazy talk.  no one is ever allowed to default again.  cant they "bail in" the peasants' money to repay DB.....errrrr, i mean some other banks?

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Uh...that's kinda the whole idea...

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the bonds are trading at 95% of par

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With no energy, no AG exports to Russia, and no banking sector left, the .gov types are really going to have to step up their production to justify that sort of valuation. Or Super Mario & Aunt JaYellen could just let banksters swap them at PAR at their nearest ECB/FRB office...

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The only ones that should be holding Ukranian bonds in first place should be Greece and maybe Hungary...anyone for Nigerian bonds?