US To Sell Nuclear Fuel To Former Foe Vietnam, Will Permit Uranium Enrichment

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There was a time when Vietnam was America's staunchest proxy war foe. This is not those times which explains why yesterday the president signed a landmark, controversial and not to mention hypocritical deal with Vietnam in which allows the U.S. to sell nuclear fuel and technology to its former foe, which will then be allowed to further enrich it. Why (because there is always a reason when the US does something so unexpected, and especially when nuclear power is involved)? Simple: as the Hill explains, the US "aims to help guarantee Vietnams' energy independence as China asserts a more prominent role in the region." Of course, the last time the US sought to prevent Vietnam's affiliation with a foreign superpower, the results were quite disastrous. One can only hope this time it's different.

Some more on why Vietnam is not Iran:

“I have determined that the performance of the Agreement will promote, and will not constitute an unreasonable risk to, the common defense and security,” Obama wrote in a memo for the secretaries of State and Energy.

And here is hypocrisy 101: "the deal aims to get Vietnam to import the fuel it needs for its reactors instead of producing it domestically. But it doesn't bar the country from conducting its own uranium enrichment, raising concerns about nuclear proliferation."

In other words, what the US allows Vietnam to do, just because it serves its own set of interests of Chinese sphere of influence containment, it will not allow Iran to do, just because Israel is still on the fences about whether the intentions of its latest weapons client are pure. "The agreement is also seen as a potential complicating factor in the ongoing nuclear talks with Iran. Iran has repeatedly accused nuclear powers, and the United States in particular, of a double standard in terms of which nations are allowed to run nuclear programs that are allegedly for civilian purposes only."

Then again, all is fair in Realpolitik, as the world return to a multi-polar theater, and in which the US is increasingly losing its superpower relevance.

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We need a ticket of Hillary/Moochele in 2016 to keep stuff like this from happening.

johnQpublic's picture

you'd think they could get enuf for free from fukushima

fuck, the shits all over the ground an in the ocean and the a and fuuuuuuuuuuuuuukkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk muther fukkers!

jesush whatthefuck is wrong withthese people

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Small nations will become nuclear powers as the US fades.  I am quite honestly dumbfounded that the US has recognized this trend and is actually kicking it off.

Simply amazing.

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We kicked it off in Vietnam in '58 - Eisenhower "Atoms for Peace" program. I visited the reactor at Da Lat in '66. 

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More General Electric nuke plants and government lobyists, just what the earth needs.

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The USA's slow slide into mediocracy has just gotten onto a bobsled of totally fucked up.

What a piece of DOG SHIT we have become.

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No love loss between the Chinese and Vietnam. They fought their own short war in 1979. Vietnam was always a Soviet proxy. With Soviets gone and no wish to being friends with China it does not surprise me that the US and Vietnam would both want to do what they can to reduce China's regional power.

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Bingo!  Man, you said exactly what I was about to write above.

This move is a big "in your face" to China and Vietnam is glad to help maintain a balance of regional power in that part of the world.

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Slap them Chinese silly. Next will be nukes in Japan.



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Shh, Japan already has nukes.

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Every dead Viet Nam vet is rolling over in his or her grave.  A lot of them are rolling under a rice paddy still.

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As one Vietnam Vet opined in recent years, every day was 911 for those people.  The VN war was the needle through the heart of what could have been a great nation the rise of the machines and the death of freedom.... jmho


Gulf of Tonkin incident - two decades earlier Pearl harbour; 4 decades later 911; fuck knows what these war mongering fucktards will pull next - to quote Sinead - fight the real enemy!!

I maintain that if the USMC took thier oath seriously they would beat the banksters to death with the severed heads of the republidem assholes in DC then boot fuck the NGO's with extreme prejudice........ sorry just dreaming aloud..... 

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Setting them up for sanctions in the future.  Smart power.

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and we still have an embargo against Cuba because......?

johnQpublic's picture

i think you nailed it


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Because we tried to assassinate Castro 638 times and failed:

The most spectacular of the plots against Castro will be examined in a Channel 4 documentary entitled 638 Ways to Kill Castro, as well as in a companion book of the same name written by the now-retired Escalante - a man who, while in his post as head of the Cuban secret service, played a personal part in heading off a number of the plots. While the exploding cigar that was intended to blow up in Castro's face is perhaps the best-known of the attempts on his life, others have been equally bizarre.

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We've always been friends with Charlie...

Ignatius's picture

Charlie don't surf... but he does border China.

True story.  Back in '65 my dad took me and my brother to lunch.  Waiting for food he spilled some salt on the table top and drew a crude map of China and Vietnam.  He said "China has battled Vietnam for over 2000 years, but Vietnam is still there.  China couldn't do it and we don't have an icecube's chance in hell of defeating these guys."

Vietnam is one more proxy vs China.

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HAHAH why?

Why do you think?  Someone over there must have pissed off the illuminati.  Just wait.... 20 years from now some of the protective interlocks will fail at just the right time.


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China will be thrilled.  Not to worry, Ukraine is next:

  • Ukraine is heavily dependent on nuclear energy - it has 15 reactors generating about half of its electricity.
  • Ukraine receives most of its nuclear services and nuclear fuel from Russia

It's not a coup or proliferation when the US does it.

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"One can only hope this time it's different."

I like depending on "Hope".  Look where it has gotten us with King 0!

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Another slap in the face for the Vets

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"i spent Christmas amongst them in '68.....and now i brokered a deal to give them nukes.  i was against them before i was for them"

- john kerry

johnQpublic's picture

more than justamerican died in vietnam and from its resultssorry to belong winded, but.

195,000-430,000 South Vietnamese civilians died in the war.[7][8] 50,000-65,000 North Vietnamese civilians died in the war


The Army of the Republic of Vietnam lost between 171,331 and 220,357 men during the war.[7][38] R.J. Rummel estimated that ARVN lost between 219,000 and 313,000 men during the war


153,303 americans wounded in action


Up to 155,000 refugees fleeing the final NVA Spring Offensive were killed or abducted on the road to Tuy Hoa in 1975.[69] Sources have estimated that 165,000 South Vietnamese died in the re-education camps out of 1-2.5 million sent,[70][71] while somewhere between 50,000 and 250,000 were executed.[70][72][73][74] Rummel estimates that slave labor in the "New Economic Zones" caused 50,000 deaths (out of a total 1 million deported).[70][72] According to the United Nations High Commission for Refugees, between 200,000 and 400,000 Vietnamese boat people died at sea,[75] although Rummel cites estimates ranging from 100,000 to 1,000,000.[72] Including Vietnam's foreign democide, Rummel estimates that a minimum of 400,000 and a maximum of slightly less than 2.5 million people died of political violence from 1975-87 at the hands of Hanoi.[72] In 1988, Vietnam suffered a famine that afflicted millions.[76]

Under the leadership of Pol Pot, the Khmer Rouge killed 1-3 million Cambodians in the killing fields, out of a population of around 8 million.[77][78][79][80] The Pathet Lao killed some 100,000 Hmong people in Laos.[81][82]

Explosive remnants of war (ERW) continue to detonate and kill people today. The Vietnamese government claims that ordnance has killed some 42,000 people since the war officially ended.[83][84] In 2012 alone, unexploded bombs and other ordnance claimed 500 casualties in Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia, according to activists and government databases. The United States has spent over $65 million since 1998, trying to make Vietnam safe.[85]

rubiconsolutions's picture

"+ 58000 dead GIs"

Not to mention 5,000,000+ dead Cambodian, Laotian and Vietnamese civilians. But nobody seems to care about that. Or the fact that tens of thousand of tons of unexploded ordnance was left behind, millions of landmines and continued Agent Orange damage. It's always about the 58,000 names on "the wall".

Urban Redneck's picture

And oddly enough- not a single "Kerry" or "McCain" among those names, to gladly trade for the human trash that unfortunately did survive the War.

JustObserving's picture

continued Agent Orange damage

Here are the numbers from Vietnam:

 Vietnam estimates 400,000 people were killed or maimed, and 500,000 children born with birth defects as a result of the use of contaminated batches[13] of the herbicide.[4][14][15][16] The Red Cross of Vietnam estimates that up to 1 million people are disabled or have health problems due to contaminated Agent Orange. (wiki)


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People are NOT created equal --- one American life >> 100 other people's lives

onewayticket2's picture

what a great argument for the US Constitution.  In America, we ARE created equal and with God Given, unalienable Rights.  Other countries?  not so much.

Too bad the American Left is dismantling it.

Doubleguns's picture

The constitution says no such thing. Its the American elite in office that say that, including the American communists on the left. 

onewayticket2's picture

might want to read the preamble to the Dec of independence....the foundation for our Constitution.

"We hold these truths to be self evident that all men are created equal....."

Doubleguns's picture

Its the bit on the end you added I was objecting to. Other countries not so much. That is not in there but our elite seem to want it to be. You also forgot the "and bankers are more equal". 

Disenchanted's picture

re: "Some more on why Vietnam is not Iran"

Because it's not that close to IsReal.

Pseudo Anonym's picture

and also

Some more on why Vietnam is not Iran:

because vietnam's central bank is in the right hands

viahj's picture

it's times like these that i truly hope that those Ancient Astronaut theroists are correct and the Annunaki will return to bitchslap all of humanity for being idiots.

Doubleguns's picture

If the Annunake return they will realize they have created a frankenstein. 

mendigo's picture

Only makes sense as retaluation.

Should piss off both russia and china. Cant see it actually coming to pass.

blueRidgeBoy's picture

this is small potatoes.  Wait till Taiwan and Japan realize that the American nuclear umbrella is just one more hollow red line.  They will conclude that having their own nukes is in their interests.  Saudi already knows this

adr's picture

Planet earth facepalm.

If there are aliens looking at our civilisation, it is like what happens when a guy from 5th Ave. drives past Appalachia.

Pheonyte's picture

Empire has its privileges, one of them being blatant hypocrisy.

johnQpublic's picture

+1 for hitting it right on he head

thread best

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With all respect to the Tylers,


I don't recall Vietnam threatening to wipe any country off the map, nor funding terrorist groups for the last 30 years who directly killed Americans.


That being said, a lot of Vietnamese Americans are going to be pissed.

Pheonyte's picture

I don't recall Vietnam threatening to wipe any country off the map.


Things sure are comfy in the Matrix.

dizzyfingers's picture

"...US is increasingly losing its superpower relevance" ...and thereupon panic among the ruling clowns ensues?


Brokenarrow's picture

This is the most despicable shit I have read in years. My father won the silver star in ww2. My uncle the bronze star. These are the two highest awards below the medal of honor. My uncle went broke and wrote two bad checks--straight to prison. My brother was killed in viet nam. Let me ask you? What the fuck for? And, for all you pigs reading this site? You should ask yourself? What are your fucking doing, except getting a paycheck? In time, god will serve justice on you. Viet Nam? 50,000 good men died to general dynamics could flourish. The owners of gd are now hosting the Obama's in Aspen for ski weekends.

Brokenarrow's picture

This is the most despicable shit I have read in years. My father won the silver star in ww2. My uncle the bronze star. These are the two highest awards below the medal of honor. My uncle went broke and wrote two bad checks--straight to prison. My brother was killed in viet nam. Let me ask you? What the fuck for? And, for all you pigs reading this site? You should ask yourself? What are your fucking doing, except getting a paycheck? In time, god will serve justice on you. Viet Nam? 50,000 good men died to general dynamics could flourish. The owners of gd are now hosting the Obama's in Aspen for ski weekends.

LordAarioc's picture

Can they at least build the Nuclear plants not near the ocean so they dont get Tsunami'd like Fukishima? Or is it their plan to guide them to do so, so they can have another accident and poison the South China Seas in order to implement further population control?

KickIce's picture

Not to worry as they're using TEPCO for consultants.

Offthebeach's picture

Too bad ' long term thinking '(ha!) CCP couldn't/didn't want to choak collar Mini Mi N. Korea. Now they get, maybe, nuclear Vietnam, Japan, maybe S. Korea, even Indonesia too.