Bloggers Beware; Government-Criticizing Chinese Newspaper Editor Hacked With Cleaver

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Kevin Lau, the 49-year-old former editor of the respected Ming Pao newspaper (who was unexpectedly replaced last month by journalist with no experience) following his reporting on human rights abuses in China is in critical condition after being attacked with a meat-cleaver. As The Daily Mail reports, slashed three times by a man in a crash helmet in a residential neighbourhood who then fled on a motorbike, police said. His sudden dismissal sparked protests across the city over freedom of the press as the move raised fears among journalists that the newspaper's owners were moving to curb aggressive reporting on human rights and corruption in China. It appears, given this attack, they were right.


Via The Daily Mail,

The former editor of a Hong Kong newspaper is in critical condition after being attacked with a meat clever earlier today.

Kevin Lau was slashed three times by a man in a crash helmet in a residential neighbourhood who then fled on a motorbike, police said.

Lau was hospitalised in critical condition with slashes in his back and legs, said Kwan King-pan, acting superintendent of Hong Kong Police.

Police are searching for two men in connection with the attack.

'One of them alighted from the motorcycle and used a chopper to attack the victim,' police spokesman Simon Kwan told reporters.

'He suffered three wounds, one in his back and two in his legs,' Mr Kwan said, adding that the back wound was deep.

Police did not announce any motive for the attack and appealed to the public for information. 

Lau was replaced last month after criticising the Chinese government over human right's abuses

Lau, 49, was named editor of the respected Ming Pao newspaper in 2012 but was replaced last month by a Malaysian journalist with no local experience.

Lau was transferred to the parent company's electronic publishing unit.

The move raised fears among journalists that the newspaper's owners were moving to curb aggressive reporting on human rights and corruption in China.

His sudden dismissal sparked protests across the city over freedom of the press.

The Hong Kong Journalists Association said it was shocked and angered by the attack, calling it a 'serious provocation to Hong Kong press freedom.'

Speaking outside hospital, Hong Kong leader Leung Chun-ying said: 'We strongly condemn this savage act.'

Freedom of speech and the press is a growing concern in the semi-autonomous Chinese city, where such rights are guaranteed by its mini-constitution.

On Sunday, thousands of people took to the streets to protest Lau's dismissal, the ousting of an outspoken radio host, and reports that Beijing-backed businesses were pulling ads from some newspapers over editorial stances.

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Stackers's picture

Hong Kong needs 5 day waiting period and background checks on all meat cleaver sales now

HedgeAccordingly's picture

Bloggers lol. in 2008 we were the "dumb $" clearly this has changed lol -

knukles's picture

Hey, they told him to "Cut it out."

Flakmeister's picture

I guess he wasn't for splitting their differences....

Skateboarder's picture

Talk about a bad way to 'show some cleavage.' Condolences to the guy.

nmewn's picture

Friggin barbarians, over here they use nail guns ;-)

akak's picture

Next up: suicide by meat cleaver (to the back of the head, of course).

TheFourthStooge-ing's picture

Care taking diligently. Be ware not falling into wok the accident.

Looney's picture

Guns don't kill people, but cleavers do? I cunt wait for some kinda cleaver-control legislation or somepin'   ;-)


nmewn's picture

No doubt.

Here's a good one I seen this morning and chuckled all the way through it, an over-the-top, hysterical, foaming at the mouth "gun arsenal" story from Radar Online...forget the object of the article (Zimmerman) look at the absolute

"During a domestic incident with his live-in girlfriend Samantha Scheibe, police uncovered a chilling arsenal of weapons and ammunition inside Zimmerman’s home, the full extent of which has never been pictured — until now.

According to police documents and new photos obtained by Radar, Zimmerman was found to be hiding the following deadly weapons inside his Florida home:

-One Keltec 12-gauge shotgun
-One Walther .380 handgun with seven rounds of live ammunition in the magazine (seven mind you!)
-One Taurus 9 mm handgun with live rounds in the magazine (one presumes, two or more)
-One Glock 19 handgun with 16 live rounds (because thats the magazine capacity?)
-One AR-15 semi-automatic rifle (almost anti-climatic  at this
-Dozens of rounds of ammunition (half empty boxes for the above) 
-Several gun holsters and bags (yes, no "arsenal" is complete without holsters & bags)

Yes, ladies & gentlemen, nothing says "arsenal" like a rifle, a shotgun and three handguns...with "dozens of rounds of live ammunition" to complete this "arsenal".

Wait, there's moar!

"Deputies seized the stash and categorized the items as evidence in a list that rivals the arsenals amassed by Sandy Hook shooter Adam Lanza ...(Here we go!)

Lanza didn't "amass an arsenal", he didn't own any guns. He killed his mother with hers, then took hers and killed AND was under a doctors care, cuz, you know...he was juuust a couple bubbles off center.

."..and Aurora, Colorado, theater assassin James Holmes."

Holmes had seen the school shrink (Dr. Lynne Fenton) who reported to campus police that he was a Class A homocidal freak who had threatened and intimadated her...but lets not let that get in the way of a good "guns are bad, people are always good arsenal story"

"Lanza massacred the 20 innocent children and six educators of Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Conn., 14 months ago. (Schools are a "gun free zone") Holmes slaughtered 12 and injured 70 theater-goers in Aurora, Colo., on July 20, 2012." (Holmes passed over several movie theaters that didn't have a "No guns allowed sign" and picked one that did)

akak's picture

I'm surprised that the guy was not also described as a "radical anti-government extremist" living in a "compound".  I think this 'reporter' missed a few major anti-gun, pro-establishment talking points.

nmewn's picture

It was so filled with "buzzwords", mistatements and omissions it was almost impossible to read, let alone comment on in a somewhat rational

For instance, I went through it highlighting "live rounds" if live rounds was supposed to mean something different to the ignorant anti-gun metrosexual reader and author than it does to people who know a little something about firearms and ammunition. I wound up not even commenting on this stupidity of the author injecting the phrase "live rounds" into the article as it would have distracted from the inanity of the whole.

Interestingly, the "inventory list" contained no mention of live rounds for the shotgun, so why even mention the shotgun? Without "live rounds" the shotgun is a club. The article itself made no mention to the threats on the mans life (not that I recall). Also he wasn't "hiding" anything, it was all purchased legally, verified by the fact he wasn't charged with any "gun crimes", last I remember he was found not guilty but they still try to link him to mass murderers.

In short, it was a stupid, flacid, pandering piece worthy of Radar Online.

Overfed's picture

When the guy doesn't drive a Mercedes with hackable control systems, the only other option is to get medieval.

satoshi123's picture

Symptom of FIAT, when you can print INFINITE amount of 'money' for free, then every job costs MILLIONS $$$

In a rich country, you can afford to have a team of people to do a 'hit', like Michael Hastings(?) ... how much did it cost to kill Hastings? Millions...

But in most of ASIA, INDIA, or AFRICA, a 'hit' costs you about $6-$60, ... the easiest thing in the world, ...

Really not much different in the USA, you offer a METH-HEAD a $50 bag of crystal-meth, and they'll pretty much do anything you want, including baseball bat, or cleaver anybody.

Same in ASIA, most un-employed teenage miscreants, for a bottle of good booze that will get 4 asian boys drunk all day,... they'll easily slash&run anybody you want for CHEAP. They almost NEVER get caught, if they were smart enough to cover their plate, ... their are CAM's everywhere, and the CAM gets the plate your nailed, but if the plate is covered and assailants where helmets, then in general its a risk free way to get drunk.

Flakmeister's picture

A Norman Bates Production??

tickhound's picture

Can we be sure this wasn't an attempted suicide...

NOTaREALmerican's picture


Carl Popper's picture

China rising superpower

USA weak and old

China be good superpower.  No meddle with other country

China be role model to world 

We no bad like USA

Seasmoke's picture

I got the message. All hail Obama !!!

order66's picture

Slap Chop. You're gonna love my nuts.

lewietheparrot's picture

so many gays on this site

am i allowed to comment on this?

it is just an observation regarding the flow of comments with allusion to male genitalia

never seen so much of this anywhere else

I have no opinion nor interest in anyone's sexual preference

vulcanraven's picture

I think your calling to attention the flow of comments on Zerohedge alluding to male genitalia does in fact reveal your gay tendencies.

You really should check out the men's bathroom, it's where all the dicks hang out.

akak's picture

Ah, cleaver-wielding hypocriticality and intolerance of dissent of typical, officiously-sanctioned Chinese Citizenism on display once again.  Monolizing the censorship means and chopping to the heart of the mattering thing according to Chinese Citizenism ruling class (which is the king class) true eternal nature.  Best yet.

But hey, when one dares to blob-up the truth of ugly Chinese Citizenism, one should preparationalize to pay the price for being the nail that sticks up.

Alas, alas, three meat cleaver scars alas, just have to bear with it.

TheFourthStooge-ing's picture

Alas, alas, ill despair, accidentation of this sort possesses avoidance invokably.

Motorbike guy habituated otological unhygenic, gives earwax much the dangdang. Hearing on instructions lacked clarity judiciously.

Boss told: "Blob up prosperously! Going Now! Chop chop!"

Motorbike guy heard: "Chop up monstrously! Ming Pao! Chop chop!"

akak's picture

Ah, biting the crustiest nib of the truth.  Surmisement leads to assumptionalizing that helmeted Chinese citizenism citizen was confused in the doing, or misplaced of People's Liberation spectacles, making misrecognizement of Kevin Lau as tasty canine of Chinese street variety, conveniently having on the hand the cleaver for the wokking of dog for dinner.

logicalman's picture

If he'd worked for JPM, he'd likely have been found 30 stories below a balcony with his pants around his arse.

At least he'll likely recover.



are we there yet's picture

China is brutal on human rights and freedom of speach.

Overfed's picture

Good thing we live in the Land of the Free. /s

Flagit's picture

fuck, are you blind?

china is brutal on human, period.

Son of Captain Nemo's picture

You know I could see a "Wolf Blitzer" going postal like this in the not too distant future.

Ratings so far down the toilet even the loyal "tribe" isn't watching CNN anymore...  It's not even about money it's about an audience and wanting to be seen by everyone.

Donning a crash helmet definitely wouldn't be his style though!

LFMayor's picture

I might watch if Wolf macho man blitzer and that fucking uncle fester looking weeather guy settled matters Jim Bowie style, left wrists tied together with 7 feet of rope.

Sean7k's picture

Tyrants in every country, doing whatever they please. Can't let the slaves get uppity. How about us slaves? Is everyone proud of their slave status? I guess it's better when you're a house slave. Better living conditions.



Flakmeister's picture

That a tad hyperbolic for you....

Given what you do, where would you rather be now? 

Sean7k's picture

Tyranny is not particularly sophisticated. How have you been Flak? I have seen some threads where you have not been very "popular". I still enjoy your insights.

There are no good places to be, that's the problem. I like it here, we're away from any major cities and the community is supportive of locals. We can function without government and still not be very important when it raises its' velvet fist. It may be the best I can do. 

I definitely wouldn't want to be an American in a foreign country under any tough conditions-they'll just toss you to the wolves and steal all your belongings. No, this is tyranny I understand. I know the players. I love America, I have become...attached. Anyway, if it gets really bad, who will have the foresight to eliminate the right people? America needs leaders, people whom can save them from their baser instincts. 

We have enough tyrants, we don't need these or new ones. We need people who will encourage and demand to live in peace and prosperity. We need to eliminate Law. Have fun with that idea Flak, I'm sure you'll have few zingers.

PS had to give you a greenie, balance and all. Someone must not like you...:)

Flakmeister's picture


You are a romantic-era idealist when it comes to certain things, but you are an upstanding citizen of the Hedge and understand the importance of civility...

Yeah, a lot of people get protective and nasty when someone comes along and is able to question the very core of their wordview in a serious way.

Funny thing is that the is exactly what the Enlightenment was all about and hence, the principles upon which the US was founded...


And exactly how do you reconcile "who will have the foresight to eliminate the right people" and "eliminate the Law"?

To be continued....

Coldfire's picture

Hong Kong is starting to feel like just another city in China.

smacker's picture

Hong Kong being semi-autonomous or not, China will not tolerate dissent or criticism.

When their hit squads in HK go after the educated and intellectuals - the "spectacled ones" - we will know that Mao's brand of totalitarian madness is alive and kicking.

smacker's picture

If one assumes that this attack was carried out by agents of the Chinese State, what's the difference between it and some other attacks/murders of dissidents in western countries?

Plenty of very strange "suicides" in America. Then there's Dr Kelly's "suicide" and Gareth Williams (MI5 operative) in the UK. The main difference is one of crudeness.

We are entering a new Dark Ages where dissent will not be tolerated and is heavily punished.

Berspankme's picture

If you like your meat cleaver you can keep your meat cleaver

Apostate2's picture

Triad hit financed by...?

Ming Pao is offering $1 million reward for information.

Not the first time journalists have been attacked just before and after the handover:

'In May 1996, veteran journalist Leung Tin-wai was stabbed in the back. The attackers then hacked off his left forearm and both thumbs. The assault came shortly after he announced the launch of the publication Surprise Weekly.

Leung, then 53, survived after undergoing a 17-hour operation to reattach his forearm. The public, outraged by the brutality of the attack, raised HK$5 million as a bounty for the arrest of Leung's assailants, who were never caught.

In August 1998, then-Commercial Radio show host Albert Cheng King-hon suffered six deep stab wounds to his limbs when two men attacked him with knives in the radio station's car park. The assailants were never caught. The driver who helped them in the attack was jailed for five months.

"Those people were definitely after my life," Cheng, then 52, said at the time. "They would not have chopped me so many times otherwise."

In 2008, police foiled an assassination plot aimed at Apple Daily boss Jimmy Lai Chee-ying and former Democratic Party chairman Martin Lee Chu-ming.

A Shenzhen resident was arrested at a Mong Kok roadblock and found to be carrying a gun and bullets. A Shenzhen court later found that a Hong Kong businessman living in Taiwan had put up a US$1 million bounty to have Lai and Lee killed.

Last year, two baton-wielding men attacked the publisher of iSun Affairs,Chen  Ping .'

satoshi123's picture

"Bloggers  Beware"

This is like a mind fuck right?

We are all anonymous here, so what the fuck does blogging have do to with a respected editor of a town newspaper.

I have never seen a newspaper anywhere on the face of the earth that somebody didn't hate, everytime you report the 'news' you'll piss somebody off.

Anybody here ever go to a newspaper office? It's like an airport, you got to go through a security gauntlet to enter.

But fucking 'blogging', its the ultimate 'talk and run', 100% anonymous.

So why in the fucking hell is this story here? We know that NSA places assholes on the web, but what about asshole sites?

Big Corked Boots's picture

Eventually, you'll run out of numbers, Satoshi.