Carl Levin Crucifies Credit Suisse For Aiding And Abetting Tax Evasion: Watch Live

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As we reported last night, in a scorching 175-page report, the Senate Subcommittee on Investigations threw the book at the second largest Swiss bank Credit Suisse for allowing up to 22,000 Americans to avoid paying taxes for years. Today is the obligatory post-report spectacle which since it is headed by Carl Levin, of Goldman "Shitty Deal", fame, promises to be quite a populist fest.

The Credit Suisse employees lined up for crucifixion are the following:

    Chief Executive Officer
    Credit Suisse Group AG, Credit Suisse AG
    New York, NY

    General Counsel
    Credit Suisse Group AG, Credit Suisse AG
    Zürich, Switzerland

    Co Head, Private Banking and Wealth Management, Chief Executive Officer - Region Switzerland
    Credit Suisse Group AG, Credit Suisse AG
    Zürich, Switzerland

    Co Head, Private Banking and Wealth Management, Chief Executive Officer - Region Americas
    Credit Suisse Group AG, Credit Suisse AG
    New York, NY

Watch it live below.


The full Senate report is below (pdf link)

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IT'S IN THE CONSTITUTION!! the new one that is...

Arius's picture

this too shall pass ...

signed: frustrated

doctor10's picture

Ahh...the US Senate -"our" emplyees-reminding the peasants and peons-they can run but they can't hide-and neither can those aiding and abetting them!!

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Levin is rertiring.... as a millionaire leach.  Yet another despicable politician who has raped the system.

machineh's picture

Starve the Beast ... and pauperize a KongressKlown.

A Nanny Moose's picture

How does one "rape" a system of legalized plunder?

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"Levin is rertiring.... as a millionaire leach. Yet another despicable politician who has raped the system."

Like Ron Paul? Levin is one of the very few people in congress worth a shit.

And for people of his generation, not hard to have become a millionaire having bought a house in the right area and socked a little money away into usts each year, even with a median salary.

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Next life, become a lifetime politician - Carl Levin - net worth over $2 Million. 

XitSam's picture

He made his money the old fashioned way: Corruption.

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Screw Carl Levin the fucking hypocrite. He is doing fine living the good life on the backs of the American tax payer.

Van Halen's picture

Do we curse Levin or praise him for being smart enough to recognize where a stupid voting block could be found election cycle after election cycle?

ShortTheUS's picture

Sad time In the Land of the Free, when an elected official glorifies forced confiscation of property.

Pareto's picture

------->SnP 1860 breakout today (POMO)

------->SnP 1820 breakdown

lordylord's picture

Tax evasion is God's work.  May you be fleet of foot.

Winston Churchill's picture

Says avoid, not evade.

Avoidance is now illegal ?

Emergency Ward's picture

If its up to the likes of Greedy Carl, yes.

lunaticfringe's picture

Another dog and pony show. Wake me up when they drag the ropes and guillotines out. Until then it's all just so much bullshit.

youngman's picture

when they publish the names..that is when it will get good..whos on the list...I bet quite a few politicians are

WhiteHose's picture

One can only hope we ever see the list

BurningFuld's picture

Three words Carl: Apple, Microsoft, Google.

Doubleguns's picture

Carl doth protest to much, me thinks.



ziggy59's picture

Carl, maybe you should read Zerohedge...
..and would be willing to swear under oath you didnt know about this for years, that you know no one( hint: your peers) that stash away some to lots of theirmoney overseas? Come on Carl..
You are only doing your theatrical job because its still in the news...

Lets see justice, not Just Us

Mercury's picture

Switzerland needs to have a come-to-Jesus moment about what exactly their busines model is these days and whether or not they should accept the idea that neutrality is the new evil.

Mercury's picture

Mr. Senator you have just received an email indicating that your most recent account statement is now available online...


Oh, ahem…yes, of course…as I was saying, round up the usual suspects!


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Man, CONgressional theater is just getting more and more polished, what with all their practice.

"Honorable" Mr. Levin; when are you going to crucify J.P. Morgan Chase and Wells Fargo for mortgage fraud and other skullduggery and malfeasance?

When are you going to crucify Apple for hiding hundreds of billions of taxable profits in a shell company in Ireland with no employees and just a P.O. Box?

When are you going to crucify HSBC, RBS, and other foreign banks for running drug money laundering operations and rigging LIBOR rates?


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What is the point - its a dog and pony show.  NOTHING ever happens - they could have film evidence of the four of them admitting to 100% of it and laughing and nothing would happen.  

This is for political points only - its coming up on elections.  The govt never enforces any laws against these corps or the employees - basically its pay a fine and move on no matter what happens.  

To boot, the Fed has been handing out the money for the fines the last 5 years.  I think they time these hearings/indictments with the cash hoards that are handed out by the Fed.  This crap was likely known 3-4 years ago or more.  Just like JPM.  They hold off on saying or doing anything until the appropriate fine money has been passed out by the Fed.  Then the govt takes it back.  The public is happy they are "doing something" and all is well at elections.

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What is the point - its a dog and pony show.  NOTHING ever happens


THAT IS EXACTLY ALL THESE WITCH HUNTS ALWAYS ARE. It plays well to 99% of the 99% which is why they do it.

buzzsaw99's picture

blowhard scumbag

Blano's picture

Two words describe the foxes guarding the henhouse:  1) Levin, and 2) McCain.

SillySalesmanQuestion's picture

Is this another "shiity deal" Carl?

El Hosel's picture

Your loss are our lesson learned.

TrustbutVerify's picture

He "crucifies" while realizing that taxes in no way can fix the astounding deficit and debt burden problem hanging over the head of this country.  With this considered, his misguided blustering is a vacuous facade. 

El Hosel's picture

We won't break any law that is not in our best interest to break.

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Levin knows, as you state, full well this piddly amount of taxes he might get back will do nothing to help the deficit. The real reason is to give his buddies a heads up to move their money from this location into a more secure/secret one. And to let the rest of us know - just like that scene in The Road Warrior with the rabbit - that no one will escape. Nothing will get away. Nothing.

Vooter's picture

Unless these people are going to be either a) gang-raped in prison or b) carted off and gassed, I don't want to hear about it...

overmedicatedundersexed's picture

Our dear senators are exempt from "shared responsibility payments"...

IRS you will pay (obey) or face a “shared responsibility payment” when filing their tax returns in 2015. The term “shared responsibility payment” refers to the Obamacare individual mandate ..a tax on not buying health Ins..

machineh's picture

Levin (who voted FOR Obamacare) can come after me, when I dodge his stinking Obamacare penalty.

Invoking my right to remain silent, I'll just twist one middle finger in the air, while making masturbatory motions with the other hand.

Contempt of Kongress? That's right, SIR!

ptolemy_newit's picture

I read all this hate of your politicians, sure everyone knows they are in bed.  very angry people, yet NO BALLS!

Sad really

Whatever happened, its not a shortage if guns or patriots.  Opps forget that patriot word, they have been exiled.


Very sad



dexter_morgan's picture

Is that fucker still in congress? WTF, boy do we ever need term limits.

maneco's picture

How about putting these guys in prison for once!

Emergency Ward's picture

I agree, starting with Carl....

WhiteHose's picture

AS Celente says, politics is  "show business for ugly people".

dexter_morgan's picture

Gonna steal that line. Funny. Sad, but funny.

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The Credit Suisse (and all other) douche bag banksters deserve a lot more punishment than a public hand slapping but having that fucker Carl Levin lead the charge is more than I can handle.  What a fucking hypocrite.