Obama Speaks On "Encouraging Job Creation" - Live Stream

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The TOTUS is at it again, creating more jobs and repaving old freeways on paper, as transcribed by the president... but why bother? The US is so fixed, America is now issuing bailout loans to the Ukraine.

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Years ago I stated that the US was at its Heliogabalus stage.
As the Reggie Love affair surfaced, it seems I could not have been more correct as the US now has its equivalent emperor:


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Cuntless pr#mises


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'job creation??'

his minimum wage policy will kill 500,000 jobs says the CBO.  'job destruction' is more like it.

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You forgot to add in all the jobs "Saved or created". /sarc

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...Job creation...  OneWayTicket, .gov should get the efff out of the "job creation business", dontcha think? (twas a rhetori... repori... rehypothetical question, of course)   ;-)

Loo(certifiable and certified)ney

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When sounds come out, I can never tell which side of him they come from.

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I guarantee if you press that button you will thank me profusely...

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Perfect!  We need that for every single Obama speech!

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(The Prez, not you.)

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what is TOTUS?  Tyrant of The United States?

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Teleprompter (you know, the one with the brains)

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hahahaha. he actually said, we got a lot more rail we gotta lay.

speak for yourself, rentboy.

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And this is different from any other President since Ike, how?

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Soon to be ordering divisions into battle that no longer exist

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I used to love playing Foosball.  

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You already did the infrastructure lie you fucking idiot!!!

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The deficit isn't big enough so the FEDury can untaper.

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Seriously...is anyone even listening to this turd anymore?

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Meat Hammer, I was thinking "dickweed", not turd. Close enough.

Yes, the majority of Americans listen. It's over. There's no comeback for the U S of A.

I go to the Walmart here in Topeka and the average person is between human and animal level of intelligence.

I live in a good neighborhood. 3 of my neighbors within a stone's throw have retarded (or whatever the PC term) kids.

When I go to the local supermarket on some nights, the EBT/SNAP cards must have been filled. It's like Dawn of the Living Dead. Shoppers wear their pajamas and house slippers.

I could go on and on.

It's over. If America isn't a 3rd world country now, it will get there eventually. Plan accordingly.



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Shouldn't we be destroying infrastructure so that we can hire people to rebuild it?  100% employment!


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I thought Obama talked about this 5 years ago....all those "shovel ready" jobs.

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HAha dude is ugly and annoying as hell

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The broadcast media don't offer a laughtrack button. 

Perhaps ZH could do that for us. 

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Close "wasteful holes" in the tax code?  Isn't this the same as he talked about 5 years ago?  Or did he say ho's?

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Creating jobs while profiting from economic growth has become the new "pushing on a string."

If you bitches can't see a day we praise a "revolutionary" who actually DIScourages the senseless growth of unnecessary wage slavery... Put down your telescopes and grab the binoculars.

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Did you see the crowd....there is a sign which says..."If you are stupid, CLAP."

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Where are the new jobs from Keystone?

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I have a great idea...LOWER TAXES....


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you didn't make the money you made...Obama printed it...and he wants it back!

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I have a better idea. Kick him out on his fucking ass.

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Did he say St. Paul/Minneapolis?

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Yes. Wonder when that happened.

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cannabis will save the usa.

both monetarily and psychologically.

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dear junkers, 

if more of your politicians and business leaders consumed cannabis and thought of themselves and you serfs as all one, then you would all be happy, loving, free, interdependent people co-existing in peace.    


jesus, buddha, and krishna

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Couldn't agree more, honestly. The industry here is bringing in millions monthly and creating tons of jobs. 

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Dear Trader 1.

First off, I didnt junk you. Actually agree with some/most of what you are saying. Where I disagree is the structure in delivery to the people.

Legalization=govt tax and regulate. Probably all those mind expanding properties dissapear...in this process. genetically bred out through superior GM than natural. See Corn or Soy


Decriminalize it= its just a fern in my yard. Govt stays out of it..gets no revenues (cause they dont deserve any) and we keep variety. Do they tax your lawn (yes they tax the water) clippings?


You cant blanket statement that MJ will save the us, after all the munchies and counsciousness weares off you still need something tangible to back currency..and hemp isnt it.


Hope that helps.




Edit: Im calling psyops bullshit on ZERO smoking the MJ, THeres no way a conscious person would do the shit this idiot does. You heard it here..its division. Another thing to argue about , rather than the cause of the symptom.

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pardon a poor attempt at humor, but i think the idea may have some merit.  there's little to lose and more to gain by testing it out. 

in any case, 

i see a regulated, taxed cannabis industry (organic and GMO) following a "brick and mortar" distribution strategy.

i also see a village-city-county regulated personal-grow and personal-consumption model.  basically, you need to have community buy-in if you want to grow in your backyard plot.  i think that's a fair request to ask your fellow neighbors' support.  if indoors, then no problem.