On The Roads Into The Crimea, The Quiet Russian Mobilization Continues

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Not a day passes without a YouTube clip being released showing some colonnade of Russian vehicles headed into the Ukraine, and specifically into the Crimea, where the Russian base of Sevastopol is located, and where the biggest pro-Russian support groups are to be found. Today, we show the following Youtube clip taken recently with a dashcam, several miles above the port of Novorossiysk near the village of Gaiduk, which shows Russian vehicles carrying assorted military equipment being carried toward the Crimean.

The clip's author adds that "each day new transports head into the Ukraine." Of course, now that Russia officially declared a massive military drill, there is an explanation for such sitings: it is all practice.

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It's a drill until it isn't...


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It's all fun and games untill somebody presses a button...

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You know what the Ukraine is? It's a sitting duck. A road apple, Newman. The Ukraine is weak. It's feeble. I think it's time to put the hurt on the Ukraine

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They are going to split the country.  This has been in the works since the thirties.

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A relatively peaceful split seems to be the best resolution of this problem. I'm not saying I support it but that's what it seems like to me. It doesn't seem like there are any good resolutions to this issue and a lot of really bad ones including large wars.

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The stage is being set.   Anyone care to wager what the next move is from the west?


Ok I'll go first-  How about a stiff warning from Obummer not to cross some non existent line.  er,  wait he did that already.

Or how about this-  The US begins prepositioning JSOC personell in country.  Oops.  Did that too.


Anyone else with some ideas?  Cause this should get interesting.



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BO: If the Russians were to move military hardware into Ukraine that would represent a red line for us.

BO: What?... Really? Oh.


BO: If Russia... If... Oh snap... Hey anyone got another red pen? Mine is all out.



Silent Russian invasions of global strategic pinch points is what happens when the USA loses all diplomatic credability.

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Shut down the US embassy that is paying the protestors and suicide Soros.....game over

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Rule #1 of life: never ever live in Central Europe / Caucasus, between Russia and Germany / Hungary.  Ask any Pole or Ukranian, or one from any of the "Baltic States" (Kourland etc).

If the Chinese wanted more of Russia's gas at a better price they should be fomenting unrest in Turkey.

Just sayin'...

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 As long as its not my kid dying there, "Let's got to WAR!!!"

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Now you're talking!   Can the US not stay the fuck out of countries that pose no threat to them or have any economic value?  As for Soros, must be the most evil psychpath on the planet just now.

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Stand-off like always. The west goes in to protect government building the Russians secure the Pipelines. Priorities? Europe gets antsy and backsdown! U.S. says it was a planned buildup claims progress and attacks morroco!

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I agree, its not a war until France surrenders. 

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You guys thought I was fucking kidding about Sevastopol...

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Careful with the French surrendering comment.   I thought that was funny too until someone with a better knowledge of history pointed out that one of the greatest sacrifices of lives relative to the size of the overall population of the country is in fact France during WWI, with over 1.5 million lost.  And they were fighting for their own sovereignty.


Also, lest those in the U.S. forget-  It was the support of the French that enabled the U.S. to win against the British in it's own fight for sovereignty.


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There was also a time in history where France ruled Europe, under Napoleon...  It took a 'great Alliance', which really was just everyone (England, Russia, Prussia) sticking together, knowing that if they didn't, Napoleon could pick them off one by one.

Rafferty's picture

Correct.  I hold no brief for the French but they had great armies for centuries.  All this surrender stuff relates to WW2, but as you say, their casualties were so terrible in WW1 that they had no stomach for another major war.

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The Russian BEAR has been provoked ... and inflamed!
This will not end well for the globalist. 



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That picture of Vlad riding the bear is priceless.

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Not saying that it cant get bad, but imo, this isnt the powder keg catalyst we are looking for.

I believe the big one would be something that comes from the middle east, that draws in all the 'big players,' i.e, Israel, Russia, Iran, US, Turkey, etc...

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zato is stoking another drive to intervene in Syria now.   I listened to mainstream radio in the car this morning just to sample the propaganda...   and it was exactly like the 'babies in incuabators' run up to the first invasion of Iraq.    relentless stories of Assad terrorizing civilians with one ton barrel bombs, starving civilians, and waging an all out war on unarmed civilians.   the level of dishonesty is shocking, but most Americans have no idea because they are boxed in by the corporate media.  the agenda is obvious, but let's see where it goes.

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"sample the propaganda"


Too funny.  And too true!

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This guy, Alois Irlmaier, described WWIII as starting in the Balkans, with troops moving west from the east. I remember reading his words years ago. I don't put too much stoke in this sort of thing, but the part that really caught my attention today was...

Tanks move along high-speed freeways and other fast highways.


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yeah, right on ... russia is a big force.  so it was yugoslavia, and iraq ithink the journalist who are the best at what they do (whatever that is) informed the uninformed public that it was the 4th largest army in the world ... and so, it continues into the next chapter of the book ... carry on ... nothing to see here

Rafferty's picture

Why the down arrow???  On the basis that all the recent wars of choice were not preceded by an avalanche of subsequently disproved propaganda?

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Yeah, funny you should mention that.

A mate of mine lent me a couple of books about European prophecies a couple of weeks ago.

Very scary indeed

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@Thought Processor

You want a prediction? Here it is:

-West will do nothing except conduct a pathetic whispering campaign a la Victoria Nuland. Russia probably won't even notice.

-Russia will continue to stack troops in the Crimea, possibly extending out to other Black Sea ports like Odessa. This will be a symbolic show of force, as nobody is expecting an assault from any faction on Russian-held ports.

-There will continue to be rattling of the Russian sabre, but nothing will happen. Russia will try to keep the country together in one piece, and influence/rig the May elections. This is much preferable to partition (at least to the Russians) because it maintains unitary control over the pipelines.

-Ukraine's economy will either deteriorate or tread water, but Russia will not want to bail it out until they are certain of what they are paying for (i.e. the elections). Russia might try to sucker the west into a bailout, but that's going to be a tough sell.

-Ukrainian opposition will try to consolidate gains as fast as they can, but there is so much corruption that Russia can probably reverse their gains at any time in the future.


I think that's about it for now. Did you have any requests for specific scenarios?

Thought Processor's picture


Ukraine is a major choke point for energy heading to Europe.  

I'm not sure what will happen but I think 'nothing' may be a bit optimistic.


We'll see though, as all things are revealed in time.

Dollarmedes's picture

Well, to clarify just a bit: "nothing of lasting significance."

There will be threats. There will be provocations. There will be chest-pounding.

But I expect the main dynamics to remain in place until the elections. After that, it's anyone's guess.

I say this because it doesn't seem to me to be in anyone's interests to provoke action, not when things *might* be smoothed out through back-room dealing. In other words, the possibility of gains or the certainty of costs.

Thought Processor's picture



Yep.  Backroom dealing is expected, especially if they want to keep it 'in the family'.



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Pretty good prognostication, IMO.

The West can't afford a war with Russia for several reasons, including, 1.) Russia has nukes, and countries with nukes don't get attacked, 2.) Europe has no leverage, but Russia has plenty, 3.) who in Europe or the US is clamoring to fight in the Ukraine?

The American public just told .gov to pound sand in Syria.  Who thinks we will line up to volunteer for an expense paid trip to Ukraine?

MeMongo's picture

I have a sure winner...

Israel bombs somebody!

teslaberry's picture

i don't know where the idiots who are talking about a 'peaceful split' are getting their ideas. 


split ukraine? who want to split ukraine? russia wants to control the gas flowing to europe and nato doesn't want that. 

pipelineistan has NOTHING to do with owning 'territory' so much as controlling resources. 


who says russia wants to 'own' half of ukraine. russia wants to control all of ukraine. the west wants to control russia's central banking system. it's not really clear which families own what , but 45 million ukrainian people are unlikely to simply agree to 'spilt' their country because russia and nato are simply cutting a deal. ukraine is not sudan. and even sudan has some pretty serious civil war that has yet to occur in ukraine . 


you want to split a country , you're going to need some serious war before hand. there can be NO pretending that russia and the u.s. are not directly headbutting here , in order to save face on the international stage. 


if there is a 'split' there must be a reasonable sized war in ukraine between nato u.s. and russian troops. 

i dont' see that happening. superpowers usually are powerful enough to resolve their differences by other means that exposing their deck of cards ( going head to head in a war) . 

i predict a long drawn out set of civil conflicts that leads to devastating starvation and poverty for ukraine. why's that? because it's been happening in syria for 2 years already. and it is JUST FINE for the superpowers , so long as the people of the target country are starting to death. who cares? the superpowers can save face and pretend to be on the 'margin' of the conflict. no cards exposed. there problem is not a shortage of labor. the chinese factories can do all the necessary work while ukrainians starve.  does the 'west' or the 'east' care about the destruction of lives in syria. no. they are just fine with that outcome. whatever is left of syria, and ukraine, after a prolonged period of starvation and deprivation will just be an even weaker morsel of pipelineistan to fight over for the superpowers.


the u.s. might push russia further by way of using nato and europe to wage economic war on russia , but I think the chinese can provide russia with necessary demand. by doing so----the u.s. and nato would be setting the stage for a great russo-sino alliance. 


many ppeople think russia and china cannot truly join forces as the historical enmity between the two countries was so entrenched as to prevent stalin and mao from trusting one another. these are different times with different dictators. 


with the u.s. and nato persistently pushing conflict by way of proxies such as ukraine, gulf oil alliance versus iran, taiwan, vietnam and japan-----------the chinese and russian cooperation can surely reach a point never before thought possible

everyone believes the threat of mutually assured destruction and the dark web of omniscient globlists can prevent some sort of catastophe. why? has history ended? 

francis fukushima once wrote a book called the 'end of history' , displaying the incredible stupidity of academics and 'thinkers' can only be outmatched and surpassed by ttheir incredible arrogance. I would argue people who believe the superpowers of the world can cut clean simple deals indefinitely (such as improbable splitting of ukraine)  , are very wrong, and that war is inevitable. and just like the stock market,---but on a longer time scale----the 'crash' of war becomes increasingly likely as time goes on without having had one, and yet, the likelihood of war occuring at any instant is still low and unpredictable. 

StychoKiller's picture

The Europeans form a committee to discuss forming the denouncement committee...

kaiserhoff's picture

thought experiment:

  At a time of real risk and danger in the world, is there anyone you would trust less to protect American interests than Barry?

CrimsonAvenger's picture

Nah, McCain is one of the biggst warmongers we have. I'm sure he'd protect some of our interests, if only by accident.

TruthHunter's picture

Obama?, McCain?, Romney?, Even Ron Paul?


None of them have demonstrated much skill at Global Chess

Bendromeda Strain's picture

Ron Paul would let EUrope worry about their own gas supplies. Are you saying that would be against American interests? The last time the US gave up a blue water port, it was because a volcano had shittied up the place. You expect Russia to give up a perfectly good asset?

headhunt's picture

John Kerry - the French idiot

LFMayor's picture

yeah, God forbid that you actually have to stand and fight for something.  And get all sweaty and icky and violents and such.

Just exactly where is your own line, Col. Travis?

Doubleguns's picture

Why are they letting Russians into the country. Stop them at the border and ask them for their visa and passport. No visa stamp then they dont get in. /s

philipat's picture

Might be a bit like the Dems approach to boreer security with Mexico? But without the entitlements of course, although the need for votes is common.

THX 1178's picture

The quiet American Mobilization continues too, right here in America...

Thought Processor's picture



Hey THX, I don't know how many here understand what your statement actually refers to but if not it's worth an explanation-

The Quiet American is a book that was written about an american CIA agent in Asia who was directing nefarious activities (fostering civil unrest, assasinations, revolution, coups and you get the idea).  All in the name of Democracy and freedom of course though one has to question the ulterior motives given the outcomes and evidence of who gained what in terms of both power and ownership within said countries.

A follow up book was called the Ugly American.   Both were fiction but very acurate in terms of how things were handled.   It is believed that the books were based on the life of one Edward Lansdale who was deeply involved with Korea, the Philippines, and of course Vietnam.  Mr. Lansdale was CIA with a cover commision as an Air Force officer.

It makes for interesting reading as his actions in all the above 'conflicts' preceed the intervention of the military in each case (in the case of the philippines his actions led to a military coup).  In other words he was used to 'Set the Stage'.  

His Bio makes for some interesting reading.  Would recommend to all.

He was later id'd in a photograph in Dallas, in Dealey Plaza, at the time of the JFK assassination.  I'll let you connect the dots on that one.

LFMayor's picture

Fascinating.  But I suspect he's talking code words, to all us here Rednex.  Because there IS a lot of stacking going on. Still.