Initial Weekly Claims Surge To Highest Of The Year

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According to the meteorologists interpreting last week's initial claims report, it must have snowed a lot in the week ended February 22, because while no states had any numbers estimated, the initial claims for the past week jumped by 14K, to 348,000 - the highest weekly number in all of 2014, and the biggest miss of expectations of 335K in a month, with the prior week's print revised as usual higher by 2K to 336K.

Curiously while the Oracles attribute the seasonally adjusted number to seasonal factors (the NSA print actually dropped from 321K to 311K), the DOL itself said there were no special factors in last week's claims figures. So someone is lying. What is not lying, is that as the chart below clearly shows, the weekly claims level is now back to levels last seen in July of 2013 and is continuing to deteriorate. A lot of snow must have fallen in the past 7 months to explain this.

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Yeah....but is Yellen Gellin?

<Just askin'>

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In the midnight hour she cried- "moar, moar, moar"

With a rebel yellen she cried- "moar, moar, moar"

moar, moar, moar

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+1 LOL.

I always thought of Billy Idol as among the least talented "musicians" of the 80s (Poison probably #1, but I digress).  But he'd probably be a superstar today based on what kids are listening to.

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Yellin's gellin' like a felon who's smellin' mah wee-bitty melons ...

while the world is goin' ta hellin a handbasket.

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Domed cities. It's the only way to combat the nefarious weather effect on the stock market.

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It's amazing there's people that still qualify for unemployment.


At least they'll have more time to take up cooking.

Smegley Wanxalot's picture


And to write poetry.

Because writing poetry adds so much to the world ...

Fucktards are red ... fucktards are blue ... when they print too much money, the fucktard is you.


Now where's my EBT card and free healthcare and shit.

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+1000000 baaaaaaaaahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah


brilliant :)

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The trend since August 2013 is not your friend.....



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unleash = genius level turn of phrase

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And How Does BLOOMTURD Report?


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Brillant! MOPE at its best! 

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We are in a recession.  You can't print your way out of that.

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UN-leash the UN-taper Mr. Yellen! Get to work!

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It's the Summer of Recovery, not the fall, winter, spring - duh, big red line.

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why hire when the minimum wage requirement may take your labor cost up by 50%?

more uncertainty does not equal a growing labor force.....


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Sears and JCP are hiring, oh what, never mind.

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If you work for the firm involved in their liquidation....why yes...yes they ARE hiring.

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Simply due to the "polar vortex" besides it give these folks more time to spend with their families and to get out and shop for a new house! It's all good.

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More proof of the Obama recovery!  

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The weekly claims are actually manipulated via States such as Delaware creating an artificial delay period of three months after the claim is filed.  So are the claims counted once approved and paid or simply filed.

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Think how foolish all of us here will look once Spring and nice weather finally arrive and unemployment drops to zero, GDP surges, durable goods jump by 1000%, mortgage apps are at all time highs and Obamacare enrollment reaches maximum levels.

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What I'd like to know is what percentage of this is in healthcare. Lots of nervous people in my hospital and layoffs are starting in others. We were told the lab is 500k over budget ( never happened before at that level) Everything has skyrocketed in price and they are frantically trying to contain costs. Individual and department productivity is now monitored closely. This sector is rapidly going into the crapper and I'd love to see how this is going to be spun by those shitheads in DC.


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Miffed, never seen the # layoffs in Hospitals in my area ever!- people are in shock as more depts get the ax..the impact of Healthcare implosion is going to be hard to hide, and quality will be devastated..this disaster is going to hit america like nothing we have ever seen...stay in good health because you will roll the dice if you get sick. except the 1% of course and .gov folks they are kings and nothing is too good for our kings.

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Why does anyone follow these make believe numbers?  How many have joined the collective each month and in total would be more informative.

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Mass lay offs this year people hedge accordingly!