Meanwhile, More Russian Military Vehicles Amass In The Crimean

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While the IMF is promising a massive bailout to the Ukraine, and NATO is using the harshest language it can possibly muster to halt Russia in its tracks, Putin is doing what he does best: employing brute force (as seen below), and using even harsher language, to wit: RUSSIA: WEST MUST STOP MAKING PROVOCATIVE STATEMENTS ON UKRAINE.

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Source: Euronews

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Barry just said on 'The View' to Whoopie that he had no knowledge of any Ukraine-like statement, it appears to have been made by a rouge Teleprompter.

Barry promises an investigation..

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I dont really care what Russia does in the Ukraine right now but if its the spark that is needed to get this fuckin global reset to finally begin, I am all in support of them.

In support of PUTIN, I will be watching the developments going on and eating PoUTINe instead of popcorn.

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Yeah but why should so many innocent people have too die cause a bunch of global elitist assholes fucked it all up again??


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its called collateral damage brother...No one wants it but there is no other way. if there is, please let us know.

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there is no other way

Wow, you really need to expand your thought horizons.

War is a creature of states: thug-units that sucker kids into dying on its behalf. Once we stop supporting states, war goes away. Crime may remain, but not 10,000 boys running into machine gun fire.

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I thought his /sarc was pretty obvious myself.

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Hmmm... perhaps I missed it. Apologies if so.


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Where the hell is Ender Wiggin when the world really needs him?

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1. Can you imagine if Russia was demonstrably trying to destabilize canada or mexico? US would go ape, too.

2. I think now is when we should go for syria (Again) - divide and conquer. /sarcbutmaybetrue

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Putin is laughing his ass off....he's taken a big chunk of his personal $70 billion and shorted the shit out of PM's. When he is worth $700 billion he'll pull back...maybe he'll bail us out!

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Me thinks the Russians moved on the Parliment in Crimea with good intelligence that some Tatars were going to plane the same takeovers like in Kiev, most likely armed Islamist fascists.  The Russians and Slavic people have no love for the Nogay Tatars

Read about the fate of the captives half way down in the wiki link (the Tatars would Raid Ukraine and Russia for Slaves)

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What do the blues have to do with any of this. Edgar Winter indeed.  But if you think it will help check Johhny's place.

Hell I'm so frustrated by all this I'm just gettin' silly. Nevermind.

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Tthe Crusades were a result of state action? Have your heard of religion. It kills because g-d told them it was o.k. Get rid religion and war would be a thing of the past.

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Oh my're killing me!! Can't stop laughing...oh my.

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People can be pushed around by the last speaker.  We learned this from Animal Farm. 

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Of course, 'they' know exactly what they are doing.

They are in-your-face and want to provoke a conflict with the Russians. (As though Nuland just 'accidently' made her statements over an open phone).

Conflict and division are tools they use to create fear and expand control. War is the health of the state.  Just about All large, power states have used war for this purpose.

They are Insane Psychopaths.

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Just like Divided States said, collateral damage. Think back to 2008 when oil (and subsequently food) prices skyrocketed. Unofficial figures say that around 40.000.000 people died of hunger that year ON TOP of the "expected" number of people dying of hunger each year.

On the other hand psychological research says that people can't empathize (I hope this is a real word ...) with situations when more than 3 persons die ...

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Could you please provide a link for the 40 million figure?

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"When one person dies, it's a tragedy, but when a million people die, it's a statistic."

Joseph Stalin

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But his actions caused millions of deaths and his direct action in Ukraine is why millions more may die soon. But hey yeah lets be sure he is not misqouted.

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Per your earlier comment, which god was Stalin trying to please when he killed millions?

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Putin and Obama are shitting their pants. They both represent the status quo.

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I seriously doubt that Vlad is anxious at all.

The anxiety and soiled panties are likely in DC, Brussels and Kiev.

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I seriously doubt that Vlad is anxious at all.

The anxiety and soiled panties are likely in DC, Brussels and Kiev.

Agreed. Putin is one cool cucumber. He knows talk is cheap and that's all we're good for.

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What most people forget to remember is that Russia (and China) has it's roots firmly planted in authoritarian soil. While I'd agree that financially speaking both countries have "embraced" (reluctantly accepted? ) a form of capitalism,  they have memories of their true communist roots. Those of us raised in, what passes for, free societies cannot totally comprehend how the citizenry of those nations truly feel. We project our viewpoints based on our historically Western ideologies,  they do not. Leaders like Putin are dangerous in that regard. He's old school KGB for God's sake. The EU and the US have steadily attempted to westernize Russia and the former Soviet states. Putin may see the Ukrainian problem as a bridge too far which could make this a very dangerous  standoff. 

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"The EU and the US have steadily attempted to westernize Russia and the former Soviet states."

The EU and the US have steadily attempted to westernize SLAVES Russia and the former Soviet states.

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Putin is a rockstar on ZH for some reason. I think they all either forgot or don't know that he was and is a very nasty dude. That's why they junked you.

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Putin is a patriot.

In a world where global central bank cooperation is the only thing holding the system together, it's refreshing to have a figure that actually acts in his own country's best interests, rather than to keep the central bank cartel functioning.

There's nothing special about him, btw.  Anyone who has 10.5 million bpd flowing out and selling 6 million bpd for $112/barrel Brent pricing would also not care about central bank cooperation.

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If you believe that the United States acts in the best interest of Wall St, then you are a nut job. Wall St acts in their own best interest, which is to make profit. Wall St does not instigate wars. I understand that If you read Zerohedge for too long or watch Money Masters, then you are brainwashed into believing that the Rothschilds and JP Morgan rule the world and pull all imaginable strings. You must also believe that no planes crashed in Pennsylvania or the Pentagon on 9/11, despite documentation of DNA analysis of 80+ passengers' body parts. Perhaps you're just an underdog kind of guy. What happens if the side you are on is no longer the underdog, and is maintaining their superpower status by doing the same things you despise? Get real.

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Typical broad brush fail. 

Please explain to me how the people of Alabama are safer and more secure by us meddling in the affairs of the Ukraine. 

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The problem with Jeffersonian isolationism is that it is incredibly naive. Jefferson stood on the moral high ground and expected others to follow suit, but this mentality ultimately fails because nature dictates that organisms have one primary function: to dominate. Do you really want to sit by and watch others take what should be yours? If the person in line in front of you at the cafeteria is given a bigger slice of cake, how does that make you feel? At the least, we should all have equally-sized slices, right? How do you feel when your family members who don't read Zerohedge don't believe a word you say? Do you persistently try to influence them and persuade them? We should all just give up trying and respect our own space and be nice and sweet to each other, like all the other species do. Because that is how ALL the other countries feel...not.

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I'm not sure if committing one of the largest (at the time) genocides in human history of the indigenous population and then stating that you want to be a peaceful nation and neither ally nor foe counts as the moral high ground. More like rank hypocrisy. But then the original Bill of Rights didn't apply to slaves, only to "Free Men", whatever that means.

Jefferson was a hypocrite. Most of the founding fathers were hypocrites, but some were realists.



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"Putin is a rockstar on ZH for some reason. I think they all either forgot or don't know that he was and is a very nasty dude. That's why they junked you."

Yes, Putin is very nasty dude. Because he does not allow U.S.  robs Russia and refuses to be lackey for Washington's, as it do many European leaders.

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Russian and Chinese authoritarianism goes back way, way, way further than 1917 and 1949, respectively.  Look at whom the Communists replaced.  Look how quickly the Communists dumped every vestige of anything Marx every talked about, becoming merely the next generation of what they replaced, albeit even more so.  Cripes, Putin is just a czar by bureaucratic means, continuing a line going back 1000 years.  China has been an empire since about 200 B.C.

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Usually ZHers are good about politics. Sorry man, the US may have a overreaching, corrupt gov't but it is nothing like Putin's Russia or the Soviet Union. Get a grip!!

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I get it. The other team is worser than us, so it's OK for us to be bad.

Got it. Thanks for splainin that to me. 

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I agree and disagree. Russia is rooted in authoritarian government. However, I think Putin sees himself more as a successor to the Romanovs. I think he's trying to reestablish Imperial Orthodox Russia.

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'isms' don't mean squat.

They're just smoke screens to fool the people around the world to go along with acts that lead to their own destruction. Nothiing but hogwash spouted by smooth talking psychopaths.

Gangsters operate in all these countries and anyone who thinks its just 'the other guys leader' is terribly naive.  That said, some 'leaders' are less insane than others and some have at least a little bit of regard and concern for their own people.(Even if its only motivated by the desire to not kill the golden goose they feed off of.)

So which leadership seems the most insane today ?

Is  backing a nuke armed rival into a corner the definition of 'sane' ?

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Is  backing a nuke armed rival into a corner the definition of 'sane' ?

No unless you have a special realtionship with god then it just fine.

Of course if you really believe that your culture has special relationship with god/allah you are already insane and removing everyone  who thinks as you do would be best for the world.

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I sure am glad there's no authoritarianism in the US!

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Naaaaah... I'm pretty sure it's just Obama shitting his pants... and Kerry.

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Removing the SYrian chemical weapons without firing a shot is genius deserving of a Nobel. Creating a target rich kill zone of islamic extremeists and fragging will be the next stroke of geius.

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Pop culture WMDs are imminent.  Putin will ride an ostrich - shirtless, while Barry will star in Beyonce's next porno vid... the sheeple will be forced to fall in line.

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Do we know why Putin divorced his wife ? She must have been from Western Ukraine ! Seriously, many Russians have intermarried with Ukrainians from both East and West for the last 100years which means there will be much soul searching and huge pressure on Putin to keep Russian/Ukranian culture intact. Very few Ukrainians assimilated into Europe and US , although a number emigrated during famines in 1920's ,
after Communist revolution and more recently as a result of immigration policy under Jackson-Vanik amendment which led to Ukrainian Jews going to Israel and US. There are also religious overtones within Russian Orthodox Church, Roman Catholic Church , Muslims and of coarse Neocons ! It is a Holy Mess and fodder for War !

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"She must have been from Western Ukraine !"

If you are going to base your comments on that, you might want to be sure about it. Kalingrad is pretty fucking far from Ukraine...

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@Divided States: " I will be watching the developments going on and eating PoUTINe instead of popcorn."

"Vive le Quebec libre!" - Charles de Gaule.

"Vive la Ukraine libre!" - Kirk

??? ???? ?????? ???????! - Kirk (pasted Cyrillic version, which ZH won't show).  TYLER, can your IT guy fix this?  Thanks.

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Armored Olympics 2.0. Kursk follow-up edition. Now with Russian and NATO athletes.

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"Witnesses said the gunmen in Simferopol, the Crimean regional capital, wore unmarked camouflage uniforms and carried rocket-propelled grenades, sniper rifles and other weapons. They raised the Russian flag over the local parliament building.

The men did not immediately voice any demands and threw a flash grenade in response to a journalist's questions. They wore black and orange ribbons, a Russian symbol of the victory in World War II, and put up a sign reading "Crimea is Russia."


Can you imagine Andrea Mitchell diving for cover?