NATO Calls Ukraine Developments "Dangerous And Irresponsible", Urges Russia Not To "Escalate Tension"

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Russian tat. And now, NATO tit.


And the lie of the day:


Actually, there is, which is precisely why Putin will smile when reading the latest NATO pleadings.

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Where is your pinprick, O? 

A bigger balloon calls for a bigger prick. 

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Vlad is drawing the line this time Obozo!

And he will enforce it like he did with Syria.

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Can we stay out of other people's business? Just once?


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Putin must have forgotten we have Joe Biden over here and his vast foreign policy "experience". 

 How do we get Vlad to be the House Speaker??

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that's funny! if it weren't so fucking real.

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In the end we'll all pay the price because some polical asshole need to show he has the biggest dick.

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For better or for worse, we also got Kissinger.  Is Zbig still alive?

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The Gorns are remarkably long-lived!

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It would appear that there are some of us who can't or won't and are unwilling or "unable" to share their reasoning with the rest of us. Democracy in action.

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The US military is the military wing of the Global Banking Empire.  It has little to do with ensuring the security of the United States.

It's all about establishing private central banks [owned by the usual suspects in Europe] issuing the national, fiat currency as a loan at interest... and it is about Greater Israel....

The petrodollar?  Sure, it looks like that in Iraq, and Libya... but the dollar is nearing the end of its life cycle and the desire for some sort of global currency {however structured} through the BIS has been the subject of an awful lot of position papers.

The petrodollar is important to the GBE only to the extent it keeps the US strong enough to field a military that can back up sanctions, fund terror groups, and invade if need be, to help establish the control of the large international banks and their European Jewish owners, and to help balkanize and "roll back" Israel's regional rivals, to lay the ground work for "Greater Israel" according to the Oded Yinon/Clean Break line of plans.

Don't look to the US Congress to stop this crazy train. 

It is Israeli occupied territory

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I love it when you talk dirty JCB.

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Your posts are all the same JCB - ..blah, blah, blah, hate jews, blah, blah, blah, hate USA, blah,blah,blah, want to marry Putin, blah, blah, blah.

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Technically... "hate" is an emotional state, and we have no information on that.  To date we only have info on what he thinks, to the extent that he has a hypothesis/model and data on which his thoughts are based.

We should therefore stay in the hypothesis testing/validation mode, to get positive or negative consensus on said model.  Technically speaking.  :-)

All else is just "stirring the pot", in a clockwise rotation (to his counter-clockwise rotation).  ;-)

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nato is in no position to stop Russia.  all bluff, and Putin obviously is calling it.

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And Fold em.

Thanks for playing, don't let the door hit your arse on the way out.

Love Vlad.

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interesting bedfellows. "Churchill and Stalin...bff's."

I agree..."love is in the air" and finally we can all breathe now that we know who wears the real jackboots around here.

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Churchill and Stalin do not have shit on Bush and Blair's love affair.

If you have never seen this, you are in for a treat.


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NATO swore it couldn't muster forces to stop a mob of YouTube video protesters in Benghazi.

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All these warnings are giving me a headache.


I think Ukrainians want to Govern themselves.  Give them some time to figure it out.  Russia and USSA should not interfere (wishfull thinking huh........).

A message to those in Ukraine-  Film everything.  Camera's, phones, pictures.   Spread the word through images that can not be denied.   Images are powerful.

And we are all witnesses to this.



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yeah,but if it goes against the official narritave as desired by the big boys your youtube vid will get deleted or pushed so far down the rankings it may as well have been deleted. 

Disclaimer: I am long anti-Russian youtube vids

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They were governing themselves, through something called "elections".  Elections were coming next year.  Then the EU/US decided to take over by pouring billions of dollars to support a coup d'etat, and they got it, at the hands of armed neo-Nazis from the West Ukraine, which largely sided with Hitler.

The people in Crimea and South/East Ukraine don't want a Fascist regime.  So they may leave.  Thanks for playing

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"I think Ukrainians want to Govern themselves."

They won't get that with the E.U.nited States.

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So Pro Russian citizens fighting for their elected government is dangerous, but USA armed and backed thugs are super dooper.

And they think we believe this non stop bullshit from the psycopathic elite

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Clearly you and a number of others here have neither Trial Law experience, nor seen this movie before: 

"The party that frames the debate and defines the terms, wins the trial 9 times out of 10".

And it's not like DC or NY lack lawyers.  Trial, trying or otherwise.

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But bombing Libya wasn't dangerous or irresponsible. Isn't that special.

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  The Russian Foreign Ministry issued a statement: In Kiev, was a coup d'etat and power takeover. Power was seized by undemocratic and unconstitutional means. Therefore, the legitimate president of Ukraine is the only Yanukovych.
All who have any other opinion, we kiss on the mouth. With love, the Russian Foreign Ministry.
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well I'm sure those boys with baseball bats and wooden shields will sing hoorah again then...

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"well I'm sure those boys with baseball bats and wooden shields will sing hoorah again then..."

Crimea - is not Kiev. In Crimea, these boys get their baseball bats in their pro-Western ass. It is in the best case. In the worst case, they will be sent back on the their wooden shields.


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"In comparison with such momentous consequences, was the treaty not a scrap of paper?"

Theobald von Bethmann-Hollweg  to  Sir Edward Goschen  4 August 1914

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John "I served in Vietnam" Kerry will send a strongly worded letter.

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and forget to mail it.

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Only NATO can unilaterally invade sovereign countries in the middle of civil wars to secure oil/gas. cough Libya cough

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NATO should have been disbanded after the collapse of the Soviet Union.  There was no longer a Warsaw Pact.  What we have now is a New World Army to back the NWO.  Makes sense to me..  

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The Soviet Union renamed itself Community of Independent (hahah) States and soon to be re-renamed Eurasian Community or some such.

A red rose by any other name...

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soon to be re-renamed Eurasian Community

We've always been at war with them...

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Before war broke out between Russia and Georgia in 2008, Aleksandr Dugin visited South Ossetia and predicted, "Our troops will occupy the Georgian capital Tbilisi, the entire country, and perhaps even Ukraine and the Crimean Peninsula, which is historically part of Russia, anyway." [4]

[4] Road to War in Georgia: The Chronicle of a Caucasian Tragedy, Spiegel, August 25, 2008.

[note the date]

For those thinking the Russing invasion of Crimea is a only a reaction, please, be informed it is part of a plan designed long ago.

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If they were really a defensive force to protect Western Europe then NATO definitely would've ended when the Warsaw Pact did.  As you noted, it's really just a tool for the empire and a pretense for it to continue will be found for as long as the empire exists.

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"If they were really a defensive force to protect Western Europe then NATO definitely would've ended when the Warsaw Pact did.  As you noted, it's really just a tool for the empire and a pretense for it to continue will be found for as long as the empire exists."

In the world there is no NATO. In the world there is only the United States and their vassals. I prefer to call a spade a spade.

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Actually, NATO should continue to serve the member states as a counterforce to Russia. Albiet, without US help. The Euro-Trash are plenty capable of defending themselves. They aren't the poor beaten Europeans of 1947. They have technology, people, and combined capabilities, including nuclear, that are capable of dealing with the Russian thugs. They no longer need US to fulfill their mission. Let them be about it then.

US should no longer be a member of NATO. The US Taxpayers don't need to fund them either.

disabledvet's picture can pick up a Castle perrrty cheap these days.

Don't see anybody moving to Russia anytime soon either.
Putin is looking like a wacko.
China "visiting Germany to explore Nazi methodologies" even more so.

"Decadent West."
"A thousand year insurgency against you is better than a ten year one"?

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I don't disagree with your comment(s), but Realpolitik does!

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Hey, listen - NATO just wanted to make sure Libya's gold went to help the people of Libya. 

If there's none left its because they spent it all on "infrastructure."

Yeah, that's the ticket!



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Dear Vlad: Please don't escalate the tension that we've carefully fomented and escalated. Thanks.

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Ee-dee nah hooy



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"Dear NATO

Ee-dee nah hooy



+1000! :-))

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Pro Russia forces seize control of much of the area, if they come under fire they request Humanitarian aid from Russia, game over.  NATO has no more debt to issue it has all gone to the banks.

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NATO has no more debt to issue it has all gone to the banks.

Yep, all the debt stores are depleted. No more debt can be created. Ever. <SARC OFF>