Consumers More Confident In February Than Initially Thought, UMichigan Finds

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Who cares about tumbling GDP: it is all about the confidence of Wall Street CEOs, pardon, consumers whose confidence that the winter weather would finally end , if not so much in the economy with over 91 million people out of the labor force, resulted in yet another beat in the data, sending the Final UMichigan print higher from 81.2 to 81.6 on expectations of an unchanged print. The internals were largely irrelvant, but in terms of current conditions, consumers were most confident since November, up from 94.0 to 95.4, while expectations about the future was at 72.8 the highest since August. Finally, 1 year inflation expectations dropped modestly from 3.3% to 3.2%: don't worry though - in the New Normal declining inflationary expectations is enough to send the S&P 500 to new all tinme highs.

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Imagine where the s&P will be once the economy starts to improve

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Much pretty graph. Boris is confident, very confident... economy is near complete wholesale collapsing.

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Should be titled, "Consumers more clueless than initially thought."

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 or University of Michigan statisticans more easily bought off than we all thought. 

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Like their football players.


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I'm confident, I just got a raise. I'll be buying more Gold now.



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Next Headline?

Antidepressant Prescriptions Higher than Initially Thought"

grunk's picture

Blame the weather.

Collective brain freeze.

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UMich = reuters = banks

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Marc Faber is not on a roll, calling for tops since 1350ish on S&P

The_Ungrateful_Yid's picture

Marc Faber doesn't understand Yellen Economics.

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May as well ask  one hundred kindergardeners will nap time be better tomorrow than today.

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theres nothing more that can be said about equity markets. 

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Here's how they conduct this survey:


Questioner) "Hi, are you feeling good about shit?"

Answerer) "You mean like about getting my dick sucked?"

Questioner) "Um yeah, that and other shit. Like buying and paying for shit"

Answerer) "Guess so, 'cause paying is how I get my dick sucked."

Questioner)"Great.  I'll put you down as feeling positive."

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Have to hand it to Armstrong for his October of 2015 forcast for US to finally turn down.  he's "winning"


we've got 18 more months to prepare folks.. 2016-2020 could be a shit fest

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S&P?  Hmmm...I thought you said S&W M&P and went out and bought a sweet 15-22 to plink with.  Oh well...who needs the S&P when we've got Au and Ag!

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So much for the praise and admiration I use to hold for that school.  Their Department o Economics has been religiously fudging the numbers for "money" for some time now on the reports they've been doing on consumer confidence for the Feds for several years now.

I guess we need to lump U.M. in with that other "Big 10" traitor of a school that sold out when they did that wonderful computer aided model for the Federal Government!

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Another fucking survey.....these markets don't care - up is the only option.


Even Europe got off the band wagon today.


Fucking shit show - fuck you YELLEN!!!

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Oh look another "revision" to a survey. Do these people call back and say "on second thought things are getting better"? How many people in this world get paid to make shit up? Oh that's right, must pretend their job has meaning and they deserve that paycheck.