Here Is Why The NAR Just Blamed The Weather For Weak Pending Home Sales

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In his commentary of yet another month of weak existing home sales, Larry Yun said that: "ongoing disruptive weather patterns in much of the U.S. inhibited home shopping." Thanks to the chart below showing the break down of the NAR's Pending Home Sales Index by region we know that he was obviously referring to the disruptively warm and pleasant weather in the Northeast where home sales ticked up by 2.3%, and also to the unprecedented freezing cold and freak snow storms from San Diego to San Francisco, which in turn led the West to post a -4.8% drop in pending home sales.

And now you know.

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Yeah....I'm thinking this is gonna need a /sarc

Boris Alatovkrap's picture

Maybe is different in AmeriKa, but when is weather inclement, Boris is look for shelter. Okay, so maybe is not buy house, but is surely to upgrade card board box to find apartment for extension family when is cold or is rain.

nope-1004's picture

Then don't call a realtor.  They don't give a shit about your needs, they're just Johnny-on-the-spot to suck a piece of your asset.  Talk about an outdated model..


Boris Alatovkrap's picture

Is realtor™ (that is actual word!?) help Boris finding apartment? There is 14 of Boris so extra bedroom is so nice and maybe bathroom inside apartment. Oh, and is need balcony for storage of fissile material.

TruthInSunshine's picture

In USSA FIRE Fraudconomy of Amerika, RealtorTM FIND YOU!

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Clearly it is too cold to think about finding shelter. 

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The NRA always gets blamed for everything.

Stoploss's picture

If you think it's bad now, wait until summer..


Fuck you Larry, beat you to it...

nightshiftsucks's picture

SF dropped 5% in spring like weather says it all.

ejmoosa's picture

Attendence was up, however, at Black's Beach.

Levadiakos's picture

That was Torry Pines 1% ers looking for their lost balls

Boris Alatovkrap's picture

Barry Soetoro is not look for lost ball, is still to be wait for drop from pelvic cavity.

Fidel Sarcastro's picture

The weather bullshit again?  Why didn't the weather affect NEW home sales?  Corrupt fucking losers -- all of'em.  

Bryan's picture

It's amazing the disruption the weather has had on our economy since those good ol' days back in the the Cretaceous Period, when you could count on some warm weather just about every day.

Boris Alatovkrap's picture

Some morning, Boris is not even want get out of bed.

onewayticket2's picture

It was Bush's Fault.

It was the Weather's fault...


same people, same excuse.

L_Conquistador's picture

Since Bush's lust for fossil fuels created all future bad weather it kind of is the same. 

-.-'s picture

Larry Yun...this one's for you:


Just like Dan Quayle ate a dick, so too shall you Yun


"I got to be free; I got to be Me..."

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Yep its the weather out west. Damn drought keeps folks from buying homes out west since they cant fill the swimming pools. Why would you buy a home with an empty swimming pool and if you buy the house your not allowed to fill it or your neighbors will turn you into the water nazis. 


edit; /s

Just in case someone screams for a link. 

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NAR are sales reps - they sell happy times regardless.

Winston Churchill's picture

Never been a better time to buy a NAR economist.

Atlantis Consigliore's picture

A Realtors lips is moving, head bobbing,....lying,  bricks and mortar, 

real estate never goes down, slurp slurp slurp.  

Lips moving, smiling,  come on honey,  buy stocks...

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"I don't lie often, but when I do it's a Whopper, with fries."

moneybots's picture

"ongoing disruptive weather patterns in much of the U.S. inhibited home shopping."


It seems that is an issue only in the Midwest.  The midwest isn't much of the country.

over45's picture

being in the real estate industry for the last 28 years - this NAR report is absolute crap.

Colonel Klink's picture

There has never been a better time to get fleeced by the market by purchasing a new home and paying our outrageous commissions!


Chuck Knoblauch's picture

Are people not buying homes because there is a shortage of long underwear, jackets, gloves, and caps? Are Americans afraid of cold weather now? Is the new terrorist Jack Frost?

El Vaquero's picture

Stupid NAR buttplugs.  Yes, the weather can have economic effects on things, but it didn't here.  Housing sales suck everywhere.  The weather has been so nice here that I'm worried that my fruit trees are going to start blooming within the next week.  I'm betting that sales suck here. 


How about this:  The consumer is tapped out and banks aren't lending. 


(That makes the prospect of weather that actually does do something kind of scary, because the system is so fragile.)

Chuck Knoblauch's picture

Economics is kabbalah magic or magic with numbers. The magic is real because those in power say it's real, so it must be real?

skwid vacuous's picture

what a lying piece of shit that Larry Yun is, needs a pipe to the skull

Dorelei's picture

Elon forget those backward oil guzzler !

They cant understand your badass products  !! You busted Jobs iwannabe shit !

Lets build our chocolate factory on mars ! Closer to the center of  universe , vast areas and soons giant haze garden  and sequoia psychedelic  mushroom everywhere !


Eikki battista  go get  a beer with  coehlo !! You lost the world richest man golden globes and won the douch  bancarotta  tombola !!


As yanoukovitch  i dont know  if the biggest stalin statue could fit in your gazprom lubrificated ass !!


I just became the new universal language ! Erikanto!!!

skwid vacuous's picture

who's the junker? larry ? slow day at the nar lie factory?

Spungo's picture

Global warming is officially destroying the economy. It's too warm. We need more winter storms and broken windows.

Flakmeister's picture

It's never been a better time to pick up prime location property on debt, sit back and wait a few years to pay off that mortgage with a few silver coins...

Isn't that what most everybody here thinks: that the dollar is going in the toilet and precious metals are going to the moon?

Inflation is going to make that mortgage a joke, right???

If that is really the case, it is a no brainer trade if you can handle the required cash flow...


Or  maybe this game is whole lot more complicated than that...

fzrkid's picture

the billion dollar question is when...

Winston Churchill's picture

According to you it will all be underwater next week, after a quick drought ,and multiple

mega huricanes caused by man made global warming.

Shame about that Greenpeace founder calling it all a total fraud this AM.

I'm sure you have some pier(deliberate) reviewed data fudged links to refute it though.

Seems everyone here is as delousional as you.

Alien 851's picture

Ahhh such nostalgia...brings back fond memories of a certain minister we all loved...Baghdad the published housing crap with his published crap. Except for the subject matter the similarity is remarkable.     Oh,  have a good laugh....and a good weekend!


"We have them surrounded in their tanks" --Baghdad Bob


Ban KKiller's picture

Cooked books plus needed propaganda plus needed news plus major hubris in face of fact and you have...

NAR and their take on reality. 

MR166's picture

Of course people are not putting their homes on the market.  How many can afford to when their homes are worth less than the mortgage?

Also, banks are downsizing mortgage departments every day due to lack of retail demand.  The houses that were selling were being purchased by investors.

Things are a lot worse than they look and the MSM is covering it all up.

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There is limitless scope for blaming the weather for economic inactivity. For example, this month the NAR is whining that:

"disruptive weather patterns in much of the U.S. inhibited home shopping"


but next month it could be

"unexpectedly normal weather patterns all across the U.S. inhibited home shopping"


and then the month after that

"warm weather and cloudless skies in every damn inch of the U.S. inhibited home shopping as everyone was sunbathing"



"nonstop rain across the U.S. inhibited home shopping because walking around in the rain is like a real drag, man."