Market Update

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... In one chart which, because panic BTFATH means more panic BTFATH. Now imagine what would have happened if Q4 GDP had actually beats instead of sliding. In other news, the S&P is now just a little over 30 points away from Goldman's 2014 year end price target of 1900. At this rate it will be taken out by 2 pm.

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Buy to infinity, forget all time highs, they are boring now and too small minded. Think big, think to infinity and beyond!!!

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Why so serious, Jim Cramer? 



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GS: Ok, let's put the number at 1900. People still trust us, don't they? Sure they do! We'll continue to pound PMs and lure everybody in. Once the momentum hits, they'll all be jumping on the bandwagon. And that's when we'll pull it. tee hee hee

PMs. otherwise, sidelines bitchez

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Words fail me.


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The "markets" will interpret everything as good news, while people in the know sell. Euphoria before collapse.

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did I miss the release of another bogus data point? Because the gold hammer just started coming down at 10:15 AM.

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the poor muppets are never going to know what hit them when this is all said and done...

tick-tock, bitchez...that day is nearer than they could ever imagine.

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Whenever I look at analysts on TV i can never take the image of the wolf of wall street when he was assembling his room full of analysts trying to sell shit to morons. They are all the same

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With a market like that, no way in hell is the untaper happening. Blowoff top today.

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I'm disappointed. I would have bet the farm on the S&P reaching 1800 by February's end. Glad I don't own a farm then, as I wouldn't own one after today.

Oh, well. I still think we can get to 2000 by Easter.

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Yellen be loving this shit.

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Looks like the Wonkavator.

The SnP can be 80k and yet we might be burning FRNs to keep warm.

There is zero relationship between these things and the actual economy.

For now, they have hit a perpetual motion machine, where buybacks with conjured ZIRP loans make things look better.

All this means is that when things go bad, it will be people eating people bad, not selling apples for a nickel bad.


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When a possible future became a probable future.

The end result of this postponment of reality will likely be as you predict.

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The market leads the economy by six months.

Something doesn't seem right.

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CLEARLY crude oil > $102.00 bbl is bullish, right????



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And will this fade before the closing?  Couldn't pay me to go long.

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I dunno, I tend to agree, but on ther other hand BTATFH has worked pretty well for a lot people, making me increasngly stupid the past 1 - 2 years. Why should today be any exception or some turning point? If good news = buy, and bad news = buy, then I don't see how the market goes down.

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btfath and get down on your knees and thank the bernakyellen when he gives you a chance to btfd.

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I have to give them credit - they have kept this bitch pumped up a lot longer than I thought they could. 

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Never underestimate the power of a central bank. 

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Nor the fragility of infinite fiat.

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Watching the stock market is as big a waste of time as watching the evening news. Nothing but propaganda.

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Don't listen to the fucktards on CNBS. Listen to music and trade.

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The "Short Sellers" are taking it in the jockey shorts - Moma is going to be washing a lot of skid marks out of the underware wash load -

I never dreamed we could have all time market highs based on "currency" created from thin air - WTF !!!

This market is absolutely "UN-BELIEVABLE"......

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This market is truly a spectacle.....If you were in this from 2010 till would never have to work again. Who the fuck doesn't love free money.

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mere coincidence of course that this fraudulent Fraud Market ramp occurs on the last day of the month coinciding with  GDP data that confirms there aint no mother fucking recovery...yeah, and then there's the also completely logical take down of the phony paper prices of Gold and Silver....

yeah, right....

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In other market-moving news:

GCHQ identified Kinect as possible snooping tool; Microsoft denies all knowledge

Xbox 360’s Kinect camera was identified by British spy agency GCHQ as a possible tool for snooping on the public.

As part of new documents revealing that webcam images of Yahoo users have been captured by governments, The Guardian also reveals that one of GCHQ’s presentations “discusses with interest the potential and capabilities of the Xbox 360's Kinect camera, saying it generated ‘fairly normal webcam traffic’ and was being evaluated as part of a wider program”.

The plans were part of a surveillance program entitled Optic Nerve that worked to capture imagery of internet users via in-built hardware camera tech.

It is not yet known whether GCHQ actually recorded and stored images captured via Kinect

The revelation is a nightmare for Microsoft, which has already had to fight against the security backlash that erupted when it transpired that Xbox One would ship with a new always-on Kinect camera.

“Microsoft has never heard of this program," a spokesperson told MCV. “However, we’re concerned about any reports of governments surreptitiously collecting private customer data. That’s why in December we initiated a broad effort to expand encryption across our services and are advocating for legal reforms.”

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"Microsoft has never heard of this program"

And many people had never heard of Al Qaeda before they flew two planes into the World Trade Center, so who gives a shit what Microsoft has heard of?

"However, we’re concerned about any reports of governments surreptitiously collecting private customer data. That’s why in December we initiated a broad effort to expand encryption across our services and are advocating for legal reforms.”

This response is too stupid to be believable. I view it as evidence that MS knows exactly what's going on.

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I'm just waiting for an article on ZH stating how the gold market just crashed today (down roughly 1.2%). 

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Time for the Bear in the Headlights MEME

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This crash is going to be epic!

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Print Janet, Print print PRINT!!!!!!!  we can fly to the casinos this weekend in vegas all comped, lol, 


its like Real Estate it only goes up, giggle. 


Put put put put put. 

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Help fist ram a bankster today.


This is war.  Stop spending.



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Stop spending?!!!  Cant stop spending on PMs, bullets, bandaids, freeze dried food, bunkers, cement, goats, chickens and rabbits. 

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Record highs with FB TSLA NFLX and TWTR all down! This is real market strength - buy the economic news, whatever it is! This market is only going one way...

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Is it money running away from Asia and the rest of the world to the US markets? It would make sense, bad sense, but sense none the less. This may very well be the rush to the high end of the Titanic, just before the whole thing slides towards the bottom. The smart ones would be building a raft but I don't know one made of money would float. I think money may be the very thing we drown in.

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These motherfucking racketeers, pumpsters, fraudsters and criminals, aka Banksters, in collusion with FED continue to pump this market no matter what?

I wish that one day I wake up and watch the market down 500+ points on CNBC. That would really make my day.


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if u are talking SPY then yes, if u meant dow i would btfd.

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Amazing what 65 billion can do for you these days. 

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A lot budget of my country is 6 bln per year with population of 3.5 million. (Don't slam me  - I'm from poor country and yet....) People live in it...

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I imagine a computer saying MUST GET ALL THE TAX RETURNS in an endless loop

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There is still too much pessimism for the the market to turn over just yet.  Sure, the bull/bear ratios are high, but this market will not start falling until mom and pop stop holding bonds and stable value funds in their IRAs and 401Ks.  Once they are in, then the bottom can be allowed to fall out.

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Please, for those relative few with 401ks, most are forced to hold a certain percentage of such funds.

See the real problem yet?

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Forced to hold 100% bonds and stable value?  No.  They do it out of fear caused by the last two bubbles.  This bubble hasn't yet lured back in.  The S&P may have to break 2000, and the DOW 20,000 before the real panic buying really gets going.  You could well see the S&P hit 2500 before the next crisis begins. 

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Is there a difference between fear of the markets and non-participation due to complete and utter disgust of the markets? I think so. I fear nothing of this market except maybe the end result of this fiasco.

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I have 100% of my 401k in stable value (my only real option to avoid the markets generally) just to collect the employer match. I will CONSIDER changing that when the S&P crosses 1000. I am 32 and know plenty of older folks that have the same sentiment. So if they are waiting on capitulation from me and others like me in order to pull the rug out, well, enjoy the ride to infinity.

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Wise. I'm 98% in cash. The remaining 2% are in SP500 10%-out-of-money 6 months-away PUTs. I may bleed those 2% every 8 months or so as puts expire worthless like they did last year and I will buy more, but come 20+% correction I will get my money back well compensated for interim inflation. Come 40+% correction I will consider going long. Investing with ones own money is very different compared to investing with somebody's else.