Russian Military Choppers Arrive In The Crimea

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Naval blockade, check. APCs and military vehicles rolling into the Crimean, check. Mysterious gunmen taking over the parliament and airports, check. And now: Russian military helicopters, which as the clip below shows were sighted on their way to Belbek airport in Sevastopol.

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russian choppers in crimea?


This was suppose to be a RED LINE ... WTF???

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No shit, they waited for the weekend.

Ivan don't surf.

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I really hope the West tries to force Putin back out. That will end so wonderfully

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I heard the US is trying a new technique in global diplomatic relations called "direct message" on twitter or something.

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I really hope the West tries to force Putin back out.”

Nah, Barry will be too busy listening to the new Beyonce BJ hit with his daughters.

BEYONCE SHOCK: 'He Monica Lewinsky-ed all on my gown'...

OBAMA FLASHBACK: Beyonce perfect role model for my daughters...

..or maybe he will be in the basement “Travon Memorial Pistol Range”.

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Is is possible the US govt is so inept that they forgot to cancel the Ukraine "revolution" even after Snowden informed the world of what the US govt is up too? I mean come on US ambassadors are on tape talking about who they will put in power in Ukraine. Kinda makes spin control difficult doesnt it?

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They probably figured that the American people would not notice, nor care. Those that did notice would either be sniveling like Beavis and Butthead "She said fuck!" or reminiscing wistfully "Ukraine? Wasn't that in some Beatles song I used to like?"

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Americans are easily brainwashed by TV and Hollywood.  Drooling idiots.  I would bet 70% of ZH posters probably still watch their crap. You watch it - you support your serfdom.

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Interesting article outlining polish involvement...Have to give some credit to the CIA for being able to organize this and pull it off...

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It should be this link not the one above (military manoeuvres in Ukraine)


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noo, this time it was straight into your FaceBook

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Social media was a huge force multiplier for Barry winning elections, so they're giving that a whirl in foreign relations, throwing in "meme" viral clips like the Fuck the EU thing.   Brilliant!

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Remember that naval base is still Russian. It is legally theirs' through a lease from the Ukraine. Expect them to defend it at all costs.

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The smartest thing Ukrainians could do is to give the Crimea to Russians. They received it during the Soviet times in 1954, and even then it was not ethnically Ukrainian, but Russian. Holding on to it only prolonges the crisis, and Crimea will never be a productive part of Ukraine. By giving it away, Ukrainians would also get rid of lots of Russians within their borders.

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Not a bad idea, but i read somewhere that most of the Russian ethnics there seem to prefer to be part of the Ukraine.

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They should be kicked out nevertheless.

Of course, this is not the way we do things in Europe. For one, there will be silly nationalistic, empty rethoric, such as "Crimea is the heart of Ukraine" (re: the situation in Serbia vs. Kosovo, Georgian republic vs. Abkhasia and South Ossetia). Also, politicians, bureaucrats and do-gooders want to establish "multi-ethnic" societies, which would validate their dream that a fox an a hen can live side by side in peace. Hence, nation's borders can't be changed even when there would be every reason to do it.

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Calling for ethnic cleansing. How civilised.

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Since when ethnic cleansing has meant giving freedom to the minorities? In this case, the Crimean Russians would be free to join Russia, or establish an independent country, if that's what they want. Nobody would be killed. The way things stand now, Crimea as a part of Ukraine will be a constant source of tension and maybe violence. Just look at those helicopters, Russia is not going to let Crimea go without violence. Better Ukrainians yield now, as it would also serve their interests.

Edit: by "kicking out" I meant changing borders. This would enable Ukraine to get rid of lots of Russians peacefully.

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More to the point, Russia is not going to allow an EU-Washington NATO puppet on their doorstep, any more than Russia and China would allow the 'UN' (USSA) to over run North Korea, to set up a US-Western oriented puppet back then, right on their respective border.

If Ukraine proper wants to avoid a very painful destructive conflict developing it needs to remain scrupulously non-aligned at this point, and clearly declare this to be the case.

Problem is you get no honey that way, and they like honey.

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Open borders in the USSA and EUSSR - ethnic cleansing.  The NWO loves ethnic cleansing.

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Cannons to the left of them, cannons to the right of them and Russians up the Wazzoo....rings a bell...

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In order for "Ukraine" to cede Crimea to the Russians, the Russians would have to recognize the current regime's right to cede Crimea in the first place.

If anyone in Kiev or DC had an IQ above room temperature they would have been trying to cede Crimea all week... but since this is so entry-level, it would lay bear Russian intentions, and the Russians' minimum settlement terms, and they might not be willing to settle for just Crimea.

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they might not be willing to settle for just Crimea.

I'm sure Russia will negotiate, if there's something for them. Moreover the EU and the U.S. will recognize the current government, so the Russian narrative will be increasingly on a shaky ground. Ukrainians should use 1954 borders as a point for negotiations, and maybe demand some economic help in exchange for ceding Crimea. I don't think the border agreement would be easy, if Russia wants to push for more territory. No agreement would mean, Crimea stays within Ukraine, and Ukraine does not renew the agreement on the Russian naval base.

If things get violent, Ukraine could blast gas pipelines passing through its territory. That would hit the Russian economy hard, possibly bring down Putin.

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BS.  Russia or Gazprom has pipelines that can totally bypass the Ukraine.

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About 55% of Russian gas to Europe goes via Ukraine, so there is a chokepoint there. Blowing up Nord Stream as well, would cut 75% of Russian gas exports. Shutting the two lines in Belarussia, would bring this percentage to 91%. Russia's economy is completely dependent on export of oil & gas.

Incidentally, in the coming decade, Gazprom will be hit hard by fracking in Ukraine, Romania and Poland.

Flakmeister's picture

Good insight, but I will differ with you on the potential impact of fracking...

You are aware that Exxon wallked away from Poland in 2012? From the WSJ (among others)

Admittedly, this could be related to threat of "reassessment"  over Exxons role in the Sakhalin Island development...

Time will tell, but it remains to be seen if the  big multinationals are nimble enough to play the small scale fracking game.

We do know that there will be no environmental oversight though... 

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Shell & Chevron have a 20 billion dollar deal over fracking in Ukraine. I'm aware the Polish fracking seems not to go anywhere. Romania has some resources, and LNG terminals are built all over Europe.

Flakmeister's picture

Putting aside the obvious possible source of delays, they are still a long ways away from forecasted production levels... In fact they haven't even demonstrated economic viablility yet...

We will see, but it will not be for a number of years...

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Do not forget that Europeans dont like fracking much, they like their water clean unlike the USA, Chevron drilling plans were shelved temporarily by demonstrations in Romania.

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RE; Martel

I am not advocating for Russia here, but - Under these circumstances any country would see this as an act of war. These things alone have the potential for pulling NATO into the Russsia confrontation. NATO is neither prepared or willing to engage the Russians in Ukraine.

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NATO may not be willing, but they are certainly as well prepared if not better than Vlad. In any event, I do not see NATO directly intervening in the Ukraine at any time in the forseeable future...

As for an act of war, it all depends on who is blowing up the pipelines, eh?

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These things alone have the potential for pulling NATO into the Russsia confrontation.

NATO can't be pulled into the conflict, as European NATO countries are not militarily ready for anything. Poland, France and the U.K. may be exceptions. European NATO countries have been enjoying 'peace dividend' for 20 years or so. Just a few months ago, the Netherlands sold their last Leopard tanks to Finland (not a member). Politically the West Europan countries, Germany especially, don't want any conflit whatsoever with Russia. So, basically Russia has free reign in Ukraine, just as they had in Georgia in 2008. 

That's why my proposal was for Ukraine to cede Crimea. Also they could declare they're not going to apply for a NATO membership for the next, say, 20 years. But where they should not yield, is orientation towards Europe. They should have EU membership as a goal. The EU could start creating economical an cultural ties to Ukraine immediately, as a part of a crisis package. Within a few decades, Ukraine could be transformed into at least somewhat livable place. If they stay in the Russian economic sphere, there's not much hope, they'll be like Belarus: poor, backward, forgotten.

Regarding blowing up pipelines, I'm NOT advocating Ukrainians do that right now. But if an outright war should take place, disrupting the flow of natgas is an option. Ukraine can't beat Russia militarily, but they can ensure Russia pays a heavy price for a military aggression.

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would lay bear Russian intentions.....

A deliberate mistake....right?

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Probabaly Freudian...

But it does work no matter what the reason...

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Because I NEVER...

play with homonyms, homographs, homophones, or homos (in either a belligerent or self deprecating manner), but yet only seem to play with heteronyms by accident.

Perhaps I'm not as happily married as I think I am... Or perhaps I just like running rings around Cory Booker... Or perhaps as a US expat in Europe I feel some overwhelming social pressure conform to some ludicrous stereotype that we're a bunch of socialist, gay, tree-hugging, idiots. Damn, now I need both a cigar and a trip to Dr. Freud's couch.

You've been reading this site three years and you just caught that,
or was that one just too corny to pass up?

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You have been misinformed. That part of Ukraine is very much in favor of Russia. The Russian language is from there.

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I'm very curious to know who, in your view, are ethnical ukranians?;-) And what is Ukraine ??? Why even 100 years ago no one heard of them?

And why does any one have to give s.t. to s.o. instead of it's population making decision what do they want with their land? Independance,be part of Ukraine or part of RF?

Isn't that called democracy? Or mabe that happened in Kiev is democracy?

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Democracy is nothing be mob rules (either by vote or force).

To show an extreme example, consider the Jonestown mass suicide cult. Those people CHOSE to kill themselves. Democracy isn't perfect.

skifff's picture

Not perfect? How convinient, ;-)))

we're seen consequences... one have to pay for it's actions, it's called responsobility

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Barking dogs don't bite.

Which is why Kerry and Merkel have spent so much time barking.

They're too toothless to bite.

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I think Ivan actually does surf...

Urban Redneck's picture

Good thing there isn't a "big red button" on my computer...

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Waddaya talkin'? Those are sightseeing tourist helicopters! Don't you know Crimea is a tourist destination? Geez!

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I think its a false flag. I don`t think Putin is stupid to start a war. He has all the time in the world to asses the situation and mount a counteroffensive.

Russia has signed the Budapest Memorandum on Security Assurances. It`s a international treaty signed on Feburary, 5, 1994, in Budapest between Ukraine, USA, Russia, and Great Britain concerning nuclear disarmament of Ukraine and security assurances of her independence. According to the treaty Ukraine has abandoned her nuclear arsenal to Russia, while Russia, USA, and Great Britain have promised (1) to respect Ukrainian independence and sovereignty within her borders; (2) to protect Ukraine from outer aggression and not to conduct aggression toward Ukraine; (3) not to put economic pressure on Ukraine in order to influence her politics; (4) not to use nuclear arms against Ukraine.

Before signing the agreement Ukraine was the worlds 3rd nuclear power (LOL).

Merkel is given the red carpet in London (LOL)

Obama is trying to get Russia into a war...

Look after the Bundesbank gold and all those Comex hanging deliveries.

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But the USA and UK didn't "respect Ukrainian independence and sovereignty" with our meddling there so Putin figures he's not bound by that treaty now.

Way to go Obozo! 

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Semperfi displayed the latest State Dept. shtick. This meme is appearing all over the place.