The Oscar Winners (If Twitter Had Its Way)

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With all eyes dismally fixed on Eastern Europe and the esclating tensions between the world's most powerful nations, we thought perhaps a little levity was appropriate. "Way To Blue" trawls the social media stratosphere of intellect and calculates a "desire to win" index that summarizes who we, the lowly members of the public, would most like to win the celebrated Academy Awards. It appears, in an odd coincidence to real-life, the debt-serfs of the world would most like to see "12 Years A Slave" win for Best Film.


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Yay! Useless fuckers getting on in life.

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And the Acadamy award for best actor goes to Mr. Obama for his performance in "Victory is only a phonecall away."  directed by V. Putin.


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self congratulatory crap

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What a waste of a year in film. A gigantic nothing burger.

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"If you want to tell people the truth, make them laugh, otherwise they'll kill you." -Oscar Wilde.
joy camp
Oscars 2014 LIVE (SPOILER ALERT LEAKED CLIP!!!) 86th Academy Awards
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and in other news ...
Anchorwoman Sausage Blooper

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I still want to know who Jonah hill blew to get nominated...  That fat fuck for the love of god wins tonight, I will never watch another movie, except porn, for the rest of my life.

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What are the Oscars?

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Waiting for the live terrorist takeover of the Oscars.  Now that would be some real TV.

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The "Oscars" is nothing "official". It's the industry promoting itself and touting it's own horn. Produced by industry moguls. And millions fall for this BS every year. That's why I have given up hope that sanity will ever prevail on this planet.

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One of the last movies that I watched on the 'big screen' was a cartoon tome called 'Heavy Metal'. I sat in the second row, center, and I and my friends caught the midnight showing after consuming mass quantities of substances which are still frowned upon.

I've actually heard of a couple of people listed here, including that dyke 'Ellen'. Do you mean to tell me that the sheople STILL go to see Bollywood movies?

BLUE is the new 'green' and RED is the new 'blue, and GREEN is the only color that actually matters to the GREY ones. One thing leads to another, I suppose.

Well, this band had another song as well, called 'Stand Or Fall'.

SO, Elllen Degenerate is hosting a freak-show congratulatory feast of rich Bollywood freaks who are deemed to be 'most popular' by some strange false dichotometric known as 'BLUE'. OH, TYLERS, this is far LESS than I expected, but is still interesting to see. The great unwashed masses are STILL easily manipulated...

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Bad Grandpa got robbed.

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Are we there yet Spock?  What'd I miss?

Sorry, I was making my own Holowood moments in the Holodeck studios.  ;-)

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We've all heard about phony twitter accounts and the ballot stuffing they do. Come on now...