US Ships Approaching Sevastopol? Mapping US Naval Assets

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Here's what is known with certainty:

Yesterday, US Aircraft Carrier CVN-77 George H.W. Bush crossed the Strait of Gibraltar.

This was largely expected, and the path of aircraft carrier into the Mediterranean was known well in advance. As of late last week, this is what was known about the distribution of US naval forces around the world (Source: Stratfor).


Here's what is not known with certainty:

It is not known if CVN-77 will continue to its scheduled final waypoint, the Arabian Gulf, or make a detour into the Black Sea.

It is also not known if as some suggested earlier on Twitter, and completely without confirmation, that a state of high alert was declared on the carrier.

Once again, this rumor has seen zero confirmation anywhere else so we assume it is false.

It is not known is if the report by Sevastopol News that the two US warships have already crossed the bosphorus and would arrive at the Crimean port shortly is real or fake. From the website:

The U.S. Navy will arrive in Sevastopol in four hours? As we have just learned from unofficial sources in the Naval Forces of Ukraine, headed for the shores of Sevastopol at full speed, are two ships of the United States Navy.


According to preliminary information, two destroyers carrier battle groups have already passed the Bosphorus.


Recall that part of the Black Sea Fleet warships are now off the coast of Sochi. Yesterday, a large landing ship "Kaliningrad" from the Baltic Fleet entered the Black Sea. And as we have previously reported, to Sevastopol is returning the Ukrainian frigate "Hetman Sahaidachny."

There has been no official comment.

Of the above, the most important unknown is whether indeed the US is entering the black sea in what would be a direct confrontation with the Russian fleet. Considering the earlier report of the defection of the Ukranian navy head, this would not be surprising as the US would certainly need naval presence in the waters close to the Crimean, especially following the report that the Crimean PM just announced the creation of a regional - i..e, non-Ukraine - navy.

Those who wish to do so can keep track of the status of CVN-77 George H.W. Bush on its facebook page located here.

Alternatively, a good place to keep track of who crosses in and out of the Black Sea is the Bosphorus Naval News.

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valkir's picture

Going thru Gibraltar,doesnt promise going thru Bosforus.

johngaltfla's picture

I agree. Also if the firing begins, the Black Sea is more of a bathtub than the Persian Gulf and our ships would be sitting ducks. Odds are they will position themselves opposite the Russian fleet in the Eastern Med.

DoChenRollingBearing's picture

The Ukraine is not our fight.  We should just stay the hell out.


There are only TWO US carriers available for duty?  

wuush's picture

There are 4 Pacific Carriers available too.

Skateboarder's picture

Didn't we go through this very exact exercise a few months ago for Syria?

wuush's picture

Im new here so i dont know what you are referring to.

But i think most of the US Navy is now in the Pacific due to the shift of focus to Asia/Pacific)

Headbanger's picture

You mooks are forgetting something. .. Turkey is just some 200 miles south of Crimea.

And some 1000 miles south of Moscow.

Hellooooo!!   Can you hear me now!!??

Or maybe Finland would like to settle an old score from before WWII??

Got Mosin??

Keyser's picture

Nott even Bozo is stupid enough to order US carriers to Sevastapol. Well, let's hope not anyway. 


ersatzteil's picture

It's still up to Turkey to allow the carrier battle group through the bosporous. Technically aircraft carriers and ships armed with 205mm or larger cannon are forbidden through the straights...which is why the Soviet Union titles it's single carrier "Heavy Aircraft-Carrying Cruiser"...

Raymond K Hessel's picture

What ever happened to those Iranian Naval ships steaming towards America?

Moe Hamhead's picture

One of them broke an oar. So they're just going in circles in the middle of the south Atlantic.


Urban Redneck's picture

Actually Turkey cannot let the CVN-77 cross.

The legal issue is that they would have to cut CVN-77 into four pieces with a big-ass blowtorch and float them through individually and unescorted, to avoid violating a very explicit treaty between a NATO member (Turkey) and Russia. (There is an implicit assumption in here that no NATO nation is going to formally DECLARE WAR on Russia just to float a boat through a body of water)

There is well over a century of back story going through 2 World Wars to the Crimean War and Russo-Turkish Wars, and which has even impacted the design of Russian surface ships in the Black Sea Fleet.


The US might as well go MAD, because it would offer Russia the opportunity to sink a large chunk of the US Navy both conventionally and legally before resorting to MAD, and there is no upside for the US to doing so, when they can easily fly planes out of Poland or Germany.

If Turkey were to let American ships past the Dardanelles, the Russians would have many hours to decide whether they want to turn the Bosporus Straits into the Isthmus of Bosporus in matter of mere minutes by blowing the two suspension bridges across the Bosporus (or more accurately the cable anchoring on either side), which would seriously destabilize Turkey and embolden its own separatist movement and give NATO a 2-front headache... Or they could attack the carrier group enroute, where the issue isn't the "bathub" shape- so much as the two narrow "drain pipes" where US ships are absolutely unmaneuverable. And if the Russians were to sink the lead and tail ships of convoy, the rest of the fleet goes nowhere.

If Obozo really is that certifiably insane, then US military would do better, and better serve the American people by launching a coup in the United States.

BraveSirRobin's picture

This is true. According to  Montreux Convention Regarding the Regime of the Straits, Turkey has control over the Bosporus Straits and the Dardanelles and regulates the transit of naval warships. 

Under the convention, non-Black Sea state warships, such as US naval vessels, must be under 15,000 tons to transit into or out of the Black Sea. No more than nine non-Black Sea state warships, with a total aggregate tonnage of no more than 30,000 tons, may pass through the straits or be in the Black Sea at any one time, In addition, non-Balck sea warships are permitted to stay in the Black Sea for no longer than 21 days.

Your analysis is spot on. The main reason the US will not directly aid the Ukraine against Russia, even if it desired to do so, is that their is no viable logistical pipe line to support such an endeavor without the cooperation of a lot of other countries that probably do not want to get sucked into a war.

Freddie's picture

Anyone thing the USN may try to get a sub into the Black Sea?

Urban Redneck's picture

That would be a neat (and dangerous) trick - only 60' of water depth in DOWNTOWN Istanbul to hide a submarine about 60' tall without scraping (ala USS Taylor), and without being hit by a ship above, and without anyone seeing the big fish in the river (or its wake)... where probably several waterfront real-estate leases are being financed by Moscow and outfitted with some rather sensitive measuring, recording and transmitting equipment. (If they straddled sea lanes the options are slightly better, but only on paper and before factoring in twice as many ships overhead.)

Overfed's picture

Yup. Way too shallow in a couple of places for a submerged sub to go through unseen, or even at all.

Dewey Cheatum Howe's picture

The US might as well go MAD, because it would offer Russia the opportunity to sink a large chunk of the US Navy both conventionally and legally before resorting to MAD, and there is no upside for the US to doing so, when they can easily fly planes out of Poland or Germany.

And that is why Obama and three State Department Stooges will try to do just that most likely after making threats like a dictator who thinks he can get his way anytime he wants by being a bully.

He is not insane, his incompetence is on purpose with malevolent intent.


rbg81's picture

Ukraine would represent a quick way to slash US forces and he wouldn't even have to get Congressional approval.  Imagine all the kudos Obama would get from his liberal buddies if actually lost a war to Russia.

rbg81's picture

I dunno.  Obozo is pretty stupid.  Lord help us if Putin double-dares him.

johnQpublic's picture

keep track of an aircraft carrier on facebook?

you must be joking

must be

Professorlocknload's picture

WWIII will likely have it's own facebook page too. Just that one needs to be quick on the like button before it vaporizes.


FredFlintstone's picture

"Im new here"... Welcome to planet Earth :)

Abi Normal's picture

bwahhahahahaha, welcome to fight club.

AGAU's picture

I love your courage, took me about a year of reading before I could comment.

DoChenRollingBearing's picture

I should have been more clear.  Only two US carriers are deployed, ie, not in port.

knukles's picture

Either way the seamen (uh huh) are busy 7 of 8 hours each day while "on" duty defending the Homeland (that's what "they" call it, not me.... kinda Germanic creepy) engaged in diversity, love, inclusiveness and gender neutral LBLGT, racial, ethnic and religious tolerance (excluding Christians who are to be vilified and keelhauled) meeting on the fantail led by representatives of the Department of Everybody's Welfare, Social Justice and That Kinda Shit.
Then again, I could imagine some dim-ficking-wit demanding a show of force in the Bosporus where running aground might be a real issue, just because they could then send a picture of the Bosschildking in a pair of starched and pressed Hannah Montana work pants complimented by a Hello Kitty turtleneck cotton sleeveless tee-shirt while squatting upon the Resolute desk in the Offal Orifice.

thamnosma's picture

Why are you talking about reality?  It's depressing.

DoChenRollingBearing's picture

@ knukles

I need to learn how to use my imagination better.

+ a gazillion, LOL....

saints51's picture

Got a question. On the deck is it pallets of dollars,cocaine,heroin, or all of the above?

Abi Normal's picture

Pallets of worthless paper, bonds, stocks, mbs, derivatives and the like, answer the question for ya?

saints51's picture

haha... probably shredding evidence.

PT's picture

Only one helicopter???



Maybe the rest have already started dropping their "precious" cargo.

Agstacker's picture

I say all of the above.

Onthebeach's picture

"I can assure everyone that the Crimean situation is 'Contained'"

Captain Ben Bernanke

USS Keynes

max2205's picture

Like the gobermint would tell everyone where shit is.....come on people

Abi Normal's picture

It's all about transparecny, for our strategic interests being exposed, is in a sense is ironic, as it Seems like Obozo is the most non-tranparent President in US history?!  It has been going on for a long time though, however, one can bet we have assets nobody knows about in the general area already!  Now, to get the airpower in place, and we have the New Crimean wonderful!!  

KickIce's picture

When you're not afraid of anyone you broadcast it. otherwise known as intimidation.

Conchy Joe's picture

Holy crap - do you think that there are 4 sunburns as well?

EnglishMajor's picture

There are 4 Pacific Carriers available too.


                 Who's going to watch Japan?

earleflorida's picture

the pentagon calls them, 'lily pads'?  basically they're useless when up against a russisn 'black hole' anti- anything that floats or flys submarine,...

thamnosma's picture

The Obama progressives are decimating our defense.  

We certainly don't need or want any more neo-con wars, we also want to continue to enjoy our domestic security.  That is, a strong military that is wisely and sparingly used, and that for defense from actual attack.  Pretty much how Ron Paul has expressed it.  

The progressives aren't about maintaining our security.  In this particular Ukrainian situation, it does mean we won't go to war, so at least that's a positive.  

macholatte's picture


If getting re-elected means spending billions on another war and killing lots of sheeple, well, you know, you gotta break some eggs if you wanna make an omlette.

Keyser's picture

Except the sheeple are onto this tactic and are pushing back. i.e. Syria... 


greatbeard's picture

>> are decimating our defense.

The MIC is decimating our country.  What's left to defend?

wallstreetaposteriori's picture

"The Ukraine is not our fight.  We should just stay the hell out."  Thats the type of shit that Americans believed before WWII, then look at what happened.  Clean it up now or clean it up later when shit really stinks.

Dull Care's picture

Yet another American conditioned to view everyone as a potential fuehrer due to our public indoctrination system and media while refusing to acknowledge that American involvement in WWI led to Nazism in Germany, Bolshevism in the Russian Empire and eventually WWII.

Abi Normal's picture

I call BS on Dull...we did not stay after WWI, we told Germany to pay reparations (ahem - for a war they started; which bankrupted them, and caused massive inflation, poverty, etc. This lead to National Socialism (NAZI's), the US was not a cause, unless you feel the reparations were "unfair"? 

As to Russia, that BS revolution happened in 1917 during WWI and would have happened anyway, communist forces were in motion long before get an education before you expose your ignorance again!

Urban Redneck's picture

Instead of "staying" the US created the BIS to stay for it. Perhaps "staying" would have done the world a favor and prevented a second (and third) World War(s). Since the US didn't stay, I would really prefer they now just stay out, there are no do-overs (except in Obozo and Billary's reset-button-oriented minds).