More IMF Lies?

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Presented with little comment.. Compare this:


To the following chart...


It appears the "big lie" remains well and truly in place... Just keep repeating it...


Oh and as a follow-up, Lipton nails it on Mexico...


and then there's this...


Chart: Bloomberg

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Telling the old broad you get prettier every day!

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Before coming to the IMF in 2011, Mr. Lipton was Special Assistant to the President, and served as Senior Director for International Economic Affairs at the National Economic Council and National Security Council at the White House.

That's explains everything. Lipton has zero credibility.

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So Lipton's an asshole along with Freidman, Friedman and Friediman.
And Krugman.
Don't forget Krugman.

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Krugman must have had a big bulge after seeing all those pictures coming out of Kiev a week or so ago, eh?

Broken glass and burnt everything, bullish view from his Keynesian closet.

All these NWO hippies turned socialists must be just having the time of their lives watching all these world events unfold.

Death and destruction just perched on the tree limb waiting for the moment to pounce.



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The machines are programmed to believe. It matters not if you know that Mr. Lipton is full of it as long as the machines have faith.

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When I was drinking, I never went to bed with an ugly woman.

Sure woke up with a few though.

About time the IMF took in a few meetings.

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Hi my name's Christine and I'm a Central Banker...


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Booyah, my fellow members!

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You guys really blew it !!! Nows the time for heavy drinking !!!

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Only if you're a Ukrainian PM...

How many are there right now?

I lost count a 3...


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Keep coming back Christine.

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It only works if you spend it...


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You tend to gather speed quickly when going downhill.

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N. S. A    N. S. A.  !!


sorry I can't remember which letters to use any more

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They said speed, not direction.

Lies beget bigger lies.

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The Heisenberg Economic Forecast!

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The Hindenberg Economic Reality!

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I was in my local Wal-Mart Supercenter today.  You could have shot a cannon off and not hit anybody.  How do these places keep the doors open with such a low level of business?

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Went to Home Depot to buy some lumber to build a trelise for some bigger plants and seriously saw maybe 1 or 2 other persons in there. The only places I see busy anymore are grocery stores. Even bars / pubs around here are losing customers rapidly. 

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have commented on this scene a number of times. nothing depicts a sick economy better.

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"The only places I see busy anymore are grocery stores."

It's a SNAP!

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You should come to my town, Things are booming. There are these new chain stores coming to town and they are popping up everywhere. They are called "FOR RENT" and "FOR SALE", and "SPACE AVAILABLE", by the looks of their locations they remind me of the coffebucks place. They are everywhere!

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You can go to a Sears store and have the entire store and all the sales people to yourself.  Pretty grim.

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How does WalMart keep its doors open?  What alternate universe are you living in?  Just because the economy sucks in Backwater USA doesn't mean it's the same elsewhere.


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Wal-Mart Stores Inc. said Friday that U.S. sales figures for its fiscal fourth quarter would probably come in below earlier forecasts when they’re announced Feb. 20 due to the effects of volatile weather and cuts to the federal food stamp program....


I hear that's going around these days, haha.  Fuck walmart.

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The important thing is to Not pay any attention to anything we see with our eyes and only believe what the corporations and government tell us. Whether they use GAAP in their reports is of less importance than the overall perception they are trying to project.

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I went to a couple of antique stores looking for a straight razor, and they were complaining that business has been very slow.  I did find a straight razor from 1860 that was not only functional, but in decent shape for $110 though.  (Didn't purchase it, but it was pretty cool.)

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Damn, I can get two Buttplugs with real horsehair for 110 bucks !!!

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Is it important to the horses to have real horsehair in their butt plugs?

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Just replace 'growth' with 'collapse' and they are absolutely right.

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Looks like the economic growth is about to transverse an event horizon...... into the black hole ....






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Lies. Damned Lies, and Economics!!1one!!!

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The IMF is a good example of democracy 


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TRANSITORY ... haven't heard that for a while.

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Lets get ready to Limbo!

(The dance, the lowered bar, oh never

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...once the snow melts from that brutal Mexican winter.

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My friend just got back from there; he's having much faster bowel movements.

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I think your taking it out of context - he meant it will grow faster than it my otherwise have done. Harumf!

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"more IMF Lies?"

Were their lips moving?

- Ned

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But it is true that a jet/air plane (economy) in a flat spin will accellerate (gather speed) until it reaches terminal velocity and then smacks the ground in a spectacular crackup.



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Lipton...hmmm, dude should have stuck with the tea gig

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They're correct if one is counting the proliferation of pizza joints, barbershops and "stuffed autos" at the dealerships.

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Parents seldom feel any guilt at manipulation of their children to get desired behavior. The International Manipulators of Fraud feel no guilt in their actions as they think they are creating better lives for people. Just because there is some collateral damage,  millions people in destitution as a result of their games, is no reason to abandon their agenda. They are doing it for our own good. I'm sure it hurts them more than it does us. Sure it does.

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Yeah Yawnnnnn  Reggie Love is gathering momentum and the Bummer is having his climax

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Close your eyes and click your heels three times Lipton, there's no place like home, there's no place like home.

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I think he meant to say "in a parallel universe"