Russia Denies It Has Given Ukraine An Ultimatum, Calls It "Utter Nonsense"

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Just released from Vedomosti, google translated for most linguistic impact:

Russian Defense Ministry denies reports appeared that the Ukrainian military in Crimea delivered an ultimatum .


Today the agency " Interfax-Ukraine" reported, citing a source in the Defense Ministry of Ukraine , that the commander of the Black Sea Fleet of Russia Alexander Vitko an ultimatum Ukrainian soldiers in the Crimea . According to the source agency , if, prior to 5:00 am Tuesday Ukrainian soldiers " do not give up , start a real assault units and parts of the Ukrainian Armed Forces around the Crimea."


The official representative of the Russian Defense Ministry called Message agency " utter nonsense " and said that any ultimatums Ukrainian military in the Crimea was not put.


Head of Naval Forces of Ukraine in Sevastopol Crimean authorities busy loyal soldiers about half ( in its territory is located a few buildings ), another half remains under control VMSU says Ukrainian officer , with no clusters of armed men and now there is no activity , but about the ultimatum he heard nothing.

And the more formal narrative from Reuters, which broke the original story, now being denied:

Russia's Black Sea Fleet has not issued an ultimatum to Ukrainian forces in Crimea to surrender by 5 a.m. on Tuesday or face an assault, Interfax news agency quoted an official at the fleet's headquarters as saying.


Russia's Black Sea Fleet has a base in Crimea and Moscow has effectively established control over the peninsula, which is part of Ukraine.


Interfax quoted an unnamed source in the Ukrainian Defence Ministry earlier on Monday as saying a deadline to surrender at 0300 GMT had been set by the Black Sea Fleet's commander.


The same news agency later quoted an unnamed representative at the fleet's headquarters as saying no assault was planned, adding: "This is complete nonsense."

Hmmmm, whom to believe...

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Crisis over.

Buy SPOOS patriots. Don't let the terrorists win.

john39's picture

arm and explosives seized on Crimean border.  another victoria nuland fail:

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The West are the ones who keep trying to escalate, so their media organs can blame it on Putin.


Of course, now we are also seeing the value, to certain parties, of RT, aren't we?

nope-1004's picture

HaHa.  West caught in a lie - AGAIN.  lmfao.  Obama you Lying POS.


Divided States of America's picture

What do you expect with all this charade going on when the Zionist controlled MSM is reporting these headlines.

Havent you noticed on CNBC the whole day? They have been showing the same fuckin video footages of whats going on in Ukraine (Russian soldiers waiting for an order) for the entire morning...the same fuckin footage! except we got MCC narrating it differently everytime.

Freddie's picture

I saw that the Russians spend $85 billion in defense spending.   They could dust any US fighter with their jets or AA missiles plus probably take out any ship.   This is not anti American rhetoric just that the defense contractors and the Pentagon are incredibly corrupt turning overpriced defective garbage out.

After 50 years the M16/M4 is still defective.  The F-35 is junk.

walküre's picture

Russian military is expensive and Russia doesn't have reserve currency. Doesn't take rocket science to figure out what this means.

RSloane's picture

What a debacle this made of the previous ZH article about Putin's "ultimatum" in which more blood, sweat, and tears were shed than in the Ukraine itself.

kaiserhoff's picture


False Flag.  Expect more of the same.

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Russia will fold on Ukraine. I've been downvoted for a week now. Nothing can function outside the Budapest memorandum. It's fundamental for the post soviet era. Putin is politically dead after Ukraine. He will be disposed swiftly by the Russian oligarchs.

Balanced Integer's picture

I think that you are badly informed on who exactly has the whip hand in Russia. Putin is fully in control of the army, the GRU and the FSB security services. Oligarchs who step out of line get their assets seized and find themselves apprehended on trumped-up corruption charges. Those who excape overseas could find themselves in line for a vodka and tonic, with a polonium garnish.

Russia isn't going to fold on Ukraine. The West will after a time, outside of some meaningless diplomatic sanctions. Putin knows that the western leaders are spineless, inept, and in the case of Europe, totally lacking in military strength. The Budapest treaty is just a piece of paper unless the US, UK, and France will actually enforce it militarily.

You have been rightly downvoted for your lack of vision on this situation.

semperfidelis's picture

Save my comment and give it 6 months. I will save yours.

bigdumbnugly's picture

what's real utter nonsense is my ex'es bra size.

EuropeanBankster's picture

The conflict is moving towards Kharkiv, Dnipro and Donetsk, where the russian population in more like 50 %. Pro-russians have siezed buildings and raised the Russian Flag.. This is where the powder keg is most likely to blow up.. NOT Crimea, where the ukrainian minority does not dare to do anything.. after the first violent confrontation in these cities, Russia will probably enter into Ukraine territory in order to protect their citizens.. thats then we´ve got a seriuus situation.. cause who will protect the ukrainian polulation? The non existing Ukraine army?... NATO?...

SWRichmond's picture

I hear these names and I weep:

Battle of Kharkov may refer to:

toothpicker's picture

But....but....Christopher Miller said he heard someone say so

Kirk2NCC1701's picture

For some background on "Vicky", see...

I find it distasteful when one turns on one's ancestral home, as Nuland/Nudelman has, and shows no regard for anything but ambition and power.

jaxville's picture

What on earth do you expect from her? Her loyalties have nothing to do with America, decency or any civilized notion of human behavior. By now most here should have figured it out about her and her brethren and where those loyalties lie.

camaro68ss's picture

When Putin draws red lines, he means them. This leads to me believe the whole time schedule thing was a sham.

Now if obama said it and didnt act, i would believe it

knukles's picture

No soup or toliet paper for you guys!

Chief KnocAHoma's picture

This shit is about to get real.

O looks and acts impotent. Russia rebuffs the US/KSA/Eu in Syria. O warns Russia angainst invading Ukrane and in less than 24 hours Puttin rolls in. 

Next watch China advance on Japan/Phillipines while O hands out more phones and food stamps.

The rest of the World is playing chess, and our leader isn't capable of playing tic tac toe.

O is dangerous. Not intentionally, but because he is so fucking clueless.

camaro68ss's picture

he got a phone and a pen, he has more power then you think. bawhahahahaha

SWRichmond's picture

O is dangerous. Not intentionally, but because he is so fucking clueless.

Perhaps, but if McKillCrazy was in office the nukes would be flying by now.

john39's picture

not defending obamoa here...  but what exactly should the U.S. government do here?  I would say, get out of Ukraine and leave them, and a lot of other countries, alone.  Attacking Russia or Crimea would be even worse than obamao looking like a tool for saying stupid things then doing nothing.  What the U.S. really needs is political leaders not beholden to central bankers and foreign powers.  after that, problems would fix themselves.

Oldwood's picture

Anyone who does not understand the deterrent of apparent strength will never doubt our current leader. When you repeatedly demonstrate a lack of strength and resolve, you will eventually be forced to capitulate or respond with violence, likely from a weakened position. We should be limiting our involvement in foreign affairs while leaving no doubt of our resolve and commitment to OUR interests. Obama has only demonstrated resolve in defending HIS interests, and the rest of the world sees this.

john39's picture

"our" interest would be to join with Putin and rid Ukraine, and the rest of Europe, of banker scum.  not real complicated.

walküre's picture

Are you sure you know that Putin is not acting under pressures from banker scum?

walküre's picture

Agree with the sentiment, however it is not that easy and maybe never was. Look at the entire map of Eastern Europe. Many sovereign nations that were under the yoke of Russian hardliner communists not too long ago. Putin turns out is not a reformer and has himself eternalized as THE Russian leader, much like the Czars before him. Putin is lost in the former Soviet glory days and that is now becoming a threat to the region.

Putin is a dangerous man. O is just a dud and will do and sign whatever the hawks in the State Dept and at the Pentagon put in front of him. I don't believe for a second that it was ever any different. Potus is very limited in his reign and that is a good thing.

Putin displays the character of a man who thinks he needs to prove himself. Maybe it is a complex or a power trip. He's been in power for a very long time and its not unusual that a man's lust for power is clouding his judgement.

I'm troubled by the likes of Putin far more than an underachiever like Obama. At least Obama is more or less aware of his inabilities and doesn't try to be the big man in the bully pit. His administration uses other characters for that part who have far less powers.

john39's picture

Europe is under banker occupied government.   fighting to aid the central bank controlled system just to show that he (obamao) is a man?  sounds like a big lose to me.

walküre's picture

The last President to try and fight the Fed was JFK. He died. Fed has upped he ante in 2008 when they came to the rescue of the financial crisis they created in the first place. Other CBs from BoJ, BoE and ECB followed suit when they realized the potential. Not sure entirely about the nuances of power in each of these countries/systems but I'm sure all CBs have gained power and control over politics since then.

Coordinated actions and time tables of all the CBs just confirm the collusion and further blur the lines of government and money.

Is the Fed in charge in Moscow and controls the Russian CB? Russia's finances aren't super solid which is why international lenders are avoiding the paper and Russian depositors are fleeing. Putin doesn't seem to be able to stem the tide of an eroding economy and eroding currency. It's been going on for a while now but you would never know judging from the lavish expensive games he put on. But even there, a look behind the surface would show mismanagement and decay.

Russia is in trouble financially. IMF was said to come to Russia again. They bailed Russia out not too long ago.

If Putin can't afford to pay the troops he HAS to go to war. That is all he ever knew and being the egomaniac he shows to be, this is likely what he will do.

Remember Georgia? Georgian "terrorists"? Now we have Ukrainian "Nazis"? Same propaganda.


Kirk2NCC1701's picture

Speaking of things that would fix themselves, if you wanted to "get rid of bank(s)ter scum", you could:

> Break up the Banker Cartel, like Teddy Roosevelt did with Standard Oil.  Smash them into hundreds of little pieces, under anti-trust laws, etc.

> Tax the shit out of HFTs and the Derivatives Market, to force its wind-down

> Get back to Honest Money: 

a. No more fiat currencies.  All money to be backed by a basket of PM plus Energy.  That way, as the economy grows or contracts, its use of energy goes along with it and so does the money supply.  Balance of Trade to be settled by Honest Money or the Assets that are backing it.

b. Only governments issue Honest Money.  No more private cartels.

But the "problem" with this is that it would be "Against National Interests", since the <1% who own each nation would no longer benefit from the slavery of the other 99%.

BigJim's picture

 O is dangerous. Not intentionally, but because he is so fucking clueless.

O is no more or less dangerous than any other puppet

Oldwood's picture

The appearance of weakness or stupidity is always dangerous.

The Phu's picture

Putin doesn't issue ultimatums, he promises (and follows through).  Pay attention and learn, Mr. Obummer.

Colonel Klink's picture

Obama only pays attention to balls, the ones on the golf course, basketball court, and....well you know.

disabledvet's picture

bwhahahaha. you guys would make great cannon fodder.

these Ukrainians have liberated their country...and you want the "Putin boot to their neck."

I gonna laugh my balls off when the USA and Europe really does do something and you all keep "crying in beer" about "this country sucks and all Americans should die."

Balanced Integer's picture

I'm with you, vet. The Putin-worship on ZH is bewildering. Here we have supposed libertarians marveling at the power wielded by the Russian dictator. He tramples over borders, suppresses dissent, and the far too many hear stand up and cheer.

jaxville's picture

 A democratically elected government is overthrown by US interests and the man who stands up to those interests is painted as some sort of villain. America is led by a homosexual crack smoking sock puppet and you are too busy throwing egg at a real man with real integrity to notice. Look to those who really run your "once great, now shithole" of a country. A civil war is coming there and I suspect people like you to be on the wrong side in service of the "you know who". Forget about values like freedom, peace and decency. They are now unAmerican.

  Putin may not be perfect but at least he is a real man. That is something this world desperately needs more of.

Colonel Klink's picture

Don't get me wrong.  I'm not rootin for Putin.  It's just that Obama is so incredibly weak both in moral character as well as intellectual capacity.

freedogger's picture

This is all amusing until mistakes happen. System errors, human error, translation fails etc. Before you know it nukes are flying.  

fooshorter's picture

There will never be a nuclear war, but mistakes are always encouraged

freedogger's picture

Hope you are right. Reviewing the past near misses isn't encouraging. These are the ones that they have told us about:


petolo's picture

The first victim of war is Google translation 

Schmuck Raker's picture

I wish Boris was here. He could tell us the Truth.

prains's picture

the copper still needs to be carefully taken apart for the move, it's very time intensive plus he has to drink the left overs

frankthomaswhite59's picture

who downvotes a call for Boris?

zerohedge's man on the steppe

I wish he were here too.

walküre's picture

Boris took cover as soon as Russia escalated tensions. Go figure.