"Behind The Kiev Snipers It Was Somebody From The New Coalition" - A Stunning New Leak Released

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The last time a leaked phone call out of Ukraine was released about a month ago ostensibly by the Russian NSA equivalent, one between US assistant sec state Victoria Nuland and the US envoy to the Ukraine, Geoffrey Pyatt, it was revealed that the real puppet masters behind the Maidan movement, and the true instigators of the Ukraine "revolution" were none other than the "developed" world superpowers, lead by the US. Also revealed were tensions between the US and EU strategies on how to overthrow the current government, culminating with the infamous "Fuck the EU." Needless to say the US, which implicitly confirmed the recording, was angry at Russia and accused it of using dirty tricks.

That's ironic, because when it comes to "dirty tricks" what is about to be presented, blows the top off anything Russia may or has done to date.

Earlier today an even more shocking recording has been "leaked" this time one between the always concerned about human rights EU foreign affairs chief Catherine Ashton and Estonian foreign minister Urmas Paet, in which it is revealed on tape that all those photos of horrifying deaths of Ukrainians by snipers during the last days of the Median stand off, were in fact caused not by Snipers controlled by Yanukovich, but that the snipers shot at both protesters and police in Kiev were allegedly hired by Maidan leaders!

Here is the key exchange, just after 8 minutes into the conversation :

Paet: "All the evidence shows that people who were killed by snipers from both sides, policemen and people from the streets, that they were the same snipers killing people from both sides. ... Some photos that showed it is the same handwriting, the same type of bullets, and it is really disturbing that now the new coalition they don't want to investigate what exactly happened. So there is now stronger and stronger understanding that behind the snipers, it was not Yanukovych, but it was somebody from the new coalition."

Ashton: "I think we do want to investigate. I mean, I didn’t pick that up, that’s interesting. Gosh."

Paet: "It already discreditates (sic) this new coalition."

So first US orchestrates the Kiev overthrow, and now the new "leaders" of Ukraine are allegedly found to have fired against their own people - the same provocation they subsequently used to run Yanukovich out of the country and install a pro-Western puppet government. Of course, said pro-Western coalition has not been discreditated (sic) because Ms. Ashton has sternly refused to investigate, knowing quite well how horribly this would reflect on the new Ukraine "leadership" -  a government which shot its own people to fabricate the pretext under which it rose to power.

Is it any wonder then that Russia has responded the way it has?

As for at least one of the affected parties, Estonia, it has just confirmed the authenticity of the recording, and the ministry of foreign affairs has organized a press conference to answer media questions today at 5 pm. From the Valisministeerium:

No. 84-E Foreign Minister Urmas Paet and EU foreign policy chief Catherine Ashton uploaded to the Internet today, a phone call is authentic.


Paet and Ashton conversation took place on 26 February, following Estonia's Foreign Minister's visit to Ukraine, and immediately after the end of the street violence.


Foreign Minister Paet communicate what he had said about the meetings held in Kiev last day and expressed concern about the situation.


"It is extremely regrettable that such an interception is occurring at all""said Paet., Including its call for today's photos are not random," he added.

Yes, it is truly regrettable that the people know the truth.

Full leaked recording below:

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Steve in Greensboro's picture

Tell me again, who is supposed to be smarter, Bush or Obama?

Looney's picture

Our foreign policy in action – Military response? No… Sanctions? No… Visas? No… Just like a blind man peeing all over a mute man, who is screaming at a deaf man who is giving a Heimlich maneuver to a dead man. ;-)


SRSrocco's picture

PAUL CRAIG ROBERTS outlined all of this in his KWN interviewed last week:


He didn't say it was snipers, but he stated quite clearly that the RIGHT WING THUGS took over the protest and killed most of the police and protesters.


HoofHearted's picture

Oh, shit...you mean false flags really do happen? Remember the Maine. And don't dare think anything about 9/11...ever! 

Vampyroteuthis infernalis's picture

Well, F*ck the EU. While we are at it, F*ck the Fed!!!

nope-1004's picture

US foreign policy is pure evil, initiated for the complete and full financial control of the world and no one, not even "our side", will be spared in an effort to fulfill this directive.  Benghazi anyone?

A few years ago that old rag Madeline Albright said so in an interview.  Complete financial domination, from which sanctions and other "tools" can be employed to control other nations, is the goal.

Civil liberties, freedom, and quality of life mean nothing.

Manthong's picture

Heavens to Mergatroid!

The US and EU put bad guys in control.

Say it ain’t so!

Oh well, I guess it’s up to ol’ Vlad to fix things in his back yard.

Got that, Sec State Mr. Ed?

Hey Victoria, how about some cookies for them snipers?

i-dog's picture

The string-pullers behind this are a multnational organisation that sits above the US and EU. Part of this script is to totally discredit the US and democratic government. We're moving into the end game now...and I sense some desperation to get it happening more quickly and even out in the open. Hubris.

jaap's picture

but but... EU was peace 4eva...

Stuart's picture

Equally interesting is how Ashton quickly moved on from these very significant revelations, that the sniper doing the killing from the New coalition side.  She was almost dismissive.   Says much about Ashton and EU intention... don't give a shit in other words or already know but don't care for it doesn't change their agenda. ... Truth be damned, again. 

dontgoforit's picture

Someone trying to get it going between the U.S. and RU?

DaddyO's picture

So the US and EU have blood on their hands?

This regime is so evil and corrupt as to boggle even my tin foil hat covered pea brain...


THX 1178's picture

As a citizen of the US, I feel compelled to apologize deeply for what has happened... but the US gov no longer represents me. It certainly doesn't represent those sheep that surround me 24/7 - they don't know any better. But what is someone to do when there is nothing one can do? It is out of my hands.

john39's picture

Dennis Kucinich tells clown bill o'reilly how the USSA has dirty hands in Ukraine:


prains's picture

as of my timestamp ZH looks to be having trouble running more than three articles, this has been going on of over half an hour and with multiple refreshes. Also can't get into any article thru History………anyone else??

Oh regional Indian's picture

Apocalypse NOW

brothers mostly and sisters few

It is not time to stew

but dew ;-)



BaBaBouy's picture

OMABOA (Care) Folds!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Obama said to allow 2-year renewal for old health plans

Americans who kept health plans that don't comply with Obamacare requirements will be able to renew those policies for two more years, according to a person familiar with the matter.

Manthong's picture

"Ashton: "I think we do want to investigate."

Is Catherine Ashton related to Bart Chilton at all?

mjcOH1's picture

"Paet: "All the evidence shows that people who were killed by snipers from both sides, policemen and people from the streets, that they were the same snipers killing people from both sides. ... Some photos that showed it is the same handwriting, the same type of bullets, and it is really disturbing that now the new coalition they don't want to investigate what exactly happened. So there is now stronger and stronger understanding that behind the snipers, it was not Yanukovych, but it was somebody from the new coalition."


Wait a minute....WHAT evidence? The Estonian foreign minister saying 'all the evidence shows' is neither evidence of anything nor shows anything. But let's not go confusing the issue with the facts here.

Paveway IV's picture

You have the Estonian foreign minister's opinion and Tyler-evych looking sadly desperate on one side, and physics and ballistics on the other. 

What am I missing about the Tyler obsession with bringing down the Ukrainian uprising? Is it really worth driving traffic away from ZH? 

Archduke's picture

absolultna.  prove it.

same type of bullets?


everybody and their sister has an AK or SKS and they all fire 7.62R.


you need ballistics to prove the bullets came from the same rifles.

or perhaps some spectroscopic or isotopic signature proving they

came from the same batch, and a reasonable number of well placed

shots proving this wasnt just accidental friendly fire on the other side.


let's see some numbers.

anything else is spin.



Kirk2NCC1701's picture

So, will snipers in Kiev lead to a Sniper-Control Act in the USSA?

Little or nothing surprises me these days.

Wahooo's picture

2 billion DHS rounds is a lot of snipes. May have to go snipe hunting at some point.

James_Cole's picture

It's surprising people on here are so shocked / offended by this. You know your government trained and financially supported countless death squads for many decades, right?

Were y'all in a coma during the 80s?

DaddyO's picture

What about the 30's, 40's, 50's, 60's and 70's

Governments are corrupt by definition, let's not paint with partisan colors...


James_Cole's picture

Sure, it goes back to the beginning. 80s was somewhat unique because of the huge numbers of people killed in countries without the cover of war & certainly not officially at war / threat the us. 

This is interesting for those who have the time:


ebear's picture

1973  Santiago Stadium


Anyone building a timeline should probably go back to 1898:


Although 1846 would work just as well:


This has been going on for a long time.

James_Cole's picture

Chile was the blueprint for overthrowing latin American democracies. Funny that the west hasn't deviated from that script a notch, yet nobody acknowledges it. 

Johnny Cocknballs's picture

actually, Iran was.  But point taken. 

The people of Ukraine are about to find out...


Rock On Roger's picture

All these so called 'leaders' are traitors to humankind.

None of them are working with the interest of their constituents in mind.

Crucifiction might be a good punishment, especially for the fuckers who think they're doing god's work.


Stack On

Muddy1's picture

No, No, you've got it all wrong, DaddyO.  This has nothing to do with the 30's, 40's, 50's, 60's, 70's, 80's, or 90's.  This has to do with the US using 19th century tactics in the 21st century.  Wait, er, ah forget what I said.

chunga's picture

Can anyobody here speak Ukrainian?

Well, here's a short video (2 minutes) in which one of the “revolutionaries” is “holding discussions” with a Ukrainian Attorney General, on camera. The choking and head slap gives it away a little.


chunga's picture

Is that the same guy in the link I posted?

Rylie's picture

hit the CC at the bottom of the video and Youtube translates it for you.

Col. kong's picture

I don't speak Ukrainian however my take on this is just the normal conduct of a Raider fan say at the DMV or like anywhere they go!
I think everyone here is missing the point of this whole uprising. These guys are just angry Raider fans!!!!

SmackDaddy's picture

That hat gives him about as much credibility as it would on the streets of Oakland...

Independent's picture

MAIDAN is AMERICA'S, EUs, and ISRAEL's TIANEMEN SQUARE !!!!! How many innocent people in this world have and are being killed for the sake of dual citizen American Style Diplomacy.  Does one even think for a moment that the founding fathers would of shot their own revolutionaries to create a false flag event.  I choose to believe they wouldn't have.  I looked on yahoo and google and nothing about this story.  Figures what is going on, damage control.  I would like to see how the Ukraine army now reacts, if I was a soldier I would be pretty ticked off enough to surround the capital, and keep any flights from leaving and get all those goose stepping right wing mofos and have a nice mussolini type execution.  Yeah US typical operation, one need only look at all the Banana Wars in South and Central America and the Regime Changes and so on.  One has to ask at this point was the Holocaust a False Flag Event, given the pure evil of these people.  We know that Israeli special forces were fighting for the movement.  One guy even said when the snipers started shooting he pulled his squad of Ukrainians and Israelis fighting under him, 20 some odd people out of the square, did he not want his friends shot because he knew about the modus operandi?  Were the mercenaries doing the shooting Israeli special forces?  Certainly the oligarchs were very eager to join up with the EU to unload their ill gotten gains.  Where is the outcry from the International Tribunal, why are they not clamoring to go in and investigate? Is it because it is a selective body for whom war crimes are only those done by people that dont pay for their salaries and fancy euro capital restaurant lunches and dinners?  I feel like I am living in a nightmare fairy tale where Snow White is the Evil Witch with blood on her hands.  In their quest for financial gain and enslavement of other countries the deaths of innocent lives just means a new granite counter in a sea side villa for some oligarchs and beauracrats and technocrats.

Hephaestus's picture

I agree its all coming to a head now and the Chinese + Russians will put a stop to it one way or another. They DONT NEED us or our bankers.

If the money has been running like this in a great big circle for decades example.

US consumer-->Walmart-->China-->US debt-->federal spending-->US consumer

I have to wonder why the Chinese never let wages/profits climb to the point of trade equilibrium? What did they have to gain by basically making their population work like slaves for the US? This is holding down living standards in China!

That is a very dangerous game for the Chinese govt. to play. Their #1 priority is maintaining control of over a billion people! They have been playing the long long game. All of it was designed to use Americas greed to asset strip the US of...

1. Jobs
2. Equipment
3. Technology
4. Trade secrets (military and corporate)
if you doubt it see here - http://www.bbc.com/news/world-us-canada-18155293

So now China is rapidly closing in on the point where the Master(US) has nothing left to teach. We ran out of factories for them to take. The true purpose of running a trade surplus vs. the US is gone. They can now produce anything they want.

The Chinese need us? How? What raw material is so important that the MONSTER Chinese manufacturing base would collapse without it? Its just completely impossible that the Chinese could import raw materials and pay for them by returning part of it as finished goods? Americans still do this today at sawmills. You have some trees the sawmill cuts em up and gets some for payment. Simple as that.You dont need any currency for production and through diplomacy China can do it with foreign nations rich in natural resources but poor in "paper". 

I call BULLSHIT on the idea that the Chinese are fooked without the US! In fact the opposite is true. Where oh where will Americans get iPhones computers pots pans toys xboxes without the Chinese? We certainly will not just throw open all the old factories and resume production. We lack

1. The power grid to support heavy industry.
2. The tradesmen to operate said factories.(min 5 years to train one maint tech.)
3. The freedom to start a new enterprise that is profitable.(Endless rules & regulations EPA OSHA etc.)
4. Engineers of the uncivil variety.
5. Rail transport. We have pulled up rail lines and made hiking trails out of them!
6. Capital. not funny money - mills lathes CNC machining centers buildings foundries and so fourth.

We can build it all again just not overnight. I think maybe one or two decades if we are willing to work hard as nation. All that debt the Chinese hold is really just a policy tool. The longer this goes on the stronger it gets too. They never expected to ruin America and have our paper be good. We however might be dumb enough trade our valuable land for our own junk paper(facepalm) The only thing holding the financial shit show together is military force. If China finds a way to keep trade routes open against our will......

That is where the DF-21 and other Chinese war machine breakthroughs come in. They will not attack the US they will stop the US from isolating them from raw materials. Materials like energy. So the China Russia Iran partnership is pretty easy to understand. Together they can cut the entire freeloading western world out of their pie when (not if) they can push the US gun out of their collective faces. At that point this bankster financial "glass house of cards built clear to space" will come crashing down.

The new circle paradigm

Chinese consumer-->Chinese Walmart-->chinese Factory-->Chinese consumer-->

Just like it used to be in America - shocker right? and not at all impossible from my view. Somewhere between 1960 and now the American attitude has changed from "Get out of the way I'll make it myself" to "Snap the govt cut my SNAP!" Without the Chinese to cover the REAL US decline Americans will wake up in a third world country almost over night.




El Diablo Rojo's picture

The Chinese need us? How? What raw material is so important that the MONSTER Chinese manufacturing base would collapse without it?

Answer: Coal.

Berkshire Hathaway sells tons of coal to china. It leaves out of the port of Long Beach every day.

China has more coal plants than any other country. No scrubbers, no precipitators, no bag houses, hence the pollution.

China is buying up assets worldwide every day, when they have a section of the market cornered, then they can do away with us.  A few more years, would be a guess.


Hephaestus's picture

We shouldnt be giving them our coal anyway. We should be sending lumber food and other "renewable" resources. Coal doesnt grow back for a few million years and we will need it desperately soon. It says something about the state of America that we are selling energy. Americans are power hogs and when all this fracking stops we are SOL.

Hephaestus's picture



I bet the Chinese would have no interest in our coal if the US was a little more willing to share some oil from say




and coming soon(again) Iran.

Any of these countries sound familiar?

Divided States of America's picture

A little off topic, looks like the US is using Japan as a way to get under China's skin and stir up trouble there. Yes now everthing seems to be making more sense. And who are in charge of the USA? fuckin Israel. No wonder even the Chinese hate the Jews.

i-dog's picture

Japan is being used to divert China's attention from Xinjiang (Muslim separatists being used to attempt to separate the Central Asian energy fields from the East Asian energy consumers).

Israel is not the problem, though Zionists are certainly part of the problem.

El Diablo Rojo's picture

I am in agreement with you. We shouldn't be selling our resources.  When I was working in Long Beach, saw it daily.

eclectic syncretist's picture

One thing China doesn't need that we do have is fertile land.  Have a look at this list of agricultural output by country.


Even normalized for population China's output is still higher than the US.


Hephaestus's picture


Have you seen whats coming out of our schools now? What do you expect these kids to do build quantum accelerators? Growing potatoes might just be more than they can handle!

Nearly 80 percent of New York City high school graduates need to relearn basic skills before they can enter the City University’s community college system.