Beige Book Saw Modest-To-Moderate Growth Despite 119 Mentions Of The Word "Weather"

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The soon-to-be-renamed-Boring-Book, for its constant uniformity of mediocre Goldilocks data offered little to strengthen bulls or bears (as usual) but it seems weather was the key once again. With 119 references to "weather" (6 times more than the January report), they remind us that:


But - the "m" words continue to dominate:


As 8 of the 12 districts "reported improved levels of activity"... but but but the weather. Healthcare concerns were cited 16 times.

After removing filler words, only one thing matters...


On the weather...

Several contacts indicated that residential mortgage lending had nearly come to a halt, in part because of this winter's extreme weather. However, a Virginia lender believed that the demand for new homes is there, but that people are "just trying to survive the weather right now."


Construction has been "slow to come out of the ground" primarily due to weather conditions.


Contacts remarked that energy prices had risen due to increased demand during the extremely cold weather


Reports on labor were mixed, as weather-related shutdowns slowed hiring slightly.


Some weather related effects were noted for a few sectors late in the period. However, the outlook remains generally optimistic


However, a number of contacts stated that the unusual winter weather affected production in late January and output was lower than planned for that month.

On Obamacare....

Contacts in Chicago indicated that higher healthcare premiums increased non-wage labor costs, while a growing number of employers in Cleveland reported passing through rising healthcare costs to their employees.


Contacts remain concerned about general macroeconomic conditions and uncertainty surrounding healthcare reform.


Several contacts express concerns about continued uncertainty regarding how healthcare reform will affect the staffing industry.


A growing number of employers are passing through rising healthcare costs to their employees.


Reports of rising costs related to healthcare were widespread. There is concern among small builders that employees may lose their employer-paid insurance.

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...the world of make-believe...

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What a pile of poop! If I want to hire someone and it's snowing TODAY, I will hire him TOMORROW...  ;-)


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Get your 1900 SPX hats ready boys and girls.   

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the word cloud should really just contain the names of billionaires because that's all they care about

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as long as faceshit continues to make new all time highs on a daily basis, i guess all is well in this bullshit world.


when these people mention weather repeadetly,  do they not realize that the u.s.a is a really big country in terms of population and size, and that the majority of the country does not face snow and ice on a daily basis, or even frigid weather for that matter.


do they also not realize that a big country like the u.s.a, if it was really as strong as they like to make it seem it is, there is no way a countries gdp, or jobs added, etc, would be this weak due to a fucking snowstorm or temps in the 20's, this is no different than any other winter.


the fact that the ''market'' keeps giving it a pass is just total bs.


it would be one thing if the data was consistently strong , and the past few months were surprisingly weak, then mayb one can say weather has some effect, but considering we have had terrible data for the past 6 years on a consistent basis no matter what the weather is, its just downright comical how it always gets a pass.


this economy isnt like an A+ STUDENT who all the sudden starts to get C'S AND D'S, AND u give him the benefit of the doubt that maybe he is having personal issues at home that are effecting him, etc, this economy has never fucking been strong regardless if its 75 and sunny or 20 and snowing.



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Healthcare is the biggest fear..I am glad companies are passing on the costs...they voted for it..the now they can pay for it....that is how you teach them in todays world...unfortunatly Obamacare will be postponed until after the politics

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It's all Nobel Peace Price winner 'Our Pal Al' Gore's fault! He did too good of a job solving global warming. Word is out that he's gonna need another $750m tranche of TARP GRANT to set the thermostat back to normal!

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Modest to Moderate? Yeah, that's a real range.

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Just think if even half of the U.S population even knew what a Beige Book is.

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Isnt that a new social media site for 'semi-caucasians'?

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Who are all of these "contacts" and what do they have to do with the weather?

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Economic "Murderrate"

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You gotta be fucking kidding me. Instead of deep thoughtful analysis they try to excuse with the weather? Pathetic.

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An ill wind continues to blow...

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1 Trillion + in QE = 1.9% GDP growth. All it takes is a gust of wind and a little chill to topple all that paper. when you build paper houses don't come crying when they fall over... or as Evans seems to think is a good idea, throw more paper at the wind.

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The weather is sucking my will to get up and go to work. I think Ill just quit and go get in line for some gubmint cheese...beat the rush...