The Full List Of People Who Think Putin Is The New Hitler

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When Hillary Clinton compared Russia's incursion into Ukraine to the early days of Nazi Germany's expansion, she joined an illustrious band who have compared Russian President Vladimir Putin to Adolf Hitler since the 2008 Georgia crisis.


Via The Washington Post,





Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.): "If you could go back in time, would you have allowed Adolf Hitler to host the Olympics in Germany? To have the propaganda coup of inviting the world into Nazi Germany and putting on a false front?"


Former national security adviser Zbigniew Brzezisnki (in 2008): Putin is "following a course that is horrifyingly similar to that taken by Stalin and Hitler in the 1930s."


And again today: Called Putin "a partially comical imitation of (former Italian Prime Minister Benito) Mussolini and a more menacing reminder of Hitler."


Canadian Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird: "The Sudetenland had a majority of Germans. That gave Germany no right to do this in the late 1930s."


Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper: "We haven't seen this kind of behavior since the Second World War."


Anti-Putin activist and former chess champion Garry Kasparov: "Intentionally or not, the Putin regime has followed the Berlin 1936 playbook quite closely for Sochi."


Russian historian Andrey Zubov: "This has all happened before. Austria. Early March, 1938. The Nazis want to build up their Reich at the expense of another state."


British actor and gay rights activist Stephen Fry: "He is making scapegoats of gay people, just as Hitler did Jews. He cannot be allowed to get away with it."


International security expert Jonathan Eyal: "The Sudetenland option is not his first priority, but it is his fail safe priority."


Russian satirist Viktor Shenderovich: In reference to Russian figure skater Yulia Lipnitskaya, Shenderovich said he liked her "very much! But if you only knew how much Berliners in the summer of 1936 liked shot putter Hans Woelke ... a smiling, handsome young man who symbolized the youth of the new Germany!"

We are sure there are plenty more to come...

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duo's picture

How about a list of those who think Obama is the new Caligula (or at least Nero)?

zionhead101's picture

Obama is the HORSE that the Roman's made a Senator,

But Cass "CALIGULA" Sunstein was one up on the Roman's, he took the American Colony, and appointed a horse's ass as its president

TheFourthStooge-ing's picture

Kerry is the horse-faced Herman Munster that Obama made secretary of state.

zionhead101's picture

The US GUBMINT is Roman Circus, and why NOT, the PTB doesn't give a fuck if a dog is president, so long as they get what they want out of the USA.

1.) Unlimited FIAT, under the table
2.) A mercenary army deployed anywhere on earth for free.

RafterManFMJ's picture

This compare such and such to Hitler is so overdone and over played that I'd roll my eyes if someone started comparing Hitler to Hitler.

john39's picture

especially when anyone paying attention knows that there already is a new hitler.  his name is netanyahu.

Anusocracy's picture

The question that needs asking is if Hitler were alive today, who would he consider most like himself.

Independent's picture

Well who wouldn't love Crimea, I guess we would all be Hitlers then or just horny dudes looking to hook up with hot Russian girls in the summertime in Crimea

See ya guys there once things cool down....



gold-is-not-dead's picture

Obama is Hitler, Putin is Hitler, every other president is Hitler.

GetZeeGold's picture



Don't give in to the madness.....George Washington was not Hitler.


Go back the truths that are self evident....even as all those around are crumbling into the ground. Both political parties in the US are almost completely gone....who says evil doesn't exist?

gold-is-not-dead's picture

Only because George was before Hitler.

GetZeeGold's picture


The only thing for you to do now is to give in to the dark side.


You already just don't realize it yet.

Againstthelie's picture

His achievements comparable to Hitler:

Putin defends the family, and traditional values against cultural filth. He defends the independence and freedom of his people. He removed the total Jewish grip on the media and gave Russia and the Russians their voice back. He raised the pensions and improved social security. Putin gave the Russian youth somewhat of a perspective abroad from drugs and consumerism. Putin raised the birth rate of the Russians. Putin has reduced national debt.


What did he not do:

Putin did not break interest slavery.

Putin did not establish a new trade barter system to remove the parasitic international banks from the nation's trade.

Putin has not forced companies to share their profits with the emplyoees.

Putin could not get rid of unemployment.

Putin has not reduced crimes 90%.

Putin is not removing genetic deseases, genetic criminals and genetic anti socials from the Russian reproduction chain (done for the duration of only two generations and hundred generations would profit from it).


But what is the difference between Putin and "Western" politcians?

Putin does not commit genocide against his white people with colored mass immigration.

Putin does not commit genocide by destroying the traditional family.

Putin does not promote homosexuality to weaken the family.

Putin does not lobby the abortion of healthy Russian children, but instead he tries to increase the numbers of Russian children born.

Putin is not degrading education to destroy it for the low and middle class and to reserve it only for the 1%.

Putin is not allowing GMO to endanger Russian farming and nature.


So all in all, in today's world under today's circumstances a quite good politician.

ConfederateH's picture

How about:

Putin does not wield IMF and WB in economic hit-man style to destroy societies and economically overthrow legitimate governments.

Putin does not try to impose Russian tax law on the entire world (think FATCA).

RE Fatch, check this out:

The IRS has issued a Revenue Ruling which provides that when a US citizen or resident performs services overseas as an employee of a foreign employer income tax withholding applies to the wages paid.  The Ruling discusses the two exclusions from withholding for amounts paid to US citizen employees, set out above.   In the Ruling the IRS makes clear that a foreign employer of a US citizen or resident must withhold US income taxes, even though the foreign employer has no US trade or business or other US connection, such as a US payroll system.


America, fuck yeah!


silvermail's picture

Washington via hands of the CIA, brought to power in Ukraine real fascists.
Attempt to comparing Putin to Hitler, it is only U.S. attempt to distract people's attention from this reality and true. Truth is always dangerous for liars.

Freddie's picture

Lindsey Graham working with McCain and the other amnesty RINOs to help the NWO, Soros, Zuckerberg and Obama flood America with illegal aliens.  He and McCain are also is behind the Saudi Al Qeada "rebels" in Syria killing Christians.  Hillary was totally involved as well because Benghazi was all about illegally running weapons to those terrorists.   

There is a special place in hell for these people. 

TBT or not TBT's picture

Someone should do a Downfall parody with hitler bitching about these guys being compared to hitler. Let's lighten this shit up a tad.

silvermail's picture


* Putin is right. *


Rafferty's picture

My thoughts too.  Especially when the Holocau$t is dragged in, whatever the situation.

flacon's picture

John Kerry walks into a bar. The bar tender asks: "Why the long face?"

willwork4food's picture

Hillary walks into a bar. She orders a martini, dry. The bartender serves her. She asks for another. The bartender says her tab is at limit, she must suck every dick in the place first. She looks around and asks "right now"? No, says the bartender, as he is serving her again, "We'll call you."

TeamDepends's picture

Hillary's Monica is the next Hitler.

flacon's picture

That's warped on so many levels. I love it! 

zionhead101's picture

Visualize Hillary Giving Birth to a Pitbull, with the face of Chelsea.

TeamDepends's picture

Or Vince Foster rising from the grave, with the face of the Wookie....

Skateboarder's picture

When in doubt, call someone Hitler.

nmewn's picture

Message to Hillary: Imitation is the purest form of flattery ;-)

Harbanger's picture

Actually Putin is closer to a modern Stalin and everyone on that list is closer to a neo-nazi.

FinalCollapse's picture

Russians were fascist just like the Germans. Remember the Ribbentrop-Molotov pact? They started the WW2 by invading Poland. Russians also said at that time that they need to protect the population. Well- what has happened that the gold disappeared just like millions of Polish civilians.

It is such a travesty when Lavrov calls other people Nazis.



Debugas's picture

oh my god

i can not even imagine how much brainwashing someone has to undergo to state that russians started WW2

silvermail's picture

Our Family values are in conflict with the so-called "Western values." Therefore, the West actively destroys family values traditional in all its manifestations.

Putin did not allow banksters and their puppets in the U.S. government and the EU, to destroy our traditional Family values.

Putin is right.

Putin is not only the leader of Russia. Putin - is the leader of all progressive mankind. He's a leader in our common struggle against evil.

williambanzai7's picture

When I call Obama a Hitler, I am most definitely not in doubt. But you know that ;-)

silvermail's picture

And again snipers...
Terrorism and murders, have become the main instrument of U.S. foreign policy.
Putin is right.

zorba THE GREEK's picture

Hitler wasn't too far off the Mark, unless you were a Jew, or a Gypsy.

DanDaley's picture

Irony of ironies, Hitler actually was a Jew...and African. At least that's what the DNA shows:

Independent's picture

Good post Dan I dont know why you got the down arrows.  Story is up front and scientific.  I mean Jews despise Christ and they Despise Hitler, no surprise they are of their own blood.  Well technically Christ was not a Jew, he was Holy spirit placed in the womb or Mary, so no Jew DNA whatsoever to him, unlike Hitler, which is maybe why Christ was benevolent and did not kill anybody hmmmm.  Not all Jewish people are bad many decent folks but there is quite a percentage of Jewish people have been behind millions and millions of deaths through financing etc.  I mean all the main original bolsheviks were Jewish and that Holodomor thingy was perpetrated by them.  They funded all the wars in Europe and greatly profited from them.  They are still active at enslaving and killing people for the sake of money.  So Hitler had the bad kind of Jewish DNA in him, no surprise. We need more Jews with the good DNA in them, people of GOD and not of those that worship Money at all costs, even if it means taking human life for the sake of profit.  And the Jewish community should not embrace such oligarchs just becase they give money with blood on it to Jewish causes and old age homes, that is partaking in the CRIME.  If they shunned these psychopaths the world would not hate them and speak ill of them.

DanDaley's picture

No kidding. I don't know how you argue with DNA taken from his living relatives. I guess some people want him to be more of a victim or something.  Even Hitler refused to have kids because he wasn't "pure Ayrian" enough, and he very clearly went to great lengths to hide his family origins, even destroying his hometown childhood village. Facts are such sticky things.

JonNadler's picture

"Well technically Christ was not a Jew, he was Holy spirit placed in the womb or Mary"

And what was Mary? German-Irish?

Independent's picture

Mary could of been a celibate Tibetan Female Monk, she was just a vessel for the Son of God.  Dont matter what DNA she had.  What is your lame point?

God only sent his son among the JEWS because that is where the BIGGEST SINNERS Were and STILL ARE.  Look at most of the Crimes in this world and you will find a JEW somehow involved either directly or financing the whole affair to profit from it.

Kirk2NCC1701's picture

Or a Bolshevik/Communist.
Or had one in the family.
Or suspected of being one.
Or suspected of helping the local Resistance.

Newfie's picture

If Vlad is Hitler, Martha Stewart is Joan of Ark!


Edit: Will could you make Martha, Joan of Ark?

Peter Pan's picture

I think Obama is like Caligula. Caligula if you all remember appointed his horse to the Senate. Obama, similarly, has appointed that other horse face John Kerry to an important position.

Freddie's picture

They hate Russia for it's growing middle class as American and European middle class are being devastated by the banksters, Fed and IMF.

Free Corzine! (sic)

CuttingEdge's picture

Definately Caligula.

Actually, Obummer went one better. Whereas the Roman wanted to make his horse a consul, the Kenyan made his (Kerry) Secretary of State.

Andrew G's picture

Hitler, Caligula and Nero held actual power. Obama is a talking piece of apparatchik shit.

Flagit's picture

How about a list of those who think Obama is the new Caligula (or at least Nero)?

ive always been a big fan of any depiction of roman life. not having seen this,  i put this movie on and 4 people complained non-stop about all the cockery.

for me it was great filler while waiting for season 2 of Spartacus.

they couldnt see past the cocks. they couldnt see that power corrupts and absoulte power corrupts, absolutely.

when no one will stand up to you, do you really have any limits? are you a god?