UN Envoy Non-Hostage "Crisis" Ends

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Courtesy of ITN reporter James Mates:

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soros stooge booted out...  that could be a trend that i could really get behind.

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But fonestar thought your TPTB were all brilliant, all knowing, chess masters destined to win?

Looks more like a bunch of amatuer fuck ups.

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Team Obama losing fast.


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Let's use a more useful description for the subject: "Former NATO official Robert Serry".


The choice of this man as the UN was either deliberate provocation or monumental incompetence.

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I believe the term is known as "activation energy."

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Serry is an expert on Middle Eastern Affairs and has served as liaison between the PLO and Israel concerning Palestinian issues.


and we can all attest to the great fucking job he has done with that

now go to your room.

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"Team MIC Neocon losing fast" - fixed it for ya

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the naked corruption and evil of the western power base has reached a pathetic level which is truly remarkable. they have continued to overplay their hand and the results just keep getting worse. Libya is now a failed state which despite the news blockade is increasingly controlled by pro gaddafi militias and tribes. Egypt is a shit show. Syria thank God hasn't buckled and has done more for the war on terror than the  billions the US lit a match to. Now in the face of Victoria Nudelman's fuck you moment, and the fact that it comes out ( no surprise ) the bulk of the violence was done at best by trained nationalist irregulars and at worst done by those same guys with direct nato support - we see a predicable wave of pro russian support sweeping large areas of the Ukraine.


Meanwhile the politicians lie to our faces and the collective baghdad bob that is the MSM invent new contortions to try to twist the story as nothing more than Vlad being Vlad. I struggle to make my mind up as to whether or not they actually believe what they are saying, or are lying for their masters. I actually heard an interview with John "death squad" Negroponte - the guy who helped craft the playbook used in Ukraine. Meanwhile the average joe is in the corner staring at the first season of house of cards.


ONe final thought - watching rabidly pro Israel politicians, Zionists and actual folks with specific dietary requirements hob knobing with legitimate Nazis lays bare any idea that what these mongoloids are doing is in any way noble. It's all 1 bug fuck job.

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Nice rant, CD. Number fuckin' one.

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thanks. it's new recipe, equal parts jeremiad and harangue.

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Favorite piece from MSM today - CNBC website "outing" Russian lobbyists in DC.

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Organizations Funded by George Soros and His Open Society Institute - Discover the Networks



The upper portion of this page is devoted to organizations that are funded directly by George Soros and his Open Society Institute (OSI). The lower portion of the page focuses on organizations which do not receive direct funding from Soros and OSI, but which receive money from one or more groups that do get direct OSI funding.

Read on how many organizations are funded with Soros money:



*** It's a LONG LIST!!! ***

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ZeroHedge beats the cable news channels to the punch, again.

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What it looks like when a bunch of women run the show.  LOL!!! 

Wonder how many times Putin had to put up with this at the house..

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In his last posting, Mr. Serry served as the Dutch Ambassador to Ireland. His previous professional experiences have included diplomatic postings in Bangkok, Moscow, New York (United Nations) and Kiev. In addition, he has also held the position of Deputy Assistant Secretary-General for Crisis Management and Operations at NATO.

Serry is an expert on Middle Eastern Affairs and has served as liaison between the PLO and Israel concerning Palestinian issues.

As recently as 2/14/2014 Serry was posted in Gaza.

What the heck is he doing in the Ukraine?

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What the heck is he doing in the Ukraine?

Wheeling and dealing for outside "interests".

Probably selling a few people down the river while he's at it.

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Imagine his surprise when not a gear was to be greased by his high-bred sort of lubricant.

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Re:  What the heck is he doing in the Ukraine?

Well,  he sound like one of the highly evolved sociopaths who run all societies in the world; based on "His previous professional experiences..."

So, I suspect he's doing what any highly evolved sociopath would be doing in the Ukraine:  making some loot for himself and his buddies. 

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Highly evolved sociopath = highly evolved killer. Nothing more.

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Re:  Nothing more

And nothing LESS.  

What better evolutionary advantage to have than to be a: smart-n-savvy sociopathic asshole?

None.   That's why they run and own the world and why their kids will too.

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So do you approve of killing others?

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Someone shit his pants.

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Good, go back where they came from. Let them first go to the US and do a good Audit on the US of A about manipulation and financing by the CIA to start civil war in Ukraine in the first place, not to mention the recordings that appear about "Fuck the EU" and about who installed the snipers to shoot their own civilians.


I spit on them! Hypocratic assholes! Putin 4 ever!

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Didn't see "the man with the gun" in the picture.


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They know all about the murderous Goldman Sach gang.

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Scurry on back to Goldman Sachs, 'UN guy'!

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That must be the putin off ramp CNN is hoping for. LOL.

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Good, get the hell out and next time you decide to back someone make sure they are not a bunch of Christian and Jew hating sociopaths with links to nazi sympathizers.

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did he die

any footage

any video of putin with a hitler upper lip

any fone footage of a un hanging or beheading

any footage at all that can be blamed on stalin sorry putin

come on cnn must have sorted the blue green screen anderson cooper nose technolgy out by now.

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you have militias ("former" Ukranian commanders?) running Ukraine right now.
"He just ran into one" (or one ran into him) in Crimea apparently "and they want their base back."

This is a war zone. Putin will have to go in heavy here...and he'll have to tell the USA and the West exactly what his intentions and plans are because we've already deployed our forces into Ukraine and are ready to take control of the situation he created if he can't.

In short "you can have Crimea...for now...but we'll move on Kiev."
Again...the territorial integrity of Ukraine is to be respected here.

It will be interesting to see if the West issues its own ultimatum "not to move on Kiev."

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wow, you mean these people don't trust the UN, EU, the IMF and the US to run thier lives?

but don't they see the golden oppertunity that lay before them? the health care! the social and economic stability! the personal freedom and right to self determiation!

oh wait, nevermind...

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This easy internet access is making life tooooo difficult for covert ops. baa/sarc

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I thought airports in crimea have been closed?

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So, basically lots of motion in the ocean but the canoe hasn't really gone anywhere.