What The Russian (And Chinese) Papers Are Saying About Ukraine

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Submitted by Simon Black of Sovereign Man blog,

“Putin: Unconstitutional coup is taking place in Ukraine. The U.S halted military cooperation and trade negotiations with Russia”

That’s the headline from a Beijing newspaper– and no surprise that it leans slightly to the Russian side.

Beijing Paper What the Russian (and Chinese) papers are saying about Ukraine

The article goes on:

“Russian president Putin said on 4th March that unconstitutional coup is taking place in Ukraine and Russia will only use the army to Ukraine under “the most extreme situation”. This was the first time that Putin declared this publicly since the escalation of the situation in Ukraine.”


“U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry threatened on March 2nd that the U.S and allied countries will take a series of actions including visa ban, capital controls, economic and trade sanctions, etc.”


“The White House issued this in a joint statement signed by the Group of Seven member countries and accused Russia of violation of the territorial integrity of Ukraine. The White House also declared temporarily not to participate in the preparation for the G8 summit scheduled for June in Sochi, Russia.”

– and of course :

“Chinese Permanent Representative to the United Nations Liu Jieyi called for dialogue of all sides to resolve differences and maintain regional peace and stability. The united nations security council held an emergency meeting on the Ukrainian situation. Liu Jieyi said in the meeting that China is deeply concerned about Ukrainian situation and condemn the extreme violence in Ukraine.”

Meanwhile, Russian newspaper Itar Tass had this headline (loose translation):

“Putin: Those [foreign nations] who are talking about imposing sanctions on the Russian Federation should first consider the impact of those sanctions”

Russian Paper What the Russian (and Chinese) papers are saying about Ukraine

The article goes on:

“President Putin told reporters that the damage to all countries involved is mutual:


“We can cause damage to each other– mutual damage. And this needs to be thought about. . . We believe our actions are fully justified. And any threats to Russia are counterproductive and harmful.”


Mr. Putin added that Russia is still preparing for upcoming G8 meeting.


“If [the other countries] do not want to come, they don’t have to,” he told reporters .


The Russian President also expressed the opinion that the U.S. has historically created its own geopolitical goals, and then dragging along the rest of the world underneath them:


“Our partners, especially in the U.S.– they always clearly formulate their geopolitical interests and pursue them very aggressively. Guided by the well-known phrase, “you are either with us or against us,” they drag the rest of the world along, underneath them. And whoever doesn’t go along is beaten and usually killed,” the President told reporters.


He emphasized that Russia’s actions come from legitimate grounds.

So on one hand, the Chinese are essentially making the West out to be the belligerents, the Russians to be defending their interests, and the Chinese as the strong diplomats who are pushing for peace.

And on the other hand, the Russian papers are highlighting the utter hypocrisy of US foreign policy– it’s OK for America to invade whatever country it likes, but not for Russia to defend its own interests.

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Sleepless Knight's picture

I hate the banks and those they control. Not a sensible soul amoung them.

Fukushima Sam's picture

"And whoever doesn’t go along is beaten and usually killed,”

Or even ass-raped with a knife!

James_Cole's picture

Even John Kerry is getting in on the US bashing:

You just don’t invade another country on phony pretext in order to assert your interests - John Kerry, Meet the Press

Oh wait, he was talking about Russia. 

Soul Glow's picture

John "Silver Spoon"  "Opium Running"  "Ketchup Sniffing" Forbes Kerry?

He's a Skull and Bones no good for nothing fuck for sure.

FL_Conservative's picture

Foreign policy?  We all know that Obama takes his hypocritic oath very seriously.

Anusocracy's picture

"I hate the banks and those they control. Not a sensible soul amoung them."

Sorry. The problem is government, without which the banks would operate like an ordinary business and not a government sponsored enterprise.

The symptom is not the cause.

Harbanger's picture

I'm not a fan of bankers, but what do banks have to do with this?

Rakshas's picture

Repeated from another thread on ZH earlier today ....... pretty much sums up the Macro picture 



and with respect to the US in particular look at the historical record from 1900 to present day and the corruption of the US model including the attempted overthrow of Rosevelt, the assassination of Kennedy etc etc etc its all related....... 

and an interesting analysis from more recent events from Mike Rupert that hightlights the contemporary connection between what we know as the US intelligence backbone and Wall Street;



None of this is recent developments it's been going on for a long long time

Truthseeker2's picture
"The EU has become such an economic drain on the rest of the world, especially the US Federal Reserve, that its current and future indebtedness and unfunded liabilities are simply untenable. Hence, the Ukraine is looked to as a temporary savior because of itsmany large and robust markets, well established industrial base and transportation links to Asia, as well as it vast natural resources and raw materials."

Kiev Protests: Another CIA-Coordinated Color Revolution In Progress | Alternative News & Commentary



El Vaquero's picture

You didn't notice that Nuland was pimping an EU/IMF deal for Ukraine?  It's a sweet deal.  For NATO and bankers.  We get NATO bases in Ukraine, get some "control" over the gas lines going through Ukraine into Europe, and bankers get to ass rape Ukraine ala Greece, Spain, etc...

Carl Popper's picture

We gonna get to ass rape? Sweet!

piceridu's picture


"The powers of financial capitalism had another far reaching aim, nothing less than to create a world system of financial control in private hands able to dominate the political system of each country and the economy of the world as a whole. This system was to be controlled in a feudalist fashion by the central banks of the world acting in concert, by secret agreements, arrived at in frequent private meetings and conferences. The apex of the system was the Bank for International Settlements in Basle, Switzerland, a private bank owned and controlled by the worlds' central banks which were themselves private corporations. The growth of financial capitalism made possible a centralization of world economic control and use of this power for the direct benefit of financiers and the indirect injury of all other economic groups." Tragedy and Hope: A History of The World in Our Time (Macmillan Company, 1966,) Professor Carroll Quigley of Georgetown University
The.Harmless.Who's picture



And who "controls" these banks? 


From the Fed (Greenspan, Bernanke, Yellen, and soon to be Fischer) to Goldman (Blankfein) and JP Morgan (Dimon)


What's the link there?  I mean there's a wizard behind the curtain right?  


The truth is there - a cabal - an exclusive one at that, guided by Talmudic teachings, are in charge - and in charge in a BIG way. 


Oh, and they have many an agent to protect their interests in return for wealth and secondary power - One example? The Zionist Tony Blair is one example - from UK Prime-minister (£70,000 per year salary) to JP Morgan / Glencore-Xstrata / Saudi and Qatar Advisor ( x millions of dollars per year). What? You didn't think he turned multi-millionaire from publishing his excuses for killing thousands of people in the form a memoir.


Nah, the world has been in a big mess for years, decades, centuries even - and there's always a cabal proclaiming themselves as a chosen bunch behind it.



matrix2012's picture



The Federal Reserve Cartel: The Eight Families




(Part One of a Five-part series)

The Four Horsemen of Banking (Bank of America, JP Morgan Chase, Citigroup and Wells Fargo) own the Four Horsemen of Oil (Exxon Mobil, Royal Dutch/Shell, BP and Chevron Texaco); in tandem with Deutsche Bank, BNP, Barclays and other European old money behemoths. But their monopoly over the global economy does not end at the edge of the oil patch.

According to company 10K filings to the SEC, the Four Horsemen of Banking are among the top ten stock holders of virtually every Fortune 500 corporation.[1]

So who then are the stockholders in these money center banks?

This information is guarded much more closely. My queries to bank regulatory agencies regarding stock ownership in the top 25 US bank holding companies were given Freedom of Information Act status, before being denied on “national security” grounds. This is rather ironic, since many of the bank’s stockholders reside in Europe.

One important repository for the wealth of the global oligarchy that owns these bank holding companies is US Trust Corporation - founded in 1853 and now owned by Bank of America. A recent US Trust Corporate Director and Honorary Trustee was Walter Rothschild. Other directors included Daniel Davison of JP Morgan Chase, Richard Tucker of Exxon Mobil, Daniel Roberts of Citigroup and Marshall Schwartz of Morgan Stanley. [2]


LEFT HOOK by Dean Henderson

Cacete de Ouro's picture

Wall St is full of assholes, fakers, and bullshit artists, clinical psychopaths, and dangerous deceptive bastards. Never have so many assholes been in such close proximity to each other, except maybe in London

Anusocracy's picture

And they're only there because of the existence of government.

Otherwise they would have to pimp their sisters for a living.

Henry Chinaski's picture

I hate the banks and those they control.

The US response is to shower dollars on the Ukraine, multi-billion $$ "aid packages", loan gurarantees...  Pretty obvious that Putin and Obama are on the same side.

sgorem's picture

the suedo banksters that have any sense are suiciding themselves right and left. i've lost track of the number, but we still have a long way to go to see any substantial progress.

Battleaxe's picture

They've got to get another war started soon somewhere (Syria, Iran, Ukraine, ...) so they can make some money!

Iraq & Afghanistan just aren't enough to pump this economy up.

Harbanger's picture

You have it backwards, wars don't pump up an economy, that's a keynesian sales pitch..  Wars cost money, they don't make money.  Financing wars is one way bankers loot a country, another way is by financing the welfare state with paper money.  We've already been robbed there's nothing left to take.

turnoffthewater's picture

So very much true General Butler. And for the latest ordered war would you like to super size that?

Skateboarder's picture

“Our partners, especially in the U.S.– they always clearly formulate their geopolitical interests and pursue them very aggressively. Guided by the well-known phrase, “you are either with us or against us,” they drag the rest of the world along, underneath them. And whoever doesn’t go along is beaten and usually killed,”

Go Vlad! (love the last sentence)

McMolotov's picture

American Exceptionalism means never having to say we're sorry.

TheFourthStooge-ing's picture

American Deceptionalism means you can't believe a single word.

disabledvet's picture

can't speak to the comment below...but clearly the President is the President because he won in a free, fair and open election.
Normally all the "protesting" comes from his side of the aisle...although I will say almost every War save the last one was started by the Democratic Party.

To "Skateboarder" all I have to say is "there is no place on earth with more trip wires to unprovoked aggression than in Europe." (Gee, I wonder why that is.)
If someone other than Putin was giving the orders to "go in" I'm all ears.
What I heard at President Putin's NEWS CONFERENCE was basically "i'm the decider" ala George W. Bush.

Obviously the USA has no historical claim over Iraq or Afghanistan...and indeed the world is right to stare and wonder at it all. (I know I do. In a BIG way now.) Having said that...and recognizing Russia's historical claims in Ukraine...or "The Ukraine"...or "Chicken Kiev" or whatever they call it..."this is wrong place to not announce non-invasion then explain perfectly legal."

The very purpose of the totality of "European Organizations" exist to at least give a heads up before "you go all in here."
Now it's too late..."we're all...all in."

I mean who reads newspapers anymore?
People want to have at least an IDEA of what's going on.
We all use the internet now...except for "Sovereign Man" apparently
Certainly markets maintain an "informational advantage"...and indeed they appear to be leveraging it at the moment!

Why does Europe go to war?
Well...it's not for lack of the USA trying to prevent that from happening that's fer sure.

Is this a "staged affair"?
Good question...to which I have no answer.

I would say this...never play chess with a Mongol. "He just break board."

Skateboarder's picture

I think this is probably the first time I gave a thumbs up to something a politician said. If you don't read into the theater or words like 'partners,' that quote kind of speaks the truth.

It's a pretty serious thing to say, don't you think? Inviting war. Meanwhile the sacrificial ship (read sheep) has passed through the Bosphorus.

If it looks like a play, it's a play.

LawsofPhysics's picture

I am confused, you have defended Bush on numerous occasions, now you compare him to Putin.

Cognitive dissonance much or simply more revisonist history to come...


matrix2012's picture

Take this as the UP arrows for Skateboarder's quote selection... for a president of a country as large as Russia to say it so explicitly as above really means something... it's unlike the words of Nobelized voodoo economist Crookman



Thanks Simon for the nice article and Tyler for presenting it here!

Cacete de Ouro's picture

What I don't understand is why US citizens don't have a revolution. They don't even protest on the streets to any extent. It's a serious question. Is there something in the water supply or food supply or some subtle imagery on US TV channels that makes the majority of US citizens so docile?

Not trying to be offensive, just a bit confused.

Where is the spirit of the Founding Fathers?

SilverIsKing's picture

You must not have seen American Idol.

Meat Hammer's picture

No, it's because there still IS a water supply and a food supply.

LawsofPhysics's picture

^^^this, and I junked him for missing the obvious.

NOTaREALmerican's picture

Re:  It's a serious question.

Serious answer...   Americans live very well.   They don't care.   Many actually like having a government that kicks the world's ass.    This isn't even an issue for most Americans.   All they care about is sports and having more bling than the neighbor.   Sometime success doesn't result in good things.

Skateboarder's picture

Ill definition of success brings ill fortune.

Spastica Rex's picture

An American walks down a nice street. He stops at a beautiful house with a beautiful lawn. There's two brand new cars in the driveway and a very expensive antique car can be seen in one bay of the three car garage. The American thinks to himself, "Someday, I'm gonna be that guy."

An Irishman walks down the same street and stops in front of the same house. His hands bunch into fists as he thinks to himself, "Someday, I'm gonna get that guy."

Cacete de Ouro's picture

Danny Dalton: Some trust fund prosecutor, got off-message at Brown, thinks he's gonna run this up the flagpole, make a name for himself, maybe get elected some two-bit, no-name congressman from nowhere, with the result that Russia or China can suddenly start having, at our expense, all the advantages we enjoy here. No, I tell you. No, sir. "But, Danny, these are sovereign nations." Sovereign nations! What is a sovereign nation, but a collective of greed run by one individual? "But, Danny, they're codified by the U.N. charter!" Legitimized gangsterism on a global basis that has no more validity than an agreement between the Crips and the Bloods! Corruption charges. Corruption? Corruption ain't nothing more than government intrusion into market efficiencies in the form of regulation. That's Milton Friedman. He got a goddamn Nobel Prize. We have laws against it precisely so we can get away with it. Corruption is our protection. Corruption is what keeps us safe and warm. Corruption is why you and I are prancing around here instead of fighting each other for scraps of meat out in the streets. Corruption is why we win.

Cacete de Ouro's picture

We use one quarter of the oil in
the world, Bennett. Your house is
light and warm and my house is
light and warm, but what if it was
that way half the week, or none of
the week. Hell, China's economy
ain't growing as fast as it could
because they can't get all the oil
they need. I'm damn proud of that

LawsofPhysics's picture

The sad turth being that neither of those proclaimations comes to pass.


Soul Glow's picture

Yeah - fluoride - not to mention fast food, TV all day everyday, binge drinking by half of the adults, everyone including children are wired on poorly grown coffee, our schools and work have everyone sitting for 9 straight hours cramping our bodies, and we think being an intellectual consists of playing sadoku.  

We're fucking stupid.

Soul Glow's picture

I didn't.  Went to school high all the time, no books, didn't study their bullshit.  Skipped school, got in trouble, learned the hard way.  

Now look at me, I'm a Fight Club member ;)

zionhead101's picture

Poorly Grown Coffee, surely your jesting? I want to know more,... if all that ails america is roasting, or irrigation, or fertilization, perhaps I can help fix ameriKKKa?

Steaming_Wookie_Doo's picture

I can explain that one. Once coffee's roasted, you should ideally brew/drink it within two weeks. After that, all of the oil released during the roasting will turn rancid (albeit at a slow pace). Green coffee hasn't released it's oils and can stay good for up to a year. Also, depending on the process of drying the coffee (usually wet process) it can grow various forms of fungus/mycotoxins.

I found tremendous benefit once we started roasting our own coffee. I really get a mental boost, but absolutely no jitters, staying up late, upset stomach, and I drink more than I used to before. Also, it's cheaper. I can get organic, single source beans around $5/lb.

JohnG's picture



We would instantly be locked up forever, probably not in the US, if not just outright killed.  The sheeple are too comfortable right now.  I think it will take your "average" person actually being hungry.

I feel like it will happen eventually though.  The government will eventually go too far.  The gun ban in CT might do it.

Soul Glow's picture

Them belly full but them hungry....

America - obese yet malnurished.

Only in America.

Meat Hammer's picture

The judge spent most of his opinion determining whether such weapons were in common use across the country and so would, by inference, be subjected to illegal discrimination by Connecticut’s law.

It's going to be the the Founding Fathers meant muskets defense from the gun-grabbers.