Factory Orders Miss 3rd Month In A Row As Inventories Hit Record High

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For the 3rd month in a row, US Factory Orders missed expectations with a major downward revision to December's data (-2%) and has fallen two months in a row. Inventories continue to rise - up nine of the last ten months to the highest level since records began. Better just hope for all that pent-up demand to flood back or we have a problem.



Charts: Bloomberg

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de3de8's picture

No worries it's Chevy truck month

Max Hunter's picture

We don't need no stinkin factory orders.. FB to the moon!

wallstreetaposteriori's picture

More like TSLA to the moon........  Giga-factory...  The drugs really are that much better when you are a billionare. 

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Bullish for construction, got to build moar warehouse to store this stuff!

poor fella's picture

There are warehouses everywhere - use the empty anchor stores at the malls.. Saw a HUGE building yesterday (CampUSA, an RV store), parking lot fenced off, weeds, starting the slow decline.

Driving around, many shopping centers have empty slots - Knock out the glass doors, put in roll ups, and start filling 'er up. Will be a great place to loot during the mayhem. That's the only way to get rid of all the endless crap flowing out of the slave factories.

Force Mejeur and companies in the black.

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What is this "Factory" of which you speak?



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I was shocked to find the local Nissan dealer here just cleared their used car lot inventory by sending it all to auction cause they aren't selling anything now. My sales buddy there said they can only afford to have new cars on the lot  cause they can be cheaply financed through Nissan.

It's getting really sick out there now.

And as for Chevy Truck Month...  I just got my GM Gold card credits "rounded up" from about $1700 to $4000 to buy a new vehicle!

That plus other incentives adds up to about $8000 off the negotiated price.  Wonder what Ford has for incentives?




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Staples is closing 30 stores and will focus on online sales...says over half of sales are online....bullish!

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Radio Shack is closing 1,100 stores and will focus on going broke more slowly than their current pace since they have no sales, online or otherwise.  Now THAT'S bullish.

Headbanger's picture

And say good bye to Radio Shack finally.  Best Buy isn't far behind too.

I think the local small auto repair shops who also sell cheap used cars will make out in the bleak economy ahead.

Plus small Chinese take-out shops .

I'd like to see the return of "rent a bay" for do it yourself car repairs again.

Smegley Wanxalot's picture

And March Madness. 

Got an email from my urologist that during March Madness I can get a walk-in vasectomy, no questions asked.  He's probably clearing inventory too. I figure I'll get a second vasectomy in case the first one breaks.  Anything to stimulate the economy, you know.

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The preceding post was brought to you by Ally Financial.

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Just waiting for the weather to warm up do I can go out and buy new IPads.

Winston Churchill's picture

Ipad snowshoes ?

You might be onto something there.

camaro68ss's picture

Just waiting for the weather to warm up so I can go out and buy new IPads.

RafterManFMJ's picture

Another guy? This sounds like a trend...

STG5IVE's picture

Factory and warehouse doors were all iced up due to the weather--very difficult to move product

SDShack's picture

Do they count Snow as inventory? It is moving quite well. Also, the inventory of snow plows is rumored to be declining. After all, it is the weather.

madbraz's picture

Wake me up when the weather freezes Bill Dudley or the elevator at 33 Liberty Street.  While those geniuses are still doing their thing, this turd will not stop.

superflex's picture

Obama's got this.


overmedicatedundersexed's picture

big lots, will see a booming business to move the junk. invest in big lots it's a lock

SDShack's picture

Big Lots, Grocery Outlet, Aldi, Dollar General, 99 Cent stores, all of them are doing brisk business. It's a sign of the recovery!

monopoly's picture

There is just nothing more we can say. We just have to wait for the insanity and the music to stop. I am already sitting in my chair. Not taking any chances on missing one. 

Cursive's picture


I'm with you.  I can only hazard a guess that the stock "market" hasn't tanked because it's a seller's strike.  Probably over 90% of participants are "all-in" and on this trade, so when it finally goes, it should be epic.  But, I've been saying that since 2011.

Winston Churchill's picture

Really comical actually.

Total disconnect from reality, like a south sea tulip bubble combo.

skwid vacuous's picture

bullish! more QQQ's and ES please!

rsnoble's picture

Student Loan?  check.

Car payment?  check.

rent? if possible, check.

Amount of $ leftover that is spent as a % on food and gas:  100%.

savings?    No.


Yep, huge growth on the way.

Tsar Pointless's picture

Yet ANOTHER all-time high on the S&P, as it just touched 1880.

Happy days, boy are they here again!

Cursive's picture

@Tsar Pointless



Tsar Pointless's picture

Ooh, I'll play!

GWB: Now watch this drive.

Cheney: It's classified!

rsnoble's picture

It would be hard for the fuckheads to press ahead with AgendaYourFucked with shit crashing down around them now wouldn't it?  It would be best if the Russian shit blew skyhigh, short of nuclear war, to help knock these sorry ass pieces of discarded dog shit down a few notches so we can catch up.

DavidC's picture

The problem with HFTs and algos (I know I'm not saying anything new here) is that they cannot understand the figures, they just read the headlines. That's why, when this blows, and it will, the trapdoor will be opened with nothing beneath it.


monopoly's picture

It has been so long since I have shorted this market, I do not even remember how to short. But I am still very long all my gold, silver and miners. Been a tough 18 months but just maybe, the turn is upon us. Somehow I just cannot pull the trigger on a Burrito priced at almost $600.00. When the end of this movie starts we are all going to need Extra Popcorn and a much bigger bowl. Maybe one with Zero Hedge written on the side. :)

tip e. canoe's picture

nothing like the threat of war to keep the economic reality hidden in the margins.

zippy_uk's picture

Why so glum Tyler - a big pipeline of exports to Easterm Europe is about to kick off - M1 Abraham tanks, F16s and M16 rifles suddenly shot up in demand..