High-Probability Of Russian Assault Overnight, Ukraine Pravda Says

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On the heels of the Russian navy intentionally sinking a vessel blocking the Ukrainian navy from entering The Black Sea, Ukraine Pravda reports that it is "most probable that Russian troops will assault units in Ukrainian Crimea overnight continuing to the weekend." Citing a source in the uniformed services, Ukraine Pravda warns that "despite reports that Russian troops ended in learning, active phase lasts. They did not return to the barracks," and maintain "peak readiness."


Via Ukraine Pravda (via Google Translate),

On the night of Thursday to Friday a great opportunity to assault Ukrainian part of the Russian special forces.


This "Ukrainian Pravda" reported a source in the uniformed services.


"Despite reports that Russian troops ended in learning, active phase lasts. They did not return to the barracks. Could maintain peak readiness by the end of the weekend," - said the source.


"The most probable that the assault would take place that night, but the danger will persist to the end of the weekend" - source added.


"There are three scenarios. First - this air strike," - said the source.


He said that if Russian troops will withdraw from parts of the Ukrainian, that would mean this version.


"Helicopters are already relocated, and it is possible that they will do exactly helicopters," - said the UP.


"The second option - a special operations force for disarmament," - he said.


The interviewee said that in the Crimea are Russian special forces "Alpha", "Vympel" and "Zaslon."


"The third option: they can come up with ryazhenymy Cossacks, as with a living shield. Example is happening" - he added.


He also reminded that the Russian troops flooded his ship to block the path of Ukrainian courts.


According to the source, impacts may not be in all parts, but only by those who are the most combat-ready, including Sevastopol and Feodosiya.

And this follows the sinking of a ship to block the Ukrainian Navy...

An anti-submarine boat may have been the first casualty of the Russian incursion into Crimea, but it was hardly an act of violence, much less war: The Russian navy sank one of its own, junked vessels to create an obstacle, a Ukrainian official said on Wednesday.

The sinking was the latest in a series of moves by Russian naval forces in the area that were jangling the nerves of Ukrainian officers... the mouth of the bay was blocked by 10 Russian vessels including the formidable guided missile cruiser Moskva.

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blackscorpi's picture

false flag, anyone?

pods's picture

Wait, won't they be welcomed with roses and a parade like we were in The Iraq?


camaro68ss's picture

Im waiting for us to get dragged into this after the CIA blows up one of our Navy ships in a false flag

Dr. Richard Head's picture

McCain recently quoted as saying the Natural Gas will pay for this war many times over.

Thought Processor's picture



War is perhaps the real 'Greatest Show on Earth.'


I'm sure MSM outlets are giggling like schoolgirls right now over all of this.

NoDebt's picture

Heh heh.  That's what I thought, too.  Then I looked closer- it's bigger than you think.  I'd guess that water to be about 30 feet deep, give or take.

JoeSexPack's picture

See that shipwreck UKR/US/NWO?


Wanna see another?

Occident Mortal's picture

The ONLY way Obama can hurt Putin is if he approves Keystone XL.

zerozulu's picture

Kerry should come on air and calm down American public.

Sofa King Confused's picture

Can "Google Translate" improve their translater for the Russian language so I can understand what the fuck is being said.

zerozulu's picture

It improved a lot in the past 5 minutes,


"There are three scenarios . First - this air blow" - said spivrozmovnyk.astyn in Crimea - source

to this:

"There are three scenarios . First - this air strike ," - said the source.

1000 splendid suns's picture

The name of that junked vessel is the USS Dollar.

DeadFred's picture

Ne pravda b Pravda. Boris will tell you is old saying

Dollarmedes's picture

The sinking of their own ship was to trap the Ukrainian ships in the harbor, where they can be attacked by special forces if necessary.

This is interesting because if Crimea is really so pro-Russian, why the need to block the escape routes? Instead, this gives one the impression that this whole thing is a forcible annexation. It has been noted that several Crimean MPs that would've voted "no" were blocked from attending the secession vote. Also, I've heard that while the vote was being taken, armed Russian forces were surrounding the Parliament.


If Crimea wants to seceed, make it obvious that no coercion is going on by withdrawing Russian troops back to their bases. Then let them vote.

unrulian's picture

Oh...thank god...i thought I was having a stroke

Urban Redneck's picture

What the Russians did was just plain MEAN... but it makes sense if you would rather not have to sink their navy.

Look at where they sunk the ship in Google Earth ( 45.327537°, 32.987222° )- you could almost walk from shore to the wreck without getting you hat wet. And whatever naval assets were on the protected side of the coastal barrier aren't going anywhere (unless they aren't much larger than rigid hull inflatable).

45.327537°, 32.987222°

Debugas's picture

11 meters deep in that place


russians sank their old outcomissioned ship there intentionally

pods's picture

Probably blocked the channel in the middle with the ship resting on either side of it?  


Tall Tom's picture

Who knows??? Maybe they trapped a US Navy Nuclear Submarine??? With a SEAL Team???

The Gooch's picture

Don't eat the brown acid.

Tall Tom's picture

The Purple Dragon was the best.


Nobody makes LSD better than the US Government Military Labs. That shit is clean and accurately dosed.

tony wilson's picture


not seal team 6 again

we need to get rid of the number 6 bad seal number kinda unlucky.

Tall Tom's picture

Number 6 had a bad fate over in Africa...or so we are told.


But Team 6 implies that there are five other teams at least.


I pray for peace and, if they are there, bring them home.


You know that they were there at the start of this CIA mess.


PUKIN is an asshole. I will grant you that...in a heartbeat.


But that does not in anyway serve to minimize the fact that our Fag President is not better or worse.

Freddie's picture

Obama would have them killed again if he could.  ZATO.

johnQpublic's picture

i heard the russians are throwing babies out of their incubators and threw them on the cold floor and left them to die

machineh's picture

And the NY Times claims they have WMDs, too.

NoDebt's picture

Well, the Russians actually DO have WMDs.  No need for guessing or false claims on this one.

johnQpublic's picture


so invade, right?

General Decline's picture

No.  The Modus operandi is that you only invade countries that you accuse of having WMDs but is widely known to actually have none. 

DeadFred's picture

Invading a country that actually has WMDs can be hazardous to your health.

Element's picture

Don't forget this one:

Dr. Elizabeth O’Bagy, Syria expert, made quite an impression on Senator John McCain


"Dr. Elizabeth O’Bagy, Syria expert, made quite an impression on Senator John McCain. During Senate hearings, the former Presidential candidate quoted at length from her recent Wall Street Journal op-ed painting a rosy picture of a mostly secular, pro-Western anti-Assad insurgency.
“John, do you agree with Dr. O’Bagy’s assessment of the opposition?,” the Senator asked the Secretary of State John Kerry. “I agree with most of that,” he replied.
Except Dr. O’Bagy wasn’t actually a doctor. Her PhD was fabricated, a lie she told her employers at the Institute for the Study of War (ISW), an influential neoconservative-aligned think tank, to get hired. Ironically, it ended up being the lie that got her fired Wednesday. ..."


Neocon Warmonger's r usA ... thanks for that ... you are clearly misunderstood peace-lovers and peace-makers.

The Gooch's picture


That was "planned parenthood."

A subsidized ISO 9001 ASE 47.4 reg 996.7 six-sigma purple heart belt tax-exempt 501C exemplary nobel peace prize conglomerate of hope.

Bonuses all aound!

tony wilson's picture

you mean frack gas and kiev nazi fart methane

oncefired's picture

I keep having this recurring dream of beating McCain to a bloody pulp - but he keeps getting back up and giving press conferences wanting to start a war some where else

Quantum Nucleonics's picture

Well, whatever else you think of him, he did spend 6 years getting the shit beat out of him at the Hanoi Hilton, so a couple dream sequences is probably inadequate.

validate's picture

What shit QN, do some research on 'Songbird".

ZerOhead's picture

Of course Obama/Kerry could respond by sinking a rusty old aircraft carrier across the Bosphorus straits just to prove a point...

Joe Davola's picture

Think of the sweet salvage contract that could be awarded to Friends Of Barry!

SilverIsKing's picture

Does anyone have a few red dry erase markers for POTUS and Kerry?  The need to draw some easily erasable red lines.

Occident Mortal's picture

Bosphorus is Turkey.

Turkey are the only option for the TANAP pipeline which is the only rival to the South Stream.

So the West needs Turkey to be compliant. Scuttling their shipping lanes would be shooting ourselves in the foot.

This is The Pipeline War.

Joe Davola's picture

I thought we were already fighting that in New Bleeding Kansas.

Wahooo's picture

You know what, that's exactly how they'll respond. Obama and Kerry are so bassackward, they'll start a competition over who can sink their own navies the fastest.

SquirrelButtDan's picture


I also remember Iraq invasion beginning in mid-March back in '03. 


disabledvet's picture

You know...i'd actually welcome something like right now.

Obviously the purpose of this craziness was to destabilize so..."so much for that idea." Wanna blame that on the Americans?


How the whole world doesn't get dragged into this thing is beyond me.
We could be "rushin' Kiev" in a matter of days right now.

ZerOhead's picture

With the Ukranian fleet now in full control of Donuzlav Lake the words 'shooting fish in a barrel' comes to mind.

Didn't these stupid Ukrainian Admirals learn anything from WW2 when the Germans attacked Pearl Harbor?...


Independent's picture

This stuff was leaked to play with their minds and keep these guys up all night and on the edgel.  The Russians may just try some of that knock out gas again.  Pipe it into the ships, heck they may even use snipers to take out the sentries, or this is all to give the suckers one last chance to go to their wives walking instead of in a body bag.  Putin wants Crimea clear of any other troops and fast before they move on other parts of Ukraine like Odessa. He doesn't want his men tied down babysitting suckers who dont realize the West is selling them and their families into indentured servitude.  They had their chance to go to mother Russia.

ZerOhead's picture

Could be worse.

They could always resort to using blaring loudspeakers playing non-stop Obama/Hillary/Kerry speeches until their ears bleed or they suicide themselves.

Sound travels well over water you know...

whatthecurtains's picture

Or tune all their tv channels to MSNBC.