House Passes $1 Billion Ukraine Loan Guarantee, Gazprom Sends Thanks

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The oligarchs have taken over the asylum:


We are sure the auditors will be aggressively checking that this money does not flow directly from the US to Ukraine to Gazprom. But notably, we suspect, Jordan and Tunisia might be pissed as they just lst their funding. Not so much for Detroit or Puerto Rico also...


Measure, H.R. 4152, doesn’t entail any new funding because money remaining in a program for loans to Jordan and Tunisia would be transfered; exact amount of loan guarantees won’t be determined until Ukraine applies for assistance

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They do not know how to leave them ALONE! Sheesh!

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Does this mean WE are paying Vlad $1B in ransom money?

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Debt, the only weapon Obama knows

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Ukraine owes Gazprom $2bn.


Obama is $1bn light. Putin will not be happy.

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The thing that is funny about all this is everyone on the planet is squabbling over entries in the FED dollar ledger, but this ledger is infinite and the FED adds to it at will.

Putin needs $2B more entries, sure no problem, just create them out of thin air into the dollar ledger and transfer them over via a loan. Saudi Arabia needs $10B for oil, no problem, just create them out of thin air into the dollar ledger. 

The whole system is absurd. When the world stops squabbling over these FED entries, the US is in for serious hurt.

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"As usual this Rothschild-led bankster putsch is all
about resources. Ukraine lies in a highly strategic
geographic location, fronting both the Black Sea and the Sea of Azov. Ukraine
is the bread basket of the Eastern Hemisphere. In 2011 it was the world’s 3rd
largest grain exporter. It ranks in the top 10 countries in the world for
sought-after farmland.

In October 2013 the IMF met with
Ukrainian officials to discuss the country’s alleged “budget crisis”. The
bankster enforcer arm demanded that Ukraine double consumer prices for natural
gas and electricity, devalue its currency, slash state funding for schools and
the elderly, and lift a ban on the sale of its rich farmland to foreigners. In
return for this Ukraine was promised a measly $4 billion." veterans today

Democratic processes? More like an Eonomic Hit.

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"I will have more flexibility after the election."

File on time, serfs.

Meanwhile, in Illinois -

This shitshow is FUBAR.

Can we get this party started yet?

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that's were Ukrain comes into play

to back up Fed's ledger expansion one has to back it up with real assets in this case Ukrainian assets

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In other news, Putin announces trips to both Jordan and Tunisia, scheduled for next week.

Grande Tetons's picture

To bring unusually large suitcase. 

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All is proceeding as I have foreseen.

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I can't decide if it's a Putin Jedi Mind Trick: "These are not the Cossacks you are looking for."

Or a Goodfellas power play: "Lost the Crimea?, Fuck It. Pay Me!"

ParkAveFlasher's picture

You can have my answer now, Senator.

The Gooch's picture

It's fuck you. Pay Me!

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NO we are NOT paying Vlad $1B in ransom money.

Goldman Sachs is simply loaning the ransom money... secured by the title to Crimea at 20% interest... and we are merely guaranteeing the loan...


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...My prediction....Last chance, False Flag/Black Swan/Arch Duke event will be....... assassination of Biden.

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Shot in the hair-plugs by a lone Russian gunman with ties to Iran and the tea party...

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Hello Ukraine, goodbye Detroit.

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"Get your billion back America!"  H&R guy

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<SMACK>.......NO, NO, NO !!!!!!!!!!!!

It's NOT GAZPROM that is thanking us.

It's EUROPE and specifically EUROPEAN BANKS that are thanking us for the continuance of cheap energy to fuel their economies ability to pay back their debt to the banks.  Which of course, because we are so tied into the European banking system means that OUR banks are ALSO thanking the government.

It's a 1 Billion dollar CIRCLE JERK !!!!!!

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Solyndra's loan guarantee, now Ukraine's... If only Boehner had Putin’s balls or, at least, Putin’s pubes and never let the Debt Limit be raised…


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Which just goes to show America is run by stupid motherfuckers elected by stupid motherfuckers.

Putin wins handily. America is now nothing more than a dog that barks at clouds.

"We will sanction you" "Here is a billion dollars"

I'm sick and tired of my government embarrassing me.

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Next: TSA to 'lend badly needed ammo' to Ukrainian snipers.

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The loss of the gold standard in combination with the "deficits don't matter" doctine and the dumbing down of our schools has been deadly.  It's no wonder our kids have 100 percent confidence in paper when you can print without consequence.

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$1billion USD to fix $150 billion (in deliberate damage) on a $5 billion investment!...

Is that insane enough for you?

KickIce's picture

That certainly puts at all in perspective and not in the least bit insane when you receieve real assets in return for monopoly money.  Proof positive that only the serfs consider FRNs as money.

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No shit, Detroit doesn't get a bailout?

$1 billion could probably buy all the houses there.


One And Only's picture

You're better off moving to Kenya.

Similar neighborhoods and the dollar goes farther.

Clowns on Acid's picture

More civlized... less rap music.

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Obviously Detroit's best interest does not mesh with someone else's best interest and the latter is actually running the showin D.C.....not too hard to guess which group that is.

alien-IQ's picture

It's not "intervention" if the US does it....

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   PIKERS. Shit, Corzine's probably laughing over that headline...

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This is probably in a nutshell why our people in Washington will start a war with Russia and China, because losing everything even if it's there own fault is unthinkable.


NotApplicable's picture

Sorry, had to downvote you for the usage of "our people in Washington."

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Sorry, had to downvote you for the usage of "our people in Washington."

What was Officer Malone's memorable line  to Ness in the movie "The Untouchables"?

"What are you prepared to do"! -Before it's too late.

rosiescenario's picture

"...their people in Washington...." fix'd it....

ArrestBobRubin's picture

Come, get deeper into debt to us said the Spider to the Fly... after all, we're only here to help. 

ebworthen's picture

Bi-partisan support for wasting taxpayer dollars on oligarchs and greater debt serfdom for their constituents.

I've had it with this piece of shit country, had it.

It is nothing but an obscene lie.

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But clearly this must be "the will of the people!" Americans have no doubt been lighting up congressional switchboards over the past few days, demanding the government fork over $1 billion to a foreign country.

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now is finally clear who exactly is your shadow government?????????


THE MONEYCHANGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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'Americans have no doubt been lighting up congressional switchboards over the past few days, demanding the government fork over $1 billion to a foreign country.'

Actually, they HAVE been.

But it starts with an 'I', not a 'U.'

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A billion? Another 3 to 4 bucks for every American. What the fuck...add it to the tab. 

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Glad I could help.....who is up next that I can help (whether I want to or not)

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So, now we not only have debt that is collateralized by the "good faith and credit" of the US government, a batch of almost bubble high real estate loans, but we now have a currency backed by a loan to the Ukraine. What could possibly go wrong??

Remind me how much the "good faith and credit' of the Detroit GO bonds is worth. Last offer was 20 cents on the dollar.

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So - We even have a piggy bank within the foreign aid section of the budget. Just move from one country to another. Why did we not do this for Greece and Cyprus? Could it be because the IMF was involved with those two?


Where is the EU, EU Central Bank, Major Countries within the EU, NATO (all members?) Why are they not coming up with any financial support? Ukraine owes Russa at least $10 billion. All we are doing is trying to bribe the Russians to back off. Any money given to Ukraine will be transferred through the Bank of International Settlements into Russian accounts. Congress as controlled by the Pelosse Democrats, will spend dollars they have to borrow from the FED without regard to interests of the American people.


This would be joke this administration and congress should share with all Americans - If only the people would wake up long enough to hear that joke.