Ukraine Acting President Loses It Over "Crime Against Nation" Crimea Referendum

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Ukraine's Acting President Turchynov is not happy about what his 'fellow countrymen' in the east are doing:


So how will he enforce that decision? Perhaps this is the instigation that Putin has been waiting for? Bonds and precious metals are suddenly bid on this news.

It appears things are escalating once again...


This won't end well as Turchynov adds, Ukraine’s territorial integrity is sovereign and unassailable

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That is the thing about words, they never seem to match boots on the ground and superior firepower.


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I fear that the west would love to send dozens of innocent ukrianian troops to their death against superior russian forces, just to televise and demonize putin

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I don't think the Ukrainian parliament, whatever that is these days, really gets that they are not calling the shots in the Crimea anymore.  Someone should tell them.  

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But... but... isn't what the people of Crimea want?  I mean John Kerry carried on about people voting for what they want.   Isn't that what people in USA do??

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Lurch, this is Turch.  We have a problem.

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"Non-violent democratic power grab is illegitimate" declares unelected prime minister of Ukraine just days after he seized power of Ukraine in a violent revolution.

Hypocrisy is off the charts.

Where's John Kerry to lecture people about invasions on trumped up charges... Right off the back of a decade long occupation searching for WMD in Iraq.


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""Non-violent democratic power grab is illegitimate" declares unelected prime minister of Ukraine just days after he seized power of Ukraine in a violent revolution."

With an attitude like that it's no wonder the EU like him...he'll fit right in with the rest of them

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xactly- if only a popular vote is legal as he is spouting, then WTF is he doing in charge. Last I heard Crimean parliment did vote on it. I think Turdchenkov wants the people of E Ukraine to go do his dirty work and fight and die for him.  Goldman wanna be Banker scum sounds like you need a plane ticket.

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"national self determination" was an Important Thing to proto fascist dem president Wilson back in WWI days, and will be again, under the proto-fascist jarret administration.

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It;s funny how you repeat Jarret's name over and over to the exclusion of Obama's other advisors.

Tim_'s picture

Presidential Aide Valerie Jarrett Discloses Her Jewish Roots

"The White House can add one more senior staffer to its list of advisers with Jewish roots, and it is an unlikely name. Valerie Jarrett, President Obama’s senior adviser and assistant for intergovernmental affairs and public engagement, disclosed her Jewish ancestry to a Jewish gathering on Monday."

"'Many, many years ago, my parents hosted a seder for a group of our Jewish friends, and it was here that my father first told me that my great-grandfather was Jewish. What a wonderful surprise for our friends, and for me! So Passover has always been a special holiday for me.'"

"She went on to talk about the seder held by Obama’s Jewish staffers while on the campaign trail in 2008 and how Obama, after being elected, lived up to his promise to hold a Passover seder every year at the White House."

"The Obama White House has lost several of its top Jewish staffers recently, with the departure of presidential chief of staff Rahm Emanuel, senior political counselor David Axelrod and chief economic adviser Lawrence Summers. It did gain, however, Jacob Lew, an Orthodox Jew, as director of the Office of Management and Budget."

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LOL she is perfect for being a dual-citizen and selling out the USA for the 1/16 in her that is Tribal, I am sure she can pick up her Israeli passport during her next visit there

TBT or not TBT's picture

The other advisors seem to come and go. Jarret is a constant, in everything, and has been behind this farce couple for a very long time.

Dollarmedes's picture

Crimea wants to seceed, but Ukraine doesn't want them to.

The United States has some relevant history in that department. Maybe Obama/Kerry should bone up on their American history around 1860-1865 to see the likely outcome.

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Putin should invade Crete and see what happens.

Flakmeister's picture

He couldn't even if his life depended on it...

Dollarmedes's picture

Putin had all the pretext he needed to invade Ukraine-proper (i.e. Kiev...or as Nuland says it, "Keev", the dumb box). He didn't invade. I assume that means he doesn't want to.

I think the only way he'll invade now is if he's forced to in order to save face. The Ukrainians seem to be pushing him that way.

Flakmeister's picture

Because he loses, big time, and he know it...

The Economst will have at least 6 covers a year highlighting Ukranian Intifada....

He will be given a way out and he will jump....

DogOfSinope's picture

No one reads the Economist anymore. Not even economists.
The most economical thing one can do is not subscribe to it.

TBT or not TBT's picture

They went statist about a decade ago. Very sad.

Freddie's picture

The scum NWO - EU(SSR) and USSA send their Zato goons for a phnoy astroTurfing Coup.

The install zio oligarch scum in the govt.  Now people want to leave the corrupt shithole known as the zio-Ukraine.

Can we leave the zio-USSA?  Time to f**king seceed.

ebear's picture

"The United States has some relevant history in that department. "

Not to mention Canada.

SDShack's picture

The West Coup Plotters are upset with Crimea because they know its only the first domino to fall. After that, the West will be the one under the new siege.

Independent's picture

So true Stuart, if they are counting on the Western Europeans to take time off from their upcoming Summer Vacations to die for a dual-citizen money making grab in Ukraine they are in for a big surprise.

Johnny Cocknballs's picture

they are or at least were considering a law to ban dual citizenship.

Probably not Israeli-Ukraine dual citizenship, of course... given to whom they are dispensing governorships.

furgheddubouddit's picture


More farcical than a bunch of Western-backed, violent, armed extremists overthrowing the legitimate and democratically elected Ukrainian government?

I highly doubt it.

angel_of_joy's picture

This guy is nothing but a sock puppet (no Ed the Sock though), and he knows it.

Besides, he has precisely 0 legitimacy, as nobody ever elected him to do squat.

Last time I checked, the Crimean Parliament was still a democratically elected body. Just saying...

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+1 (up arrow not working for me for your comment)

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Freedom fighters are a fickle bunch, when it's YOUR Boyz burning barricades and singing and dancing all night long to slogans of freedom and self determination........... ITS GREAT, but when the other guy wants the same's treason!!!!

There just isn't any sanity left at this point, especially when idiots are going to continue to turn to 21st century Americans and Euro lovers, for guidance on what freedom, individualism, and self-determination are??

tony wilson's picture

you fool

you mad fool

superior russian forces.

do not ignore the power of the erdogan swarthy turk

the mighty pole

the massive royal austrailian sas

the canuck fighting machines of royal can udder

as paul wolf avitch and dick chinee says

with some navy seels and some english mercenaries a smattering of idf and mossad we can win this.

Truther's picture

Well then.. Welcome to the hell hole.

TBT or not TBT's picture

Obama respects the mighty pole, deeply.

angel_of_joy's picture

Don't forget the romanians. Their AF still flies Mig-21s in NATO patrols over the Baltics...

Independent's picture

At least they are paid for LOL, still  better than those third hand F16s Romania just bought via USA from Portugal for like close to 1 BILLION dollars of IMF servitude. So they get the IMF loan for 12 old F16s from the early 1980s and they are in the pockets of dual citizens who, well lets just say that Beny Steinmetz richest man in Israel owns that Rosia Montana Planned Gold Mine in Transylvania part of Romania, through the Canadia Gold Corp via Gabriel Resources.  What is at stake is Europe's largerst gold deposits in Romania (valued at 100 billion dollars, but getting the gold out involves destroying ancient Roman mine digs, a world heritage site, and literally razing pristine mountains and cultural landmarks to get to the gold), mining them would involve hundred of thousands of tons of cyanide which would sit in man made lakes wreaking havoc on the land and water table for hundreds and hundreds of years.  So far project is stalled due to environmental study and demonstrations, I am sure there will be pressure on a govt in debt to release approval regardless of what the public wants.  They can bring in the neo nazis from kiev to put the public in line.  Or how about shale fracking for gas in Romania where protests stopped Chevron from drilling a test well.  Once the govt is again under IMF thumb how soon before skulls are cracked to make way for the drilling and American profits.  So Romania you will get your water and environment contaminated by dual citizens and US oil companies.  Tandem action.

To see the effects of a cyanide spill, check out the link below, it was considered the worst ecological disaster in Europe after Chernobyl, and it involved a cyanide lake, due to gold mining in another region of Romania, breaking its dam and polluting large areas of the country

Oh and here is Beny Steinmetz

Cause Romania can tell you how well they did right after getting all giddy and happy about signing up for EU servitude and part of the price of admission was giving contracts to EU and US companies

How about grain prices, Ukraine get ready to get ripped off on your grain production via shady American companies who act as middle men and drive up prices by parking inventory in neighboring countries or even off ships in the Black Sea (maybe that is why they badly want a port for Kiev)’s%20Bumper%20Crop%20Triggers%20Price-Fixing%20Allegations_Bucharest_Romania_9-4-2013.pdf

So Romania has the highest percentage of foreign farmland ownership in the EU and its still going up.  Ukraine you can expect the same as part of your costs of doing business with the EU and being in debt to them.  Also expect to have your 'elected' govt sell your state owned farmland for pennies on the dollar to people like Soros and other Nuland friendsies.

Here is Ukraine's running start





Freddie's picture

The old MIG 21 is better than that piece of shit F-35.


Renewable Life's picture

I think your numbers are a little low, if past history is prelude to Ukraine!!!

spellbound's picture

Don't even dare think that they haven't thought of that before you!!!!

atsoft888's picture

I do not think there will be any real war. As it was in Kiev, or just recently in Odessa, western tv teams will be invited to a staged performance, called war with Russians (remember the shooting footage couple of days ago).
Really worse case scenario will be a couple of snipers from Maidan.
But, it is very unlikely presently.

Canadian Dirtlump's picture

What I found funny about the hysterical rant I heard from whatever Ukrainian stooge is in place at this hour, is that, it was in English - and fairly good English at that - with as I recall some western lingo "what's up with" or something like that.


Sum total there is that it was probably meant for western media consumption - to propagate this act of international treachery, wrapped in a psy op, coated with a bygone theoretical construct of Western exceptionalism and nobility.


I can say for certain, that the average western gum chewing retardate would get more out of his rant than would the average Ukrainian who is on the precipice of seeing their lives get turned to full retard thanks to the conspiritorial and often capricious machinations of a cabal of folks who fall somewhere between criminally insane and demonic.

TBT or not TBT's picture

Ukrainian life is the detritus of so many decades of soviet central planning tyranny. It may be twenty years later, but the demographic, cultural, and economic wounds are very deep. The west didnt cause any, or much of that, but yeah it sucks that another people/language is disappearing fast out of bad luck and let's say poor adaptation to their environment.

Anusocracy's picture

Certainly, but think of the detritus of so many decades of american central planning tyranny future Americans will have to endure.

America's trend line is stuck in reverse and .gov has the pedal to the metal. Russia's trend line was going the opposite direction until the psychopaths of the US forced Russia into a new Cold War.

TBT or not TBT's picture

There is still a difference in degree vs soviet or nazi central planning, but it can go further in those directions as our .gov grows and claims more power, crisis by crisis, making rule of law a dead letter. The Chicago Way administration in DC has done far far worse than Watergate and still stands, while the press and the people do nothing. With 17T in nominal debt and all the entitlement systems set to implode, their answer will be tyrannical, whoever is in office. At this point. Obama ought to be considered a traitor for merely allowing Congress to run without a budget for that many years, while printing trillion dollar deficits. Just for that alone. But the government is now pusher, and most of us are addicts.

TBT or not TBT's picture

BTW, Russia is a nuclear armed basket case on terminal social and economic decline to match their sub dismal demographics. We should be worried about their continued rapid decline, of which this Crimea kerfuffle and related securing of Gazprom's income is a (sips White Russian).

TBT or not TBT's picture

Ghandi did fine with words...against the wanking guilt ridden British Empire in both global and domestic retreat into what it now is...kinda shitty.

Russians respond to more muscular (dis)incentives. Europe should start frakking their shale for gas like it was basic to their immediate survival.

Independent's picture

I think Putin studied Teddy Roosevelt, speak softly and carry a big stick.  This neo nazi scum is speaking loudly with a small stick between his legs.