Gazprom Threat Sends European Stocks Reeling

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European bond markets, simply put, did not blink at anything this week (and Portugal spreads actually rallied) as the insanity of that segment of the market remains. Europe's high-yield credit market moves to near record low spreads (on rumors of an aggressive hedge fund squeeze). But all of this beggars belief as we see European stocks giving up their post-Putin gains and collapsing today on the good-news-is-bad-news from the US but much more critically the Gazprom threats (which smashed Germany's DAX red for 2014 and down around 2% today).

European stocks have given back most of the post-Putin gains (with Germany hardest hit as it is most affected by any retaliation from sanctions)


European sovereign bonds remain totally unphased


as it's clear the "management" in Europe cares more about the credit markets than the stock market (as opposed to the US...)

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Wow, OGZPY has moved $.07.

The market yawns, checks the New Yorker for a hot new watering hole for Friday happy hour.

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fuck the eu [/victoria's secret]

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Tyler: To quote Siemens boss: "YOu do not sanction anyone you are dependent on" Europe will probably not saction Russia. Stocks are vulnerable anyway.

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Another ZH stock's sell-off article - do you buy the low kiddies?  

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big AH European futures ramp here along with the Dow looks like the CB's have decided that this is closing green, S&P back to flat

 short squeeze coming? wouldn't really want to be long into this weekend though would have expected it to be sold into.....

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Maybe offtopic, wanted to share for interest. Ukraine inherited 20+ strategic bombers. Now one of them is for sale on ebay

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with free delivery anywhere in the world. comes with a crew of 'take off only' trained muslims.........and nuke$ are extra.

adr's picture

Maybe ZH can pool resources. I'm sure one of us can fly the thing. I can think of quite a few targets where that bomber would come in handy.

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I got some seat time in a Piper Cub about 20 years ago.  I'm sure I could handle it.  Now, who wants to be the bombardier?

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I'm not sure why but that made me LMAO!

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Looks the "legitmate" Ukie govt is already selling stuff to themselves...

Yulia is surely giving short course on this skill for piece of action..

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word on the street is that a family in ukraine that controls a large stash of ammo placed there by the russians during the cold war has been selling large amounts of 5.45x39 ammo to someone in the USA.


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I really believe that ZH should have a disclaimer at the very top of the home page which states in BIG BOLD LETTERS that NOBODY should trade any financial products based on the information provided at this site.

Not that I don't appreciate the information's kind of a fast-track to the poorhouse.

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Not that I disagree at all, but out of curiousity--what specifically do you mean as it pertains to the particular article?  

alien-IQ's picture

How many times have you seen a sort of "here comes the crash" headline from ZH only to see the market turn and rip higher moments later?

Look at the headline here and look at the market. Notice a pattern?

I've been reading ZH from back when they were a blog page. It's been educational and fun...but I have seen far too many times their predictive tone about the market be...well, let's be kind and say, not marksman like.

I've learned to not read ZH during the times that I'm trading, which admittedly, I'm trading less and less these days. I agree that the market is a fucked up manipulated train wreck. But that's not really tradable information is it?

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Tyler like to throw out some market based doomer porn every now and then...

As you know, there are some here that love it as it feeds their confirmation bias...

However, most of the time it has been a great contrarian signal...

alien-IQ's picture

Yes. Sort of like a Goldman Sachs recommendation: Do the opposite.

angel_of_joy's picture

Feel free to spend your money in any direction you see fit.

Most people don't come to ZH for trading tips. There are, as always, exceptions...

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However, most of the time it has been a great contrarian signal...

When the world is about to end according to ZH, AND Bloomberg and CNBC both are running bearish stories (we are only at the beginning of the decline, etc.), that's usually when those diverging mkt internals plays work out nicely.

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You do know this is about EU stocks and their market is now closed for the day, yes?

alien-IQ's picture

It's about the tone, not the specifics. Not unlike what so many other "news" outlets do with jobs numbers, earnings etc. The headline is always bullish, but the facts...not so much. But since when does this market operate based on facts?

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Yeah, but this place was BUILT on doom-porn.  The day I see an article that reads "No reason we can find for markets to go anywhere but up" I'm going to back SLOWLY away from the keyboard, turn and run like hell.

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EU stocks today:  What the article Tyler posted was an offering of an explanation why in terms of the relationship between Gazprom and the EU.

The data that was posted is and was factual.  I did not get the sense from the article that any type of investment advice was being offered, just presenting what happened in the EU markets today.

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Sure, but it would be far more responsilble to title it:

Market Wrap Up: Gazprom Threat...

As opposed to making it apprear to be a real time reaction...

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a little fear is good

btw, someones govt seems to forgot that..

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That's what happens to bears in bull markets created out of thin air...

You didn't know that?

Hell, the FED has been telling us this "truth" since forever.


Global Hunter's picture

i would have been whipsawed today like a monkey with an onion on his belt with our without zh (don't trade anymore).  Thumbs up though because its a valid point, but suspect that history will look back on zh as mainly pretty accurate, they're correct too quickly.

alien-IQ's picture

I agree that history will prove them accurate, if not accurately timed. But I've found over the years that the tone here does get in your head if you spend a lot of time reading the articles and comments posted. Their arguments are persuasive, well documented and logical. Perhaps that's the problem. You can't apply a logical analysis to an illogical event (the market).

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The Way Trading Works for Dummies

They offer the data.

Timing is all yours...

Lux Fiat's picture

Part of growing as a trader is improving your ability to see things for what they are, and how they really work.  Otherwise, you keep getting "unexpected" and often frustrating results.  I don't go looking for tips, but I appreciate a news source that while having biases, usually has them aligned with "real world" machinations.  I continually run across items in ZH articles that that from my viewpont could have major ramifications, but when I surf over to other financial sites, all I hear are crickets on things of longer-term significance, or the item is buried at the end of an article, and treated dismissively. 

mac768's picture

absolutely correct, until the music really stops

ChargingHandle's picture

that is until the strings are too tight to be pulled anymore

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and the dow rips 45 pts. off the lows, lol...

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It is Friday.  I doubt that the Fed and Treasury will allow their frankenfraud project to close red today. 

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At this point I would like to see Germany nuke DC.

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Germany is scared shitless by the insane US threats against Russia. There are at least 27 billion Euros in trade for Germany at stake. You wanna see unemployment! Lose that much mutual trade because America has insane neocon warmongers trying to start a war. Spain will lose 3 Billion Euro in Russia tourist trade. How many Spanish lose their tourist jobs when 3 billion is sucked out ot their economy? Russia is not the USSR, stop moveing east with NATO, sign some mutual security agreements. Russians don't any fucking war, but you can not keep poking them in the eye with a stick, those fuckers fight back.

cherry picker's picture

Russia doesn't want war otherwise they would be doing what the USA has been doing in Viet Nam. Iraq and Afghanistan.

Putin declared his intentions on the world stage and to me they seem a lot more honorable than Obama and Kerry's positions


Omen IV's picture

all true - German citizens dont believe any US version of events in Syria or the Ukraine  - especially with the Estonian  call  to Ashton still on the table  - Merkel will not go along with sanctions- So what is the end game? 

Russia via referendum will take east and south of Ukraine in addition to Crimea  – US rattles chains and ends up putting NATO forces in the Western Ukraine  - Russia demands gas bills be paid in advance and calls for debts to be converted to physical assets. EU puts up loans  for the  W. Rump that is left - which is nowhere

So did the USA spend $5 billion  as Nuland said -  to get the western Ukraine as NATO outpost? this outcome was never rocket science so what was the objective ?  Syria as trade to go away?


RSloane's picture

This is Syria Part II as far as the US is concerned and its all about disrupting the flow of oil. It is indefensible because its senseless.

Dollarmedes's picture

Europe largely did this to themselves, with their Green energy and Red politics. Now, like a crack-whore they are telling us "don't scare off the customer!"

And Germany is the worst of them: not only have they engaged in the same behavior with respect to Russia, they have promoted their economic interests on the backs of their fellow Europeans.


I find it hard to be sympathetic to them.

adr's picture

Can you imagine if your job and life moved like the stock market. Suicides would be off the charts.

You're fired, ten minutes later you're hired, ten minutes later you're fired again.

Itchy and Scratchy's picture

You like to harrass ... then u get no gaz!

Rising Sun's picture

bright sunshine, clear skies, nice day for a missile launch - US will be able to see the enemy very clearly


come to think of it, the enemy will have that same capability


oh well, happy times boy - splat a few ruskies for the mudder-land!!!