President Obama Explains How He Will Blow The Student Loan Bubble Even Bigger - Live Feed

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Despite warnings from various members of the Fed that Student Loans are becoming troublesome, we suspect President Obama's address this afternoon on expanding opportunities to go to college will be nothing but more pumping free money into a hyper-inflating (and increasingly worthless) higher education system...



As we previously noted,

What's worse, while the 90+ day student debt delinquency rate did
post a tiny decline from 11.8% to 11.5% in Q4, on a total notional basis
due to the increase in outstanding balances, as of this moment
the amount of heavily delinquent student loans has just hit a fresh
record high of $124.3 billion, up from $121.5 billion in the prior

So: when does the Fed finally admit i) there is a student loan
problem and ii) the only way to solve said problem is to promptly
monetize it?

Finally, putting new "debt" creation in perspective, in 2013 just student and car loans alone represented 108% (that's right, more than all) of total household debt created.


That won't end well..