Pro-Russia Gunmen Block OSCE Monitors Entering Ukraine; Stymie Obama's Plan

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One of the critical steps in President Obama's "off-ramp" de-escalation plan for the crisis in Ukraine was a so-called 'observer mission' by the Organisation for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE) to ensure that all citizens were being treated fairly. That 'plan' has hit a wall this morning as PTI reports that pro-Kremlin gunmen blocked the obersver entry. Seems like another red line just got crossed.


Via PTI,

Pro-Kremlin gunmen kept foreign observers from entering Crimea today as Russia welcomed the prospect of the Ukrainian peninsula joining the country amid the worst East-West crisis since the Cold War.


A convoy of vehicles from the Organisation for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE) -- led by a police car and followed by two buses carrying the observers and a large number of cars waving Ukrainian flags -- were stopped at a checkpoint manned by armed men as they tried to enter Crimea for a second day.


The observer mission is a crucial part of the so-called "off-ramp" US President Barack Obama is pushing to de-escalate a crisis in Ukraine that threatens to splinter the ex-Soviet nation of 46 million along its cultural divides.

With Gazprom threatening their gas supplies, we await President Obama's response to this denial of his plan and the actions of his allies in Europe...

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Why does this man step aside and find somebody who knows what the hell they're doing. He's an embarrassment to the US.

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<---- Andrew Jackson

<---- Ulysses S. Grant 




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Hasn't anyone explained to Mr. Obama that his teleprompters do not work on the Russians?

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This is what happens when you elect an orator instead of a leader.

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Affirmative action, be it for firemen, engineers, doctors, fighter pilots or 'elected leaders' by definition leads to, shall we say, sub-optimal outcomes.

At some point even the memory of a meritocracy dissipates and you get what we have today, a racial spoils system where capacity and competence matter not a whit.

Unfortunenately for the Unicorn States of Amerika, other nations self-select the capable and intelligent and as such will trend over time to replace a nation such as the US that bases it's society and culture on lies and frivolities.

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he can read a teleprompter with the best of them, for sure.  but an orator? he is not...     contrast this clown to a JFK speech  (without a teleprompter)

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Can't the drones keep watch?

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George was a pretty sharp guy. Too bad Wilson came along. To be fair to Wilson we were already drifting towards sticking our nose in others business before he took office. Maybe if Wilson hadn't had several strokes before he took office and was still able to read more than a sentence or two at a time he'd have come across Washington's farewell speech. Once politicians move to a warfare/welfare model they are tough to control.

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See Edward Mandell House. Dig to find out who he really worked for.

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Any one not a useful idiot can see through the fake orations.

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"two buses carrying the observers and a large number of cars waving Ukrainian flags -- were stopped at a checkpoint"


Impartiality aside, did they actually expect to get through a checkpoint by waving the enemy’s flag? Or the outcome was their plan to begin with.

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Libertarians cheered on the Irish Independence movement who wanted liberty/home-rule. So what difference does it make ? If ZH and libertarians wanted to take a stand on reactionary politics, it's a little late. 1884 was a good place to start at.

Will ZH support Faluon Gong ? how about the Nacionalistas movement when Christina’s regime runs out of cash? Scottish independence ?

I think the facts to date on Ukraine are

- Yanukovich was found to be a Russian puppet who, imitating Putin stacked the courts & looted the state pension funds for his own welfare. The election was heavily stacked from east ukraine 'phantom ballots' with a less than 5% margin of victory, and no recount was accepted by the Yanukovich Presidency despite reports of vote fraud. (history rhymes, right United Russia?).

- Yanukovich, over the course of the last 6 years was found to have engaged in media supression and questionable asset sales. 5 reporters were killed in the reporting of the mass corruption of Ukranian state assets by Russian proxies or Odessian cartels.

- Skew of state law by Presidential decree last fall to give preferred tax status & commerce law to Russian shell companies. This pissed off plenty of Ukr. interests as the country did not ask for a Russian business bailout, but got one anyways amid the worst recession in the Ukraine since 1988. 

- After two of the worst crop harvests since 95, amid record droughts and farmer requests for support the sitting government agreed to negotiate for LOWER export prices with Russia vs. Ukranian grain farmers who wanted to have the LIBERTY to sell their grain abroad, specifically to Germany like Poland.

- Yanukovich promised that the EU trade issue would be opened at the loan/trade round. Promptly before the tabled meet-up, the President decided to accept a previously undisclosed deal with Russia, without consultation with either their Congress, the Rada or even his Euro counterparts.

- People protest after 6 years of blatant corruption & Russian cronyism, all the while, watching their real income fall 18% over his tenure. By context, US mean lifestyle income has only fallen by World Bank by about 3% in this period.

- After the first sit-in of protests were violently broken up, and protest leaders were reported to have been violently tortured & beaten, gunmen were engaged in the protests. If gunmen were purchased, can you blame them ? Lets look at the US Precedent protest; the Doughboy strike. The Ford Strikes. Were those Zionist plots ? I rest my case.

- Rather than admit who shot first, or Yanukovich stand trial for his role in using Intelligence agents against the strike protest leaders, he fled the country. In his wake, the looting of the country was validated and his personal direction against special interest groups was confirmed.

- Putin, despite having no record of ethnic protest or violence against Russian peoples in this ENTIRE soviet adventure activated Spetnaz assets in the Crimea that subsequently acted as unmarked militas to confiscate Ukranian weapons & kidnap troops. Last I checked this violated about 9 sections of the articles of war as well as 4 NATO-PACT treaties which are still active, including the Turkey Treaty '94 (sic).

- Not to be outdone, Putin decides to engage in economic warfare by sinking a Russian flagged ship to block a trade channel and the Ukraine navy.

- To add aggression to antagonism, Putin decides to cut all economic trade with Ukraine, causing a bank run. After a 40% real currency adjusted loss of national equity, Gazprom suggesting they will cut the gas flows, preventing their Urea & electro-chemical industrial East Ukraine from meeting their trade quotas is also pure coincidence.

So let's look at the score card:

Ukraine/Western aggression: 1? if we assume their only "sin" was protesting and then hiring gunmen. Can someone even cite a true Nazi action which the protestors have been fiat compli in ? Do half of you even know what the fuck a Nazi/Facist is ? If Svoboda is a Nazi group, you do realize how ironic it would be to claim they are a Zionist plot, right ?

Russia/Putinist Appachniks: 11 and that's being generous.

Putin has planned this for a long time now.

So, am I missing anything ? Seems like with all information on the table, Russia still is “evil” in this story arc.

 So with all that bullshit, foreign meddling & looting, what and why should the Ukrainian people NOT have the right to shake off their occupiers? Is there some sort of argument that invalidates a Ukrainian libertarian’s right to free trade & speech  but not a American Libertarian’s ?

I also find it amusing that everything is a Zionist plot in the eyes of some, and the whole notion that the US/NATO can cherry pick which liberty movements we chose to support or not.

So with all the facts to date on the table a simple question to ask yourself over the weekend:

If you were not born to the privileged life of a US gold-bug, and 40% of your Gross wealth was vaporized in the last 10 years, and you were given the opportunity to protest, would you ? If your country was not only offshoring jobs, but actively promoting the use of foreign workers in their local plants over you, and even changing the language of trade to a foreign tongue, would you be mad ?  For some of you, this would be your wet dream.

So what difference does it make my friends ? Why are you, the dregs of the comment section so rampantly anti-revolution ?

Are you afraid of standing for your Tea Party liberties ? Or are you willing to admit to yourself that Liberty is only a right for some, not for all. And certainly not, if that would mean your exceptionalist lifestyle is challenged or placed at risk.

If you are so ashamed to be American, and shy away from supporting liberty and self governance, when can NATO and the rest of the world expect the Tea Party / Ron Paul followers to begin requesting the Native peoples & Mexican free states returned to their rightful countries ? Should Mexico invade the south US to protect her national interests ?

Enjoy stacking and thinking.

Last time I'm speaking on the issue. Super Cereal this time, Al Gore pinkie swear.


whoisjohngalt11's picture

That Telepromter only works on a docile people with no testosterone left in them Putin gotta big pair and aint impressed with Obumma...

LawsofPhysics's picture

Given all the shit the people in this part of the world (and russia) have been through, they understand one thing all too well.

That being "when fraud is the status quo, possession is the law.

Anusocracy's picture

<---- Useless idiot psychopathic rulers

<---- NOTA

SAT 800's picture

One would think they had plenty to occupy themselves in obtaining security and co-operation for Europe; rather than acting as propaganda vectors in the Crimea.

Clark Bent's picture

Why didn't he step aside when his name was discussed as a candidate? Competence is not in his vocabulary. As a "progressive" fascist he is entitled to power because he is better than other people. Simple as that. He cannot fail because he is infallible by virtue of his fascist anti-American bona fides, and of course because he is black. His entire threat is that he will try to embarrass Putin with stories from so called uninterested observers who, like himself, are also fascistic and therefore above reproach. Obama forgets that it was the Soviet Union that taught him his ideology and tactics. Why whould he think they will allow them to be used against them by this silly pup? 

Checkmate for the Obam strategy. Now, wanna keep whining or simply admit there is very little we can do, and of course nothing that Obama will do, to deter his ideological touchstone. Obama is embarrassing, but quite frankly he has always been embarrassing. Turns out being clean, articulate, black, and possissing a controlled "negro dialect" are not very good qualifications in the real world, only in the subintellectual salons of American leftism. Some people are now forced to see that.  

MrTown3's picture

It is quite sad to watch.

dontgoforit's picture

It's Woodrow Wilson all over again.  Russia will get Crimea - too late for anyone to do much about it short of a war.

August's picture

Fortunately, the ultimate Ukraine deal-making will be between Vlad and Mutti Merkel.

The best that Obozo and "Kerry" can hope for is to avoid looking like fools. Oh, and killing large numbers of people.

cossack55's picture

Maybe divert them to Palestine.

TheFourthStooge-ing's picture

"Hey! We don't take kindly to your type around here..."

Independent's picture

Especially since they all worked for foreign intelligence agencies.

They should of ordered them out of the cars, stripped them naked, wrapped them up in red duct tape and put red lipstick on their faces, taken pictures, and sent them back to Brussels and DC.  Afterwards they should of released their picture with names and the Headlines, Gay Western Tourists attempt to Illegaly Enter Crimea Failed to Cross Our Red Line.

Kayman's picture

I guess Barry will have to try another way to get CIA "observers" into the Ukraine.

indygo55's picture

Slightly OT:

Paul Craig Roberts has an email from a person in Moldovia stating that people there are being paid 30 Euros a day to pose as Ukrainian protesters.



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does anyone else picture Obama jumping around the white house imagining that he and Putin are the two main guys in this video blasting on the big screen in the background while he gets ready for his next conference call?


ShrNfr's picture

That's ok. Obama plans to urge the kiddies to borrow more money at a speech, and then go on to yav (yet another vacation) in Key Largo.

Stoploss's picture

At some point the US will have to produce a real man to deal with Putin, like only a real man can do.




Unfortunately, there are none, nor have there been any since JFK.

fonestar's picture

Like a man that wants to continue America's meddling in other parts or the world?  Like the very men who killed Kennedy?

Stoploss's picture

"Like a man that wants to continue America's meddling in other parts or the world?  Like the very men who killed Kennedy?"


I rest my case..

Well done , i new i could count on you..

Anusocracy's picture

Well that man is Hillary.

Dull Care's picture

What difference does it make?

Real Estate Geek's picture

Oh God--I just "greened" fonestar.  FONESTAR!  What is going on in this crazy world that would drive me to that level of distraction?  Aaarrgggh!


thamnosma's picture

Yeah, Reagan couldn't handle the Soviets at all. 

Volkodav's picture has that worked out in the long run?


NOTaREALmerican's picture

Re:  Reagan couldn't handle the Soviets at all. 

You mean the guy who "proved that deficits don't matter"?

How'z that concept workin out for us now?

HardAssets's picture

The whole 'Reagan brought down the USSR' meme is a fallacy. The whole 'star wars' scared them into breaking up is a fallacy.

The USSR - a central planning montrosity - was falling apart on its own. Their government, including the military/security complex sucked the economy dry.

US military spending expansion went into conventional, not strategic nuclear forces that would have been a mortal threat to the Soviets. They knew all that.

The Reagan military spending was out of control and on the credit card. It would give future American prez the tool for multiple new wars & was a great handout to the military-industrial complex. They made tons of money. It has added to the national debt and actually diminished the real, overall security (physical, in terms of liberty, financially, etc) of the vast majority of Americans.


P.S. - yeah, until I researched it for myself, -  I used to believe all that Reagan stuff too (reformed member of the 'right' side of the false 'right versus left' paradigm).

El Vaquero's picture

While the USSR would have collapsed on its own, Reagan did hurry it up.  It wasn't just military expenditures on their own, it was also dumping money into research projects that we already knew the answers to, but the Soviets didn't.  We already had a good idea what the effects of EMP were, but the Soviets didn't.  Our further research prompted them to spend a lot on research into the topic.  At the time, we could afford it.  They could not.  Reagan's involvement did change the timing of the collapse, but he did not cause the collapse. 

Unknown Poster's picture

"Mr. Putin, tear down this checkpoint."

therover's picture

So you are proposing to send Yellen over ?

Clark Bent's picture

R-E-A-G-A-N, Remember Reykyavik? 

TrustWho's picture

Stop.....Krushchev thought JFK was a pussy. This belief caused the Cuban missle crisis. JFK is the template to understand the danger Obama is creating.

Wikpedia....In addition to conveying US reluctance to defend the full rights of Berlin’s citizens, Kennedy ignored his own cabinet officials’ advice to avoid ideological debate with Khrushchev. Khrushchev outmatched Kennedy in this debate, and came away believing he had triumphed in the summit over a weak and inexperienced leader. Observing Kennedy’s morose expression at the end of the summit, Khrushchev believed Kennedy "looked not only anxious, but deeply upset…I hadn’t meant to upset him. I would have liked very much for us to part in a different mood. But there was nothing I could do to help him…Politics is a merciless business.”

Just a note, the Kennedy clan and the politically correct clan has tried to delete June 3-4, 1961 President Kennedy and Premier Khrushchev in Vienna meeting from history. I am not surprised you did not know.