The Demise Of The American Dream (In 2 Charts)

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Presented with little comment aside to note that when 'work is punished' the demise of 'opportunity' will continue...


The painful reality in America: for increasingly more it is now more lucrative - in the form of actual disposable income - to sit, do nothing, and collect various welfare entitlements, than to work.

And that trend appears to be accelerating as more and more men drop out of the workforce...

and the demise of opportunity continues unabated...


... "life should be better and richer and fuller for everyone, with opportunity for each according to ability or achievement" regardless of social class or circumstances of birth (or amount of stock ownership).


h/t @Not_Jim_Cramer

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Poor Americans... they 'sold themselves out' to cheesesteak bankers on a PAPER promise... Right now ~ the cheesesteak bankers are hustling their way out of town with suitcases full of gold... Just as they've done for the past 3,000 years...


Boo fucking [H]oo... Learn how to grow yourself a fucking OKRA plant & you'll be happier than u ever were b4...

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Weekends suck for us ZH'ers.  The regular staffing is off so the second stringers cut and paste old articles together.  "Recycle".

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Ok Cashonly then why don't you put out a website that reports news and commentary worldwide faster than major media outlets...for free. Jackass

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To post the Labor Force participation rate for American males and not a chart showing the changing demographic breakdown of American males is intellectually dishonest at best and disinformation at worst.  In 1950, less than 8% of the male population was 65+.  What is it today?  15%? 18%?  Obviously, these changing demographics don't account for ALL of the drop in the labor force participation rate, but they do account for a large chunk.

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True.  There's lies, damn lies, and statistics.

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I'm glad that I was not the first one to notice the err of redundancy...oh, and I was the 1-out-of-a-possible-5 vote for this article due to it being vacant information on two charts that we have seen


It's supposedly a fight club

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Don't let your feelings get hurt

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horse, bet and watch from the comforts of home

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American Dream ---> Food Stamps and an Obamaphone.

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I like the verbiage in the article better.

Sit, do nothing, and collect = the American dream.

And it spreads across more than just the charts provided.

Corporations automate/computerize as much as possible, getting rid of employees by the millions.

Sit, do nothing but run computer cycles, collect.

The Congress produced the least bills ever, while taking longer & longer tax funded vacations.

Sit, do nothing but lie, collect.

It's the American way! Figure out how to make the most money with the least effort!

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I guess you can put a price on pride. Looks like it's worth about 30 grand........

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Tylers - you missed the most important benefit of all.  Towards the left side of the first chart, you don't have to work.  Wanting to move right on that chart is a dumb move, and American voters are not dumb when it comes to voting for more money for themselves.  From Jamie Dimon down to the non-working welfare queens, they all get it - get what you can from the gummint while you can, and the hell with everyone else or the future.

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First off, welfare is theft. Not by the recipient, but by the provider who stole the money from others in the first and is stealing the soul of the recipient in the second.

The chart also details enslavement.

Most people desire to work. Maybe not digging ditches, but to create, produce and be valued. Welfare sets a bar that values ones work less than it would without welfare's existence. Basically, someone earning, say $60,000 a year as a mid-level accountant or IT pro, is earning about on par with a welfare mom not working. On a net basis, your work, sweat, experience and knowledge are worth nothing. You would have to earn a lot more, more than any firm will pay, for said same work to be of higher intrinsic value on a net basis.

I do believe that this sense, the reduced value of one's work compared to those that are "supported," is the source of so many people’s rage against welfare recipients.

However, the problem is NOT the welfare recipient, but the one that stole the money and destroyed the economic opportunities that is the problem, the enemy. The enemies are the criminals of the government and their bankster masters.

Don't miss the forest, the government, for the trees, the welfare recipient.


"My guillotine will gladly eat a bankster today and pay you Tuesday."

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Great points.  The way I see it the Government is bidding against employers by providing welfare.


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Yep. and by welcoming 13 million illegal immigrants. "The beatings will continue until morale inmproves".

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"the problem is not the welfare recipient"  ???

Give me a break.  When the banksters get zero interest money loans, that's welfare.  When a mother of young children stays at home to raise her kid and gets various monetary and non-monetary grants, that's welfare.  When a farmer is paid to leave land fallow instead of planting crops, that's welfare.  When government illegally changes the rules to favor unions in control of GM, that's welfare.

Yes, government is the deadly force that takes wealth away from producers/owners and transfers it to welfare recipients ... but for heaven's sake, if the welfare recipients said NO, DON'T DO THAT, then government wouldn't steal the wealth.  The source of the problem is that democracy empowers "legal" theft, plain and simple.  And the thieves are those who support and profit from the welfare.  So don't try to put it off on some evil government cabal.  As Pogo said -

"We have met the enemy and he is us."

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My main point is, who is the enemy--who is dandgeous and who is important to affecting a slolution?

Putting a welfare mom to the guillotine will not stop the criminals of government and their stealing masters, the banksters, from continuing to steal. Even if welfare is stopped, the criminals will just continue to steal and piss it away elsewhere.

And who is more criminal and dangerous, the welfare mom or the criminal handing her part of our labor and product? Who is more dangerous, the welfare mom, or the criminal sitting in an office coming up with more production and labor hindering regulations? Who is more dangerous, the welfare mom, or the criminals going around kicking in doors and seizing property and lives based on tyrannical "rules" that they themselves make up?

No those that are doing the stealing and "giving" away what is not theirs are the enemy. That enemy is government. And if that government is outside the bounds of their founding and restraining documents, then they are that much more criminal.


The Four Rs
Rejection: Quit paying, quit obeying , quit playing
Revolution: It is inevitable, so prepare, as they are.
Retribution: Is there really any place for these sociopaths and criminals in a restored civil and Constitutional society?!
Restoration: Restore the Constitutional republic.


new game's picture

kchrisc, as you climb the ladder, above gov wonks you get to the source of this evil>banksters, next stop is the fed. but next up to the top is the real enemy> shadowy figures that own the system>the richest muthers fucks with no conscience-pathelogical sociopaths that know and understand the human to a tee. they are well insulated and own the system. the money gods.

so we are stuck understanding it all, but helpless to do much. we watch for another day/same shit. now it is a futile war in ukraine. all predictable. only one option for me >opt out, enjoy the day, and take all i said with a grain of salt...

sorry, but i wish i could offer a real solution, but as is and as it will always be, just history, truth and time, the fourth dimension..

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Yes, but big, out of bounds and criminal government is their tool. No big government, no oppression.

The banksters have always tried to defraud their depositors. If government did what they are mandated to do, justice, and held the banksters responsible for their fraud there would be much less "fraudulent-reserve banking." Instead they climbed in to bed with the criminals and destroyed the country of the American people.

Ditto the 'tribe' sociopaths. Their tool is big, out of bounds and criminal government serving their shams and scams. No need to deport or kill them, just take away their tool, big, out of bounds and criminal government.

They of government are the threat. They of government are the tool of oppression. They of government are the enemy.


"Hand a loaded pistol to a 6-year old and he's dangerous. Take it away and he's not."

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"However, the problem is NOT the welfare recipient, but the one that stole the money and destroyed the economic opportunities that is the problem"



Is that really the problem?  Or is the real problem that a minority now own most of the US land and have been able to reduce wages of the majority to a minimum, effectively creating a slave labour force.  Welfare benefits are simply a response to slave wages. 

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Get off you arse, be productive and rewards will come your way.

or don't. But quit bitching.


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Gauge the damage done to this financial system by banksters vs welfare moms, guess who wins?  You see this constantly, the elite trying like hell to get the rest of you blame the weakest amongst us.  Remember! It was the guy who bags your groceries who invented the CDS.  High Frequency Trading? That's the fault of the scraggly bearded homeless guy by the park! And the trillion $ prize winner, shadow banking, goes to any seeing a dime of evil fed/state benefits, which includes everyone on Social Secuirty!

Please leave the elite alone, they cannot enjoy their ill gotten gains if you start blaming them.

jerry_theking_lawler's picture

What's wrong with 'theft' if it is for the good of the people....We have been taught to love Robin Hood since we were children.

He was a thief, yet idolized.

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Who are these welfare queens you guys keep talking about? Some young woman with 2 small kids whose husband went off in search of fresh pussy and finds his child support cramps his style? Sometimes a man will fool you; you think he's a father, but it turns out he was only a sperm donor and you only find out after its too damn late. He moves around and changes jobs a lot. Oh, maybe its some young woman who got pregnant and wouldn't or couldn't get an abortion, which would have been better for everybody? The sperm donor, of course, has headed for the hills. Where are the prolifers when she really needs them? They've headed for the hills too. How dare she take section 8 housing to put a roof over those children's heads. How dare she use daycare assistance so she can go to work. How dare she take EBS and WIC to help feed those children. If she had any pride they would live in the street and eat out of dumpsters. This place will look like India pretty soon. I've said it here before, that welfare queen is a myth; class warfare at its ugliest. The poverty of people on welfare is terrible. If you know of someone collecting welfare and driving an SUV around, its because they've only recently fallen on hard times and the repo man hasn't caught up with them yet. They'll be riding shanks mare soon enough. 

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Be sure to give us the weather outlook from Beverly Hills when you wake up.

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I see even more "nonparticipating" women that men.

Where's that chart?

Curiously_Crazy's picture

And furthermore, would a white male in his 30's also be better off earning $29,000 than $60,000? Somehow I think not.

new game's picture

the dream has lowered expectations>new game>new reality>less is moar...

5 years from now, trailer homes with be aveage middle income earners castle.

of course, with a pick-up right in the front yard. so fucking cool...

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Women want to say they're equal...but we all know they're not. Not saying men are better (they compliment each other perfectly) but let's take a look at "equal pay".

How many female construction workers do you see?

How many female electricians do you see?

How many female plumbers do you see?

How many female framers do you see?

(those are all well paying jobs by the way - which in many cases can lead to starting your own business)

If females are equal than why in sports don't women compete with men?

How many females in the military sign up for combat positions? What's the percentage that actually want to?

Women want equal pay... without the "equal work" part.

Men and women are fundamentally different in just about every way. Men are built stronger and our hormones make us more aggressive and determined....which is why the best Lawyers in the world happen to be men (albeit a few exceptions). thanks to the feminists, women THINK they can get equal pay and be single mothers (YOU DON'T NEED NO MAN WOMEN!!!) and the sad reality is...we are a nation full of single mothers that can't feed themselves or their children without government assistance. Add to that a generation of children growing up without fathers.

Good job you feminist Nazis. You are one of the main reasons America is in decline.

And for the record... a lot of Obama's foreign policy blunders happened with Hillary Clinton being the Sec. Of State, so let's not talk about how awesome she is.

Squid-puppets a-go-go's picture

what a pathetic patriarchal wanker you are.

The reason you dont see many female construction workers is because they would have to put up with sexist dickheads like you


One And Only's picture

Attack the message not the messenger.

Squid-puppets a-go-go's picture

traditionally i would, but in this instance both the message and the messanger are a blight on this planet

One And Only's picture

For a girl I bet you have big dick.

Squid-puppets a-go-go's picture

hehe it doesnt surprise me that you are so thoroughly enslaved by your gender identity and masculine superiority complex that you could not imagine that i am, in fact, a man.

garypaul's picture

yes but that dress looked great on you

Troll Magnet's picture

squid puppet,
care to refute one and only's point?

please don't argue that Moochelle is stronger/tougher than Barry.
that's not fair.

J Pancreas's picture

I'd wager you're a typical Prius-driving, white-guilted beta male metrosexual based on your comments. The dude above had a point and you tried to argue it. Game, set match, wanker.

Squid-puppets a-go-go's picture

my word, the morons abound today. Here's a guy that seems to hinge his and other's sense of identity upon what brand of car you drive

and im not sure what 'point' the guy above even had aside from a general contempt and derision of women, which is what i am reacting to.

It is actually possible - and emotionally profitable - to be comfortable in your male identity without resorting to diminishing females. Does that view make me a 'metrosexual'. Oh no! Get me some steroids quick!!

You wanna label me, so what? Im just an average guy who doesnt have the need to bluster about the fact that i was born with a dick.

gtb's picture

Regardless whether you're male or female, you are a stupid cunt.

One And Only's picture

Your ad hominem attacks don't fly in the forum of critical thinkers.

Take your bullshit back to huffington post or the yahoo boards.

mophead's picture

Women are only good for one thing. Look at my avatar, that should give you an idea.

Burnbright's picture

Look dude, he didn't say men were better than women, he said simply that man are better at particular things than women. Lets use his statement in reverse so you understand. 

Women are better at breastfeeding than men. Kinda hard to argue with isn't it?


PhilofOz's picture

Self hating men.... feminists like yourself make me want to vomit! Go back to your womens studies classes if you think that's the only chance you have of getting some pussy.

Squid-puppets a-go-go's picture

because lifes options are just that binary, huh? You cant take issue with patriarchal discrimination without hating yourself as a man? it's just not possible that i can be comfortable in my male identity without holding women's differences with derision? What an emotionally impoverished world view