US Probes Terrorist Concerns Over 'Missing' Malaysian Airlines Jet

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The dismal news overnight that a Malaysian Airlines jet, carrying over 200 passengers and crew, had "gone missing" appears to have become considerably more troublesome. News this morning of pools of oil off the Vietnam coast - suggestive of a crash - are dreadful but, as NBC News reports, perhaps more crucially, U.S. officials told NBC News on Saturday they are investigating terrorism concerns after two people listed as passengers on the missing Malaysia Airlines jet turned out not to be on the plane and had reported their passports stolen (while in Thailand).



The lastest on the "missing" plane (via The Telegraph),

Vietnam air force planes spot two oil slicks suspected to be from missing Malaysian Boeing 777 jet.


The fate of flight MH370 from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing remains unclear more than 12 hours after air traffic controllers lost touch with the plane.


However, Vietnamese authorities said they had spotted a 14-mile long oil slick 120 miles off the coast of Cape Ca Mau - the most southerly point of Vietnam's mainland. 


A Vietnamese government statement said the slicks were spotted late on Saturday off the southern tip of Vietnam and were each between six and nine miles long.

But there are growing concerns that this was a terrorist attack... (via NBC News,)

Luigi Maraldi, 37, was the only Italian on a passenger manifest released by the airline after the jet disappeared over the South China Sea.


 But his father, Walter Maraldi, told NBC News from Cesena, Italy: “Luigi called us early this morning to reassure us he was fine, but we didn’t know about the accident. Thank God he heard about it before us.”


Luigi Maraldi was on vacation in Thailand, the father said. He said that Luigi Maraldi’s passport was stolen one year ago.


The foreign ministry of Austria confirmed to NBC News that police had made contact with a citizen who was also on the passenger list, and who reported his passport stolen two years ago while traveling in Asia.

And Reuters confirms that both passports were stolen in Thailand (where there is considerable social unrest occurring currently),

"[The Austrian] embassy got the information that there was an Austrian on board. That was the passenger list from Malaysia Airlines. Our system came back with a note that this is a stolen passport," he said.

Police found the man at his home. The passport was stolen two years ago while he was travelling in Thailand, the spokesman said.

The foreign ministry in Rome said no Italian was on the plane either, despite the inclusion of Maraldi's name on the list.

Newspaper Corriere Della Sera reported that his passport was stolen in Thailand last August. The police could not confirm press reports that it had been registered as lost or stolen there, as they said the Ministry of Foreign Affairs was responsible for thefts abroad.

The Telegraph with more color:


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machineh's picture

TWA 800, bItCHeZ.

SilverIsKing's picture

Other than TWA 800 also being an airplane, how is this situation similar?

You think it was taken down and the passport issue a misdirection?

Could be I guess.

BigJim's picture

How can our overlords 'lose' track of a flying 777, for Christ's sake?

It makes me wonder just how omniscient they really are.

PS  Sympathy for the relatives... was flying recently over Asia myself. There but for the grace of God...

ShrNfr's picture

When it showed up on their radar, they had contact with it. When it suddenly stopped being on the radar, they "lost contact" with it. Pretty simple actually. Question is one of being able to salvage the black box from the bottom of that region of the ocean.

jbvtme's picture

another plane crash. 200 peope dead. why is this news?

Isotope's picture

Wait, wait ,wait.
Shouldn't the NSA have known all about this before it happened?
I thought they knew about everything about everybody in the world.
Isn't that what they use that 40+ billion dollars per year to do?
Please don't tell me that it isn't working.
Because if it isn't, I guess they'll need 100 billion next year.

Beam Me Up Scotty's picture

They aren't using that data to catch terrorists. They are using it to spy on US.

Unfortunately, most sheep are terrified of terrorism, and think that giving up their privacy will make them safe. So their isn't enough political support to shut that shit down.

john39's picture

so, any bets on whether big brother pins it on Assad, Putin, Iran or old reliable al-CIA-duh...

eurogold's picture

How can there be no wreckage ?

McMolotov's picture

"Ancient aliens." —Giorgio A. Tsoukalos

aka Gil's picture

I wasn't aware that aviation fuel (lighter than gasoline) from the fuel tanks of a 777 could leave a 14-mile "oil slick".

john39's picture

just wait, they'll find a couple of notorious Iranian terrorist passports miraculously floating in that oil...  undamaged.

johnQpublic's picture

"Ancient aliens." —Giorgio A. Tsoukalos


thats the first thing i said to my wife in a joking immitation of that guy

love his hair

how is it possible i am not the only one thinking that

FeralSerf's picture

Jet fuel (kerosene) is not lighter than gasoline.

Beam Me Up Scotty's picture

Still lighter than water however.  Were there any bankers on board or other "important" people that wouldn't suicide themselves, so they helped them?

rguptatx's picture

All hydrocarbon fuels are lighter than water, and will float, except marine bunker fuel (fuel oil used by ships).

chemystical's picture

pardon a scientist and former educator for his pedantics, but the terms for which you are looking in this sense are "denser" (not "lighter") and "buoyancy" (not "floating").

and, no, that's not a small distinction.

additionally, density is not the only factor with regard to buoyancy.  Iron filings are far denser than water, yet they will float.  Why is that?  Another factor to consider is how do water bugs manage to spread their legs and then glide along the water rather than sinking?  I'll leave it to you to teach yourselves to fish on that one.

Beam Me Up Scotty's picture

True. It is also lighter. A gallon of water weighs 8.34 pounds. A gallon of jet A is 6.79 pounds.

Tall Tom's picture

Density is mass per unit volume. A Gallon is a measure of Volume.


Weight is the product of mass and the acceleration of gravity.


Density is equivalent to the quotient of the Weight per unit volume and the Acceleration due to Gravity.


Because of this, and being pedantic as I am a former educator, I disagree with chemystical because the term "lighter" refers to weight and not mass.


So yes a volume of Jet A is "lighter" than an equal volume of water. That is because of the differences in the Specific Gravity. Specific Density is a ratio of the Density of an object compared to that of the Density of Water


Of course I can answer his questions about how Iron Filings float or how a Water Strider walks upon water.


But, like him, I will also leave you to research that for yourselves. It is not too intense of a study.


I understand Archimides' Principle. But there are other opposing forces to gravity acting upon a floating object.


There is a hint within this post. Find it.


(Good post chemystical)

chemystical's picture

and, no, all hydrocarbon fuels are not by necessity "lighter" (sic) water. 

If they are compressed sufficiently to exceed 1 gm/cubic cm, then they will more dense, and they will tend to sink in water. 

why do ice cubes float in water?  They are made of water after all ;)

geez, it's not rocket science.  solid rocket fuels being a different matter - literally and figuratively :P

Tall Tom's picture

Might that be due to the 117o angle between the Hydrogen Atoms  which are covalently bonded with the Oxygen which forms the hexagonal crystalline lattice structure with the associated spaces in between?

clooney_art's picture

Aviation fuel is kerosene based. In the distillation cycle, petrol comes first then diesel, then kerosene and Tar.

But aircraft kerosene is purified enough that it is similar to diesel. It is not lighter than gasoline (petrol).

Skateboarder's picture

I prefer the term "Ancient Astronauts" myself, even if they're modern. Their ancience lends to their credibility.

FlowerofLife's picture

If a(nother) post is going to be derailed, I like this direction myself.

Love and Light.


logically possible's picture

The wreckage is there, it is mostly at the bottom of a very large puddle.

mrdenis's picture

If they send down divers ,I hope they spot my gold .....

A Nanny Moose's picture

They hate us for our freedom. Now, please return to your regularly scheduled programming.

"I guess they'll need 100 billion next year."

Government. Where epic failure is more "profitable."

Bull Bear's picture

To The very best of my Knowledge when an Airplane crashes from 35000 feet into the Ocean it will leave a Debris Field, a very LARGE debris Field.....But not this crash hmmmm what another False Flag????

They also have information were the last contact was so no Problem finding it as the weather was great....

Beam me up Scotty, no intelligent life form here....

Steaming_Wookie_Doo's picture

All other reasonable answers aside, I'm thinking a missile. Seems any rube taking over a plane (with a bomb scenario) would make demands first or have their leadership boast if they did blow it. As for some spontaneous decompression, etc still would've had some time to raise an alarm. Wonder if the navy has any ships or subs off the coast of VN this week...

valley chick's picture

Interestingly no mention of the pilots names in the msm in general.also no mention of the japanese airline pilot who had talked to the co pilot of the so called missing plane. Bet you can guess the nationality of the missing pilots.

Freddie's picture

China has backed Russia over the Ukraine.  This may be a warning and a message.  They would not take down a Chinese airliner.  If they got caught it would be an act of war. A local plane region airline flying into China with Chinese onboard might be a better choice.

magpie's picture

You mean it was not a terrorist attack but, gasp, an illuminati sacrifice ?

Tompooz's picture

"Other than TWA 800 also being an airplane, how is this situation similar?"

Clues to whether this was a "takedown" could be found in the passenger list.  Security camera footage would have to shed light on those passengers traveling with stolen passports, because they could/would not travel under their own names.



Mr Pink's picture

I'm sure it will be blamed on some Al Quada mastermind that we have already captured or killed 5 or 6 times

Freddie's picture

The same al Qeada terrorists that McCain, Nuland, Schumer, Obama and The State Dept with the Saudis that are being used to kill Christians in Syria?  This Al Qeada is also known as Al Seee Eye AAAh Duh?

Smegley Wanxalot's picture

captured or killed ... saved or created ...

all the same to D.C.

TheInfoman's picture

The U.S. State Dept's recycling program at work.

A Nanny Moose's picture

Killed while "resisting" capture comes with a bonus burial at sea.

mt paul's picture

que up the goat hearder

pan to afgani cave shot..

on going war on terror 

New_Meat's picture

Pierre Salinger can't be reached for comment

Freddie's picture

Did they try a Ouija board?

Millivanilli's picture

Breaking News.


Propaganda outlets now admit.  


THe war is with EVERYONE.


Duct tape and plastic is our only hope.

MsCreant's picture

...pitchforks, ropes, torches, guillotines, gallows, AK47s, AR15s...

There is a lot of hope.