Another East-Ukraine City Falls To Pro-Russian Protesters As Ukraine Denies Sending Troops To Crimea

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Despite clear evidence otherwise, presented here extensively yesterday, this morning Ukraine has denied that is has "plans to send armed forces to Crimea" and instead Ukrainian troops are performing "training exercises" in base, Interfax news agency quoted Acting Defence Minister Ihor Tenyukh as saying on Sunday. Responding to media speculation about Ukrainian military movements after Russian forces took control of Crimea, Tenyukh said the only troop movements that might be seen would be from one base to another to take part in the training exercises. "No movements, no departures for Crimea by the armed forces are foreseen. They are doing their routine work which the armed have always had," he said. Right, and Russia just happened to launch an ICBM as a "drill" in the middle of the greatest Cold War re-escalation in 30 years.

Adding somewhat to the confusion was the statement by Pavlo Shysholin, head of country’s border guard service tells reporters in Kiev, who said that so far Ukrainian border guards denied entry to 3,500 people and that Ukraine border troops remain in Crimea, would leave only if "forced" but more importanly:


So there is an escalation in the mobilization, only not toward Crimea, which the Russians already control entirely, but the critical East, which as everyone knows, is the next target for Putin annexation once the Crimean referendum passes in one week.

Confirming just this were just released photos from another major city in east Ukraine, this time Lugansk, where pro-Russian protesters just stormed and took over the city administration building. Their demand: to be part of the March 16 referendum to become part of Russia.


A clip of the latest peaceful pro-Russian takeover via LifeNews:


Lugansk's location in context:


And so one by one, the cities in east Ukraine are slipping away to Russia, even as Obama continues his Key Largo vacation and makes the occasional phone call.

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Jendrzejczyk's picture

Totally unfair! We're not getting many new cities under our control for that 5 billion bucks.

Truther's picture

Because it ain't worth freaking much... Gold sounds good though... Pay up

kaiserhoff's picture

Shit, if it's that easy let's all reconvene in DC.  I've got dibs on Lee Mansion.  Rock Creek Park would be great for the concerts and the love in;)

Urban Redneck's picture

The Custis-Lee Mansion, and you may have to fight for it. Fortunately, there's plenty of space in the yard for the loser.

kaiserhoff's picture

Gotta love the high ground.  Much better located than Mount Vernon.

You have to wonder.  If one crazy woman, driving around in circles with kids in her car, spreads infinite panic in the place, what would a dozen well trained snipers do?

Urban Redneck's picture

I while back I calculated that the entire inner circle of hell and all the beasts within could be easily starved to death by a few hundred, since Ike was kind enough to lay the groundwork for an 8-lane wide no-man's land. However, the obstacle which screws that number and would require a significantly higher number to overcome is the Zombie Army of Satan's minions who could be called in from for relief.

Independent's picture

Once Crimea votes for Russia you will see a domino effect, everyone wants to vacation in the summer time in Crimea, its really the Pearl of the Black Sea, not only that but I hear the Russian TV is much better

With most of Russia really cold in the winter time I can see why the Russians will never let Crimea go (I mean palm trees grow in Crimea), everyone deserves a warm spot in their country.  Plus Russians are pretty cool, this is a nice little video blog by a bunch of guys from UFA, a city on the Urals. about life in Russia, lots of great videos.

Some nice panoramic views of Crimea..

A girl with nice legs showing some historical sites in Crimea


runningman18's picture

Sadly it's only that easy if you have banksters playing both sides.  When real protesters outside the paradigm do stuff like this, the tanks are called in.  Beyond that, I wouldn't mind a bar and bluegrass band at the Jefferson Memorial...with only a respectful level of revelry of course...

Landrew's picture

You should do some homework, Ukraine has the most fertile productive farm lands in all of Euro/Asia.

kaiserhoff's picture

The American corn belt is the only thing like it in the world.

Truthseeker2's picture

How is this announcement related to the preplanned Ukraine ‘Color Revolution’ executed by the Anglo-American Axis?

silvermail's picture

If armed pro-US fascists seized government buildings in Kiev using snipers and Molotov cocktails, it is of course "Democracy".
But if civilians peacefully seized government buildings in Lugansk, it certainly "Extremism"! LOL

lordylord's picture

These people are trading one shitty corrupt tyrannical government for another.  Fuck em'.

Mine Is Bigger's picture

Are you saying it is better to trade one shitty corrupt tyrannical political party for another?  (The end results are probably not that different.)

lordylord's picture

Your ability to extrapolate is poor.  Why would you assume I support the Democratic or Republican party?  I support liberty. 

Mine Is Bigger's picture

Touche!  I wasn't just reffering to the situation in the U.S.

unrulian's picture

Name one country that doesn't 

Mine Is Bigger's picture

Funny and sad at the same time!!!  Nicely played!

lordylord's picture

Pro-Ukraine or pro-Russia.  How about pro-liberty?  I bet that never crossed these people's minds.  Hopefully both sides wipe each other out.

Drifter's picture

Speaking of liberty, how bout Texans storming Austin occupying the capitol building demanding Texas secede and return to the constitution?  They have the right, it's legal.  

If Ukranians can do it, why not Texans?

American "patriots" need to put up or shut the fuck up.  They're getting pretty embarrassed by a bunch of Ukrainians (who don't have a constitutional right to do what they're doing, but they're doing it anyway.)

GeorgeHayduke's picture

Please begin this process immediately. Texans may be surprised to find that everyone in the other 49 states will happily endorse their right to become independent and out of the Union.

No more Texan presidents! Thing may improve for the other 49 states over night! Then can we build a big fence to keep the Texans from illegally coming and going into the neighboring states? This sounds better and better the more I think about it.

lordylord's picture

You're funny (not really), but also very ignorant.  Texas has a huge economy and can survive and flourish as its own country.  Their economic output probably rivals some major European conuntries.  Why should the federal government rule over Texans?  Shouldn't Texans be able to rule over themselves.  It is called state's rights and it was the intention of the US Constitution.  The federal government has over-stepped its authority.  The federal government needs Texas.  Not the other way around. 

Oh.  I suppose thugs from Chicago (e.g. Obama) are somehow better then Bush?  You need to get a clue.

For full disclosure.  I would personally be happy if Kalifornia sunk into the Pacific since it seems you are progressive (socialist/statist/totalitarian).

GeorgeHayduke's picture

"Oh.  I suppose thugs from Chicaga (e.g. Obama) is somehow better then Bush?  You need to get a clue."

Assumption on your part. Obama has been Bush's 3rd and 4th term, minus Darth Cheney.

I'm probably a lot less ignorant than you need to portray me to fit into your black/white world.

Also, I have no problem with people ruling over themselves. That goes for all states and countries, not just Texas.

Finally, unclench. You guys are so busy sticking your chest and bottom lip out and acting and talking tough that you can't see that you've become caricatures of yourselves. That's what people are tired of.

lordylord's picture

Wow.   Between your first and second comment, I don't even know where to begin.  The two have contradictory statements.


GeorgeHayduke's picture

Please point out the contradtictions and educate me since you think you are so superior. Fill me in instead of doing the usual conservative kill the messenger while ignoring the message routine.

Then answer this question with your infinite genius: how would the Texas economy do without all the federal money coming that way plus the other benefits of being part of the other 49 states?  I await this incredible lesson in economics.

Offthebeach's picture

If Texas left the union, that would be a threat to the 40,000 papershufflers at the Dept of Edumakation, the 20,000 fedgov piggies in the Dept of no-Energy and legions of other double income, eighth generstion fed gov swine. If need be they could all be impressed to data mine ( slowly and poorly) any such terroristic notions as free will, free association and or dis association, democratic experimentation or pursuit of.

Yessum.. a Texas sky black with drones visiting litteral hell fire upon all whom even beguin to have a single synapse fired up on philosophical republic or democratic foggy notions, let alone any conventions.

new game's picture

how about a fence to keep u out :)

GeorgeHayduke's picture

Zero interest in coming there. Nada. Zip. none. No need for a fence. Quit flattering yourself.

lordylord's picture

But you have to ask yourself what are the Ukrainians actually achieving?  They are trading one set of chains for another.  I would say that the Ukrainians are emarresing themselves.  If the people want to be slaves to Russia.  Fine.  I have no problem with that.  Let them.  

Tradehard's picture

Are you stupid ? These are not Ukrainians. These are RUSSIANS THAT ARE LIVING IN UKRAINE! This is the same in all ex-soviet states. The Russian 5th column is still living in these states, ready to do Putins bidding. The real Ukrainians are getting fucked..

silvermail's picture

Are you stupid ? These are not Ukrainian lands. These are RUSSIANS lands, THAT the Bolsheviks Lenin and Stalin, via force was attached to Ukraine, together with the local RUSSIAN population!!
This is a map of lands, that Russian tsars and the communists gave as presents for "oppressed" Ukrainians.

Anusocracy's picture

Nowhere in the world does a majority of the population want to be free.

lordylord's picture

Agreed.  All liberty loving Americans should stop paying federal taxes.  Starve the beast.  We need to return to a small federal government that operates withint the limits of the US Constitution.  Everything else can be left to the people of individual states.

Drifter's picture

How are "liberty loving Americans" gonna stop paying federal taxes when it's taken from their pay before they get paid?

What?  Quit their jobs? 

Idiot "ideas" like yours are part of the embarrassment so-called "patriots" are bringing on themselves.

What about those 400 million guns y'all have? 

What about the first part of the 2nd amendment saying you have an obligation to stop an unconstitutional govt? 

You want the right but ignore the obligation that goes with it?

Keep ignoring it.  You won't have those guns much longer. 

Oh they'll be around.  You won't be.

Offthebeach's picture

The beast was formed on fiat fedgov paper. But its long since consumed the value of that.

Fedgov is in the beginning of a precarious late stage fiat death.

A general tax strike, which is well under way organically, but totally unorganized ( bless the American poke in the eye spirit) I cant count the numbet of trades, services, buisnesses that are wholly off the books or only enough to cover operating expenses. And I support them.

The burden falls on, and educates, others to the new relationshiop between awakening debt serfs and the fat conuming ruling class.

In some ways, like when Lenin teamed up with the criminals of Tsarist Russia, welfare class are our allies. They provide stress and decay on the present order. Mire so then us educated and ideological few. They are the masses, we are the few ideological cadre.

Crash the system by any mass methods.

Johnny Cocknballs's picture

Americans won't do shit. The few who might will be described as terrorists in a media that seems to be relatively controlled. 

And of course, big titted armchair warriors like you won't do anything stupid (violence) or wise (non-violence) against The State, but you'll sure sound tough exhorting others to be first over the hill.

Is "America" even worth fighting for? Does it even warrant an irate email to your Rep?  Why?  Who? The rednecks? The tens of millions of illegals who care nothing about this country's founding ideals? The free loaders?  The cryptofascist latte liberals who despise the very idea of a Constitution which limits government?

This country doesn't need to be saved. It needs to be destroyed and rebuilt without the influence of the people who are in power now. A bunch of beer bellied NRA members lack the intellectual agility to understand that what has to be stopped is not the collapse, but the schemes of those who would collapse it to rebuild it - in their image.

shovelhead's picture

File tax exempt.

There is no first part to the 2nd Amendent.

Idiot patriots?


Throw some serious down twinkles on em. That'll show em.

FredFlintstone's picture

Glad that's not the RED phone.

unrulian's picture

Can someone zoom in and enhance the screen on that ph?

skwid vacuous's picture

Is that a giant bong on the shelf behind his chair?

Tulpa's picture

Wait a minute, BO has specially made presidential paper coffee cups?  The vanity of this man knows no limits.

Wolferl's picture

Is this a joint or a tee behind his ear? Just asking.

yochananmichael's picture

he is so muscular. Mo has more bulk

johny2's picture

5 billion bucks bought good part of the best agricultural land in Europ. there will have to be given some foodstamps and smart phones for the voters in kiev, but i am sure the people printing these bucks are happy with their side of the deal.

Truther's picture

Barry.... Check mate