The 99 Cent Non-Recovery: McDonalds US Sales Post Longest Negative Streak In Over A Decade

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Moments ago McDonalds reported its latest monthly comp store sales numbers. Printing at -1.4% for the US, this was a nearly double miss to expectations of a 0.6% decline, and was the 4th consecutive monthly drop in annual sales - the longest such stretch in the past decade and likely longer. Looking at this data, there are two observations: i) Americans, courtesy of record obesity rates, are finally getting serious about their health, and have shunned the infamous 99 cent deep fried meals or ii) courtesy of the Fed's "Fed's recovery", the average American can no longer even afford sub-$1 deep fast food.

There is a third option: that it snowed... In fact it snowed so much, everywhere, and the weather was so harsh around the world, that global store sales declined by 0.3%, far below the modest 0.1% drop expected. Yup. Must have been the snow.

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Sofa King's picture

Starbucks TV commercial last's worse that I thought.

Chuck Norris's picture

McDonalds may not be a "growth" company any more, but there will always be plenty of zombies to consume their food. Or work there.

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BTW, happy birthday Chuck!

wallstreetaposteriori's picture

Must be because Chipotle mexican grille started accepting foodstamps.  

boogerbently's picture

Too funny.

All the "bobbing heads" of finance keep saying,

"You would think with the improving US macro......"

Hey, smart guys, maybe there IS NO improving macro !!!


pods's picture

How's the "I'm Luvin' it" ad campaign working out for them?

Maybe the ad guys for JCP could help them out?

Like another said, Chick-fil-As are always packed. Why?  Well, the people that work there are exceptionally nice and you can't help but smile when you are there. 

Company culture can play a big part.




Tippoo Sultan's picture

A working knowledge of the English language is also helpful.

Transit a McDonald's drive-through lane lately ? Ay caramba. Little wonder the menu is now a bank of pictures, at which to point.

Ballin D's picture

have you? im in a reasonably large city and we only have attractive white people working at the ones in decent neighborhoods. Black, hispanic and obese people still populate the ones in lower income areas though

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thats afact...if i'm eatng fast food, its gonna be chik fil a

better food, better atmosphere

and mcd's is fukking disgsting and makes me ill

fonestar's picture

Slow kill agents for the sheeple.

lynnybee's picture

Like another said, Chick-fil-As are always packed.   years ago i knew something was wrong in this world when a Chick-fil-a sandwich costs less than a drink at Starbucks.    

mickeyman's picture

McD will respond with a new two-bit menu.

Max_Power's picture

Isn't this the same website that said that a sure sign of the recession was that business at McDonald's was booming?  Presumably because americans could not afford to eat anywhere else?  And now McDonald's isn't doing so hot and that is yet ANOTHER sign of a bad economy?

Hey, I love this site just as much as the next guy.  Ok, more than the next guy.  And I'm certainly not saying (nor even remotely qualified to say) that the economy is awesome.  But, in as much as we believe the markets act foolishly with their 'good news is good news and bad new is good news' attitudes, I think it a bit hypocritical to think that EVERYTHING is bad news.  Especially when looking at the exact same bellweather.

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Do the Golden Arches accept SNAP cards?  If not, they're in the same rut as anyone else that typically weathers down economic conditions.

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McDonald's is a child of car culture. With $4.00 gas, unemployment, telework and online shopping, lots fewer people are passing Mcd at lunchtime etc. the times they are a'changin.

Groundhog Day's picture

It must be all the MCD going to CMG instead....they are scaling up

KickIce's picture

Minimum wage increase solves all problems.

Headbanger's picture

And zombies just love Mc'Ds  Soylent Green burgers too!

And check out this Dumb Starbucks ad!

Spastica Rex's picture

I won't buy coffee anywhere that asks me to order in Italian.

giggler321's picture

It's their own fault for making them last so long, "my burger is cold, it's been here since 1999 and still looks the same"

Freewheelin Franklin's picture

Sounds like it could be a "store of value". 


Big Mac backed bucks! 

digitlman's picture

I wonder how much of this might be attributed to people waking up that FrankenFood is no good for you, and have kicked the habit?


Yeah..I know...

Freddie's picture

McDonald's is an Obamao Chicago suburbs shit company that sells FrankenShitfood for retards. just like Tv and Hollwood are for reatrds.  a nation filled with clueless zombies and sheep.

Sudden Debt's picture

it seems like most "REAL AMERICANS" like to go original and go to Taco's... I wonder why...

ElvisDog's picture

I think there is another explanation - the rise of more affordable fast food options. McDonalds is no longer competing only against the likes of Burger King and Wendy's. Now there are places like Chipolte and Panda Express that offer (way) better tasting food at basically the same price and convenience as McDonalds.

Cursive's picture


It's a matter of taste, but I'm too old to think any of that shit tastes good.  If it's fast food, there's way more filler and very little killer.

ElvisDog's picture

Up my way there is a restaurant chain called Qdoba (don't know how national it is) that makes a pretty good burrito. Not enormous like Chipotle and not too much rice.

Cursive's picture


I've seen those in the Mid-West.  Never stopped, but I'll keep your reco in mind if I need a stop while on the road.  Thx.

superflex's picture

Qdoba is better because it's not full of smelly tattooed shitheads and they have a delicious queso sauce.

Everytime I take the kids to Chipotle, I want to punch one of the entitled dopers working there in the face.

awakeRewe's picture

I must be old ... I swear I remember when a burger at McDonalds had some flavor. No Longer the case - yuck!

Lordflin's picture

I worked at McDonalds as a kid... we actually used real meat back then.

Have not eaten at a fast food joint in years... thought of it makes me sick.

Freddie's picture

Go to any town or city that has a Chick Filet and they kick the living h*ll out of FrankenFood Obama McDonalds. If you are in the Bible belt it is even worse for McDonalds with their fake shit food.  McD mainly attracts Trayvon types.

foodstampbarry's picture

I agree, shit food and the chance that you'll be a victim of the 'knockout game' are not my cup of tea.

Hal n back's picture

Mickey D's now competes agaist eating at home. Its difficult to believe but if you buy a quality hamburger meat, , pickles, onion m lettuce , tomato and  some potatoes to make home baked fries its cheaper to make dinner at home--and cheaper than going to a restaurant which charges tax and tip.


Perhaps people who are now working fewer hours or lesser quality jobs , earning  less and paying for Obamacare have to find a way of saving money?

mickeyman's picture

Not to mention not having to drive to the place.

NoDebt's picture

"i) Americans, courtesy of record obesity rates, are finally getting serious about their health, and have shunned the infamous 99 cent deep fried meals"

Ha!  Good one.

101 years and counting's picture

actually, i'd say the only thing ameriKans can afford now is the $1 menu.  they just cant afford the $2 lg fries and $4 big macs.

na, im just kidding.  with EVERYONE getting uber wealthy via the US ponzi (stocks), everyone now dines at ruth's chris and red lobster.

boogerbently's picture

No money for fast food.

A national move to healthy food.

Whatever company adapts first and best will thrive.

Andre's picture

Where's the beef?

Between Wendy's buns!

BullyBearish's picture

Wait, wait...things are Great!  So great that, here it comes:

The Federal Reserve may have to accelerate the pace of tapering to take into account the economic pickup currently ongoing in the U.S. and the improving forecast for the near future, Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia President Charles Plosser said.


Can anyone say...INFLATION?

ElvisDog's picture

Tapering has nothing to do with inflation or unemployment or any other publicly-declared reason. The Fed is tapering because they have to, because QE is killing important elements of the economy like insurance companies and pension funds. If they are accelerating the taper, it's because things are worse than we thought, not better.

toady's picture

The fed getting out while it's still possible.

Freddie's picture

The money printing by Bernake and the criminal Fed has cause inflation worldwide and as Obama's rascist mentor would say - the chicken's are coming home to roost.  Those Chicken McNuggets at McDonalds are filled with fake shit and slime.

Almost Solvent's picture

It's ZIRP that's killing the insurance companies and pension funds. They are loading up on subprime shit just trying to get some yield.

100% on the rest of it though

TuPhat's picture

Actually there is no dollar menu anymore.  It changed to a two dollar menu and that probably has an effect on sales but we can be sure it isn't inflation.

dobermangang's picture

Yup.  They raised prices.  People went elsewhere.