Feds Subpoena Port Authority Records As Christie Probe Deepens

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Just when you thought the distractions in Russia, Malaysia, and Libya were enough to take the spotlight off domestic drama, Chris Christie's BridgeGate scandal bubbles back into the headlines. As WSJ reports, Manhattan federal prosecutors have subpoenaed records from the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey related to the business interests of its chairman, David Samson, people familiar with the matter said Monday. Samson, a close ally of Christie, is, according to sources, under investigation for potential conflicts between his private business interests and his actions as chairman of the sprawling bi-state authority, which oversees Hudson River crossings into New York City, airports, the PATH rail system and the World Trade Center complex.


Via The Wall Street Journal,

Manhattan federal prosecutors have subpoenaed records from the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey related to the business interests of its chairman, David Samson, people familiar with the matter said Monday.


The demand for records comes as scrutiny of Mr. Samson—a close ally of Gov. Chris Christie—has increased since allegations emerged that the Port Authority closed George Washington Bridge access lanes for political purposes.




The scope of the investigation and whether it could grow to include other officials wasn't clear on Monday.


According to people familiar with the matter, Manhattan federal prosecutors were specifically interested in any conflicts between Mr. Samson's private business interests and his actions as chairman of the sprawling bi-state authority, which oversees Hudson River crossings into New York City, airports, the PATH rail system and the World Trade Center complex.


A spokeswoman for Mr. Samson, a former New Jersey state attorney general, declined to comment, passing on a statement from Mr. Samson's attorney, Michael Chertoff: "We are not commenting on the progress of investigations."

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A bit off topic, but it looks like we're going to return you to your regularly scheduled late day ramp in ES

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Piggy spend a little too much time at the trough?

smlbizman's picture

what a disgusting huge piece of shit....better get cable and redwood if were going to hang this fucking pig...

Say What Again's picture

The percentage of UP Volume to TOT Volume is only 35%.  DOWN Volume is 65%. 

But ES still rally's into the close

graneros's picture

Let's see now Hilary is the most worthless SoS ever, gets folks killed, the IRS ruins lives at the behest of the Deomocratic party, fucking WWIII is breathing down our throats but let's worry about an ugly traffic jam caused by an overweight RINO. Yea, baby that's our America.

DoChenRollingBearing's picture


Nice summation of our plight.  WW3 breathing down our necks overseas, and our IRS doing so here.  Ugh.

At least we wil not have RINO Christie as our next president, a worthless POS (IMO, but then I don´t live in NJ).

General Decline's picture

While they're subpoenaing the port authority they should keep on going and figure out why building 7 collapsed. Pull it, Larry!

boogerbently's picture

What happened to the Dem mantra after the obamacare deception.......

It's OK, all politicians lie ????

IcantstopthinkingaboutNINJAs's picture

WW3 is breathing down YOUR neck? 

The FED gives banks ZERO interest loans

The banks give me ZERO interest savings / checking / IRA CDs

I have ZERO interest in defending either side of the Ukraine.


I live in NJ and have ZERO interest in the bridge traffic story.  It's fucking NJ so expect kick-backs, cronyism and political retribution behind every single dollar borrowed or taxed and spent.  I am much more concerned about the COAH going full steam ahead (Thanks NAACP,) and Abbot District funding.  The extra super kicker is Christie helping his friends with botique Charter Schools like Yeshiva schools where the lessons are in Hebrew Language but the funding comes from the taxpayer.


You really don't know how out of control a supreme court can get until you look at the decisions made by the NJ Supreme Court over the years.  These people need term limits, all of them.




Go pick up a rifle and man the border.

tarsubil's picture

It is actually all part of the same game of uniformly oppressive policy and distraction through bullshit debates and political drama.

Zadig's picture

No need for that.  Just keep feeding him until he explodes.

In fact, I believe there was a documentary about it...https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lhbHTjMLN5c

A Nanny Moose's picture

Without clicking the link....I bet eet eez wayfare theen

El Hosel's picture

Off topic and on que, low volume upward matriculation.... Its in the best interest of the nation.


WillyGroper's picture

FFS, members of the Scottish Stewart's clan dontchaknow?

ebworthen's picture

My thought exactly, Michael Chertoff is his attorney?

DEM's are chomping at the bit to knock Christie off.

Meanwhile, DOJ ignores Corzine and Lois Lerner and the I.R.S.

Not that Christie wasn't up to shenanigans, or that he could ever be elected President.

At least in the Old Rome they had the guts to stab each other.

DoChenRollingBearing's picture

Lois Lerner and Jon Corzine.  Why, why, why are they still on the loose?  For that matter, why is Eric Holder running the DOJ?

One simple answer to those questions: they serve Obama.

A Nanny Moose's picture

None of this should come as any surprise, to anyone who understands that government is just the most popular/powerful mafia in a given geographic region. Just remember to pay no mind to that man behind the curtain.

Instead of football on Sundays, I would pay to watch these elected/appointed fucktards engage in the only possible value they can add to society...

Pistols at dawn.

Mileage may vary as one moves down the bureaucratic food chain.

El Hosel's picture

" I am not a Big Fat Crook".... Peace signs.

Say What Again's picture

"Trust Us!  We're the government, sent here to protect you!"

skwid vacuous's picture

Christie overheard at cocktail party "In my business, it's feast or famine..."

Grande Tetons's picture

The RNC will need another Elephant for 2016, this one is toast. 

skwid vacuous's picture

Jeb... the sacrificial "elephant in the room" to lose to Hitlery ...

NOTaREALmerican's picture

I'm tellin ya, don't mess wit dem boyz from Joyzee.   

Bangin7GramRocks's picture

I think this was a conservative hit-job. They don't want another non-radical running on the republican ticket. 

homiegot's picture

Yeah they do, just not one that can't keep his corruption on the down low. 

General Decline's picture

My girlfriend told me to kiss her where it stinks so I drove her to New Jersey.

That one never gets old.

Protokletos's picture

I can't wait to hear the noises Christie's insides make when they finally stick a prick in him and deflate his fat ass.  

i_call_you_my_base's picture

Probably sounds like really heavy wheezing.

Rising Sun's picture

just politicians eating politicians - who fucking cares?


Christie is too regional

Theta_Burn's picture

Not that what the guy did is acceptable, but talk about your witch hunts..

pods's picture

If by "regional" you mean fat, vindictive and slimy, I heartily agree.


ParkAveFlasher's picture

Traffic on the route 4 approach to the GWB is one thing, but container traffic in Port Elizabeth is quite another that has really $$$ implications.  If Christie had his fingers in anyone of the millions of tons of cargo pudding coming through there, then we finally have a real scandal on our hands.  Perhaps the traffic thing was shot across his fat stumpy bow.

DoChenRollingBearing's picture

Interesting thought, but it sure does seem that the BIG $$$ scandals never see justice.  


"Just us"

yogibear's picture

The idea of the DNC is discredit any GOP candidate and have Hillary win. 

motorollin's picture

Just put that fat fuck at the bottom of the East River already so I can stop hearing about him.

holmes's picture

I hope they nail all that scum running the Port Authority. Anyone driving in the NYC area is getting ripped off bigtime. Shitty roads and ridiculous tolls on the bridges. It costs $100 to take an 18 wheeler over the GWB. Most of the money they collect goes into the pockets of these pricks.

If fatboy Christie gets caught up in this probe, well so be it. Maybe his bud Obozo will save his ass. Right.

pods's picture

Tyler, please title things a bit differently:

"Christie probe deepens"

Some of us would like to eat dinner.


sosoome's picture

I scrolled through the comments to see if someone beat me to it. Sure enough...lol

ArrestBobRubin's picture

Wait, isn't that a distraction from THIS? Was Ukraine just a means to provide the next shipment of gold from the US to Germany via the NY Fed?

Hey Ukraine: Welcome to "the West" suckas!!! Up next: GMO frankenfood and Chemtrails for ya!

Did Ukraine Just Airlift Its Entire Gold Hoard To The U.S. Fed?


DoChenRollingBearing's picture

+ 1

THAT is an interesting story.  Looks Ukraine had two choices re its gold; give it to the USA for "services rendered" or just give it to Putin for jack-squat.

homiegot's picture

It'll be shipped to the Chinese. 

Seasmoke's picture

Rand Paul must be laughing again, regarding this tub of goo. 

BigRedRider's picture

Rand Paul doesn't stand a chance being elected dog catcher.  He's as nutty as his old man.  If the GOP expects to win, they better look for someone who is more moderate.  Otherwise their candidate will go down in flames like McLame and Romney.

DoChenRollingBearing's picture

I respectfully disagree.  It is moderate, RINO Republicans who have no spine nor have conservative (nor libertarian) principles that led to Obama, our worst president ever.

BigRedRider's picture

Meanwhile, Obama and thugs are skating by on Ukraine, Fast and Furious weapons used to kill border patrol officers and Mexican nationals, Benghazi killings, Obama rewriting the ACA obamacare thingy, and the media is spending all their time trying to pin some unprovable accusation on a local politician for backing up traffic to Fort Lee.  The fucking world is being turned upside down and all you zombies are like sheep following the MSM.  Not a fucking single original thought from anybody.