Mysterious Iranian "Mr. Ali" Purchased Tickets For "Stolen Passport" Passengers; Paid Cash

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While the mystery builds over the still officially unexplained disappearance of Malaysian flight MH370, or just who the two passengers with "stolen" passports may have been although we expect a revelation on this issue shortly, the FT has added yet another twist to what is sure to be a conspiracy thriller for weeks to come: the paper reports that the Thai travel agent who booked the tickets for the men in question said that she had been asked to arrange the travel by an Iranian contact. Adding to the confusion is the revelation that originally the mysterious Iranian, known only as Mr. Ali, tried to reserve seats for the two men on separate flights not to China, but to Europe, one on a Qatar Airways flight, and the other on Etihad. And the punchline: a "friend" of Mr. Ali's paid for the tickets in cash.

The story as explained by the Financial Times:

Benjaporn Krutnait, owner of the agency Grand Horizon Travel in Pattaya, Thailand, said the Iranian, a long-term business contact who she knew only as “Mr Ali”, first asked her to book cheap tickets to Europe for the two men on March 1. Ms Benjaporn initially reserved one of the men on a Qatar Airways flight and the other on Etihad.


But the tickets expired when Ms Benjaporn did not hear back from Mr Ali. When he contacted her again on Thursday, she rebooked the men on the Malaysia Airlines flight through Beijing because it was the cheapest available. Ms Benjaporn booked the tickets through China Southern Airlines via a code share arrangement.


A friend of Mr Ali paid Ms Benjaporn cash for the tickets, she said, adding that it was quite common for people to book tickets in Pattaya through middle men such as Mr Ali, who then take a commission.


Mr Ali could not immediately be reached for comment on a Tehran mobile number provided by Ms Benjaporn. She added that she had known Mr Ali for about three years, during which time he spent a lot of time in Pattaya and booked travel for himself or his contacts at least once a month on average. There is no evidence that Mr Ali knew the two men were travelling on stolen passports.

Still, before some read into this as an attempt to provoke Iran sentiment, the travel agent said she "did not believe Mr Ali was linked to terrorism, particularly as he had not specified booking the Kuala Lumpur-Beijing flight but had instead asked for the cheapest route to Europe." Ms Benjaporn said she was speaking about the case because she was concerned over the speculation about a terrorist attack and wanted the facts to be known.

And the final wrinkle in the story came over the weekend, when China Southern, a codeshare partner for the Malaysian Airlines flight, revealed on its Weibo page the following (google translated):

Today, Malaysia Airlines MH370 lost contact is shared by a horse fly with China Southern Airlines flight code. According to preliminary statistics, there are seven Southern Airlines passenger market square, where a Chinese nationals, two Ukrainian nationals, an Austrian, an Italian nationals, a Dutch nationals and one Malaysian. Specific circumstances still verification. After the incident, I immediately started emergency procedures and first time to contact MAS obtain real-time information. For seven passengers on the plane lost contact, we will try to help Malaysia Airlines to do follow-up work.

Two Ukrainians?

So one mysterious accident, which by now appears to almost certainly be a midair "disintegration" that has loose ends linking both Iran and Ukraine? A very unfortunate set of completely unrelated coincidences, or something far more sinister? We expect the full "story", massaged as it may ultimately be, to be revealed in the coming hours.

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How are they ever going to complete their expense report, if they don't have any receipts?

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Ms. Benjaporn?  

If you want me to believe this stuff you're going to have to come up with some more believable names.  Like Sum Ting Wong or Wee To Lo.

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And as an entirely unconnected coincidence would have it the Qatari's (and their airline) have suffered a recent falling out with none other than Bandar Bin Bush and the (GCC) Gulf Co-operastion Council...

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Johnny boy is right...this operation smells koshered in every way.

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"....cheapest available...."

Something doesnt sound right?

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Re:  "....cheapest available...."

Scottish trrrssss!

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Queue the people saying cue the Iranian invasion....

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Of course an Iranian is responsible for this. Of course.

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They paid cash so we know they're not Americans. Real Americans would either use credit, food stamps or gold pieces.

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Ooh this is getting interesting!

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What good is it if you don't brag about it...sum ding wong

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Ms. Benjaporn?  If you want me to believe this stuff you're going to have to come up with some more believable names.  Like Sum Ting Wong or Wee To Lo.

You've obviously never been to Thailand. The "porn" suffix on names is not uncommon. 


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I can't help but wonder what one would come up with if he were to Google "benjaporn" with the family filters shut off.

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Shiiit ... It's Mr. Ali Babba!

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Operation Dumb Ass:



Yes Hello, how can I be of assistance to you?

Yes, hello, my name is Mr. Ali, Kaluahu Snackbar...and I would like to buy two one way tickets to Paris, please, yes?

Ah, yes Mr. Ali, those are really good.  Will that be cash or credit today?

Oh, definately, cash, I will give you a number and name to call for the cash? yes? It is +44-667414 and his name is Mr. Shoe Obomber, a really good fellow, he lives in Pakistan.

Certainly Mr. Ali, thank you for the information, will will book those tickets for you, you will receive email confirmation shortly, for two one way tickets to Bejing.  Is there anything else we can do for you today? (pause) Ok, thanks you, sir, have a good day.

...Yes, thank you, very mu...dial tone!!

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Muslims are nuts.  They'll end up killing us all.  Bitches.

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You guys see neocons behind every Bush.  This has to have Russian fingerprints all over it since there were Ukranians on board. /sarc

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"Ms. Benjaporn? " 

I lived in Bangkok for 3 years and that is a very common Thai name.

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Someone tries to login as fonestar on Zerohedge and reset password?  What does fonestar do?

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Benjaporn Realtitly.

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I'll pay your next of kin everything I have (virtually) for a real, life size print.

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Thailand is friendly to foreign persons and dollars, but I've never been too keen on providing a valid credit card number to the locals since I might wind up with "unexpected" charges...

(and that includes airline tickets, at least out of Koh Samui)

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Americans still have gold?

Ifigenia's picture

according to this article, the empire has at least 40 tons Gold in transit

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Don't you mean a Ukrainian with Iranian ancestry?

Hey, in the land of Oz, all things are possible!

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Timing is everything... and you'll never guess who just found a shipment of very long range (160km) Syrian missilles flown to Iran and put on a ship to be then sent into the tunnels for deployment in Gaza...

No.. seriously....

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Along with huge number of mortars..... Iranian shipping tags still attached.

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At least the reservations where made with electronic communication devices... so now the NSA can get to the bottom of this right?

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Unfortunately, Snowden has abandoned the dark too early, if not, he could shed some light on it.

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those iranian tags are actually cement bags...    next thing you know, nutyahoo will be screaming that the bags were filled with plutonium.

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and nutyahoo would go to UN again to show it with graphics, draw by Collin Powerful

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It's "Colon Pow" and don't forget it. He's a ten foot tall black man that shoots lighting bolts from his ass and and yellow cake drips from is mouth.

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Were they under warranty?

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Its russian foreign aid for the new republic of Crimea.  Boy, Langley sure slipped up big time there.

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'By way of deception, thou shalt do war.'

What would Victor Ostrovsky say (WWVOS)?

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Today, Malaysia Airlines MH370 lost contact is shared by a horse fly with China Southern Airlines flight code.

Aha! The John Kerry connection is revealed.

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This whole thing is fishy. Are you folks familiar with Sam Vaknin? He claims to have very good connections within Mossad and just yesterday he publicly claimed that the terrrists responsible for the disappearance of MH370 are either Ukrainians or Chechens.

So it's either CIA/Mossad or Bandar. Either way, it came from the same kitchen...

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Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar

but sometimes it's a penis. This looks like a penis (circumcised).

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