"Stolen Passport" Passenger On Missing Malaysian Airlines Jet Identified

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One of the two men who used stolen passports to board the missing Malaysia Airlines jet has been identified according to the nation’s inspector general of police. Authorities are not releasing details of his nationality but confirmed he is neither Malaysian nor from Xinjiang, China (the home of the Uighur separatists who have come under suspicion following Taiwanese authorities tip last week warning that terrorists were targeting Beijing’s international airport).


Via LA Times,

Malaysian authorities have identified one of the two men who used stolen passports to board the missing Malaysia Airlines jet, the nation’s inspector general of police told local media Monday, as international search teams continued to look -- so far unsuccessfully -- for wreckage from the jet.

"I can confirm that he is not a Malaysian, but cannot divulge which country he is from yet," Tan Sri Khalid Abu Bakar told the Star, a major Malaysian newspaper. He added that the man is also not from Xinjiang, China -- a northwestern province of the mainland home to minority Uighurs. Uighur separatists have been blamed for a knifing rampage in southwestern China this month that left 29 dead.

Meanwhile, a Taiwanese official said national security officials received an anonymous tip last week warning that terrorists were targeting Beijing’s international airport.


According to the report by Taiwan’s Central News Agency, a man speaking Chinese claimed to have information of planned attacks directed against Beijing’s airport and subway system by the East Turkestan Independence Movement, an Islamic-inspired group seeking independence for the Uighurs. The caller identified himself as a member of a French-based anti-terror network and said he had called Taiwan’s national airline because he couldn’t reach anybody in Beijing.


As of Monday evening in Malaysia, investigators have found no confirmed wreckage of the airliner despite an intensive search by more than 40 ships and nearly three dozen aircraft off the southern coast of Vietnam.

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Authorities are not releasing details of his nationality but confirmed he is NEITHER A DUCK OR A PIG!!

the roasted remains tasted more like chicken... but they're adding different kinds of sauces on the remains to be sure...

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Yet another clear example of why we need air tight security measures at airports. Imagine for a second that those two passengers had been terrorists bording an American Airlines jet? Are we so blind to the threat of terrorism that we openly rail against TSA searches and other basic airport security protocols? Do we really want another 9/11?

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I'll take the ferry from now on...

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TSA has that one covered as well. And also trains and buses...and other types of transportation. You need to understand that you are only a slave and teach how to obey.

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It was obviously the aliens that abducted the plane in mid-flight. 2 out of 3 Americans will believe that as they think they've also been abducted at some point.


Seriously though, you can just smell the cover up coming......

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The CNY getting smoked, first corp bond default, terrorist acts in Kunming and now this Malaysian Airlines crash. Its all related. Something is going on behind the scenes in China and I think its because China wanted to say fuck the global economy, and that they aint gonna keep playing this game to appease the developed nations of the world (US, UK and most of Europe, Canada, Japan) but these terrorist acts are warning shots to China to not do anything that will jeopardize the status quo.

This is turning out to be a power struggle between the developed nations (Japan, most of Europe, UK, US, Canada) vs BRIC and other EM countries. The developed nations DO NOT want the developing/EM countries to surpass them in power and they want to start chaos because the tides are turning AGAINST their them.

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Agree.  It's sad to think there is no 'good guy' nation anymore.   And it's sad to always wonder how the US national security state is involved anytime anything happens in the world.  But it is what it is.  Every day the nations of the world are taking steps that indicate they are choosing sides.  A lot of the countries that are seeing an inflow of wealth (gold) are not siding with the US.  

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Good nations will separate themselves when they adopt a gold or silver standard.

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"...I can’t think of a safer place to keep it than inside my own body."


This man obviously never read the study(ies) that show the potential for tumor development around RFID chips inserted into skin.


On the plus side, he won't have to worry about someone cutting off his finger tips or popping his eyeballs for ID access.

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Just realised the countries you listed (except Canada): Japan, most of Europe, US, UK coincidentally are the currencies that make up the SDR, the currency of the IMF. Hmm. Maybe not a coincidence after all. 

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IMF membership certainly marks a evil fucking nation.

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True dat.  Seen that Kris Kristopherson movie... Millenium?  Documentary, I tell ya.

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Langoliers. - Stephen King

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The movie completely sucks.

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They hate them for their freedom!

Fill in as appropriate for they, them and their.

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The "everything is a conspiracy" guys must have had rock hard boners for 4 days! All we need is a cryptic transmission or a vague CIA connection for them to begin shooting ropes.

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Clearly, it is working on MDB.

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Word is Ping Jiang is furiously filling out an application to become a TSA agent.

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I'll take the ferry from now on...

In the voice of Nathan Lane

"I knew there were a lot of us... but I didn't know we had a navy"

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Regardless of the cause.  This is a perfect opportunity to justify collecting every piece of electronic data, DNA, sexual preference, golf handicap, you name it, on every person on the planet. 


My post also at 10:31.  You people are a fucking trip.  Never let an opportunity go unused.

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Actually I was thinking that this happened at a rather convenient time for the police state due to the fact that they are starting to get more push back. If you ask me, should the police state try to hold this as an example of why we need moar policing they will fail, because this shows the failure of their over zealous policies as it is.

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The American Idol crowd .... zzzzzzz

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Yet more proof why we need people like you to go far far far away.


You are so presumtious and sure it was a 'terrorist' plot. They cannot even find the plane. Whcih if you knew anything about ATC they monitor EVERY flight and know eaclty where each plane is at. Any divergence is countered. The idea the planes were allowed to go 45+ minutes on 9/11 is beyond belief.


Go to different pilots blogs and ask them what will happen if they even diverge +- 300 ft of altitude..

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Maybe the explanation cannot be defined within the parameters of our current natural understanding. We're only a few hundred years after people whole hardedly believed the earth was flat. In terms of science, we are just scratching the surface. Look at the silly war games we're (humans in general) still playing. Killing, defending, exploiting for financial profit, control and power. This point in time will seem like the bloody dark ages compared to what's ahead in a couple thousand years.

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interactions in society are becoming more and more intense, as there are more and more of us and we live in cities where population density is very high...

thats why we have so much conflicts, thats why we left ogld standard, thats why situation with freedom is getting worse, the only thing is internet as only there you can have a real interaction, without anyone crossing your safety borders

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Rats in a cage with access to more information than ever before. Steep learning curve for the collective who was used to being lied to and manipulated. Now there's confusion and nobody is sure what or who to believe. Makes for an interesting experiment.

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Really think we are going to make it another 2000 years?

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Hey MDB to answer your question why not ask mossad?

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Good to hear from you MDB thought you were dead.

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The Interpol information that those passports were stolen was just a couple of mouse clicks away.  Interpol recently warned that few around the world were checking the databases.

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One free colonoscopy with every airline ticket. Nothing like killing two birds with one stone.

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I traveled to Prague on 9-6-01, via JFK.
At the terminal entry was a baggage screening machine, and I had to open my bag to demonstrate that I had a saws-all tool rather than a compact gun.
The 9-11 planes departed from airports that had no such security.
If you think the TSA is your friend, remember that in 2000, Social Security did away with the penalty on income for those over age sixty five, as there was such a labor shortage.
These ass-clowns in DHS, hundreds of thousands of them, were hired from a pool of available talent that couldn't get a job at McDonalds.

(Edited to correct date)

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@milliondollarbonus - I don't even read your messages anymore.  I down vote them and move on.



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"no one come to US and no US citizen go any other country"

Here you got it "air tight".

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Given the deceitful nature of the NSA and the CIA this could easily be another fase flag incident. Why not shoot down an airliner to increase the public perception of the importance of our work. They are not american lives after all. The side effect of the lack of integrety in the security organisations is a lack of trust.   

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How far-fetched would it be to suspect the plane was shot down by the Chinese before it hit the airport?


Sudden Debt's picture


Steaming_Wookie_Doo's picture

I'm thinking a missile, which would fit the sudden disappearance factor. However, no debris seems a little hard to believe for a standard missile. But I'm not suggesting whose missile it might be. Not sure if they could gauge the altitude on typical radar scanning. How low do you have to go before you're not visible on radar? In the duck below radar, maybe landing on some unknown landing field? A bit far fetched, but this story is obviously far from normal.

walküre's picture

Possible but where's any debris unless the plane puverized in mid air? Is that reasonable?

superflex's picture

This story is right out of the series LOST.

We just need some polar bears and folks in funny jumpsuits.

KnightTakesKing's picture

UFO alien technology to blame?

DeadFred's picture

If you want to know why it went down look at the passenger list for clues. The lack of any distress calls and debris indicates a good sized explosion. This isn't terrorism, it's an assasination. The stolen passports could be a ruse so people don't dig too deep. Freescale Semiconductors lost 20 engineers but other than just coming out with the worlds smallest chip, designed to be ingestable, I can't see a motive to kill. The clues will be in the list. 

Besides, passenger lists are the makings of some of the most enjoyable consiracy theories

walküre's picture

Makes more sense to hijack the plane and kidnap the engineers. Then exploit their knowledge. There's no debris, nothing.

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Whoever he or she is, at least I can rest well knowing that whatever the MSM tells me is the truth. Those darn fuel tanks anyway............

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Interesting how they are so puzzled about not being able to find this plane wreckage which could be spread over miles, but they weren't puzzled about finding no plane wreckage of United Flight 93 at the exact spot on the ground that we're told it hit?