Ukraine Military Conducts Training Drill, To Test "Combat Readiness"

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Just out from the Ukraining defense ministry:


It may not be an abrupt ICBM launch, but it certainly increases the odds of some unintentional, or fully intentional, provocation between the Ukrainian and Russian militaries which as we have been following over the weekend, are amassing in very disturbing numbers in Crimea and, soon, east Ukraine.

For those who missed our coverage over the past few days, here are some of the clips foreshadowing this "drill" announcement. The first clip below captured the 80th Airborne Regiment out of Lviv moving out, direction mainland, preparing to repel foreign attack.


The next video shows what are allegedly Buk SAM batteries deployed in the Donetsk region, a city in Eastern Ukraine which in the past week has swayed between Ukraine and Russian authority.


The clip below shows the 95th Airborne brigade also moving out of their barracks in Zhytomyr in western Ukraine, heading East, with an impressive deployment of trucks and APCs.


2S19 "Msta-S" 152mm Howitzers on the move to Crimea.


Finally, 20 T-64 tanks preparing to depart in Bila Tserkva, a city in central Ukraine:

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Are they going to shit and get off the pot or what?

Everyone is pretending to be going to war.

This is this kind of thing that happens when gays are allowed in the military.

CrazyCatLady's picture

Im really having trouble deciding if this is for realz or not yet.  They did remake Red Dawn last year out of the blue

Spastica Rex's picture

And it was worse than the original.

Fix It Again Timmy's picture

You know, you don't have to attend every dispute or argument that you're invited to.....

muleskinner's picture

get your war on, morons.

Can't these folks sit down and talk things over for a few hours, drink some beers, have a laugh or two and then go back home?

I mean, life can't be that bad for them in Crimea and Ukraine or is it?

Rising Sun's picture

The Finns beat the Russians with cross country ski, some shotguns and food.


The Russians always forget to bring along a good lunch before the slaughter.


Ukraine just needs to starve the fuckers.

bullchit's picture

He'd like to fuck a Dane?



RaceToTheBottom's picture

Napoleon was Finnish?

He hid it well.

Iam Yue2's picture

A little local difficulty.

fijisailor's picture

Is this a fucking joke?  Seriously.  A mob boots out the old leader and within days the new leader and military are readying to make war on the Russians?  Obviously totally pre-planned by outside forces.

paint it red call it hell's picture

If they gotta test for readiness now, they ain't ready and know it.

silentboom's picture

The Keyesians love war and so do the socialists but I repeat myself.

tony wilson's picture

come on people stop being so negative

we can win this.

yes blackwater and aegis and britam defence along with are mossad sniper teams and cia folks have been a little sluggish last week but this is a new weak.

we are flat out shipping in guys from the libyan theatre via incerlik have some fucking faith in satan godamit.

stop this time fascism bullshit we saturn folks run time so do not lecture us on that score.

are friends in poland,canada and the aussie sas are all getting special forces briefings in kiev today.

even sack ass villi of georgia has sent his best men for the civilian slaughter.



lets roll people

a you with me



yt75's picture

The reality of today's world summarized :

Oil situation :
Leading to :

In other words current crisis is primarily a monstruous oil shock, and only the beginning.

Reminder :
Contrary to the legend on the above graph (barrel price), the first oil shock was much more the direct consequence of US 1970 oil production peak :
Associated to the rebalance of barrels revenues between majors and countries, and dropping of B Woods in 71 and associated $ devaluation.
The "embargo" an epiphenomenon, very limited, lasted 3 months, but pratical to hide US peak and "put the blame" on "the Arabs".

Geopolitical summary :

geno-econ's picture

Ukraine combat readiness means no more Vodka, but then morale suffers.
Mobilization means get ready to deploy----which means half defect East to Russia and the other half defect West to EU. Remaining citizens in the middle experience bankruptcy, default and starvation. Well done Nuland, McCain, Kerry. What a marvelous record in Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria and now Ukraine.

shovelhead's picture

We need a vodka summit in WH.

With any luck, it will turn into a drunken brawl and Obama will end up a hostage.

Volkodav's picture

Famine was also in Russia, to through the Volga regions and Kasakhstan also.

Stalins depradations were not only to Ukraine.

Russians suffered more than any under Soviet.

RaceToTheBottom's picture

Is it combat readiness or run away readiness?