10 Warnings Signs Of Stock Market Exuberance

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Submitted by Lance Roberts of STA Wealth Management,


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Despite all this articles named "N signs why market should be crashing"

it keeps going up so 


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surprisingly bullish article for the hedge

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Cramer's Soundboard:



Southpark Eric Cart,an Soundboard!!




Almost forgot:  YOU MOOKS!


And!   There's a really big fat lady with a funny hat with horns on it on stage now!  


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I fear no evil because Yellen is watching out for me.


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A few weeks back, a buddy of mine (who I thought was intelligent) told me that Obama "cares about me and the little people."

The shit people believe.

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Barry-  "True, I'm thinking deeply about them right now.....  Oh wait-  it's my putt?   Fuck em...."

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The FED isn't just scared, it's PETRIFIED that ANY move down in the stock indices will mean confidence evaporates. That's why at some point it's inevitable, the market will fall despite the FED trying to stop it.


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How fucked up is it that when you see a "list" in the title you think it's Michael Snyder and summarily dismiss the post?

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Depends on whether the number is presented in traffic sign format..,

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Market wins, good licking your wounds next time bear.

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ZH is our roadsign that doesn't just say 'Danger Ahead', but explains why. The exuberant can go on in their giddy bliss, I'm totally fine with that where I stand.

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In the analogy, was I driving a Tesla?

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Glad I upgraded my car with heavy duty shock absorbers from the Phyzz corporation.

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It is in the "money junkies" nature to squeeze every last drop out of an unsustainable situation of their making...position yourselves accordingly

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predicting 99 of the last zero market crashes. lulz

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full speed ahead, pedal to the medal, ready thumb on the ejection button!

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Off topic but could count as a warning sign of exuberance.


"It’s people! Soylent green is made out of people", to quote from the classic 1973 science fiction film and Charlton Heston’s memorable line. (1970s era spoiler alert!): In Soylent Green, due to global collapse, a desperate and dying humanity is unknowingly being fed human remains as a food source. But due to biological and scientific advances we can apparently eat humans now, willingly, and with a side of mustard. Why wait for catastrophe?

Once more life imitates art, and a startup called BiteLabs is looking for support to create meat products from celebrity body parts, aiming to take cells from willing celebs and using them to grow protein into test-tube meat.

LATimes.com spoke with a representative of the organization: "At the moment, our primary goal is to provoke discussion and debate around topics of bioethics and celebrity culture."


I guess they forget about the possibility of kuru disease for starters.

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I think if I ever log on to Zero Hedge, and there's any trace of hope ...

Then I'll start to worry.

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#11, a taco stand that trades at 57 times earnings, based on that a Mexican pushing  a two-wheeled taco cart should be worth a quarter of a million dollars.

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Yeah Yeah Yeah....just crash this pig.....oinkin to the boinkin....whatever...

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Because of the "cry wolf" syndrome, we have an amazing juxtaposition of events: the chinese meltdown, the japanese suicidal last gasp, and Crimea, along with a market that is finally starting to roll over. Good enough reasons for PMs to be rising.

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Super bullish till the pothole eats your car!

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I love how the Cramer soundboard is hosted by CNBC. 

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The stock market is for the remaining 15-20% with anything left over to speculate (gamble) with. The rest Big Nurse is going to put to sleep.  Teevee and AM radio are packed with ads for drugs, home nursing, Big Sickcare, in all its sepia-tinted babyshit formats.  Amerika is done, stick a fork in it.

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the powers that be do not want this train to stop and they will do everything possible to keep it on the tracks. at least until after the elections this November

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OH really.....same as we heard all year 2011 it was only being pumped for Obummer to get back in safely, then all bets are off? Yea sure.

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As the Federal Reserve extracts liquidity from the markets


Bullshit.  A mild reduction in QE hardly indicates "extraction" is taking place.

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There is one thing different about the current situation that has not occurred intentionally in the past:  the quantitative easing program of the Fed.  This, together with super low interest rates have left the average investor with no place to go but the stock market.  Institutional investors are not much different even though, theoretically, they may have other options.  Thus there is a lot of - no place else to go money in the stock market that will not be withdrawn quickly.  The more correct metaphor is a road that deteriorates from asphalt to gravel to mud over several miles.